Wednesday, September 29


What has happened to thinking outside of the box? Creating things from scratch, from found objects or even mixing things up to create the new?
I have been so surprised by the people who don't have vision of what or how things could be. This realization has been made even clearer to me this year working on the costumes for the musical. I did a lot of research, found pictures, website, modern day sewing patterns that would work as 1930's dresses, then gave tons of suggestions about how to do, where to look and even what to use, but so many of the people I am working with still don't have the vision of how to create or come up with their costumes. Causing me to think creativity has disappeared.

I have been told that I created a few of the creativity problems by giving them the style choices and by limiting the predominant colors they could use..... The color thing was to help us from having 9 girls on stage in a pink dresses and 1 in a blue one. That makes you think who didn't get the message or why is that chorus girl standing out like a sore thumb? And as for one of the style issues I wanted the boys look out side of their closets and not use modern sit on your hip and below the waist jeans in a 1930's show. But according to the several of the cast members, a few parents and even a grandparent I have made this soooooo hard by limiting color and style choices.....come on people our 2010 clothing isn't worn like they did in the 1930's. But you can use clothing from the past 10 years or even patterns and come up with what is needed.

So here are a few of my come on people, really?.......We have asked for a wide brim hat to be decked out and fancied up as part of a costume. We have told them to look around for a hat and even made suggestions as to where. We told them that you can paint and/or cover hats with fabric to get the color you want. I was thinking no problem, you can find hats at the thrift stores and probably in your closets. Most people have access to a straw hat and you can be I had someone show me a hat pattern that they bought at the store. The pattern cost $10.00, the supplies will be at least $30.0 more, but hey it's only money and if you want to make a hat, great, but it is not as easy has you might think. That is why we suggested that you look around for a pre-made hat to use and decorate.
"I can't buy dresses like that now, let alone in the colors assigned." You are so right, but you can use a sewing pattern and make one, or you can get a thrift store dress that has the same shape as the photos you were given and alter it or add to it. Which brings us to, but I can't find any fabric that is yellow and orange.....but you can buy yellow fabric and orange fabric and combine them if you are making something, or you can add yellow to an orange dress......even if their are other colors in the pattern if it is predominately the asked for color you can use it.
"I only have blue jeans and they wore blue jeans in the 1930's." Yes they did wear blue jeans but not the kind you wear now, besides we don't want everyone in blue jeans.
" I need green gloves when can I find them?" At least use the Internet if you can't drag yourself out to find it.
...and the list goes on and on and on.....

Why do I have to show exactly what to do or use? Why do I have to go into greater detail than here are two colors to creative? Why do I have to hold their hands and walk them step by step through this?

So that is my creativity rant for today. Like I said what has happened to thinking creatively and .......doing things independently......but that is for another time.


Tuesday, September 28

Hayden Playing Football

Hayden is #72.
These are at the JV game against Viewmont on Thursday Sept. 23, 2010.
Bountiful won 21 -0

Tuesday, September 21

It's Autumn Time!

It is officially fall, but it feels like summer still. Sunday in nursery I began teaching songs about fall; sing the fall songs and changing words to songs so they were fall type words. My Favorite is sung to Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree......I looked out the window and what did I see? Leaves are falling from the Apricot tree.......I can take a rake and can make a pile, one so big it will make you smile. Then I'll jump on it cause it's so much fun you see, when leaves are falling from the apricot tree. The kids love it too because I have them stand and sing so they get to rake and jump.
I enjoy fall because it is still warm during the day and crisp at night and in the early morning. We walk in the morning still and the crisp air is the best. When we start I think should I have worn a jacket...some days I do others I don't because when I do by the time we are on the return home I am too hot. The crisp air also makes me want to make soup, warm yummy comfort foods and pies and cobblers......I know it always goes back to food.
It is no secret Autumn time is my favorite season of the year.....There is a definite change in nature, from the plants to the weather. We go from nice and warm to cold in 3 months. I like the back to school time, it is always a new beginning regardless of age. Fall has my favorite sports FOOTBALL and the end of Baseball season...the play offs and world series.
Fall is also like spring in the cleaning and organizing way.... I always have a few project that I want done before Thanksgiving. My projects are well underway.....I unfortunately didn't account for the need/want to paint the closets as they are cleaned out before they are re loaded...oh well. I guess after 15 years a new coat of paint is important....and they won't need to painted again for another 15 years....maybe by then the kids will do it form in "Let's help grandma out and paint her closets for her." I can wish!

Thursday, September 16

Playing at G-mas

Captain A playing at grandmas. He has the best blue eyes!

He has a love hate relationship with the koosh ball


Wednesday, September 15

Wednesday Weigh In

Nothing has changed in the weight department this week except for my attitude. I am more positive about the dinner menus and eating right. However I have had several people tell me you have lost a lot of weight, and these are people who see me at least once a week. Maybe my body is redistributing what I have and making things look better.
I also am drinking more is a fact I discovered this week: You wake up dehydrated so you really need to drink a glass of water before you eat breakfast, etc.... This made total sense to me. So I have been having a glass of water before I go to bed and when I wake up. I seem a bit better off. This whole water thing got me to remembering I also remember diet type people saying have a glass of water if you think you are hungry and after the water if you still are hungry you probably are. I bet that we all are more dehydrated than we know and our hunger for food is really a hunger for water.....just a least I'm am going to try water first.


Tuesday, September 14

I 'm Sorry For My Abscence

Melinda called me to task for not keeping up on my blog......I'm busy with other stuff and when I sit down to write I get side tracked on the computer so I am trying to not get trapped on the computer as often.
Any who.....
I have been cleaning out and reorganizing my stroage room.....we have a deadline to meet.
The Storage room is looking really good. I have hauled out 4 loads of stuff to the DI and garbage. I have built and installed 2 sets of shelves, and will be adding 2 or 3 more after I get the Christmas decorations out and up.

Question - Is the food storage really bad if it says not to use it after so many years?

The deadline I am meeting is Elder Call returns home on Thanksgiving Day. Which means I have to find room for all of the things I have stored in his room for the past two years....@!>@<#$)
...yes I feel that way about the junk. Some of it I wanted to get rid of before we stored it in the room, but someone told me we would want it and or need it.......I knew we wouldn't, so now I have to deal with it all over again.
Now I am on to the hall closet and laundry room. Then i have Nelson's room to fix up, Megan's room and bathroom. The Mid room entrance and finally the Downstairs Family Room...remember I want to turn it into a home theatre space. The downstairs family room is looking like a war is the divide and conquer area. I take everything out to the family room and make the decision to keep or chuck....if i keep it it then is boxed and stored appropriately.

I heard an organizer on TV say that you first need to look at everything and say "Have I used or needed this in the past year?" If you have used or needed the item you then have to deal with it.*
Here are the other things she said in helping you clean out and organize:
Memorabilia - ask yourself "Am I honoring the memory of the item?" To keep memorabilia you need to put it in albums that are visible, or frame it, or keep it out in a room. In a box you are not honoring the memory. This step has made me get rid of a ton of things or take photos of them.
Important Papers - Can access the information some place else?
Kids school papers, etc...- Is this their best work for this age?.....someone else told me to scan it all and keep it on a computer disk.

Back to the Have I used or needed this in the past year?---*If you keep it you then need to decide if you have other items that serve the same purpose, is it something I really need, is it in good usable condition, etc....

hi ho, hi ho, it's back to work I go!

Wednesday, September 8

Wednesday Weigh In

So much for losing 20 lbs. this summer....I did lose 20 lbs. I lost and gained the same 7 lbs. several now to be more specific.
I want to lose 20 lbs. by Thanksgiving. That is I will be 20 lbs. lighter when I weigh myself on November 25, 2010....78 days!
I had a great walk this morning. It seemed to be harder than it has been.
As for the food part of dieting....menus! I am having a hard time creating dinners. I enjoy cooking and eating I just don't enjoy figuring it all out. I have created list up on list of what we like to eat at our house, but for some reason I lack the motivation to make any of the meals.
I think I look at food as something that has to be fab, but really all it needs to do is sustain life and get us through the day. So I guess I just need to make a meal and not worry about it being more than it is.
Drink more water, eat more veggie and add 5 more minutes or something more to my workout.