Thursday, February 25

Winter is Back...and Leap Year

It is icy and cold today. Last night as we were driving home I couldn't believe the slushy icy roads...... I knew hoping that spring was just a round the corner was very wishful thinking.

Speaking of last night we went to the Movies, at our theatre......we never see what we have playing....anyway.... We went to see Leap Year with Amy Adams and Matthew Goode. It is a cute movie, a wee bit o' fluff...that is the Irish coming out in me. This movie is set Ireland, the country parts.....
It is a girls journey to find her boyfriend who is attending a conference in Dublin. Her plan once she finds him is to propose to him on Leap Day, Feb. 29. supposedly it's an old Irish tradition for the women to propose on Leap Day. Lots of fun, mix ups and mayhem.
I like movies like this because I am a big old romantic at heart. No it is not Academy Awards material and it doesn't have the greatest production values, but it does have a great screen play, two very charming leading actors, excellent character parts and the beautiful Irish countryside.

Wednesday Weigh in....late as usual.

I am a day late yet again...that's okay no big news here. I'm not up or down :.(
I think I need to change my mind set again. I have been looking back and when I was more interested in and focused on eating healthy I was better of than when I am focused on dieting.....surprise.
I got back out my book - Loosing It by Melanie Douglas. It is an LDS Guide to Healthy Living. It talks about the do's in the Word of Wisdom.
Back on track...cross my fingers, make a plan, etc....

Tuesday, February 23


Today there is a hint of Spring...yeah!
I Like the look of snow but not the cold and mess. And the melting of winter into Spring can sometimes be depressing....all brown and dirty. But today it looks like Spring might happen.


Here are a few great photos of my favorite new subject.

"Every single thing you do matters. You have been created as one of a kind. You have been created in order to make a difference. You have within you the power to change the world."

Andy Andrews


Monday, February 22

Elder Call

Tiena's Baptism

Francis' Baptism

West Coast of NZ North Island

Roasting Pigs

Thursday, February 18

Olympic Fever

I have been paralyzed for almost a week now with the Winter Olympics......and there is a week still to go.
I didn't start the games out too bad, I was getting things done during the day, and only being worthless at night...... until I discovered that they are broadcast the Curling events during the day.
I wouldn't classify myself as a Curling fan, but I love, I don't really understand it, but it captures my interest every four years. Maybe because it is the older persons sport in the winter games? Anyway it has captured my attention once again...enough in fact that I turned the TV on to Men's Curling while watching Baby C. I had an event last night that I had to leave for before the tie breaker round of USA Men's vs. the Swiss was over....they had two rocks each to throw. Hayden and Megan had to leave just as it started, but they asked me to text them with the outcome.....Luck or un lucky, for us we have TiVo..... anyway the USA men lost....again, by one point as they did once again today......
Hayden, Megan and myself are now talking about calling the Ice Sheet in Ogden (Where the Curling events for the 2002 SLC Olympics was held) to see if they have classes, or open curling lanes.....kind of like bowling...who knows......If we follow through with this I will be amazed, but for now it has our attention.
Of course the night time, major Olympic events are great too. Love, love love the Ice skating, and the Snowboard cross. I really enjoyed watching the half pipe with Hayden telling me what I was watching. The most amazing thing to me with most of the events is the speed....why do you want to hurl yourself down a mountain, or across the ice or down an ice slide like a bat out of hell is beyond me, but it does make for great entertainment.
I have great memories of watching the games while growing up and also with my family. My memories of the Olympics here in SLC in 2002 are also awesome. Maybe that is why I allow myself to be paralyzed for two weeks every 4 years.
I can hear the Olympic theme ringing in my ears and the ABC guy saying "the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat."

Wednesday, February 17

Wenesday Weigh In

I am out of control! No, I didn't gain again, I lost almost a pound...but it is an old pound so there is no joy in that...well all of my weight is old so maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself.
I will keep on trying.

Sunday, February 14

Valentine's Day 2010

Beautiful Roses from my honey.... I love a mixed color bouquet.

Fantastic Dinner... We took J, L & baby C with us to The Wild Grape Bistro. It was plate licking good....always my mark of a great restaurant.
We sat at the Chef's Counter and watched them cook. It was so much fun. We asked questions and saw them making not only our dinners but all of the wonderful food they create. It all looked so delicious! I would definitely go back, recommend it and ask to be seated at the Chef's Counter. here is what we all ate... Crab cakes to start. They were meaty and served with two sweet tasting sauces/purees topped with radish and fennel. We all commented on how fresh it tasted. For our main courses Gary had the Grilled Pork Chop and loved it... It was moist and perfectly cooked. It was served on mashed potatoes, with a brussel sprout and pancettea veg, along with apple sauce and a grilled apple. J had the buffalo burger and fries. It was huge! He said it was fantastic. L and I had the Scottish Salmon. The portion was huge and delish...we ate the whole thing despite it being a huge portion. The salmon is pan seared with the skin still on...When the chefs saw that we weren't eating the skin they told us to try it...glad that we did, it was so full of flavor and so very crispy. After searing the salmon they put it into the oven to cook then after it is cooked the drench it in an amazing sauce, probably butter.... they serve it on a puree of spinach with mushrooms and gonoci. the Spinach puree was buttery and a surprise.
We followed it up with each of us getting a different dessert... S'mores torte with homemade marshmallows that are toasted, Pear Crisp and vanilla ice cream, Banana Bread Pudding with cream and ice cream and Blue Cheesecake with apple fennel slaw and pomegranate seeds and sauce. the most unique was the Blue Cheesecake. the desserts were good, but our main courses were better.
We finished the night playing with Baby C...he is so much fun. At a month old he is smiling, and cooing, and trying to sit up and showing his personality.....

Thursday, February 11

Dippy Cookie Day

I was going to write about making Valentine Dippy Cookies, but saw that I did so last year....
Let's just say that the production is worth it and if you want to read about them(again) check out last years post under Valentines....however last year I didn't send them to Nelson, but this year I thought I would try sealing a few cookies in a food saver bag and send them to him....they may arrive in crumbs and stale, but I thought about him.
Here is a bit in conjunction with the of my dreams is to open a bakery type establishment that would make not only the dippy cookies through out the year for the different seasons....harts, shamrocks,eggs, flags, pumpkins,etc...... but we would make and dip other yummy things in a coating of chocolate....regular and white or colored as well, like ice cream, fruit, pretzels, potato chips, marshmallows, rice krispie treats, other kinds of cookies, bugs, etc........ maybe we could make all kinds of good chocolaty sweets at my place...I would call it Dippsy Doodles....what a fitting name......
A dream is a wish your heart makes.

Wednesday, February 10

Wednesday Weigh In

ARGH!!!! What is happening...nothing lost for weeks and now I have gained!?!?!?!
So, I am starting again with the weight loss, exercise, eating healthy thing.....
Focus, new beginnings, re-commitment, a day at a time, etc....
I need new menus, recipes, desire..... I have been looking at the cookbooks and food magazines for a few days now and nothing even sounds good... that is probably why I am grazing and eating the junk; fat, sugar, bad carbs .....I am trying to find something to satisfy my hunger.... and I am not even hungry in the hungry sense, but I want something. I am in need of something, but what?
I think my poor eating is just a bad habit that I need to break, again....I guess the holidays bring it all back on.
As for what I am needing......who knows? I need to find a focus and get buried and forget about food.

Monday, February 8

Super Bowl Sunday

It was a super Sunday for us even though our Colts lost. In fact all most all Sundays are super. I love Sundays...there was a time when i dreaded the getting ready for church part of Sunday but now with only my self to rely worry about in that area it is usually a very nice day. What made yesterday so super was my family was all there....including captain awesome. It was the first time we had little Captain Awesome over at our house. He was so fun to hug and kiss and be with. When he was awake he was looking around as if to study and memorize where he was, he was taking it all in. I could swear that he was even watching the big bad as the second half was.
Life as a g-ma is so fun!

Friday, February 5

...clutter, stuff, junk, crap, memories...

I have so much stuff I need to either find a home for or just get rid of....the problem is the getting rid of.
It's the memories or the I might need things that keep creeping in and stopping my clean out. Seriously, my life is so full of stuff that I really can't get anymore stuff until I get rid of the stuff I have. I said stuff, but truthfully if someone else were to go through my stuff most of it would get junked, even the sentimental memory things...I guess it is really why can't I get rid of it and make make my life clutter free?

I have been working off and on in my bedroom today trying to make the furniture fit and trying to make it a nice, relaxing place to far it is a bigger mess than when I started.

I have sorted things into keep, give away and garbage, but unfortunately the keep pile is very large still with no place for it to go...I need an intervention.

I have been reasoning why the keep pile is so big.....a lot of the things there are things that I really do need to keep and, family memorabilia, etc...but then there are the things that I feel I need to keep because what if I want it someday? This is where my life of stuff/junk collecting begins....why get rid of it I might need it again.....

I heard a closet organizer once say that if you haven't worn it in a year then get rid of it.....I guess that is what I should do with most of the 'other stuff' in the keep pile...If I haven't needed it in the past year, then give it away. But we all know what happens then...I will want something that I gave away. What to do?!?!?!?!?!

Do I want to be known as the junk piler and keeper, or even a hoarder when I die...... oh no!
Off to throw stuff out.....I am not a hoarder. I am not a hoarder. I am not a hoarder.

Wednesday, February 3

Wednesday Weigh In

My weight has stayed the same for 3 weeks now, not up , no down.....argh.....what am I doing wrong?
Everyone keeps telling me that my body is just taking a rest.....I guess that could be true. I have been losing it on the slow, so I guess I shouldn't expect more...but once you get a taste of the goal, it is sometimes hard to be patience.

too Cute!


Monday, February 1

Monday Movie....heartburn

it is defiantly a heartburn Monday.
With the Academy Award Nominations not coming out until tomorrow, my job booking movies has been a nightmare today.
everyone is holding their movies until the nominations are announced in hopes that they can breath new life into their picture......some of these movies are down to their last breath and need to be put on my screen before being put down.
There are several movies that I should be booking to play at the theatre. they have played for a long time first run. A few are currently not even on screen, but no...we can't show them until the nominations come out.
I am down to 4 movies for 6 time choice. 2 of the movies we had were real dogs at bringing in the bucks so i nixed them....that is why I am down to 4. Now I could bring in a really lame movie or two as place holders until next week, but why spend the money having it shipped, made up to show and on advertising when I know it won't play well (not a good choice financially) and will be taken off the screen after one week?
Next week i already know of three films that we can have....they will all do well and so then I will have another set of problems...what theatre to show them in and at what times?
I will also get calls beginning tomorrow afternoon offering me a few other titles as well...they won't get nominations.
This same thing (no movies available) happens again the week before the actual awards show......
I guess I know it is coming year after year, but it is still a pain. Hollywood need to make more movies....the old B type movies would even be a good choice. But i guess it does down to money for them as well....why spend all of that money on a movie that may flop.

Some days my job is so easy....I know that movies that we will show that week at 8:00 am Monday morning. Other days , like today, there is nothing to show, no phone calls from the film companies, no hope of something coming along at the last minute, nothing, even when I have begged.
I have put it all off long enough time to make a few decisions......
It's movie time!