Tuesday, June 12

Thirty-onederful Years

31 years ago I married my sweetheart and best friend. I can't believe how fast it has gone. Even though there are times when things get tough and stressed; for the most part I would say it has been easy.

This year we are celebrating pretty low key.......
Gary sent me a huge bouquet of roses as he does every year...one rose for every year of marriage, it is a fun tradition. (The bouquet was very heavy and apparently expensive....Gary exclaimed "I will do this until I can't afford to do it anymore."...Hayden got a good laugh at that).

We did lunch at Kneaders...I know not very romantic but they have Parmesan chips so I can't complain.
Gary has Bishopric meeting tonight so we will do more this weekend.

Over all it has been thirty-onederful years. I know the best is yet to come, but we are making the best of everything now.