Friday, April 30

Letters to Juliet & Italy

Today Megan and I attended the screening of Letters to Juliet. It was a sweet romantic movie....I would not recommend this movie to men or those who are very skeptical when it comes to romance.
It was an interesting story that is based on a book and the tales of the women who write letters to Juliet...yes the Romeo & Juliet, Juliet and leave them on the wall of her home in Verona, Italy. Apparently there is a group called the Secretaries to Juliet in Verona Italy who remove the letters and answer those that they can.

Amanda Sigfried is sweet and surprisingly good as Sophie the wlead in this movie......yes, we loved that she had the same character name as in her Mama Mia role. There are a few other moments in this movie that are also reminiscent of Mama Mia to me..... The stand out in this movie is of course Vanessa Redgrave. She is such an excellent actress. Through the whole movie I kept thinking that if I were the young actors in this movie, I would have been awed to be working with and hopefully learning from her. To me Vanessa Redgraves strength as an actress comes in her ability to 'think and process' her of her lines from the film is "the best parts of life are in the messy bits." She says this in response to her grandson, and to watch her face and mind process what was said to her and her reaction to it, is classic, good acting class in a moment. Anyway she is a favorite of mine. She is still is a great actress and looks so good at her age. (I figured that Vanessa would be always beautiful especially after seeing her daughter Natasha Richardson in person. Several years ago we ran into her coming out of a hotel and were struck by her beauty; she was stunning to look at.) Another interesting bit in this movie is Franco Nero.....the last time I remember seeing Vanessa and Franco together was in the movie Camelot....lets just say he too has aged beautifully.There were moments when I leaned over to Meg and said I wish that they would go back to Franco Nero, just so I could look at him......

The ultimate star of the film is defiantly the scenery of Italy. Italy is so visually attractive.....
Siena Italy

Tuscany ...somewhere
I don't think that there is a bad location in this movie......and for me, seeing the beautiful parts of Italy is always good. We will be seeing some more of Italy this summer when Eat, Love, Pray comes out.....It will probably be more popular than this movie. It too is based on a book. It's book and star however are much more popular than this one. Even though ELP will get a lot of press I am pretty sure, after reading ELP (which I didn't like at all), that it will no way compare to Letters to Juliet in touching the heart.
As on of the characters in the movie says "Buy stock in Air Italia. That is what you should do before women find out about this (letter writing to Juliet).

AHH Italy, you are such a favorite.....All my senses are touched when I am there or even look at pictures. I understand why the food is so good, the art so fantastic and the attitude so optimistic. I would love to spend some extended, quality time there. I keep telling everyone that we should celebrate my 50th birthday with a trip to Italy..... Italy is and always will be a favorite.

Yes, the painting project is progressing.....

Thursday, April 29

Why Did I Pick This Project?

I am going crazy...I need to paint, I get started on it and then I become overwhelmed....the project is so big and I am only one person. The only person who is willing to work on it that is. Everyone else loves the idea but their help is lacking. They like me don't know where to start......but I keep reminding myself that it will be great when it is all done....and maybe i won't have to have it done for another 14 years?!?!?!
So everyone tells me that I need to paint the celling first....really? It is so high up and massive....while it looks great and is very architectural most days, the prospect of painting it is daunting.....I keep thinking why don't i just hire someone to do this all for me, but I know that it is some thing that would never happen in the Call home....we do our own painting.
I need to get back to work enough lazing around on the computer....the celling is waiting

Wednesday, April 28

Wednesday Weigh In

Okay I am going in the right direction.....down. That is all that matters. I know I am frustrated because it isn't going off fast or in larger increments, but I am losing weight! I guess it is the old stubborn stuff that I am now working on.
More Water!!!!!
The garden is happening again. I learned so much last year I could not plant it again.....however this year there are many changes....first off I planted earlier...still not as early as dad ,but I got the things that do best in the cooler weather in and going. I am now waiting to plant the things that need a warmer climate, so I probably won't finish planting until close to Mother's Day....tomatoes even after that....yea, I plant tomatoes. Just because I don't enjoy them doesn't mean I should deprive my family who does.
I have been reading a lot of garden blogs lately and have learned that I am I an timid beginner. I don't risks in the gardening brussel sprouts for me...have you seen a full grown brussel sprout plant, it is tall, like a tree. Who knew? Actually I like to stick with things that are easy to grow and known to me....not very adventurous, but hey I am trying...I am planting a garden.

Tuesday, April 27


I love reading all of the missionary news that I receive on Monday. I was getting a few including Nelson's, but this week I got 3 more....6 times the spiritual lift, 6 times the fun, 6 times the adventure.
I am currently reading, Nelson's, and a few of his friends that are sent to me sporadically. Our nephew's Zack Call who is in Toronto Canada speaking Chinese and Truman Welch who is in Manchester England and a surprise thsi week my cousin's son Tyler Ostlund's letter came my way this week. He is currently in the Brazil MTC.
It is so much fun reading what is important enough to each of these missionaries from the past week that they want to share. The best part of course are the testimonies and the the call to action to be a missionary that they all give.
They all make me want to try a little harder and do a little better....and possibly serve a full time mission with Gary.

Friday, April 23

We have a Winner!

Dad and business baby son.

The happy fam

The Graduate - WSU Ap 2010
Jordan did it, he has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration/Finance. We are so proud of him and excited that he completed this degree. He now tells us that he is going for a MBA and a yes that is an attorney. Eventually he would like to be a CEO of a company. We are glad that he has dreams and that his wonderful wife Laurie an cute son are behind him and his dreams and endeavors. But for now he is being a great Husband and Father, working hard at the bank and taking classes to prepare for the next step in his adventure.
At his convocation for the Goodard School of Business at Weber State University, the speaker was the CEO of ATK. His talk was short and sweet. One of the the things that impressed me most about him was that he was a local boy who attended WSU and now walks the talk. He told them to strive to be not just good business people but the be in the top 20%, the best in their field. He pointed out the need for balance in their have not only a great career, and career goals, but to have goals and a great family life, spiritual life and social was well said.
I am hoping that the rest of my kids will follow Jordan's lead and go for at least a bachelors degree.... Meg tells me that it will be in December 2010....and she can walk twice if she wants too since she has a double major..... Here is betting that they all get degrees!
It is always fun to see your children succeed and grow. What a happy Day.

Wednesday, April 21


I'm singing in the rain...I love the rain, especially when it is supposed to rain (Spring).
I also love the thunder and lightning, thus making today pretty awesome weather wise.
As for the weight, well. I guess my body is resting, not going up, but then not going down either. I need to figure out what to do to change things up more and maybe shock my body into responding to my new eating habits....

Monday, April 19

Popcorn is Popping....on the Trees

I love blossom time...the trees are full of blossoms and the smell is wonderful! While we were walking this weekend the smell was almost overwhelming....mmmmmm!
One of my favorite sites this time of year is Main Street in Bountiful...the Street is lined with flowering pear trees, and the full blossoms unharmed by the wind is a beautiful site to behold. I have tried to capture the flowering trees with a picture but usually by the time I remember and have my camera with me the blossoms have begun to disappear ..... sad :(
Off to enjoy the beauty of the day and maybe capture a photo or two of my favorites.

Thursday, April 15

what a way to waste the day

So I wasted the day away with 3 of my favs...Laur called and with out much convincing got Meg and I to go with her and Awesome shopping...... We had a fun girls day doing what we all do best...of course we all made sure our taxes were done before we left.....Not much bought bu a lot of power looking, lunch and fun was had. Unfortunately for Awesome we were too entertaining and he didn't want to nap.....but he was still good for us.

So after a day out I am lying on my bed for a quick rest before getting ready to go make dinner. Suddenly I felt the house was like a wave. No one else in the house felt it, but I thought to myself, was that and earthquake, and sure enough it has been confirmed. There was an earth quake the was just outside of Randolph Utah today at 6:00 pm.

shaking...what a day!

Wednesday, April 14

Wednesday Weigh In

It's here accountability day.....and I am currently at a stand still, not up not down.
I read a bout Diane Thomas in the paper today over the past six years she has lost 125 lbs.....she said it was a slow and steady thing. She said that as long as she kept going in the right direction she was okay and I guess that is good for me as well....I haven't gone up, so the same or down is the best. She also talked about exercise and portion control...I know that it all works together and is important. I will keep doing what I need to and hopefully my direction will continue down...sooner than later.

Tuesday, April 13

Spring Projects....

So I have selected a few projects that I would like to have done by the end of May....Paint the loft...yes, it needs it. I thought I could get by with it the way it was, but it is bugging me. After I paint I can rearrange the layout. We have been living with my arraignment idea for almost a year and now I know what I really want....and I need to include a play space for the grand kids.
The Basement family room ....Paint, re purpose and decorate. I have decided that this would make a great home theatre space......Yes I am being real. After seeing Laurie's mom and dad's home theatre I know that my space would make a great one....I have even found a few items to hang on the walls for the paint, curtains, seating and oh ya, a screen and projector.....This project will take longer than May but hay, I can being and paint.
I guess I am glad that I got so much done last week, now I can really move forward.

Monday, April 12

Captain Awesome

The cutness!

Thursday, April 8


This has to be the looongest weeeeek of my life! It might as well be Thursday of next week in regards to time....I mean being home all day deep cleaning the this, that and the other spots of my home is making me feel like I am moving underwater, in is killing me. I won't do well if ever I am left all alone....I mean like no one is ever coming home and sharing the house with me ever again.....
For some reason I feel a need to be productive if everyone else is out at work of off on vacy, and I am left alone. So I have been getting into a few long neglected projects and actually getting them done because I am not interrupted with folks inviting me to go here and there with them, or stopping me and telling me about their day....I miss it..... (my usually interrupters are busy with spring break right now.....working all day or gone away with family). Thank heavens for L & R's short visit...I loved the interruption even though it was was defiantly sweet!
Hello, I can only do so many home projects....not, it is never ending.....anyway back to another far two down and bags, and bags of DI donations and garbage out I still have a day left this week with tons calling me.........arrgh I have got to stop this or it will turn in to a habit.

Wednesday, April 7

Wednesday Weigh In

I am so glad the Easter is over and the candy is gone......there is still a bit lingering, and I have no control, but it goes in the freezer or garbage tomorrow.
Laur is so much better than I am and has decided to do the Weight Watchers thing....I can't part with my money for that at this time and I guess that, that is okay.
Anyway my goal is to lose 20 lbs. in the next eight weeks! So far I have just been messing around. It is time to get serious.

Tuesday, April 6

April Showers Bring May Flowers

In April you need to think of the snow in terms of frozen rain or "Frain" as Meg calls it. It makes it seem less cold and wrong seasony.
Hay and I shoveled 6 inches of the frain off the driveway this morning, but it wasn't too bad when we looked west and saw the beautiful blue sky!
I have decided to be an optimist about the snow...the other choice is not so fun.
So for a few good things a but snow or frain in April:
- Lots of water for the plants, flowers, humans etc...after all we live in a desert.
- It covers the ugly in the yard.
- We have matinees at the theatre all week for spring break and we always pray for rain/snow to drive the customers in.
- Cleans the air.
- It looks beautiful as long as I am inside and don't have to drive in it when it is coming down.
- Allows me to put off working in the yard a little longer.

Happy Spring!

Monday, April 5

Hoppy Easter Everybunny!

Check Spelling mmm, Reeses Eggs!

Carrot Cake and Orange Cupcakes with carrots on top.

Captain in his Chocolate Bunny Ears

so cute I had to show him twice.

We had a great Easter! I love when General Conference is on Easter Sunday! We listened to wonderful messages from our Prophet and spent time with family and friends.
We had a delicious brunch of Belgian Waffles, fruit, bacon & sausage . Hayden was up early with me so he helped out by mixing up the Belgian Waffle is a process, but the taste is so worth it. To make the batter you need at least 1 1/2 hours. The batter needs to set for an hour and be stirred every 15 minutes.......mmmm just thinking about the buttery, sweet goodness makes my mouth water. We couldn't decide if we liked the fruit and cream waffles or the plain with maple syrup best.....

New Egg hunt , but we still did baskets. This year I thought I would do healthy baskets. The only problem was that I decide to do this after I had purchased a bunch of not so healthy treats for the baskets contained healthy and not so healthy goodies. One of the cutest things in the baskets were the chocolate bunnies, lambs and ducks from Harry & David's......they were eaten before I thought to take a picture.

We had a light salad and sandwich supper at moms with the family, George Sharkey and his bishop Umberto Gilardi who are here from Scotland.
Over all it was a great day!

(No letter yet so I am a bit fretful, but it will come sometime this week).


Thursday, April 1


It's that day...of course they have been telling you about the fun foolish pranks you can do on TV all week long. So it's really not a surprise and everyone is looking at the day now with a weary eye, on the look out, hoping to not be the receiver of the prank.
I like being the prankster more than be then one who is pranked or punked to use the modern term. Unfortunately when I am greeted with Happy April Fools Day, and watch out today, when I wake up my plans for foolishness are now how to catch them all unaware and punk them when they are least expecting it? to be foolish!