Tuesday, August 28

Trip to the Land!

I know it's about time.....
We have had several people amazed that we went to Disney Land and that our kids are little or teenage kids..... Wow, how old are they? We all love Disney and love the whole experience.
It was fun to be with captain awesome, the Ry Guy. He loved it all and had favorites. He likes the spinning rides but his favorite was Astro Blaster or the Buzz Lightyear ride. If he were tall enough he would probably change it to the Lightning McQueen car ride (which is like the test track at Epcot for those in the know) It is so movie like and a fast car ride  isn't half bad.
My Fav has always been the Big Thunder Railway roller coaster, but for some reason this time the Tower of Terror was a very close second for me.
We all had fun in the Big"A" Van.....all except for the ride home which took 3 hours too long due to accidents....however we made the most of it.
Here are some pics of the trip.

MMMMMMM My Red Wagon Corn Dog!

 this bear was giving us a bad time and driving Ry nuts. He wouldn't have anything to with him even when Nels and Hay were having fun.

 I bought us all the preferred seating and show package for Fastasmic. It comes with a desert box and all you can drink soft drinks, hot cocoa and coffee.  It was fancy smancy and was worth doing once in your life.  That cookie thing was one of the best cookies I have ever eaten and is only made for the dessert box...we asked several people who confirmed this truth....it is a very buttery raspberry filled shortbread cookie, and there were no seconds.
Loving Micky! he was so unsure of all of the other characters that this was too cute.