Tuesday, October 19

A Crazy 2 Weeks Ahead!

We are going to have a crazy next two weeks here at the Call's.

Wednesday is the Last JV Football game of the season. The JV are undefeated and are going for the 30th straight win...that's 3 + years of games.
Thursday is the last season game for Varsity Football. We are playing Olympus for the region 6 title.....then it is off to the play offs on the 29th.

Also in the next two weeks we will be doing all the final things for the musical. It opens on the 4th of November...yes that is 2 weeks from Thursday, yikes! There are costumes to finish, extra rehearsals that are needed, tickets to be sold, wigs to be styled, etc.....

We have 3 Birthdays to celebrate in the next two weeks. First up is Grandma Mary on the 24, Jordan on the 26th and Hayden on the 2nd. So presents need to purchased, celebrations planned and expectations to be met.

We have a ward Trunk or Treat on the 29th...not to bad if all we had to do was decorate our trunk and attend. However I am the person in charge of this event......and the 29th is the same day as the Costume parade for the Musical and the first play off football game....so I will be between the church and the high school and a hopefully at the football game.......arrrgh.

Life is so much fun!?!?!?!?


Wednesday, October 13

Six Weeks....ARRRGH

Nelson will be home in six weeks. I have made some great plans about all that I wanted to have done when he came home and now I am up against a wall. I know it will all be okay, things always work out and are fine, but I truly want to be awesome. Awesome would make me look like a church news centerfold mom/wife/woman/etc.....a girl can dream can't she? Anyway, So much for day planning and organizing......I guess I need to prioritize again and put a few things on the wait list, again. Someday I might get my act together.

Tuesday, October 12

Dances.......ask and answer

Asking and answering to High School Dances has become quite the art......It has been a fun thing to do with all of my kids but for some reason with Hayden it is an adventure. Every time he has had a crazy, funny experience. For the most recent dance, Halloween Dance he came up with a great idea. With input from Meg and myself and of course our skills at the assembling we thought we had a really nice 'answer'. The note said "No bones about it, it would be a real treat to go the Halloween Dance with you." We did everything skeleton and the note was in a coffin that had a skull and cross bones on top and an evil laugh when you opened it.

The adventure this time came in the delivery......After we discovered where the girl lived we cruised past her house a few times to figure out how to deliver the stuff and ring and run. The house has a curved two entrance driveway so we decided that entering from the top side would be the best. The only problem was you could see the family in the window.....for some reason everyone does this secretly and ring and run style so you have to figure out how to stealthily accomplish the delivery.....anyway after about 20 minutes they moved to another room so Hayden decided that he could deliver the 'answer.' As Hayden is exiting the car the wind picks up causing the balloons to be battered and almost carried away. Luckily he had a firm hold on the balloons, but not a firm hold on the goodie cauldron.....he said, "stuff began to leap out of the cauldron." I looked at Megan and said, "There goes the answer coffin." A car was coming up the street and stuff was flying. Hayden kicks the coffin to the side of the road, a skull goes rolling down the hill. Megan said, "I think I need to help him." So she hops out of the car to chase the skull and reset the cauldron. SO after he regroups he crosses the street to her house. We were watching and I said to Meg, "I think there is someone standing out in the driveway?" We begin to laugh about the whole event. Just as Hayden returns to the car in a hot run and said "Go".....he then begins to laugh as well and tells us all about the delivery adventure.....Yes, there was a person in the driveway, her mom taking something to the garbage.....The Mom sees Hayden and lets out a giggle, Hayden says, "Hi, how you doing?" He continues on to the front door only to find someone else sitting on the front porch....once again "Hi, how you doing?" This person laughs as well and then he asks, "Do you want to tell her that this stuff is here or should I ring the door bell?" They tell him to please ring the door bell because she is just on the other side of the door. Then they say to him "Run."
We laughed our way home not only recalling how funny this was and how much funnier it is in the dark, but we also discussed his delivery of goods for the last dance. At this house there are security cameras....so Hayden finds them and waves wildly at them going to and from the door......
Oh the life of a teenager.


Monday, October 11

Baby Blue Eyes


Friday, October 8

GIRLS Weekend....nuff said!

Monday, October 4

BHS Homecoming 2010

Bountiful High School Homecoming 2010

Hayden trying to look fierce?!?!?!

Football Report

Football - We won! JV on Thursday beat East 21 -14. The Varsity on Friday 21 -0. Great game. Cousin Monson Welch is a mean defender.

Hayden is #70 and Monson #42

Saturday night dinner was at my house here is the table. We served a green salad, Swiss Steak, baked potato, broccoli and lots of hot homemade rolls! For dessert Margarita lime Sorbet and Pomegranate Sorbet with cookies

Hayden getting ready to go pick up his date!

Hayden and Chandler Austin

The Dinner Group:
Hayden, Chandler, Tiffany Erickson, Michael Collier, Spencer Fennamore, Stephanie Jensen, Adam Henri & Maddie Mordux

It sounded like a great night...Hayden danced himself crazy and then played until 2:00am.


Friday, October 1

OHHHH October

October is here. I always look at it as the official start of fall....I expect the crisp weather, I want to put the yard away, I get to make homemade goodies and comfort foods....AND I love it because it begins with October General Conference!
I need Conference by the first of October. I need to be regenerated and reignited spiritually. This will be a great and busy weekend.
Also this weekend it is BHS Homecoming. The Football game tonight and the Dance tomorrow. Since it is Priesthood meeting as well on Saturday night we have Hayden and his friends coming to our house for dinner before the dance, immediately following priesthood meeting. I am so glad that the majority of the boys at the school didn't even consider missing the priesthood session of conference because it was the dance. the boys I have talked with are either doing dinner like Hayden's group is at someones home right after Priesthood meeting or going out to a restaurant around 4:00 before priesthood meeting. It is nice to know that these guys are honoring their privilege and responsibility.

Bring on the weekend and the month