Wednesday, January 23

A Rocket ship for Ryan

Captain Awesome or Ry guy, or Rhino, now he is three, is rocket crazy!  He is all about rockets and going to the moon and space.  For Christmas that is all he wanted was a bigger rocket.  He got a rocket or two for the big Holiday and when we asked if it was a big rocket he just looked at us and said no it's a medium rocket.   So for his birthday I thought will get him a rocket maybe something like a playhouse of tent.  I had seen a few rocket ship tents on line from very pricey children's store.  When I say pricey I mean pricey. They were not only expensive but unfortunately out of stock. Other play houses were out of the question. After looking at the only tent that I could actually purchase I thought I can make that for probably 1/3 of the cost.....and I did for about 1/2 the cost and lots of time and grandma love. It was worth it in the end since he loves it so much.

Tuesday, January 1

Happy 2013

What a way to start my New tears after talking with the happiest sounding kid I know. Elder Hayden is off to Utica today after a brief stop in Detroit, and a short flight to Syracuse. He called us from Detroit since he knew we wouldn't be as excited about a 5:00am phone kid.
He sounded so happy and I am so excited for him, but my mothers heart is missing him so much after hearing his voice. I couldn't want more for him which is a consulation of sorts of not having him around.
When we asked him what he was looking forward to most he said sharing the gospel with those who don't know how awesome it is....and not just with fake investigators.
He will be a great missionary, because he is a great guy and gives his best to what ever he is involved in.
Mondays email won't come soon enough.

Happy New Years Eve

Now for my 2013....what to do?