Friday, October 30

Event Central

It's crazy town.....t -minus 10 hours 'till Hayden's 16th birthday party......really 5 hours, we have to be party ready before we leave for the football least I wont be running at the last minute when the guest arrive.

I am an event cleaner....I do best with a dead line. however I don't always do my best work..... Don't look too close or open any closed doors......I clean what I am willing to let my guest see.
We told Hayden that he was going to have a party because all of the other kids have had one. When we asked what he wanted to do he said he didn't care and I don't have to have a party if it is too much work.....what a giver, how kind not to make us go to any work for him.....not! I have figured him out and after almost 16 years I have learned what he really is saying is, 'yes, I would love a party, but I don't want to be bothered with the details, you figure it out.' He just wants to be praised and served......and in that order. You have got to love knowing the 5 Love Languages, it sure makes parenting much simpler.

On Monday Hayden was a bit worried that we wouldn't be ready for the party when he came up to the loft and looked was a disaster. Gary still had tons to move out....I know he moved out last spring, and I gave him a move the rest of it out deadline, but he has done nothing.....I had been using the loft as a catchall for my projects as well so it was lest than usable. It took me a whole day, but I moved all of Gary's stuff out....he was not pleased, most of it will probably end up in the garbage, but I didn't have time to go through it so I was boxing up junk and putting it in the office closet where it will probably sit for another 6 months. I cleaned up all of my junk, straightened up my desk and things and then we moved one of the gaming systems up to the loft....we now have gaming options on all levels of the house, all the board games and puzzles are up in the loft, and there is now a space for all of my craft and scrap booking stuff to be moved into.....not enough time to do that before the party. It looks so good, not perfect yet, but clean and party makes me happy.

I still have general house cleaning to do before the party but that is easy compared to what I have finished.

The countdown is, party, Halloween, family birthdays, Hayden's birthday.....everyday is an event!


Wednesday, October 28

Weigh In Wednesday

I was down a pound on Monday, but I am now up to's that time.

Best news is the size 16 jeans I purchased.....genuine Levi's brand.
I thought maybe if I was lucky I would get into an 18, but they were much too big and roomy around the holding my breath I picked up a size 16. they are tight at first but, for the most part perfect......I can't remember the last time I wore this size but I am sure it was over 20 years ago.

What lead me to purchasing new jeans were the comments.....every pair of pants I have are so big through the legs and behind. I was cinching in the waist with a belt and pins. Everyone was not only noticing but commenting on how big they were on me. I was tired of people making comments......but I am loving the comments on how good I am looking when I wear clothes that fit me better.

My next purchase is going to have to be a winter coat...... I can practically spin around in my old coat and that means that it won't keep me warm.

Other surprisingly large clothing items are my jackets and blazers....and the things that I haven't worn since it has been warm weather......When I got out my winter clothing I was stunned with how big everything was on me....all were a size 24. I am now down to a size 16 on bottom and 14 on top...I look like I am a kid playing dress up in my moms clothing.

Thank heaven for discount clothing stores.....I don't cringe when I only am spending a small amount of $$$ on clothing....and I want to be down two more sizes so the money out put needs to be minimal.

Exercise, Exercise. Exercise.....that and portion control.


Tuesday, October 27


It is snowing this morning!?!?!?
Fall snow is interesting, it can get wet and heavy and break the trees. last year that is exactly what happened with an October snow storm. We had several big branches come down. Hayden says that it won't happen this year because he cut back some of the tree....what won't happen this year are the branches falling on to the house...they still might come down.

Hayden taking down tree branches on the roof.

The good thing about snow this time of year is that the ground is still warm so it doesn't really stick to the roads and shoveling yet.

Gary Shoveling Last December

Winter is probably here cutting my beautiful fall short again...............oh well spring always comes again.


Monday, October 26

Happy Birthday Jordan

Today is my first born, Jordan's birthday. He is 27 years old...yes, that is unbelievable to me can he be that old, he is my little boy,....but he is now married and going to be a daddy to a boy himself in a few months.....time marches on.

Jordan was born at 12:00 noon, in time for lunch we have always told him.
He was a healthy 8 lbs. 9 oz., 20 inches long. He was my biggest baby weight wise by a few ounces, but Hayden beat him out in the height by 1 inch.

Jordan would make the cutest faces as a kid, so we called him "Jordface." To this day there are a few that still call him that. He was also 'baby Jordan,' for a very long time to our single college friends and they still ask after 'baby Jordan' when we talk.

It has been an exciting adventure to be his mother......he has always been the conscience for the family, the protector, the experiment, the example....and he has done a good job with all of this responsibility.

Jordan has some great character traits...he is kind, caring, understanding, sympathetic, empathetic, hardworking, a good listener, loyal, committed, respectful, dependable....... He is a good man.

I am glad that he is my son, and my friend.
Love you Jordface!
Happy Birthday

Friday, October 23

It's Almost Over...

Do You ever have periods in your life that you wish would come to and end? i have been so busy with things and stuff for the past week that i will be so glad when tonight is over..... Besides Hayden's busy, musical, life........and he can't legally drive yet so I am the chauffeur.......I have had two other big projects on my plate this week......Costume design and plot for All Shook Up and our Wards Harvest Fair. Don't get me wrong I love the busy, but sometimes the parts of the busy aren't my favorite. The ward party for example is fun, but not all at the same time.....I am always complaining about being the Ward Activities Chairperson, but I really bring a lot of the problems upon myself....i need to be better organized and I need my expectations to not be so high. I know in the end it will all go off smoothly and it will be fun, but I don't have enough hands or man hours to do things the right way....I keep telling myself it is what it is and it will all be okay....So needless to say i have too much to do and too few hours already. 9:00 tonight will come too soon, but not fast enough.....

The costume thing is one of the good parts of my week. i really enjoy doing it...right now i have a challenge coming up with an inexpensive yet creative way to make 18 people look like statues...the big challenge besides the cost is the time it will take to get into and out of costume and make up.....It can be done, I just haven't figured it out yet....

High point of my week....size 16 jeans....nuff said :D.


Wednesday, October 21

Wednesday Weigh In

No change for this week.
I was talking to aunt Dar yesterday and we were discussing dieting methods. I told her that I think weighing yourself everyday and recording your weight is a big help...she agrees. She told me that she read somewhere that if you have gained two pounds you need to immediately work on getting those lbs. is easier to lose the two than the 5 that will creep on if you are not paying attention. I totally agree with this idea for keeping your weigh off.

My resolve for the the next 10 days is to lose 3 lbs. I have a goal set for the end of October and I am only 3 lbs. away.....less food or better food choices, and more intense exercise.


Thursday, October 15

Wednesday Weigh In....a day late

OK I have lost and gained the same pound all week long.
That is the wight loss game, but I am doing it right, eating right, exercise, learning how to live not fads, no crashing, no starving........
I now want some lipo and tightening of the skin on my thighs, knees, and saggy belly......I guess I no longer have that youthful elasticity.


Monday, October 12

West Side Story

BHS West Side Story Andrew Wood as Diesel and Hayden Call as A-rab.

West Side Story opened on Saturday was a very good opening. In High School productions they usually have one or two uncomfortable moments or long scene changes especially in the first few shows.....this was not the case. West Side Story at BHS was actually very good.
Nelson told me to take off my parent eyes and really look at it...okay their was one scene that they obviously forgot their lines but it wasn't a major glitch, and they had some mic problems with Tony's mic in act I, But it was still very good.

Hayden was great! He is a very consistent performer. It will be fun to see what he does in High School.

Niece Jenna Cole is a sassy and beautiful Anita. When she lets go she is great. I love her "A Boy Like That."
Here are the "Twin" cousins after the show. They are so cute!


Friday, October 9

AHHH Slow Down!

I am running out of control. I am getting nothing done......for me.
Once again, a week that has gotten away from me. My house is a disaster, my assignments are being neglected. I am myopic......I get so focused on one thing that everything else seems to suffer. Hopefully today and this upcoming week will be better.

Weight Report: 2 lbs. I need to get the body more toned. My clothing is hanging on me but new smaller clothes aren't really fitting right because of the old "flab bag" ......the stretched out from being fat skin is baggy and because I'm old not retracting nicely..... anyway I began an exercise program aimed at toning my flabby spots.....let's just say I am so sore now I can hardly move.

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho.....Off to get something done before I get tangled up in only one project.


Monday, October 5

I'm Alive

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth contrary to my not posting for over a week...I've just been busy, but all is well.

General Conference Weekend is a favorite.....jammie church for those who can watch it on TV. But besides the stay at home and veg, I love Conference because the talks are all so inspiring. They make we want to be better and do more. I love conference for the opportunity to discuss the talks with my family......I love every one's take on what they heard. I love conference because I enjoy seeing our Church leaders at their best....delivering messages with the spirit from Heavenly Father.
A few standout talks for me were elder Bednar's ..... I love my family and will tell them and show them that I do more often. President Monson's "Have I Done Any Good" talk, Sister Dibb's on the iron rod which we entitled "Get a Grip", Bishop Burton's about the "ity' virtues and most definitely Elder Holland's talk on the Book of Mormon.
After this weekend you could say I'm not only alive physically but my spirit has been feed so I am alive spiritually.

New month, new week, new resolve; Do better and be better!