Tuesday, January 31


When I grow up I need to be more like Melinda.....I love that she set a monthly goal to work on every month last year. It was a good idea since you only have 30 days and then your done....no guilt when it doesn't work out so well after 30 days. SO that said what should my monthly goal be for February? I may have to steal form La.


Wednesday, January 25

What UP?

the sky......It's now the end of January and Operation 2012 while it started off with a bang is now on a slow simmer, but good things come to those who wait, the best food slow cooks all day long long, right?
Yes I am still working on a better me in 2012.....but enough about that.

Here is what I am sure will be one of many weigh ins/rant on Election 2012......why is everyone so upset with the voter turn out in November? You have bored me with the whole process for 2 years. Warts on even the best candidates are exposed making them seem vulnerable and weak. Things that shouldn't matter are dragged through he media mud making us not think about the candidates ability to serve but about the mud slingers maturity.
I can't figure out why we would want to elect a philanderer, but 10 years ago we wanted a philanderer out of the highest office in the land....I know it's the last day s but really?
Whatever and that is just the the presidential candidates...the locals are getting by being poor candidates with stupid ideas simple because it is a presidential election year......
I think we all need to pay attention, but really why do we need to be bombarded with it so early?

Wednesday, January 18

Wednesday Weigh In

So a new week and I am definitely back in the exercise swing of things.....I like it which I never thought I would say in a million, trillion years.  Today I even walked faster and a steeper incline than I have been doing and it was great. Meg still keeps me going and  she gets up at 5am two times a week to train with Laurie and Jordan.......I didn't know that 5:00 happened two times in a day......All I am really trying to say is that is commitment.......and not to a funny farm....or maybe they should all be committed for getting up that early.
No great weigh loss but noting gained which is the best. I am still getting rid of clothing, however the replacement isn't happening so I am glad that I got belts and right sized sweaters for Christmas to tick in the excess fabric.


Sunday, January 15

Beauty and the Beast

It was awesome if I say so myself......
Hayden as Gaston Doing "Me" it was a show stopper

Other shoe...I mean show stopper was "Be Our Guest" Megan choreographed it and I costumed it it was fun for the eyes.


Friday, January 13

Captain is Two

The Captain is two.....wow, wow, wow!

We had fun last Sunday celebrating his birthday. The best moments were his reactions to the gifts given by Megan, Nelson and Hayden....Megs was a play hut and ball pit with a Thomas the Train motif. The reaction to this was a wow, and  all he wanted to do was open it, but dad said no, not until we get home...so he hugged it and stroked it and stared at it for a long time. Nelson and Hayden gave him more Cars 2 shake and go cars and a track.......this elicited a shrieking scream....he was so happy and just kept  shrieking.  Grandma and Grandpa gave him a  red wagon plus other stuff. I would have to say home runs all the way around.


Wednesday, January 11

Wednesday Weigh In

It's back my confession and weigh ins on weight, and what ever.......
On the weight front I had a goal not to be the average person and gain 210 pounds during the holiday season.....and I ....drum roll please......I lost 8 pounds!   That's right it was an up and down road but in the end between November 1, 2011 and January 1, 2012 I lost 8 pounds and they are staying off...yeah for me.
Melinda sent this to me and I loved it. It was not only entertaining but informative

Get out and walk everday for 30 minutes.

Tuesday, January 10

Yummm! Soup

As part of Operation 2012 I wanted to make nicer, better, more nutritious, new recipes for dinner. I know this won't happen very meal, but when it is possible I am going to do it.....my aim right now is
at least 2 times a week.
Last night I made a Taco Soup. I got the idea from a cookbook, but unfortunately I didn't have all of the required ingredients, so I did my own thing with what I had on hand and what sounded good.
The over all consensuses was that it is a keeper. Nelson said the flavor reminded him of Casa Melinda's salsa, and I have to agree that it did taste similar.
As a kid I loved Casa Melinda's salsa and so did my kids. It wasn't like other salsas, especially the homemade salsas we all make now, but it was perfect with a cup of finely grated cheese dumped into it. Casa Melinda's is long gone but the memories will last. It was my introduction to restaurant Mexican food as a kid; not to spicy, lots of cheese and always hot, finished off with a sopapia and honey butter....yum!
Megan thinks we could come up with the salsa now that we have a good start....we will have to try it out in the near future.......anyway, Here is my version of the recipe. 
I am calling it salsa soup in honor of the salsa we all loved as kids.

Salsa Soup
serves 8
1 yellow onion diced
2 cloves of garlic minced
1/2 cup celery diced
1/2 red/yellow or orange bell pepper cut into strips
1 Tbs. olive oil
1 tsp. ground cumin
Salt and black pepper to taste
meat from1 rotisserie chicken
2 14.5 oz. cans petite died tomatoes with chilies
1 15 oz. can  tomato sauce
32 oz chicken stock
1/12 cups frozen corn
1 14 oz can black beans
1 Tbs. lime juice

In a large soup pot soften onion, garlic, celery and bell peppers in olive oil. Add cumin and salt and black pepper to taste.
Remove chicken meat from bones add to the onion mixture along with the tomatoes, tomato sauce, chicken stock, corn, beans and lime juice. Simmer for 20 minutes.
Serve with tortilla chips, cheese, sour cream and limes.


Wednesday, January 4

Good Start

Operation 2012 is off to a good start. I ate better yesterday, exercised this morning with 3 times as many people as are usually at the gym (I know it is the resolution thing that makes it crowded). Family.....spent time, a few personal minutes with Nelson, Megan, Hayden and Gary.  The other focus areas are being worked on between the musical and being able to say No I need time for myself.
It's another day to succeed!


Sunday, January 1

Operation 2012

Happy New Year, 2012!
No resolutions for me I am under taking Operation 2012.........like resolutions, but it sounds more important so maybe I'll succeed more and fail less.
Operation 2012 will have focus areas with sub goals in each area....maybe!??!
Family Focus - more personal, one on one time with each child and my Hubby.
Spiritual Focus - I found a 48 week program for knowing and following Jesus Christ. I began implementation today.
Personal Focus - I decided that this was necessary after re-reading President Uchtdorf's talk from the RS meeting; Forget Me  Not
Community Focus - More service...listen to the spirit, pray for opportunities and Do IT!
Physical Focus- the usual, eat healthy, exercise, drink more water. For January I am cutting out the bread...this will be hard for me but I can do it.
Creative Focus - Find a class or work on a project a week ( after the musical is over).

I need to clear my head so as to think clearer and do better planning....but as for now
Operation 2012 is underway!