Thursday, July 26

The Mission Call...

Hayden went to the mail box every 15 minutes all morning long  hoping to find his mission call.......I stood ready at the door with the camera every time to see his happy face.......every time except for the time when the mail actually arrived. I wasn't expecting it since our mail delivery for the past two weeks has not been at a consistent time and things were crazy at that minute....Laurie was picking up Ryan from his morning with Grandma and the aunt and uncles and Meg, Nelson and Hayden were leaving for work for the day. I assumed that if it came today that Gary and I would take it up to the theater later today to be opened......but things don't work as planned. Hayden checked the mail as he was getting in the car to leave and it was here......
I told Hayden that the call was his to open and he could do open it how and whenever he wanted to....he wanted to do it before he left for work.....needless to say Laurie called Jordan, he couldn't speak so we videoed  it. Gary called his mom and I called my parents and we had them on speaker phone...funny it was actually a speaker phone chain; mom was the only one home so she called dad with her cell phone....anyway......

Hayden was grinning ear to ear and so excited as he read his letter to us.
He has been called to serve in the New York Utica mission (the wide section of the state which doesn't include the eastern portion or the section from Fayett west). He reports to the MTC December 12, 2012 and will spend Christmas at the MTC.
(I guess to be my son you have to return home from your mission just before Christmas.....)

The crazy thing for me was Sunday as I was reading the Ensign I was reading who the newly assigned Mission Presidents were and the only name I noticed and remembered besides my friend who is a new mission president was the name of Joseph B. Wirthlin Jr.....who happens to be the mission president for the New York Utica Mission.
We are so happy and excited to have another full time missionary serving form the family.  He will be awesome!


Summer Fun

Ryan & Uncle Hayden playing in the sprinklers....faces full of water, figuring out the mechanics, blue lips, was cold for the little guy.


Wednesday, July 4