Monday, June 27

Love My Boys!!!!

The garage is CLEAN!  Thank you Nelson and Hayden the heavy lifting and the moving and Meg for keeping them on task and for sorting.
I wish I had taken a before photo so that everyone could enjoy the major accomplishment.
We had two large work benches in the garage. They were very deep so stuff would get pushed back on the lower shelves and disappear.
We took a huge load to the dump (thanks to the Welch's Truck) and two loads to the DI. Yes there was stuff we could have sold and if I knew how, I should have.  Anyway it is all gone now and maybe there is some collector who will be excited by the DI find.

Now on to the next cleaning project.


Friday, June 24

Organizing....again/still at it

Yes, it's that time I am organizing once never ends, but the upside is that with fewer people in the house to mess things up and get things out it stays pretty organized.
We started with the garage on Wednesday and got one of three work force and my suburban are MIA so that project is now on hold until next week.  Amazingly the storage room has stayed pretty good since I did it last year, just needs a little spruce up.
One thing I have learned by going through my junk is that most of it is just that, JUNK! I am now asking myself: "If I were cleaning out my parents house would I keep it?" The answer is usually NO.
I don't know why we insist in keeping stuff for our kids and grand kids, they won't care when you are dead, if you want them to have it give it to them now ( unless you are enjoying it, then you can wait until you replace it or are dying or dead). Take Birthday cards, thank you notes, they should be chucked. I started a file of cards and notes that really mean something to me so that I can re-read and remind myself of how awesome I am (of course I don't re-read them so why am I keeping them?) OHHHH I guess they can be chucked as well and I really wouldn't miss them.
We have found all kinds of "treasures" in the garage that we just had to keep. I am now asking myself if it's saved in the garage why did I keep it? I know that there are things that we do store in the garage, and they are useful for yard work, camping and food storage.....but I ask you what good is a half a can of old paint? Like I have said, there are a few things that you keep around because you really might need them at some point, I have plenty, So may that Nelson and Megan labeled a box on my garage selves "Random crap we just can't get rid of "  Funny but true.
Here is the other thing we do when we clean out and organize; we think that cost me X amount of dollars, I should be able to sell won't. Garage sales are a lot of work to set up and clean up for the little amount of money you make. 
Oh, Sorting and Organizing......... Let the fun continue!

Thursday, June 23


Harry Potter 7.2 was a fantastic, heartfelt conclusion.......we laughed we cried, our hearts were racing.....yes, we will see it again.

I am glad I watch all of the previous movies as a refresher......however late the nights were not nice in the morning.  Thank you Nelson for making me do this, it really helped me with the continuity.


Tuesday, June 21

Harry Potter

So that I am ready to see the screening of Harry Potter 7.2 on Thursday the kids are making me re-watch the whole series of movies and giving commentary during the I have seen the movies, a few of them several times.  I read the first book and didn't do the whole series since I didn't find them to be the genre of books I like. But the kids have loved reading them so I was never short on Harry trivia and information. We also went to Harry Potter World in Florida so I can say that I guess I am a little bit indoctrinated.
What I have gleaned so far from the movies as a through tread is the wizzarding world candy......they are always giving it some type of quick highlight. And at HP World they even have a candy store full of faux HP candy.
Another thing that jumped out at me was the 'Harry has Lilly's eyes' comment that is made so often. Immediately I began to sing "Lilly's Eyes" from "The Secret Garden"...we all laughed. Of course someone has made a you-tube video with the song(not altered, but easily don with "he has her eyes", "Harry has her eyes" "eyes for James Potter" never get the idea) with video clips of Snape and Lupin, longing for Lilly......too funny.
We have decided that we needed to learn Latin so we can do cool curses/magic like they do in the movies.
Question who would want to be the Professor who teaches the course 'Defense Against the Dark Arts'...they always seem to die, or go insane. And as for the continuity, a new teacher every year?  Pretty crazy.
The whole thing is lots of fun. I guess I will be sad when it all comes to and end. Over all the Harry Potter thing has done a lot of good.... kids reading, lots of socialization and talk about an innocent common thing.


Monday, June 20

Father's Day & Hot Dogs

We had our Father's Day Gourmet Hot Dog party Sunday....yummm! the only rules were: if you made it you had to eat it. Tons of options and some very good hot dogs.

Nelson the hot dog cook!

Other fun Father's Day images

Lots of fun..the rain stopped finally and we were outside for a bit. It was cool, but nice.

Monday, June 13

Party Planning...Hot Dogs

I decided I needed to get my summer started and host a Fathers Day Gourmet Hot Dog Bar. We have done a lot of research on different styles of dog toppings...this all started because Food Network Magazine's June issue had several gourmet hot dog ideas. In Walt Disney World we wanted a corn dog at the Magic Kingdom, but they don't have them there like to do in Disneyland...too bad for all of us, but we went second best and got hot dogs at the hot dog/coke corner. The favorite hot dog was called a western dog....a hot dog with BBQ Pulled Pork and coleslaw. A dog similar to this was in the mag and called an All this is what started it all. This afternoon we looked at hot dogs from around the world...80 of them. After gagging at some of them we came up with what sounded good to us...and decided that people put anything edible on a hot dog. The next debate was how to cook the best dog...grilled, boiled, deep fried....I just say cooked. I remember the kids eating raw hot dogs when they were young, ewe yuck! Next are the buns.....I guess what ever. I know for sure that we want good quality dogs...beef :)....
This is a fun plan, now for the patio clean and set up and new grill...cross fingers and hope.


Saturday, June 11

Success.....I hope?

I had my gall bladder removed on Tuesday and on Friday decided I needed to reclaim my life...on Thursday Meg's official birthday we went out to dinner. It wore me out. On Friday I tried to do a little more and today I am off the drugs.  I do not recover from the drugs as quick as I would like too, but hey I am feeling better and the stitches are beginning to itch so I know that things are healing.
Now I have to decide what to do to celebrate my 30 year wedding anniversary on Sunday and how to celebrate Megan's birthday, before Father's Day and Gary's birthday arrive next week.....I am up for the challenge, of  course doing the house work, yard work and garden will suffer again but hey celebrating is better than working!

I am feeling so much better!


Monday, June 6

Don't Ever...... what it says on the Internet about the surgery you are having or the post surgery results, it is so depressing and scary.  I was calm and secure about having my gallbladder removed...the Doctors and those I had asked about it were all it's is easy and you are going to be so happy when it is done. They  eased my mind...then for some reason I decided to look it up on the Internet......bad choice; there everyone posts their horror stories and problems following the surgery.  It made my stomach ache even more thinking about what might be....not good. So after some prayer, a restless night and research on a medical sight. I am back to feeling like this is a good choice.  We have too much information available with all our high tech gadgets.....I need to remember that ignorance is usually bliss.


Saturday, June 4


This morning it finally looked as if we could work in the yard without fear of rain. I started in April and tried planting some seeds in the garden, but with all the rain www decided that the seeds rotted and we need to begin again....we won't have as productive garden as last year, but we are using seedling starts from the garden center so we should have a few things.
Today we also decided to haul stuff out and replace a few flower beds. We worked hard digging stuff up and still have s ton to do but had to quit after a few hours.....we will get back to it next week. Oh the joys of yard work. Lots of hard work, but it is nice to have to sun here...hopefully to stay.