Wednesday, September 26

Happy Birthday Dad

I love my dad. He is one of the great ones.
I took Captain Awesome to visit with him for his b-day.

Happy Birthday Dad!


Wednesday, September 19


Tuesday, September 18

Temple Mornings

Nothing starts your day better than going to the Temple....or makes feel like you have already accomplished a lot.
Thank you kids for making this happen every week.


Monday, September 17

Real Life

After 2 huge family vacations in a months time we are trying to get back to normal or I should say the new normal. No more mandatory public school for us; which has been kind of weird but lovely all at the same time.
Last night before bed I proclaimed that we are back to normal and so we got up for scriptures and family prayer, sent the school kid out the door , walked 3 miles with Megan, did a quick pick up of the house and now I am waiting to hear from film companies which truly is the norm on Mondays.

Here is the family run far as I know---
Since Hayden is around waiting for the mission we have compiled a list of what we need to buy and do before he is long but we have two of the most important things checked off before we left for Boston; Hayden's Patriarchal blessing and his taking out his endowments. Both were awesome events. He said he loved having the light focused solely on him...which is a great description of how you feel.  One thing he has set up for us all to do is go to the temple with him weekly.....I  am so happy that he gets it.
As for what is he doing until December besides mission stuff...well he is helping me out at home and at the theatre, for instant today he has to go to the theater and change out a real of film that is messed up.

Nelson is finishing up at LDSBC and then is most likely off to BYU in January. His plans are to live at home for that first semester but will move down to Provo come fall of 2013. He is the Elder Quorum Pres. in his singles ward.

Megan is trying to finish school...she has to take more math. She is also substitute teaching, doing dance for Angela at the High School and trying to figure out her own acting class business which if all goes as planned will begin in January.

Jordan, Laurie and Ryan are awesome. They are loving their new home and making it their own.  they have been painting and decorating. 
Ry or Captain Awesome just makes my day. He came to see us the morning we got back from Boston and couldn't stop grinning at us.  He loves being the center of our world.

Gary is working hard at Beautopia and in the ward.

I am trying to find a purpose, cause, something to do now and I am enjoying the discovery. In our Stake Conference our Stake Pres. Reminded us that there would have been no stripling warriors with out the mothers.  So I am trying to be a better mom.

Life is good and the new normal, real life should be fun!

Thursday, September 13


We had a great time in Boston.....
The Purpose of our trip was to see the Red Sox in Fenway Park. It was an experience. We had two rain delays and by rain I mean downpour......Megan kept saying I swam at Fenway.

grounds crew covering and uncovering the field.
(Pesky's Pole)
We had a great time and here is the "Sweet Caroline" Bo Sox anthem.

Other stuff we did:
 We walked the whole freedom trail...I know very un Call like, but hey we are in better shape that we have been in years.

 Bunker Hill 
The Boys went up the very steep 294 steps inside the monument as well

We attended the Boston LDS Temple. It was fun with all of us in attendance.
Our Sunday meetings were conducted by Bishop Daniel Ainge and since it was Ward Conference the Stake Pres. Ken Rollins (Former Dell CEO) was also in attendance.
They both spoke so it was like a fireside.

Saw the home of the New England patriots football team. Unfortunately they were playing an away game or we would have gone to there game as well.

 at the JFK Library

 This may or may not be 'the rock' according to history this was named the rock by a child of a Mayflower passenger about 100 years later. It is only a third of the original size.
 The Mayflower II a replica of the original.

 Who knew that there was a Cole's Hill in Plymouth. We knew that we were descendants of the Mayflower on the Cole and Call side of the family but this was a surprise.
 Cape Cod
We also went to Salem...just another old New England Town with lots of museums about witches and the House of the Seven gables. Concord and Lexington....not only to see the Battle Road - first fights in the Revolution, but also home to Louisa May Alcott, Nathanial Hawthorn and Ralph Waldo Emerson. In Waltham we went to the Museum of Industry. It was in the first factory in America and was very interesting and hands on. The factory went through several transformations from textile mill and bicycles, but in the end manufactured watches. If you have a Waltham watch you have a treasure. What a great trip.