Wednesday, July 29

Wednesday Weigh In

My weight after 2 holidays and vacations is 1lb. down from my pre California weight........
I couldn't be happier, however the clothing issue is getting even grimmer. Tops blouses and things that can belt are still fine,but baggy in the butt and chest. I am glad I found an inexpensive pair of white capri's and that mom gave me two tops. At least I have a few things to make me feel and look slimmer.

Hayden and I are felling trees....not really, just the big branches that are hitting the house. I have to help him finish cleaning up. I know I will be so sore tomorrow, but I am glad we got it done.

Picked a few carrots, two tomatoes, a cucumber and lettuce today from the garden!


Tuesday, July 28

Book Looking

I am looking for some good reads for my book group.
I have to pick a book once a year for the group, but it has some parameters....not really set, but a standard assumed by the group. .....clean or christian books fare better than some of the modern stuff out there. We also like reading good Young Adult books, they are usually clean...nothing too graphic, or violent....
I feel so stifled. Not that I usually read inappropriate books, but come on.....The whole problem is that I will read just about anything. So, what I might select as a good book for the group may not be such a good book for the group; and since they are my friends I don't want to offend them and for them to think poorly of me. And then I worry about what might they tell their family, neighbors, co-workers and other friends about me all because I selected the wrong book.......oh the selecting of a book is not only stifling, but stressful.
At Bear Lake I read 4 books. All of them were different genres, all good, not great literature, but they were entertaining to read and for most book groups good selections. In the past 10 days I have read two more books and have started the third, a short series written by a christian author about 3 sisters living in Montana in the 1870's.... ah a christian book .....yes, and they are ok, but not book group worthy.
So what to read.....
A few years ago I selected A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. It is a classic. Everyone had heard of it but very few had ever read it including myself. I really enjoyed it, as did the group. Last year I suggested that we select an author a time period or even genres to read. No one saluted that idea. I then thought it might be nice once again to read a classic; Jane Austin's Persuasion. Everyone reads or has read Sense and Sensibility and Emma tons of times and since Persuasion is not well known and is one of my favorite Jane's we read it...they liked it, but still aren't sold on the idea of reading a classic or something old.
The book I picked for March 2009 was The Master by Toni Sorenson. It is a fictionalization of the life of Christ. We all loved was a safe choice.
Now why am I caring so much? Well, a while back we read a book that I won't name, and let's just say that it was thought to be a bit much for some of the group members....I enjoyed it as did several other members, but those who did not will not let us forget that we read such and such a book, and that it was picked by so and crazy. We all make choices that are not the greatest, but we need to live and learn , not dwell on the poor choice...... it was just a book after all, put it down if you don't want to read it.
A few months ago I read Kate Jacobs The Friday Night Knitting Club and Comfort Food. I liked them both, but did I like them enough to use as a book group selection?????

Monday, July 27

More of Elder Call and friends

A few more.Everyone keeps asking who is................? Mareko and Elder Call's every meat Pizza

George,Karen and Elder Call in Rangiora NZ

Movie Monday

We have been catching up on our movies.
This past week we saw:
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Julie & Julia
Every Little Step

Harry Potter is great for what it is... a sequel. No, it is not as good as the book, but no movie made from a book will ever be as good as the book. Your mind makes a "movie" while reading so your interpretation will not be the screenwriters and directors interpretation.....
I have heard complaints that they left out this and added to parts of the story. To Answer this complaint I think Hayden put it best...."The movie wasn't made for only those who read the books. In a movie you sometimes have to add exposition and other scenes to clear things up for those who have not nor will ever read the books. If you want a pure, untouched story then don't see any of the movies, You will just be disappointed." and this is from someone who has read all of the Harry Potter books 4 or more times each and he did enjoy the movie.
I really like Daniel Radcliff as an actor. He not only is grown up as Harry, his acting style has also matured. As an actor he should be around for sometime.
My favorite character in the Harry Potter series is Professor Snapp.......okay, probably because he is played by Alan Rickman, one of my favorite actors. I love to watch him Alan Rickman work....he plays the bad ones so well, and lucky for me I actually got to see him perform live on stage in NYC. He was in Noel Cowards Private one does snooty bored better.

Julie & Julia we went to an advance screening of this movie. Megan and I loved it, Gary said it was a very good movie....good enough that he went and purchased both books that the film was based on for us all to read.
Julie & Julia is a women's movie and I thinks it should be promoted as an 'Art House' movie not a mainstream major motion picture. will be interesting to see how it does.
Overall I found the movie inspiring and empowering. I want to be passionate about something
This movie is based on a book by Julie Powell and the biography of Julia Childs. Nora Ephron wrote the screen play and directed it...she is a women's movie maker.
I loved the Julia story setting - Paris was fabo!, but then again it is Paris..... I loved Julie's and Julia's "need" to do/accomplish something. I loved the parallels that were drawn between two women were so different, yet the same.
I would recommend this movie to anyone for no other reason than to see Meryl Streep be Julia Childs. Meryl Streep is such a great actress, she internalizes her characters and gives them a depth and more than what was written in the script. Yes, they do her hair, make-up & clothing in the Julia Childs style. Yes, she has a great accent, but you can tell she not only studied how to sound like Julia, but how to move like her and any physical quirks that were Julia....she became Julia. After we saw it I said, "I know she doesn't really look like Julia Childs, but Meryl's portrayal is now what I think Julia was like. ---If you saw Frost/Nixon or The Queen you know what I am talking about. Frank Langella didn't really look like Nixon, nor did Helen Mirren look like the real Queen Elizabeth. They did their best with the costumes and make-up, but wow, oh wow, make-up and costumes are just a shell, these three get to the heart of who theses people were/are and let us in too. Streep, Langella & Mirren are such talented gifted, studious actors that their portrayal of these famous folks was a spot on true performance.---Go see Meryl, you won't be disappointed....and Stanley Tucci (another fine actor) as Julia's husband Paul is worth it as well.

Every Little Step
---Yes, this is an Art film...I/we-hubby and I, enjoy Art films for the depth of story, quality of film making and when it is not a documentary type piece the acting is usually at its best.--
Every Little Step is a documentary following the casting of the revival of A Chorus Line.
The film makers follow several actors through the audition process, 16 months from first audition to opening night; as well as give us an inside look at the casting process from the casting directors, director and choreographer. But the real gems in this film are the actual tape recordings between Michael Bennett and his friends from whom the Chorus Line stories came from; original footage of the 1975 A Chorus Line, and Bennett and his partner Bob Avian who is the revivals director, and others discussing the making of the 1975 A Chorus Line.
They made the film to almost mirror some of the themes of the musical....your heart breaks for those who don't make it and you cheer for the "Cassie's" of the group to make it through. We knew how it was eventually cast, but loved watching the process anyway. Actually it was great to see the final audition and see how and why some of the choices were made.
Hearing the opinions from the choreographer, director, etc.... was also fun.
This movie should be mandatory for any one who thinks that they might like to do this for real...auditions and auditioning is cruel.
If you are a musical theatre geek like we all are, or if you love A Chorus Line then this one is for you. We laughed and some of us cried....for lots of reasons. Beware that they use the F -word a few times, talk about the T and A song and their is some suggestive talk.

We will try to see more this week...since screenings are now a bummer to attend and some just plain don't appeal to me, I am behind.

Sunday, July 26

Oh Happy Day

This is Todd (center). He was baptized on Saturday July 25, 2009 by Elder Call (tall guy in white). He was confirmed on Sunday July 26,2009 by Elder Bell (guy in suit).

What a wonderful day when another of our brothers and sisters discovers and commits to the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Saturday, July 25

I'm Here! and so is Elder Call's Image

No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth,just very busy and there doesn't seem to be a light in sight.
However our life is skipping along quite nicely.
The best news of the week...Photos from New Zealand.....
Here are 4 of the handsome, happy, healthy and thin Elder Call.

All for now.

Tuesday, July 21

We're Back

Beautiful Bear Lake UT.
We had a wonderful week with the Family at Bear lake. We have been going to the lake for 37 years now....What a great tradition.
This was a very relaxed year. Elder Call couldn't wait to hear about the drama....not much drama. especially compared to last year....not necessarily for us but a lot of bad stuff that week at the lake...nuff said.
Look at some of the fun!
Love it!

Friday, July 10

Less than 500 days

Elder Nelson Call has 498 days left of his mission to New Zealand.......That is just crazy. I wish he would send me some photos. He tells me he is working on it.
So far his letters sound so positive. He is growing and learning that to get the good you sometimes have to wade through the bad.
My favorite part of all of his letters is his strong testimony of the gospel. He shares this testimony in every letter so i know that he is sharing it with those he comes in contact with.
He is so excited to be working with a man named Todd. Todd is golden as they say. He will be baptized in a few weeks.
We pray that he will be faithful and a good member of the church.
Elder Call is on my mind more this week because this week Hayden began football conditioning....Nelson loved this time of year, he loves football.
Nelsons really great friend is also getting ready to leave on his mission. We are so glad that Landon "Shaggy" Smith is going to serve the Lord and the people or Atlanta Georgia.
A full time mission has got to be an awesome be so focused on the gospel.


Thursday, July 9

Interesting Question

Can you make yourself do something you’d rather not do, in order to get a result you would like to have?
I read this question on a blog. It has caused some stir......So would you, could you, should you?
Interesting question...but it is only interesting and debatable when you look at it in conjunction with "big, life changing results." Most of us do things we would rather not do most of the time.
Cleaning my house. I don't enjoy cleaning and would rather not do it, I also don't enjoy paying someone else to do it for me,it seems like a waste of money to me; but in order to have a clean, livable home I either have to spend money on someone else with skills or I have to do it myself.
I would rather not eat less food or stretch and move my body until it hurts, but if I want a thinner healthier body these are two things I have to do to obtain my desired result.
I could go on and on, it is possible to get the results you want by making yourself do something you would rather not do.
But it all takes time and perseverance.

Wednesday, July 8

Wednesday Weigh in

Nothing gained, nothing lost...but then again I haven't been as attentive as I need to be about what goes in my mouth and what physical activity I am participating in.
A new week to pay attention to the diet and a week before the swimsuit vacation.....yikes, a week in a swimsuit. No one should have to look at the tops of my legs.....hope the swim skirts come before I go.
This week I will pay attention to what I am eating and when and why. I will also up the intensity of the exercise.

Tuesday, July 7

Summer time......

........and the live'n aint's still crazy!

Last night at 11:54 pm Hayden told me that he had no cleats for football practice that would begin at 6:30 am tomorrow morning.
Poor planning on his part does not constitute an emergency on mine....besides where was I going to get football cleats that were white with red at mid night?
So, he had to wear his regular athletic shoes.......and when he got home from practice I was rushed into finding cleats.
Luckily for all of us the first store we went to had a great selection of acceptable cleats. Probably because Scoreboard Sports is a local sports store and caters to our community needs....yeah!
We were also rushing around today trying to figure out why so many different appliances and pieces of equipment were not working?
Lawn mower fixed, cable and Internet connection fixed, now to fix the shredder, fax machine, sewing machine, etc.......
when does summer get easy?

Monday, July 6

Parade of Homes

Gary and I went to part of the Northern Utah Parade of Homes this weekend. No, we don't want to move, but we like going to look at what is new in home styles and interiors as well as looking for ideas to incorporate into our home.
We found several things/ideas that we like.....somethings usable for our home others not, but fun none the less.
We only saw the homes from Kaysville to North Salt Lake....maybe this week we will see some more? There are some huge million dollar homes up by Pineview!
There were 4 homes that if money, location, etc... were not a problem I/we would consider instead I will just try to copy what I loved about, crazy thought, if I really could copy and paste it would be a crazy mess.
I love the style of Robert McArthur. He is a local architect and interior designer. Some might say his style is cluttered and compact....I call it eclectic and cozy.....just what I love, a little modern combined with vintage and ketch. I love color but could be swayed to live in a house of white, taupe and blacks with color and warm tones thrown in as furniture, art, and accessories......
For years we have admired his style and have been inspired by his homes. the home in this years show was a was very well done. He used the spaces creatively. I love the kitchen...however it would be a little small for me.

As for the other 3 homes....none of them is like the McArthur home in anyway, shape, or form, but still like them all for various reasons.
If I had to pick a home to move into tomorrow it was a home in Kaysville. I loved the facade of this home. It is shingle and rock with white trim and windows. The back had wonderful two story windows. It reminds me of the homes found in New England on the coast. The interiors are more arts and crafts/mission style.
The big executive home that is located a few blocks east of me has been up for sale for a year now......4 million might have something to with that. It was in the show for a second year, probably because it is impressive. It is large....large bedrooms and several large, open entertaining areas. It has water a couple of water features; one is a babbling waterfall in the front. The other a narrow reflecting pool that runs the length of the home in the back. The style is what I think is California Traditional. Gary would put in water falls, fountains, pools what ever....he loves water as do I.
The 4th home that we liked was so different from what we usually like, especially in interior tended to go blue and white, kind of a nautical/coastal feel.....we usually go with the greens, not as in woodland, but arts and crafts and Italian style. It has a classic, elegant style...lots of mullioned windows, traditional furniture with a contemporary touch....I bet it is most peoples favorite home.
Now if only I had a magic wand and could change everything with a fab would that be!?!?!

Thursday, July 2

Ice Cream

Today the Ice cream/Gelato maker came back out and I am in a mad search for a recipe I used last year that had Jell-o in this isn't the recipe that you make the jell-o then add ice cream too it; It is a real ice cream recipe.
In my looking I made Mockarita sorbetto and a lemon ice cream that is light and delish.....
I guess I am in this mood due to it being the 4th weekend....the weather is not July 4th like...very rainy today and probably tomorrow as well......but Ice cream/gelato is so summer, and homemade is the best.

I have always loved homemade ice cream.....we got an old fashioned churn machine our first year of marriage.....we still have it, it survived the fire. We also had a whole set of ice cream glass wear, sundae cups, split boats, etc....they didn't survive the fire....oh well,we have moved on.
2 years ago after going to Italy I came home a gelato cream is wonderful, but gelato is heavenly! I would try the gelato every where we went. The Christmas following our trip Gary got us a Lello Gelato is a great ice cream making machine.

Ice cream as we know it today really began in 16th century Italy. There are several types of ice cream;French-Style, Philadelphia-Style and Gelato. The Drench-Style is custard based that is silky and smooth.It is also very rich. Philadelphia-Style is also called American -Style and is made without eggs so this style is easier to make than custard based ice creams. Gelato is Italian ice cream, made with less cream than other Ice creams, but from a rich egg/custard base. Less cream makes it a percentage of fat, which means the finished product is denser and not as rich, but the flavors are intense. It also has less air Incorporated into it. There are also the ices that are associated with ice cream, but they are made with little or no milk products; Sorbet-Sorbetto Italian , Granita, and Sherbet.

It is easiest to make Philadelphia-Style because you don't have to cook a custard base, or a Sorbetto which is fruit puree and simple syrup. Any custard/egg based ice cream while delicious can be a challenge with scalding the milk and tempering the eggs, but the results are rich. The taste difference between Gelato and French-Style is the thick cream feel left coating your mouth....however with Gelato I have never felt like I was missing out, the flavor and texture are usually intense and smooth......and it is really nice that Gelato lower fat.

I want to get a pizzelle maker and roller or a waffle cone maker so I can make my own cones.

Now where is that recipe?!?!?!

Wednesday, July 1

Wednesday Weigh In

Okay, I am up 1 1/2pounds since my last Wednesday Weigh in two weeks ago.....vacation with no cares at all, I guess that isn't half I am back on track.
This time of year it is so easy to eat healthy. I am glad I love fruits and veggies.