Tuesday, December 29

SNOW and Cold

It is so cold, but it is snowing so that might change things. I love to look at the snow. I love to watch it falling from the sky. i like when it glistens in the sun like glitter on a crisp winter day. I like to play in it for about an hour, but when i get cold or have to drive in it or it gets icy and has that blacky/brown hue to it I really dislike it. Nelson on the other hand loves the snow.....everything about it. This is his favorite season.

When I think about the snow like the description of how winter/snow should be in the song Camelot from the the musical......a legal limit to the snow, winter cannot start until December and exits March the 2nd on the dot, snow may never slush upon the hillside,....you know perfect conditions.

I keep telling myself that it is winter and the snow is needed and that just because Christmas is over doesn't mean that winter is over..... unfortunately it goes on and on and on making March an ugly month......winter sometimes is like a wet, dead, pigeon...gray, cold and soggy.....

If life didn't have to go on outside of my home I probably wouldn't mind the snow and cold so much, but alas life happens outside as well.....


Monday, December 28

Monday....4 days left

Where did the year go? For the most part it flew by...except for the missionary part and that part seemed to go faster than expected as well.
I have tons to do before Thursday. So I am off and running today!

Saturday, December 26

364 days...Happy Boxing Day!

Let the count down begin......I have 364 shopping days 'till Christmas....and if i am crazy/savvy I will begin today with all the sales. My problem with buying early is that I forget that I have purchased or what I have purchased or where I put the purchases I have made.....
The Other problem with early purchases for me is what if i don't feel like giving them what I got them?!?!?! Not to worry I can bet that I won't early purchase much , that I will once again be a crazed Christmas shopper in 2010.

Christmas this year was quiet.....probably for the last time for 20 years. Mom and Dad had the Welch's for Christmas and loved having them there....It wasn't a quiet Christmas for them......maybe the confusion makes for a great Christmas.....every once in a while.

I think everyone loved what they got for Christmas.....we didn't go over board, but it wasn't meager either.....

Gary Loves his new camera.......he would have loved a Kindel also but he can get that for a New Years gift...I was going to do it for Valentines day but he is traveling so much beginning January 17 that it will be a nice thing to have.....I hope he takes his camera with him. He goes to some great places and could get some awesome photos....maybe a new job is in the making. He also got a lot of black clothing....it was a black Christmas for him.

Hayden got a Flip Video camera and is set on video blogging...if that happens I will definitely keep everyone posted as to where. He says the funniest things.....the impromptu vacation video that he made was a real laugh. Hayden also got new stylish clothes....

Meg got a spa treatment that she has been wanting for a few years now....I hope it is everything she wants it to be. She also got shoes, clothes and jewelry.....

As for me I was spoiled good....I got the things I asked for as well as some surprises. A big surprise form Gary was a book binder and lamina tor. It is a Stories by Me machine. It helps you create and make your own bound books..... It will be a fun project. I got a great Waffle maker, a FoodSaver...I had an original FoodSaver before our fire and never replaced it....Jordan and Laurie got one for their wedding and so a FoodSaver hit my want list once again..... I found and gave myself a white dress coat...Laurie has a beautiful white dress coat that I have coveted ...I know bad ...... now I have my own! Gary wouldn't let me not have something new to wear on Christmas day so on the 24 we went shopping and trying on clothes....I hate to try on clothes, but with a new shape it is a necessity... I got a great new top, nice pants that were long enough and 2 sweaters.....lucky me!

New Zealand sounds wonderful. Elder Call was his happy chipper, no nonsense self. We talked for 3 hours. In the three hours I learned that he has large worn out clothes, he needs a new backpack which he was going to buy in at the Boxing Day Sales that afternoon. He wants Cd's of appropriate uplifting music to play in the car....his Zone can be a two hour drive....he will need the entertainment. He's iPod that he took with him is toast so he needs a new one....luckily we got a Nano for free from Delta Airlines. He loves his new companion...it's only been a week and anyone would be better than his previous comp. He had a green Christmas...he loves the snow and Christmas so not having them together has been a real challenge for him....he told me that I would love Christmas there because it is warm/spring/fall like, my favorite seasons.... the count down says 329 days, but I was told it will probably be 7 to 10 days longer.....they don't care about Thanksgiving so he is scheduled to come home the day after Thanksgiving.....I guess I will just have to postpone it for a day in 2010.

Happy Boxing Day....I think we are going to claim the 26 has the Gary & Marcie Call family Christmas party/get together day....no one else lays claim to it so it could be great.....and on Boxing day you are supposed to give the gifts.....this is a great idea......English crackers, food, activities and more gifts...this could be a very good idea.


Friday, December 25

The Stockings Were Hung.....,.

....it's here! Christmas day 2009. We began last week and we did it....we actually made it all happen. We didn't get everything they all wanted, but they will all get plenty.
We began the day with the annual Cole Family Christmas Eve breakfast and Bowling! The breakfast has been in existence for most of my life. In the beginning we went out to breakfast with Mom and Dad before they left for the store, Cole Esquire, a men's clothing store. Then we would be babysat until the cousins arrived and we were taken to Grandpa and Grandma Butters......anyway back to the breakfast. We would go out to breakfast until the kids began to eat all the bacon on the buffet....now we do it at one of our homes. It is a fun way to begin the day.
Bowling is a new tradition. Three years ago we decided to go to the Bountiful Bowl for a way to keep our teens and young adults occupied. Today we once again arrived at Bountiful Bowl the minute they opened so we could continue on with the traditions.

Christmas Eve is full of favorite traditions. There are three traditions that I love the most:1- singing the choir music and Christmas Hymns all together in harmony. 2-Reading/Listening to The Polar express , narrated by William Hurt. 3-reading of the Christmas Story in Luke 2 and family prayer.

.....I was wide awake when I began writing this but now I am falling asleep.... Hopefully my dreams will be sweet!

Tuesday, December 22

Weigh In

No gain no loss...i am glad it's not the average 10 pound Holiday weight gain.
I have toooooo much to do and not enough get up and go to do it all......
Best part of the week will happen at Noon Christmas day...Elder Call will call!

Friday, December 18

7 days....

In one week it will be Christmas day. The shopping will be done, the gifts wrapped and opened. It will then be time for the regrets and returns..... there are always a few gifts I regret not giving... It is usually due to the lack of funding and availability.
Everyone in family is required to make a Christmas list. We have a list that is three columns: first column is NEEDS, second, WANTS, third DREAMS Most of the list are sufficient so I can shop and get a few things that everyone wants. The best list is always made by Gary, it is gracious, detailed and long.....I always want to give Gary everything in his list because he not only deserves it but because his list always makes me feel a bit guilty.............I feel guilty about his list because he always has a lot of needs, thus telling me that i have neglected him over the year, And I probably have neglected him, looking out for the kids and then myself first....he is affectionately called the benefactor by the children.... He works hard so I don't have to be away from the home.
This year Gary's list is no exception, it is a great list. The problem this year is what to get from it...the basics are a given, but he wants two big ticket items and he deserves them both...the only reason he will be receiving one over the other is because of availability.....on can't even ship to me for 6 weeks....the other I can pick up at several stores. But I really would like to get him the other gift more......maybe for Valentines Day. the other challenge with his gift is the price....very pricy, but then he makes the money and should get to spend it how he wants....oh the gift giving dilemmas....
Well off to shop for everyone else. I purchased a great gift yesterday for Laurie that makes me really excited....I always like having a few gifts that make me excited to give.
...shop 'till i drop!

Monday, December 14

Monday Madness!

Monday, 11 days 'till Christmas........where did the first half of the month go, let alone the year?
The count down is on and no Christmas presents to be found.....it would help if there was a supply of money, but when you have to be frugal and creative the time crunch really is a burden.
I have crossed off all of the big, have to get done by a certain date projects that were making me crazy...now it's just life and the musical. Both can and do make me crazy, but both are of my choosing.......
This morning we decorated for the Choir concert. I am so glad that Gary was available to help out. he helped us make it look much better simply because he knew how to hook up stuff to the lights......it looked great.....also because the other mother helper works at Modern Display and had access to good stuff for free!
I have just finished with the theatre weekly have tos, and now get to started on the need tos for the theatre and the house.....
I love my rat race!?!?!?!

Thursday, December 10


Yes, I changed how the blog is looking......it was time....and free.  Free being the best word out there these days.

It's So Cold!

We are having a cold wave...and Arctic blast...an ice out. I keep saying 8 is an age not a temperature. At least there is white stuff on the ground which makes the cold more tolerable to me.
So we will bundle up and stay in side.

Wednesday, December 9

Wednesday Weigh In

Just the same this week in the weight department. So much for the big weight loss goal. I guess I will just stick to the small ones......easier to deal with and do. After all I keep telling myself that this is a long term project. That I need to take things one day at a time because I am creating habits for a life time.

Tuesday, December 8


I love the snow when it is powdery and sparkling. We have had about 10 inches fall and it is still falling. The only bad part of the snow is the cold, driving in it and shoveling it up.
It looks like fine sugar, sanding or glittering in this case all that it touches with a magic.

Friday, December 4

Wrappin' it Up

Good Week!
We had a fun baby shower for Laurie last night at our house. Good Food, Good Friends, Good Fun and Great Gifts for the new little one and his mommy.
We are on the final count down until the little Call Prince arrives....
I am hardly excited for his birth, Gary keeps telling me to let his parents have the joy of purchasing for him....but hey, I am the Grandma to be.
We are all giving the parents name choices and predicting his arrival day and time.....I am being positive and hoping that he comes early not late. I remember being pregnant up to my eyeballs, feeling like a giant freak, with nothing cute to wear, being tired and clumsy...not fun.
As I was decorating the house for Christmas, I kept telling myself ...I will have to decorate differently next year since we will have an 11 moth old under foot, on the book shelves and probably hiding baby Jesus....just like his daddy used to. It will be so much fun to have a baby at Christmas next year.

Yeah it is finally here, the weekend...but with it comes the end of the first week of December, time doesn't stand still...I just look at the count down clock in the family room and can see my life slipping away...... 21 Days 'till Christmas and I not only haven't shopped, I don't know what I will be shopping for, when I will have time to shop or for that matter what I will use to pay for it all.....I bet I can figure it all though.
However through it all I need to remember that It is the Christmas Season, a time when we should all be happy regardless of our financial situation, time limitations and our gift list, after all it is the season when we should reflect upon the life of the Savior and recommit ourselves to serving and loving our brothers and sisters....

Wednesday, December 2

Wednesday Weigh In

SO I have been a slacker on my Wednesday Weigh In.... I wanted to skip today all together, but it is time to face the music once again.
My goal of 15 pounds by the first of the year well now it's 18 pounds....boy the holiday food has crept up one me and stayed....no more sweets, over eating etc.....
Can you say up 3 lbs.......yikes!
Time to get my act together and not let everything around me run me...that is the problem; I am allowing other things to influence and control my eating and exercise habits......no more.....at least not today.
I have put off exercise for a week now....I know I can't do that so why didn't I do it?
Another bad habit I find myself getting into is not eating when I should and I am hungry and then eating crap later.....note to self you know that is not how you maintain a healthy life style. Please eat when you need to the right kind of foods in appropriate quantities.
Learning self control has never been easy. that natural man knows no limits.
I will survive....no more than survive I will live a healthy, active life.
Goals for this week: More Exercise, More Water, less food and a good attitude.

Monday, November 30

Back Again!

My life continues to spin out of control......I am living from event to event on the calendar....this is not a good thing, no pre planning, no organization, no good at all.
ARRRGH! I feel like an over dramatic cartoon character.

Lots of phone calls to make, a house to clean, and stuff to mail......
then to decorate for Christmas...the decoration boxes have been littering the floor since Saturday night and no decorating to show. How many days till Christmas....25.

Friday, November 20

What Will Your Legacy Be?

I received the following in my e-mail yesterday. It made me think...which I like.
After the events of the past week this article really hit home with me. I truly know that it is more important to leave your family with a legacy of love, a moral legacy, and a spiritual legacy than it is to leave your family a material or monetary legacy.

Dr. Gary Chapman has written several books. I love his book "The Five Love Languages." It has helped me in all of my relationships, but especially my relationships with my family. This article has been adapted from his book "Parenting your Adult Children: Helping Them Reach Their Full Potential." I guess I am going to have to read this one as well. It addresses my stage in life and my need to help my children be their best.
It is more important to leave my family with a non tangible legacy that it is a material legacy. When all is said and done I want my family to be impacted for the good by the example and life I have lead.
Your Legacy, Your Children

Upon their deaths, most couples leave some material legacy to their children, whether money, clothes, furniture, or cars. Sometimes the legacy can be a small but meaningful gift. John, a fifty-four-old bricklayer, buried his seventy-eight-year-old father a year after his mother died. His father had lived in a nursing home for several years; his money had run out and he was on Medicaid for most of that time.

"Before he died," John recalled, "he told me he wanted me to have his wedding band. After his death, I went to the nursing home. They gave me a bag with Dad's clothes. At the bottom was a small plastic bag containing his wedding band. Now that ring is on my dresser and I look at it every day and remind myself of Dad's faithful marriage to Mom for over fifty years. I think about all he did for me, and pray that I will be the kind of husband and father he was." John's words tell of a legacy far more valuable than material property, of which the ring was a symbol.

A legacy is an inheritance handed down from one generation to the next. In a legal sense, a legacy is a deposition of personal property that is made by terms of a will. But its impact is usually much deeper - our legacy will have a powerful influence on the lives of those who follow us.

The most important legacies are not monetary, but emotional, spiritual, and moral, and they center around the character of the person leaving them. Legacies from the past affect a family's future. We all know families with longstanding reputations of good character - kindness, honesty, and decency. On the other hand, we all know families who received a negative legacy of character and behavior. While we like to believe that an individual can overcome any disadvantage, we all know that the legacy we receive can be either a blessing or a curse on our lives. What changes do you need to make in your life or your marriage in order to leave a positive legacy for your children?

What's Your Moral Code?

Morality has to do with our belief of what is right and wrong. The moral legacy we leave our children - how well they internalize our standards of right and wrong - usually reflects how well we modeled our own moral code. Our children discover our moral code by listening to us. When we say, "Don't steal," we are revealing that we believe stealing is wrong. Children then observe our lives and see how closely we live by our stated beliefs.
Beth said about her mother, "I know that my mother was not perfect, but she came as close as anyone I've ever known. She taught us what was right and wrong and, more importantly, she modeled it for us. On the occasions when she did wrong, she always admitted it and asked our forgiveness." Beth has received a positive moral legacy from her mother. It doesn't require perfection, but it does require admitting your failures and asking for forgiveness. Children are willing to forgive when we are willing to confess.

Do You Role Model Your Spirituality?

Spirituality has to do with what we believe about God. It affects everything else we do. In today's culture, children will be exposed to many religious beliefs. Whether they embrace them will be influenced by the legacy left by their parents.

The spiritual legacy we leave our children is determined by how closely our behavior correlates with our expressed beliefs. When Rick was twenty-three, his mother died. "One thing I know for sure," he said. "My mother is in heaven. When I was little, she read Bible stories to me every night. She told me about the teachings of Jesus, about His death and resurrection, about God's love and forgiveness. But more importantly, she lived her Christian faith. I saw her practice her beliefs every day. Even in her sickness, her faith was strong. I know I will see her in heaven." Rick received a strong spiritual legacy from his mother. What will your children say about you?

Adapted from Parenting Your Adult Child:How You Can Help Them Achieve Their Full Potential by Dr. Gary Chapman.

Tuesday, November 17

Life Moves On

Today I have a funeral hangover......no headache yesterday but today the headache and body ache are overwhelming.

The day for the most part was bittersweet....good byes to Grandma were not fun.....but the memories are fantastic.

A couple of the best memories I will always have of the day are the thick feeling of family love. One of the Uncles said that this is what the day felt like, a day of love.
Another memory will always be my opportunity to lead the congregational singing. I was fine with the idea until i got up to do it and looked down at all the 'boobs' in the family crying....I looked at Gary and he was tearing up, so next at Megan who was even worse, mom was really bad as was everyone else. We were singing one Grandmas favorites "Because I Have Been Given Much" pg. 219. Since the introduction was coming to a close i knew i had to pull it together fast....I looked up and saw a beautifully smiling face in the audience....sitting there smiling at me was Grandmas friend Marjean Toone. Her smile kept me focused and in control for the whole song and for the closing song, "Love One Another" pg. 308. Later I told Marjean thank you for being the smiling face in the audience that I could connect with. She told me that she looked up at me and knew that it was going to be hard so she put a smile on her face and hoped that I would look at her.
She then told me a sweet story about taking Grandma to work at the temple for the first time. Grandma didn't want to be separated from her friend. She was nervous and told Marjean the whole way into Salt Lake that she wanted her locker to be near hers. Marjean told her that there were no empty lockers near hers, but all would be okay. Grandma kept saying that she was going to get things changed and that if they didn't she wasn't going to stay. Marjean says that she went to the locker room to change and waited and waited but no Grandma. She went to prayer meeting and looked around but no Grandma. She thought 'well she went home.' Just then Grandma came into the room all dressed and smiling. Marjean asked her if she got things all taken care of with the changing of the lockers. Grandma told her I couldn't change lockers, I was assigned locker 219....

For family home evening we went to Paces for a flatty with J & L, Mom, Adam and his family. It was a nice way to end our day laughing and talking about Grandma a life.

I am so thankful for belonging to a wonderful legacy of love and faith.

My goal with the coming birth of our first grand baby is to be a grandma like my Grandma Butters.

Thursday, November 12

Finding Joy In The Journey

"Despite the changes which come into our lives and with gratitude in our hearts, may we fill our days—as much as we can—with those things which matter most. May we cherish those we hold dear and express our love to them in word and in deed."
--Thomas S. Monson

Wednesday, November 11

Grandma Butters

Grandandma Butters passed away yesterday.......it was a bittersweet day for all.
Grandma Butters you will be missed.
Granny B was one of the great ones. This noble lady exhibited grace, wit and wisdom to the end. Her example of a valiant lady, who endured gracefully through her mortal life is one I want to emulate.
I know that she loved me, all of the family, Grandpa Butters and the gospel.
She showed that love by word and deed.
Grandma would have been 94 years old on Friday November 13....she had a long liver.....
She was born in Morgan Utah in 1915 to George Sylvester and Elsie Clawson.
She would speak of her life in Morgan with a light in her eyes, remembering the fun with family and friends at Como Springs, being the Drum Majorette for the Marching Band with Grandpa Butters as the Drum Major. recently she told me that she was Queen of the May....the most popular girl in school. A couple of years ago she told my boys a racy story about being a true red head, which was probably not true but fun none the less.......of course when I told Hayden about her being the Queen of the May, the most popular girl in school he said of course she was, she let those trumpet players know that she was a real red head......oh grandma is all I thought.
On October 23, 1933 she married N. Grant Butters her high school sweetheart. They lived in Green River Wyoming and eventually moved to Bountiful Utah where they raised their family and she lived until her death.

To me Grandma was the most beautiful lady there was inside and out. She was known for her flaming red hair, her flawless alabaster skin, and her razor sharp wit. The stories of her and her doings are legendary. She was not only quick with a witty comment, but quick to help and serve those around her.
Grandma served as a ward choir director for at least 40 years... she told me that when she was called she took a course on choir directing from a famous man in Salt Lake. She was an awesome chior director and musician. Her ward choirs were standing room only, everyone wanted to be directed and loved on by Eulala. Her love for music and singing didn't stop with the ward she was also a part of the Sweet Adalines and a nationaly famous, award winning Quartet "the Classics". I remember those 4 beautiful red heads singing harmonies at my home being choreographed by my mom. I loved to hear them sing. When I was 17 year old Grandma and Grandpa took Melinda, Krystin and Myself on a road trip to Northern California to see our cousin Cindy. On that trip Grandma and Grandpa thought it would easy to teach the three of us some simple harmonies ....."we will meet but we will miss him"....boy were they wrong. Melinda was the only one of us who got it, Krystin and myself were complete disasters. Several years later she encouraged my Mom Sheri and us girls. Melinda, Elizabeth, Angela, Adam's wife Christine and myself to form a singing group....and the Cole Collection was born. For several years we all sang together mostly at Christmas time. When Grandma joined with us to sing for a few years it was so much fun. she would tells us stories of her days singing with the quartet. One of my greatest joys sing happened when not only grandma was singing with us but my daughter Megan joined us as well, 4 generations singing together. I could go on and on with wonderful stories of my grandma.
Things that will always bring Grandma to mind are: Almonds, Sweet Aloha-diet pepsi/coke, Strawberries, Twizzlers licorice red & chocolate, Humbugs, roses, Choirs, Sunday Roast, Rolls, Bring and Brag dinners, Crossword puzzles, Creative game playing or cheating, Flocked Golden Christmas Tree, Rose Christmas Tree, Estee Lauder make-up, Red hair, Eating Hot Dogs in the old ZCMI basement, Grocery shopping, Swimming Pool, Contents of her Purse, turquoise paint on the flagstone patio..........
For 20 years I have had the honor of doing grandmas nails every two to three weeks. As I held her hands I learned about her, her past, her present and her hopes for the future. I was privileged at these times to listen to her wisdom and advice on marriage, motherhood, the church, the gospel, family, etc.... She would tell me of her sorrows and her joys. The best part was when she would tell me how proud she was of us, her family.

This is how I will always remember and think of my Grandma & Grandpa Butters.
For years Grandma and Grandpa were Dance Directors for the Church. They served on the General Board and that is where they met the couples that became the Bring and Brag group. Grandma always told me that Grandpa was the best dancer ever and all the girls in High School were jealous of her for getting to dance with Grant.
........I like to think of them now dancing together forever through eternity.

I love you Grandma and will miss you. I know that you are now happy to be reunited with Grandpa. That your old mortal body that was giving you pain is now gone, that your spirit is now perfect and free to truly be you.
May I always honor your memory by being a little bit like you in all that I do.

Monday, November 9


It's Thankful Month and boy do I have tons (or heaps) to be thankful for!

FAMILY...always number one on the list..........what would I do without them? Their Love, Support, Example, Help, Kindness, Attitude, Prayers, etc...... I couldn't live without.
My family immediate and extended are not normal....in a good way. I think we like each other, we support each other, we are each others BFF's......which according to my other friends is not normal. Apparently you are supposed to dislike your family, think of them as a nuisance, you can't count on them......Not my family. I believe we are a very close supportive family because of how we were taught....in the end...the very end....endure to the end....you end up with your family, so you might as well figure them out while here on earth and practice being together forever.


Thursday, November 5

Girls Day(s)

Off for a day of fun with Megan and Laurie. It is going to be a whole weekend of fun with the Girls because tomorrow we start our annual sisters trip.
It has been an great year with Laurie as an official family member.....I knew I would eventually get other daughters, but this won is tops!
The three of us all seem to get along which I am sure is a relief to Jordan. I remember him dating one girl who we all liked and then he abruptly stopped dating her. When we asked him why he said well she just wouldn't fit in with us. I am glad to know that he knew that was an important requisite in a wife....I hope the others figure this out as well.

It's time to go, Laurie is here so we are off to shop and eat and dream.....


Wednesday, November 4

Wednesday Weigh in

1 more pound down....YEAH!
My goal is 14 more pound gone by the end of the year!
I know that this will take lots of control during this holiday season, but I can do it.

Th biggest problem/blessing of losing weight is the clothing issue....i know I sound like a broken record......but I don't want to spend money on things I won't wear for very long, but I do need a few things to get me through this period.

This weekend is the sisters trip....off to shop and park City with the sisters and Megan and Rachel....it will be so much fun....I am only purchasing shoes and jewelry.


Tuesday, November 3

A New Driver!

It was Hayden's 16th birthday yesterday........so yesterday afternoon I went with him to the DMV and he is now a legal driver.
When everyone else in the house is a legal driver it is kind of hard remembering that Hayden is dependant on us to get to and from places....no more, now he just wants to know what car he can take.

This morning it all began with "Me, Car, to School, your thoughts." He is a teenager you can tell from his sentence structure.....anyway we let him take the Smart Car to School.
As I watched him back out of the driveway I thought he is growing up......I wasn't worried about his skills as a driver, Hayden is a good driver. He has done a lot of it. We let the kids drive too and from the Theatre when they are learning to drive so the get a lot of time behind the wheel on and off the freeway.....which can be the scariest part of driving.
All of my kids have been good beginning drivers...unlike their mother. In the first few years of driving Jordan received the most tickets for speeding, dumb things and wrecks. Megan had and still has had no tickets and has only been a passenger for the wrecks. Nelson - no tickets, but had a fender bender coming out of the high school. Hopefully Hayden will be like Megan, then again he is a boy and their insurance rates are higher for a reason......
The good thing about Hayden is that he is a rule follower.....the current state law is no driving anyone but immediate family for the first 6 months you have your license.......so I know that he won't be dragging kids too and from school and getting into trouble..... He gets excited when people don't follow the speed limit....he will say "It is called a speed limit not a speed suggestion." He seems to err on the side of caution which is really no error at all. I hope that he continues on in his law abiding cautious ways.

The hardest part of of this driving thing is that my baby boy is growing up...... I want him too grow up, but at the same time a small part of me wishes that he was still my little buddy who did everything with me, who was dependant on me, who was the perfect little gentleman where ever we went.....he still is a gentleman......but he's no longer little.

Time drives on.......and also Hayden!

Friday, October 30

Event Central

It's crazy town.....t -minus 10 hours 'till Hayden's 16th birthday party......really 5 hours, we have to be party ready before we leave for the football game...at least I wont be running at the last minute when the guest arrive.

I am an event cleaner....I do best with a dead line. however I don't always do my best work..... Don't look too close or open any closed doors......I clean what I am willing to let my guest see.
We told Hayden that he was going to have a party because all of the other kids have had one. When we asked what he wanted to do he said he didn't care and I don't have to have a party if it is too much work.....what a giver, how kind not to make us go to any work for him.....not! I have figured him out and after almost 16 years I have learned what he really is saying is, 'yes, I would love a party, but I don't want to be bothered with the details, you figure it out.' He just wants to be praised and served......and in that order. You have got to love knowing the 5 Love Languages, it sure makes parenting much simpler.

On Monday Hayden was a bit worried that we wouldn't be ready for the party when he came up to the loft and looked around......it was a disaster. Gary still had tons to move out....I know he moved out last spring, and I gave him a move the rest of it out deadline, but he has done nothing.....I had been using the loft as a catchall for my projects as well so it was lest than usable. It took me a whole day, but I moved all of Gary's stuff out....he was not pleased, most of it will probably end up in the garbage, but I didn't have time to go through it so I was boxing up junk and putting it in the office closet where it will probably sit for another 6 months. I cleaned up all of my junk, straightened up my desk and things and then we moved one of the gaming systems up to the loft....we now have gaming options on all levels of the house, all the board games and puzzles are up in the loft, and there is now a space for all of my craft and scrap booking stuff to be moved into.....not enough time to do that before the party. It looks so good, not perfect yet, but clean and party ready....it makes me happy.

I still have general house cleaning to do before the party but that is easy compared to what I have finished.

The countdown is on......football, party, Halloween, family birthdays, Hayden's birthday.....everyday is an event!


Wednesday, October 28

Weigh In Wednesday

I was down a pound on Monday, but I am now up to even....it's that time.

Best news is the size 16 jeans I purchased.....genuine Levi's brand.
I thought maybe if I was lucky I would get into an 18, but they were much too big and roomy around the waist.....so holding my breath I picked up a size 16. they are tight at first but, for the most part perfect......I can't remember the last time I wore this size but I am sure it was over 20 years ago.

What lead me to purchasing new jeans were the comments.....every pair of pants I have are so big through the legs and behind. I was cinching in the waist with a belt and pins. Everyone was not only noticing but commenting on how big they were on me. I was tired of people making comments......but I am loving the comments on how good I am looking when I wear clothes that fit me better.

My next purchase is going to have to be a winter coat...... I can practically spin around in my old coat and that means that it won't keep me warm.

Other surprisingly large clothing items are my jackets and blazers....and the things that I haven't worn since it has been warm weather......When I got out my winter clothing I was stunned with how big everything was on me....all were a size 24. I am now down to a size 16 on bottom and 14 on top...I look like I am a kid playing dress up in my moms clothing.

Thank heaven for discount clothing stores.....I don't cringe when I only am spending a small amount of $$$ on clothing....and I want to be down two more sizes so the money out put needs to be minimal.

Exercise, Exercise. Exercise.....that and portion control.


Tuesday, October 27


It is snowing this morning!?!?!?
Fall snow is interesting, it can get wet and heavy and break the trees. last year that is exactly what happened with an October snow storm. We had several big branches come down. Hayden says that it won't happen this year because he cut back some of the tree....what won't happen this year are the branches falling on to the house...they still might come down.

Hayden taking down tree branches on the roof.

The good thing about snow this time of year is that the ground is still warm so it doesn't really stick to the roads and sidewalks.....no shoveling yet.

Gary Shoveling Last December

Winter is probably here cutting my beautiful fall short again...............oh well spring always comes again.


Monday, October 26

Happy Birthday Jordan

Today is my first born, Jordan's birthday. He is 27 years old...yes, that is unbelievable to me too....how can he be that old, he is my little boy,....but he is now married and going to be a daddy to a boy himself in a few months.....time marches on.

Jordan was born at 12:00 noon, in time for lunch we have always told him.
He was a healthy 8 lbs. 9 oz., 20 inches long. He was my biggest baby weight wise by a few ounces, but Hayden beat him out in the height by 1 inch.

Jordan would make the cutest faces as a kid, so we called him "Jordface." To this day there are a few that still call him that. He was also 'baby Jordan,' for a very long time to our single college friends and they still ask after 'baby Jordan' when we talk.

It has been an exciting adventure to be his mother......he has always been the conscience for the family, the protector, the experiment, the example....and he has done a good job with all of this responsibility.

Jordan has some great character traits...he is kind, caring, understanding, sympathetic, empathetic, hardworking, a good listener, loyal, committed, respectful, dependable....... He is a good man.

I am glad that he is my son, and my friend.
Love you Jordface!
Happy Birthday

Friday, October 23

It's Almost Over...

Do You ever have periods in your life that you wish would come to and end? i have been so busy with things and stuff for the past week that i will be so glad when tonight is over..... Besides Hayden's busy schedule...football, musical, life........and he can't legally drive yet so I am the chauffeur.......I have had two other big projects on my plate this week......Costume design and plot for All Shook Up and our Wards Harvest Fair. Don't get me wrong I love the busy, but sometimes the parts of the busy aren't my favorite. The ward party for example is fun, but not all at the same time.....I am always complaining about being the Ward Activities Chairperson, but I really bring a lot of the problems upon myself....i need to be better organized and I need my expectations to not be so high. I know in the end it will all go off smoothly and it will be fun, but I don't have enough hands or man hours to do things the right way....I keep telling myself it is what it is and it will all be okay....So needless to say i have too much to do and too few hours already. 9:00 tonight will come too soon, but not fast enough.....

The costume thing is one of the good parts of my week. i really enjoy doing it...right now i have a challenge coming up with an inexpensive yet creative way to make 18 people look like statues...the big challenge besides the cost is the time it will take to get into and out of costume and make up.....It can be done, I just haven't figured it out yet....

High point of my week....size 16 jeans....nuff said :D.


Wednesday, October 21

Wednesday Weigh In

No change for this week.
I was talking to aunt Dar yesterday and we were discussing dieting methods. I told her that I think weighing yourself everyday and recording your weight is a big help...she agrees. She told me that she read somewhere that if you have gained two pounds you need to immediately work on getting those lbs. gone...it is easier to lose the two than the 5 that will creep on if you are not paying attention. I totally agree with this idea for keeping your weigh off.

My resolve for the the next 10 days is to lose 3 lbs. I have a goal set for the end of October and I am only 3 lbs. away.....less food or better food choices, and more intense exercise.


Thursday, October 15

Wednesday Weigh In....a day late

OK I have lost and gained the same pound all week long.
That is the wight loss game, but I am doing it right, eating right, exercise, learning how to live not diet......no fads, no crashing, no starving........
I now want some lipo and tightening of the skin on my thighs, knees, and saggy belly......I guess I no longer have that youthful elasticity.


Monday, October 12

West Side Story

BHS West Side Story Andrew Wood as Diesel and Hayden Call as A-rab.

West Side Story opened on Saturday night......it was a very good opening. In High School productions they usually have one or two uncomfortable moments or long scene changes especially in the first few shows.....this was not the case. West Side Story at BHS was actually very good.
Nelson told me to take off my parent eyes and really look at it...okay their was one scene that they obviously forgot their lines but it wasn't a major glitch, and they had some mic problems with Tony's mic in act I, But it was still very good.

Hayden was great! He is a very consistent performer. It will be fun to see what he does in High School.

Niece Jenna Cole is a sassy and beautiful Anita. When she lets go she is great. I love her "A Boy Like That."
Here are the "Twin" cousins after the show. They are so cute!


Friday, October 9

AHHH Slow Down!

I am running out of control. I am getting nothing done......for me.
Once again, a week that has gotten away from me. My house is a disaster, my assignments are being neglected. I am myopic......I get so focused on one thing that everything else seems to suffer. Hopefully today and this upcoming week will be better.

Weight Report: 2 lbs. gone.....now I need to get the body more toned. My clothing is hanging on me but new smaller clothes aren't really fitting right because of the old "flab bag" ......the stretched out from being fat skin is baggy and because I'm old not retracting nicely..... anyway I began an exercise program aimed at toning my flabby spots.....let's just say I am so sore now I can hardly move.

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho.....Off to get something done before I get tangled up in only one project.


Monday, October 5

I'm Alive

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth contrary to my not posting for over a week...I've just been busy, but all is well.

General Conference Weekend is a favorite.....jammie church for those who can watch it on TV. But besides the stay at home and veg, I love Conference because the talks are all so inspiring. They make we want to be better and do more. I love conference for the opportunity to discuss the talks with my family......I love every one's take on what they heard. I love conference because I enjoy seeing our Church leaders at their best....delivering messages with the spirit from Heavenly Father.
A few standout talks for me were elder Bednar's ..... I love my family and will tell them and show them that I do more often. President Monson's "Have I Done Any Good" talk, Sister Dibb's on the iron rod which we entitled "Get a Grip", Bishop Burton's about the "ity' virtues and most definitely Elder Holland's talk on the Book of Mormon.
After this weekend you could say I'm not only alive physically but my spirit has been feed so I am alive spiritually.

New month, new week, new resolve; Do better and be better!

Wednesday, September 23

Wednesday Weigh In

Nothing lost, nothing gained......but I did have a nice appointment with the Doctor this week.
My blood pressure is that of a teenager, I am no longer in the pre diabetic range and my thyroid is functioning like it should...of course this is with the help of medication.

I will drink more water and watch that I am eating good healthy foods, not just watch what I am eating.


Tuesday, September 22

New Haircut

Hair Make-over--new color, new cut and style......Yeah!
I have bangs again. I told Gary I needed something to hide the forehead wrinkles. It was also time for shorter hair...It bugs me when the curled ends get broken up by my shoulders.
Thanks Gary, I love it.

Friday, September 18

B-Town Rumble

Tonight is the Bountiful vs.Woods Cross Football game! For 31 years the Braves and the Wildcats have met on the grid iron.....Bountiful has won 25 of the match ups! The last time BHS lost was 18 years ago. The last time it was a close game was in 2006......Thus my kids are all over tonight's game.
To those attending BHS after the 1990's, my kids included, the big cross town rivalry is with Woods Cross High School, but when I was at BHS the cross town rivalry was with Viewmont High School and WX was, well the new school with not much going on. Viewmont is actually in the city limits so the contention in the community was feirce during game weeks. At school we would have all kinds of crazy contest and dress ups for the week prior to the Football and Basketball games. Always several of the senior guys would sleep on the football field or up on the mountain to guard "B's" from being vandalized and/or changed to "V's" or painted maroon and gold. We would "Oreo" the cars at Viewmont...no mascot stealing when they are a Brave or Viking....so the silly vandalism instead........The "oreoing" came about because the Vikes would say "oh, ee, oh, oh, ee, oh," as a Viking chant and some Brave changed it to oreeoh, so being clever we would split Oreo cookies and smash them on our rivals cars. Sometimes the rivalry things would get a bit out of hand. But for the most part even when threatened with legal consequences what ever happened during rivalry week would be shrugged off with not much fuss. At the games we would chant "Bountiful City" and the winner of that years series of games would ultimately win the 'Key to the City.'
I don't know all that has gone on this week at BHS in preparation for the big game. I am sure it was fun for the students, just as it has always been. Hayden has told me that the students have been asked to come to the game decked out in Red, thus causing a "Red Out." Hayden thinks they need to call it a bleed out, because they are going to make WX bleed.......why are boys so violent?
The times have changed, but the intensity of an rivalry does not.
The Sophomores(42-0) and Jr.Varsity (36-18) teams won their games, as did the Girls soccer and volleyball teams. The pressure is now on the Varsity Football team....even the Deseret News is trying to psych the Braves out with an article telling the tale of the 18 game winning streak that Bountiful is on against WX and how this just might be the year and team to break the streak......... BHS is currently the #1-4A team in the state so a win from any opponent would be too sweet. I hope, no, I plan on the Braves continuing on with their winning ways as to avoid the B-town-WX rumble that would ultimately happen were the Wildcats to win.
Up next week will be my true cross town rivalry game against Viewmont......within the family this should be interesting with Jordan a true red Brave and Laurie a Viking....also the new head Football coach for VHS was an assistant at BHS an is one of Jordan and Nelson's favorites.

GO BRAVES! What ever happens I hpor they give it their best.......I have to go dig out my red for the game.

Wednesday, September 16

Wednesday Weigh in

4 pounds lost.....yes, yes,yes,! The weeks of nothing lost didn't matter.......attention to what I am eating, intensity when exercising and water do matter. I will keep it up for another week and see what happens......hopefully good things.

You know how you can loose a lot of weight and no one notices but loose one more pound and wow the notice happens....I am at that point again. these last 10 pounds have made a difference. Buying a few things that actually fit also help. I have been getting by with bad alterations of my 2 size too big clothing, so getting rid of the unnecessary fabric surrounding my body with a few new things has also made a difference in how I am looking. My biggest problem right now is clothing, I don't want to spend any money on things I am not going to wear for very long,but I need a few things to get me through fall. What I really want are some new shoes, shoes that are comfortable and stylish!

The whole family is working on getting and staying healthy. We can't have Elder Call show us up when he gets home and we want to help him stay healthy as well. In his letter this week he swears that his weight loss is a blessing form our Heavenly Father,which it is,but he also claims that following the Word of Wisdom,the dos also has helped a ton......he thinks early to bed and early to rise is a big part of it.....it probably is. You need enough sleep to keep your body energized.


Monday, September 14


Monday, Monday.......
Great weekend!
We had Stake Conference and received another wonderful letter from Elder Call, the most positive person on the planet, good times with family and friends.


Friday, September 11


Today is 9/11...Patriots Day, a day anyone who was older than 5 probably remembers with great clarity. The news channels, papers, radio, even the on the Internet many have been remembering where they were when it happened....and honoring the fallen.

My memories surrounding 9/11
We are morning news program watchers. The Today Show was into its second hour when the first tower was hit....there was a special report that broke into the regular show they showed footage of an airplane hitting the World Trade Center......in June 2001 Gary, Jordan, myself and several members of the BHS choir had stood on top of one of the towers. At the time I commented to Gary, "Look at how close the airplanes are to us as the come up the river." then we watched several air planes get real close......so when they reported that a plane had hit one of the towers I really wasn't all that surprised......until it happened a second time.......then I was concerned that something had happened to the air traffic control system and was glad that Gary was at home for the week and not traveling.

On Larry King later that week as the enormity ofthis tragedy kept unfolding, Larry interviewed President Gordan B. Hinckley and asked him Why God would let this happen? Where is God? etc....... President Hinckley said "We don't know why. We don't understand everything, but we do know that our Father loves us and watches over us. We do know that life is not only that phase that we call mortality, that there is beyond this life another, which is as real and as certain as is the life that we now live. And that those who have go beyond will continue and will in fact make preparation for their loved ones who will follow. I have no doubt of this."
Larry also asked President Hinckley, if God couldn't have prevented this, and President Hinckley responded with "Oh, I suppose so. I believe he's all powerful, yes. I don't know His will. I don't know how He operates. His wisdom is greater than mine. He sees beyond what I see. But I have confidence, overwhelming confidence in the fact that He, who sees life, in its true and eternal sense will provide for those who suffer as these people have suffered as a result of this atrocity, which has been committed against the nation, which we love."
President Hinckley gave me reassurance, peace and comfort.

I am so sorry that bad things happen to good innocent people, but we knew that the bad was a possibility in the pre-existence. I don't know why things like this have to happen, but I do know, like President Hinckley, that I have a Heavenly Father who Loves all of us and has greater wisdom than mine and that He has allowed us the opportunity to choose for ourselves in this life...and sometimes those choices have horrible effects on others.......Justice will be served to the wrong doers.......but it is my responsibility to have Christ like love for everyone.........

Looking back at it all I can see that it is through this and other challenges, that these are the time when we remember God, and lean on the Lord.
What a sad time we live in that it takes tragedy for us to turn to Him......He is there for us always, in the good and bad times.
God Bless America.

Wednesday, September 9

Wednesday Weigh In

1 more lb. down......boy changing life long eating habits takes lots of time...........
But I am doing it the right way! Little bit by little bit a change here and a change there, everything I'm changing/doing is keeping the weight gone, and I'm not starving myself or making me and everyone around me miserable in the process........nice!

The past two mornings our walk has been a bit chilly......at least there is no fluffy white stuff yet.... When that stuff comes it will be back at the gym for us. When I think back over the year I realize how committed we have become to some type of focused exercise .....I guess it is a habit now......with me it takes more than 21 days to make a change..........

This week I am determined to do better at eating healthy whole plant based foods, and exercise 5 minutes more, or with a little more intensity during my focused exercise period. Better food and exercise choices ought to help things move forward faster.......oh and drink more water.


Saturday, September 5

Saturday Football

For 21 years we did little league football on Saturdays. This year we have no one that age playing......in 8 years we might.....but for now we just have to love college football, which is the best.
This afternoon the whole family has gathered to watch BYU vs. Oklahoma......Oklahoma is ranked 3, BYU 20. Everyone says that BYU will get smashed..... We disagree and at half time the score is Oklahoma 10, BYU 7.........it doesn't look like a killing. In fact Colby Clawsen just before half, took down Sam Bradford, Oklahoma's QB, Heisman winner. The Second half should be interesting.......
At half time we have had a pizza buffet, and lots of good discussion. I hope the BYU game watching togetherness becomes a family tradition.

Back to the game!

Friday, September 4

Where Does the Time Go?

I can't believe it is Friday, that it's September, that school is going, that I sent Nelson birthday package off.......I really can't believe that this day is gone.
I have to much todo list not enough tada left.

I have been watching Project Runway, I know everyone else watched it when it was over on Bravo, everyone kept telling me that I would love it and I do. So hey I came late to the party.....anyway, watching the show makes me want to design clothing....my youthful dream.....I doddle design clothing often. There are days when I think why can't make this or that.......I don't really sew for my self or family, it's not affordable....but boy if I knew how to draft my own patterns that may change.....also if I wore a reasonable size I might do more personal sewing. I love to make historical costumes,and do the research into fashion when doing costumes for any show....watching Project Runway keeps poking at me to do more.......maybe that is what I am supposed to do. I have been looking for what to go back to school for/in. I guess I am just a late bloomer, or I had to wait for a design school to come to me, which it now has.....I think it has.The Salt Lake Institute of Design supposedly has a fashion design school and at least it is a reasonable commute from our home.......I will have to take a closer look at things.
Maybe the time hasn't really past me by, maybe I have had to fill my time with other things and experiences so that I could be ready for this step in my life......maybe I get to begin again?


Wednesday, September 2

Wednesaday Weigh In

Wow my life is busy right now and I wouldn't have it any other way.

First for the weigh in......nothing lost , nothing gained......my body must like it where it is right now......or I have to be better at eating right.

I had lunch today with the girls.....we have been off for the summer because we all are so buy. It is fun to get together and catch up on each others families......we all are changing and growing.
Two of our group are going to have babies with in the month and we are so excited for them.

Well Laila and Preston just got here and I have to entertain them......I don't have elementary schoolers anymore and have to figure it out.


Wednesday, August 26

Wednesday Weigh In

Nothing lost, but nothing gained.....I am at my lowest weight in years! That is good and bad...bad because my weight has been so out of hand and I am still overweight, good because I am at my lowest weight in 8 years (I had to think about it)......

I have been cleaning off our family room book cases because we got a new TV......yeah, it is about time. It is a very large TV and necessitated a bookcase remodel and re-do. We love books, and apparently dust....... we also have an extensive DVD and CD collection so there is a lot to organize and sort through......and then there is the stuff that I have collected that sits on top of the shelves. This stuff serves duel purposes; to add height to the shelves in my two story room, and a fun place share our collections of travel 'sombreros', beanie babies, fun old toys etc.....
It all gets a quick dust weekly, and a little more extensive dusting once a year, but not a deep cleaning and purging of stuff.......that is what is happening now.
I have sent all the business books to Gary's office, looked over all of the novels etc....Right now I am deciding what books to keep because several of us here do re-read books....a few think it is an odd practice......and what books to give away or take to the book exchange. The cook books I love, but do I really need another one, should I keep all of them.......they currently take up three shelves.
It is the sorting and categorizing that is taking a lot of time.......The videos, have all been moved into storage, the DVDs need a new sort....Nelson last summer thought he was being so clever to sort and 'nelson-atize' ---that is his version of alphabetize, our huge collection......I want to sot them again but this time into genera. Last summer he also sorted and boxed all of the CDs......they were taking up prime shelf space. They will now reside in a less than prime location since they all have been downloaded to iTunes so we don't need to access them as often.
Right now I am so glad to have moved all but one of the gaming systems and things to the basement family room.....We have kept Hayden's Wii in the family room because it is fun for the whole family......what that really means is Gary and I get the Wii -- how to use it and play it by ourselves.....and I of course have to have it close by to do my Wii Fit and Wii Active.
With the sorting of stuff I have decided to move the board and boxed games and puzzles up to the loft....My reasoning is to keep them safe from babies and small children......In fact the whole remodel is being done with babies in mind........I guess I am becoming more grandmother like.

Monday, August 24

New Beginnings

Happy New Year! That is how I feel about a new school year starting. The Facebook status' from all the kids going back to school were kind of grim, but I am so glad to get back to "normal".....I know where did summer go, I can't believe how time files, etc...
But come on school schedule is the regular in most households.
I love the schedule school puts the whole family on. I hope I can keep as good a schedule once I no longer have school to depend on.
Since it is a new beginning what are my new goals? A couple of weeks ago I thought about this but didn't really plan for much....
After yesterdays Temple Dedication I plan to attend the temple more often and have even put it on my schedule just like any other appointment.
I have a few things around the house I would like to get done by Christmas - Loft and Basement projects....
Speaking of projects - we decided that hitting the TV in the family room to make it work was getting old....sometimes even the hitting wasn't working and then you have to wait for 30 min with it on before a picture would appear...so Saturday afternoon we purchased a new TV. The new TV is large and thus it necessitates a mini room remodel.....but the mess that goes with this min remodel is anything but mini....Gary and the boys got it all hooked up and the other electronics with it, now I have to decide what I am going to do with the rest of the stuff....it is covering the floor in three rooms.
I told Gary to think babies and toddlers when moving things and setting up.....little fingers like to explore and tug and change things...He was good to put everything just out of reach, now I need to do the same when I return things to the shelves.
Back to goals and planning:
I need to do something more learning based- I will have to look into what is available at the community school. I know they often offer a "Photo shop" class and I have signed up for it a few times , but then i have had to drop it due to my bad planning....maybe this year.
I have a few more hours this fall since I don't need to go to Football games Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays....only Thursdays and the other days if I want to, not as a parent participant.
I also want to make a few things for the baby.....
Oh what to do....to many choices and all of them good.

Friday, August 21

Where Does the Time Go?

This week has just slipped past.......where does the time go?

I guess with school officially starting on Monday I have been busy getting things ready for Hayden. He tells me he doesn't want and or need anything new for school,but let's just say all this nothing has added up to over $200.00 in clothing and the odd supplies.....and I am always on the lookout for a bargain so most of it was purchased at a discount.
Speaking of bargains for the first time in my life I purchased for clothing for our soon to be grandchild.......Very cute things for next spring and summer at 70% off..........I bet Gary wishes I didn't know the babies gender.
The baby due to Jordan and Laurie on January 7th 2010, will be a Boy.....according to the ultrasound....and if what the tech pointed out to all of us in attendance to the ultrasound is real, then there is no doubt it is a Boy!
We are all so excited. We teased Jordan that he was having a girl. He reacts so well, especially when he is pretty sure the outcome is different than the rest of us are saying....When we discovered the babies gender Jordan just looked at the two grandmothers and said "told ya so."
The fun thing about ultrasounds these days is that you can see so much more than I saw 16 years ago. From the pictures, and DVD they have of the event, you can tell that this kid already has long arms and legs, a barrel chest and a cute face....not a real clear face, but when he yawned it seemed so full of personality.....and the face is shaped just like all my Call babies with that cute little chin.
AHHHHHH...I'm going to be a grandmother, where does the time go? My next phase of life is beginning!?!?!?!?!?

With the week slipping by I didn't even post my weight loss for the week....1lb.....yes, I am continuing to loose the weight. No stopping now...... no new clothes either, I spent my clothing money on baby things! If I keep this up Baby Call will look darling and grandma will be lost in her big clothes.

It is now late Friday afternoon, I am so behind this week, I have been working on things that should have been done earlier.....oh well, tomorrow is another day. I guess it is time to figure out our evening and weekend plans........

Baby and Momma are doing very well. Baby is right sized and healthy as far as the Doctors can tell.

Monday, August 17

My Garden

I know, how scary do I look?the flourishing garden.......we made that trellis that the beans were supposed to climb,
they didn't.
Yes, I grew this stuff!
I know that there are several weeks left to harvest from my garden, but hey I don't have much left worth harvesting so here is the report.
I have learned so much from doing it. I have a ton of questions for other gardeners in the area, and I found that I liked my low maintenance garden...the fresh produce was all worth it.
What I learned:
I learned that I need to plant the cold weather veggies sooner. So what if there is still snow on the ground or if it snows after you have planted, when they tell you so many weeks before the last frost that is when you should plant if you want any produce from those plants......when is the last frost?
I love our garden boxes...it is small and manageable and virtually weed free. next year we need to add more soil mix and make it deeper.
I learned what to and what not to plant for next year, where to plant what, what areas of the garden get the most sun or shade and how much is too much water.
I found that I needed to put up a fence to keep my dog and other curious animals out, that birds will eat the seeds so watch out for them....and replant if you think they have eaten your seeds....sadly no melons.
I understand the why and need to thin the veggies.....can you say carrot knots?
I want to ask others who garden in this area what grows the best for them and what tastes the best?
My Semi-Successes and Failures:
I planted 4 tomato plants, one died, probably from to much water, one has produced excellent tomatoes....I hope the variety is in my garden notes, and two are decent looking plants but they haven't produced any tomatoes. I can't remember seeing any blossoms.....crossing my fingers, hoping for more. Tomato Story- I don't like the texture of a fresh tomato so I have never been a big fan of garden fresh tomatoes, however Megan and Gary love them....I decided to try them again because everyone is always telling me how fabulous tomatoes fresh from the garden are....I tried, I really did try to eat it all by it's self....and the flavor was wonderful, I don't have a problem with the flavor, but the texture.....well it made me gag, so I just hid it in something else and finished it. Yes, the flavor was delicious. We will want to plant that kind again.
My cucumbers are interesting, some are beautiful, long and straight, but others are round. If I let them grow a little longer they seem to get a little straighter, but then they get to big and seedy. So I would like to know what are the best variety of cucumbers to plant.
The other really promising veggies are the beets...yumm, carrots and radishes, where they were thinned, leaf lettuce, which was very good when it was young, and some kind of squash, probably zucchini......
The Green Beans did poorly, I barely got enough of them for dinner....others I have talked to said that their beans were also bad, so maybe I got the wrong kind or this was a bad year for beans? The Peppers are still struggling, but it doesn't look as if we will have anything from them this year. The Peas were planted too late....don't know when the last frost is or how to cunt back......but I did get a few. Everyone tells me to plant them again right now for a fall harvest.......I might try it.

Next year I will plant earlier, I will plant less of some things and a whole lot more of others.
I think I have figured out the water and sun thing so that too should help. The fact that I am even planning to do a garden again next year is promising.......maybe I'll even get enough produce to share?


Friday, August 14

Lime - it's a Favorite

Last night as Hayden and I were eating Hawaiian Shaved Ice I was reminded of a few of my favorites.....yes, Hayden got lime flavoring a started in on the Brian Regan "it's a favorite" routine.....

A Few Favorite Things...for now

Lime - it's a favorite. Not fake lime flavoring but real lime as in Fresh Limes - drinks and slushies from Paces, the lime in a margarita...virgin...and Key lime pie. Last weekend at our ward BBQ i served a Sara Lee key Lime pie and was told by more than one person that it was the best Key Lime Pie they had ever had...I didn't get to taste it so i guess i will have to buy another one to compare.

Fall/Indian Summer Days - favorite season!

my iPod touch - My kids love their ipods. I wasn't really into mine until recently. I am now addicted to it.....I can see the fascination.... I love all of the information, not just music, that I can store on it and have at my ready access -- when ever I need it. However I think I am glad that it isn't also my phone.... I don't think I would like an iphone as much......then again maybe I would.

Chicago- the band that has been around since 1967. I knew I liked them, they were a fav when I was in high school, but lately I hadn't listened to their music very much; then I went to their concert last week.....They are a fav again. I have listened to their 40th anniversary Best of album everyday since.... Saturday in the Park, 25 or 6 to 4, Color My World, You're The Inspiration, Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? Hard Habit To Break.......Favorites are-- the brass section, the classic guitar riffs, and the old original guys.....Robert Lamm, James Panko, Lee Loughnane, Walter Parazaider.

Morning walks

Fav Movies--a friend reminded me of them this week....I have several, and they change... this list is not in any particular order.
1. The Way We Were - almost everything I love in a movie. Good script - nice story telling, beautiful cinematography, historical significance, romance, intrigue, eye candy....Robert Redford was very nice looking at one time.
2. Gladiator, The Patriot & Troy - i lump these three together because they all tell the same type of story.....a love for ones family, country and for right over might. The Leading characters all exude a passion for their cause that is admirable, they stand for the right against some wonderful baddies.
3. Reds - Historical and thought provoking.
4. Ragtime- I love when a movie and a book and a musical are all good...so good i could watch the movie and insert the songs form the musical. Oh and Denzell Washington ...or Brian Stokes Mitchell from the musical......
5. Movie Musicals-- the old classics are the best....Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Two Weeks With Love, West Side Story, Singing in the Rain, Wonderful Town,............

Fav Books/Authors--always reading or looking for a new/old book.
When we (Melinda and me) were teenagers our mom got us reading by having us read Barbara Cartland books. B.C. wrote fictional, historical, romances.....they are clean, short, easy reads, but for a young teenage girl very exciting and imaginative.....and they led me to loving a good book....and other historic romance books..... Culinary Mysteries by diane Mott Davidson and Joanne Fluke are the best of category. Sophie Kinsella Shopaholic series and any others she has written even as Madeline Wickham, ...I am currently reading S.K.'s Twenties Girl.... Meg Cabot is so prolific, several YA and Adult series. I love her Heather Wells mystery series -Size Twelve Isn't Fat.....how do you write so many books in a year?
To Kill a Mocking Bird, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, Pride and Prejudice......

Weekends - 'nuff said......maybe each day should stand alone?
Friday-endings and beginnings all in one day.
Saturday- work hard play hard.
Sunday-Spiritual rejuvenation.....a day of rest and a day for re-committing.

Elder Call -- he makes my heart smile.

Hayden - oh to be young......youth is truly wasted on the young.

Megan - girlfriend, shopping partner, exercise buddy......

J & L - newlyweds, new love, new life.....baby!

Gary - my love and companion....eternally a favorite. ....smile, wit and knowledge are the best.


Thursday, August 13

What's Your Style?

Style is an expression of Individualism mixed with Charisma. - John Fairchild
this was on my quote calendar this morning.

I think this quote describes my style. I love the trends in fashion. I love how fashion helps define a culture, a class, the climate, the economy, etc...
My dream job as a teenager was to be a fashion designer and a historian....odd combo, I know weird.... Today I am not a fashion designer nor a historian, but I do have the opportunity now and again to help design the costumes for the High School musical which allows me to do the fashion designing and historical research.....by designing I don't mean creating new looks, but researching and putting together the appropriate style for each character in regards to time period, social class, occupation, situation, etc..... There is something satisfying about seeing your design vision carried out by the average joe high school student.
When designing for a character it is always fun to find out something about them that I can incorporate into the costume that will add a little humor to the picture for me and for those who look at the details.......is there a favorite color, or personality quirk, did something happen to them that they are trying to hide, or are they driven by something that you can incorporate into their clothing....we all try to express individualism, especially in what we wear...think of the hippies, or punks, or goths....?
I still like to draw fashion ideas...those are my doodles....and I think I would be a good historian for a museum that features clothing....
I get a kick at trying to guess how the designers are going to incorporate the down economy or the 'green movement' in to our everyday fashion... I also love seeing how the fashion designers steal fashion ideas from previous decades....I have always said look at what was happening 25 or 50 years ago in fashion and you can pretty much guess what the 'new' trends will be.... have you seen the late 60's Hippie and 80's Pop star look coming out in fashion again?..........everything old is new again.
I am getting too old to go with the latest and greatest in fashion for myself, so more and more I'm checking out what is new, reinterpreting and mixing it up my way......or wearing the classics with a few twist. Everyone tells me I have always done this.... I think I have always done this?!?!?!? I remember in high school doing the fashion trends from the magazines....you know a little over the top for everyday real life. Everyone else would wear the modified versions of the style, but not me, I wanted to be different.
To create your own look or iconic style you have to do your own thing. Not weird things, but you have to take what you wear and decide how to make it you. What is your signature to the outfit you are wearing, how are you going to show your individuality.....remember Barbara Bush's pearls? That was her signature to everything she wore...no she didn't always look the height of fashion but she expressed who she was through those pearls....she apparently thought they gave her a sense of class and wealth.
Your signature could be how you turn up the collar or what style of shoes you wear, the colors and patterns you wear or are willing to mix and match, your jewelry pieces, etc.....
But to really make any kind of style statement, on top of your signature/individuality, you have to have the self confidence to back up your choices and a charisma that is charming, that attracts people, so that they will look at you and think, they have style!


Wednesday, August 12

Wednesday Weigh In...and walking

I am actually posting on Wednesday that has got to count for something........
but alas not weight loss to post. I am even with last week...... better than going up.

Megan and I have been walking the Boulevard this summer as part of our fitness routine. 7:30 in the morning is such a nice time of day....I only hope that those who see me don't think I always go around in my boy face and hair don't......every day besides us we are lucky to see so many beautiful and crazy sights, regular walkers/runners and dogs.....I think golden retrievers are the dog to walk. We see 3 of them to 1 of any other kind of breed.....and speaking of dogs and crazy sights, there is this older lady who 'walks' her little dog every day. I say 'walks' because most of the time the dog is ridding in a baby stroller......When the dog is actually on the ground walking the lady is struggling to keep hold of the leash and the baby stroller.....crazy.
There is this older gentleman who says "good morning" to us going one way and "have a nice day" when going the other. We try to say hello or 'good morning' to everyone we pass.
There are the regular ladies from our ward that walk...Kathy, Sharon and Geri (who is now on a mission), they are now regularly joined by Joyce and sometimes Lynda. The face of those who join the core group of 3 change from time to time, but this group, or at least Kathy, Sharon and Geri have walked past our home every morning for as long as I can remember. In a church talk once the person said that they knew everything was right with the world when the mothers march went past their house in the morning.
We see the crazy runners/joggers....and I mean crazy. Most folks don't run/jog with any style or grace. Megan and I have both said that we don't like to run but if we were going to do it we would enlist the help of a running coach to help us achieve a good runners form, style and grace. Back to crazy runners/joggers: let's just say you can tell a good runner from a bad one and most people out there looping along are bad runners......their arms move wild or not at all, they don't bend their knees right, their upper body is all over the place, some of them kind of do a shuffle run or their feet swing out to their side not forward. The other day while taking Hayden to football practice we saw a lady who was running and I use the term loosely, she was running with almost stiff legs, no ankle movement, no knee bend, no pivot of the leg at the hips....it was truly a crazy sight.
The Drivers are the wildest ones out there......it is like they are all too busy trying to see if they know the people on foot so they aim their cars at you or swerve wildly to get back on track. They are also the most impatient......they seem to hate to wait for the peds to cross the street or to give them room to walk in the street.....yes, I know the street is for the cars but sometimes you want to walk 3 abreast with your group or the sprinklers are watering the sidewalk so you cut out into the street....surely they can give us defenceless folks a little more room on the road and not aim their 2000 lb. vehicle at us. Come on drivers Davis is not that busy in the summer.....but when school is in session it is a different story......
Since we have be come two of the faithful in our walking we have seen many walkers and runners come and go. I understand this, the intention to get up and do it is there but it comes down to mind over matter, the mind is willing but the body likes the mattress better......
I am so glad that I now get up to walk with out a problem....and I really like doing it.
The best part of the walk is the beautiful world that is all around.....The change of season is subtle but fascinating. The rising sun and the clouds are interesting to watch. The smells of nature are the best. I had forgotten that trees have a scent.


Monday, August 10

Monday, Monday, Monday

I am so glad that it is a new week! I loved all that I had to do last week, I just had too much and missed too many things because of overlap.....

I am playing catch up and try to get ahead with my regular things today........in my dreams!

Elder NCCall had a bit of a rough last week....makes my mothers heart sad, but there is nothing I can do to help and he is okay, just disappointed in other people.
I found this photo of him posted on facebook by Elder Hudson ....it made me smile. Elder Call - Friends don't let friends go to UTAH. Elder Hudson -Utah
This was taken about two weeks ago at their Zone P-Day Christmas in July party.

It is a beautiful cool summer day....they are the best. Sky is blue, trees have lots of beautiful foliage, the grass is green, my flowers are still blooming, and the garden looks great...yesterday we had 6 tomatoes, carrots, beets, cucumber and lettuce form the garden for dinner.....yumm!

No great new movies coming out so there isn't a lot of new to book at the K-town this week......I think they are now saving it all for labor Day weekend. that means 2 more weeks of the same old crap.

Attended a great fireside with Hayden last night. The core thought was read and study your scriptures, pray daily, and live temple worthy and you will be prepared and protected.......I know too simple for most of us to do. We want it to hard, to have to make a showy sacrifice, but all that the Lord requires of us is simple.......all he really wants is our heart.


Saturday, August 8

.....It was Interesting....... Better Than I Expected.

Had my 30th high school reunion last night.........it was interesting, better than I expected.
When we arrived everyone was gathering, picking up name tags, a few small groups chatting, some were drinking. I commented to Gary that everyone looks like grown ups, their parents, or the parents of your kids friends......we all had aged, some better than others.....actually the women had aged the best some still looked just the same. The men well, you could put some of the names with faces, but for the most part I had to look at their name tags to match them up. The big surprise was all the gray hair.....come on you can do something about that. My attitude comes from living with hairdressers for to long. I said a quick hello to a few folks who I felt comfortable speaking with, stopped, looked around again and decided that I was going to have to just jump and talk to people......most were like me standing around with their spouse or a friend they came with with a miserable look on their faces that said something like 'Now why did we come?' Gary couldn't help me out, he really didn't know these people and he had already said hello to the 3 people he knew in the room.....so I zeroed my sights on a man and his wife standing close by. I did a quick scan of the name tags and realized that I really did know this person, I could talk to him and that began my night of stepping out. I knew I had to make the first move people tell me that I come across pretty unapproachable......... so I jumped in. I had decided that I would not talk about the past......so I checked on every ones current stats: their families---children, they all will talk about their kids or grandkids----, where they now live, occupation, etc.....Things went really well, then it was time to sit down for our dinner. Time to begin again. We could play it safe or be daring.....We decided not to be safe and scanned tables looking for those who looked lonely. We sat by two girls who I had gone to school with since kindergarten. We were shortly joined by another kindergarten friend and her husband, and by two couples who never would have sat by any of us back in high school, but hey things change....their HS friends hadn't saved them a place. Earlier I had spoken to the last two couples briefly, and commented to Gary that one of the guys in high school was a real ***. After watching him the rest of the evening I realized he is insecure and and probably was back then as well. He would try too hard to be cool, a ladies man, etc... and most thought he was all it.....he has mellowed a little. He has a paunchy gut, gray hair and wrinkles and just like the rest of us he isn't 17 anymore.In attendance were those who tried to stay in high school, but they were very few in number......A few good ole' boys who will never change. The 'popular, easy girls'. Still easy but not as popular as they once were. We no longer care to be one of them.... so the 6 of them kept together. Gary laughed at these ladies because they were dressed too young and inappropriate and were trolling for new husbands. For the most part we had all grown up and couldn't have cared less about the past HS crap......yeah! One of my old friends said she fretted about what to wear, like most of us did, then decided who cares and wore what she wanted. I too looked for something smashing and new to wear but ended up wearing an old dress that I felt good in....it is a purple dress and I crazied it up with my green shoes and green Sapphire earrings and necklace....the newest item was probably 4 years old.....Gary wore his bright golden yellow button front shirt with a black sports coat and slacks......I thought we looked pretty darn good......better than most.
I would have loved to observe the whole room and not participated......it would have been fascinating to really see who was who,who thought theirs didn't stink and were there to impress, who could of cared less,who was lost and lonely, and what was what. Even as a participant I found it interesting for me personally and as an observer to see who would acknowledge who, who would hug you, who would really speak with you, who was bothered, who made passing eye contact, gave a quick wave, a cold shoulder, or a weak smile, etc....I had some pleasant surprises come my way.
Skip this part if you want---Me being bad---My mom will be glad to learn that a girl she did not like still seemed annoyed to see me. She gave me the head to toe look over swallowed and tried to be nice then walked away.... Probably because I looked so much better than she does.....she has no chin, gained a few lbs.....just like most of us, glasses, and a few too many wrinkles,she looks just like her mother.
The evening was last minute emceed by a classmate who has been a news reporter. Apparently we have a few who could have done the job with the same credentials. The surprise for me was seeing the class president don silly glasses, flood pants and a bad sports coat and pretend to be our assistant Principal Rulon Hommer...he was dead on with his phrases and did a great job....surprise, surprise, surprise. Rulon had been asked to come and emcee the program but couldn't so he wrote a note to us remembering our class. The part that I found interesting was He said he was moving into his new office at the school district and began looking at our yearbook and before long was joined by 3 other top guys in the school district including the Superintendent, all of whom were our teachers at BHS..........The video presentations were nice....too long, but nice. Awards were given out and by the time the hired band could play many just wanted to talk not dance, and many more just left.
My Awards: I tied for the most children who have graduated from BHS. The other two will beat me out by next reunion.I was second for living closest to the school.
I am on the committee for our reunion in 5 years....yes, I need more to do and I will no longer have kids in school.
My goal for the next reunion is not to make me over....to superficial....I'm no longer in high school, it's not about me......my goal is to get more people to attend.....I know 5 who turned down coming with me this time.....for all kinds of crazy 'hate high school' reasons. I will start on them right away.
......yes,it was very interesting.