Monday, January 31

Perfect Snow, enough to make things look beautiful, but light enough to stay off the roads and my big driveway!

Friday, January 28

Time Flies

Wow, where did January 2011 go? I can't believe it is the 28. I still have tons to do for the month but it is at an end......darn VT-ing!!!!
SO on to February, lots to do in Feb as well, and I might just get it all done. Up for the month are several shows to see, home projects to finish, Valentines Day, with cookies to make and deliver, a Bro & Sisters party, a few more B-Days, and VT-ing......among other things.
I also realized that it is time to hit finishing the Eagle Scout stuff hard..... right now we have a few months that are mostly free....ha, ha, ha, with Hayden free time is impossible, but he is less busy right now! SO we will have to work the Scout stuff into the plan....the best thing about it is that I can sign things off for him now and that is a great change to the program. Also the YM pres. is on my side and Jordan is in charge of the Scouting program in his ward so he can lead and guide me......Hayden tells me he doesn't care if he gets his Eagle Scout, but I told him that he will be getting it so he won't be the only brother with out it. At least he is willing to work with me on it.

WEEKEND! one of the better words in the English language.....even when they are hectic they are good.
We have another funeral this weekend, the third this month in our ward, and the fourth for me. On Saturday we will celebrate Arvid Larson's life. He was a great man who lived on the street behind us. He was a sharp dresser, and always quick with a great discussion on almost anything. Over the years we have all enjoyed talking with him and helping him out. For the past year and a half he has been home bound so I would see him when I would attend Scripture study group with his daughter, in his home, and Hayden had the privilege of taking him the Sacrament every Sunday. I know he would look forward to not only taking in the Sacrament but for the visit with Bro. Larson. I always knew a good friendship had been formed between the two, but this knowledge was confirmed when they asked Hayden if he would be an honorary pal bear for the funeral. It is nice to have wonderful people influence your kids, especially when they are so impressionable.


Tuesday, January 25


It's back......and everyone is complaining. We live in Northern Utah People, get real it is still January!
I love the snow, I don't enjoy driving in it or shoveling it, but that is the price we pay. I also love the hot sun in the summer, the wet green beauty of the spring and the long Indian summer days of Autumn. I live here because of the four seasons. There is only one time I don't love and that is the dirty snow season; the ugly time between winter and spring. Unfortunately this season sometimes crosses over my Birthday...but hey, what can you do.
Off to shovel now....great exercise!

Thursday, January 20

Mister Mischief

Mr. Mischief came over to play....he's not bad, just very curious. It is non stop fun. He is up and down and likes to check things out. He crawls really fast, but it won't be long until he is mobile upright. He has found his feet and will stand up with very little assistance and move out world Captain A is here!


Wednesday, January 19

Resolution Bus

The diet resolution bus is boarding and I am planning to ride along...... Of course it is almost impossible to decide exactly what diet we are doing, but after a lot of thinking we have decided to do Weight Watchers and Miss Meg is also ding a some kind of drops that Laurie and Karen introduced us to....Laurie lost 6 1/2 lbs. In conjunction with WW this past week, Karen lost 10. I may try to drops after my doctors visit in two weeks. I want to make sure that my thyroid Meds will work with them.
WW has a new point program....oh to learn the changes...the point is to eat better, high fiber whole foods, which fill you up and keep hunger at bay. The best thing about the new points program is that most fruits and veggies are zero points. I read a funny thing in the Time mag this week. Someone was concerned that a whole bunch of banana was zero points now as opposed to two points for one banana previously. A meeting leader responded to this with you need to practice moderation, but lets face it you didn't get this way eating unlimited amounts of fresh fruits and true.
The fruit thing is a great go to when I want something sweet, now I need to find the perfect zero point go to for the salty, crunchy craving I sometimes get.

More water, less food, lots of waking and the shake weight.....yes it does work.


Friday, January 14

I am the Best Mom

Look what I found for our returned Missionary.
I am the best MOM ever...just ask Nelson who has been craving his New Zealand goodies.
When Nelson wants a soda he keeps telling us about the best sodas ever - Bundaberg Ginger Beer, Peachee and Lemon Lime and Bitter (non-alcoholic). He then talks non stop about real meat pies and chicken salt for his "fush and chups." He complains about the fake Tim Tams produced by Peppridge Farms......and will eat 4 lbs of kiwi fruit, skin and all in a week. Last night to help his cravings we made homemade fish and chicken salt....... we are working on making them better. Also last night on line we also discovered the Kiwi Bakery in Magna. They make real meat pies, sausage rolls, fish & chips, cream buns, and other NZ treats. (we will be taking a trip out there in the near future).
But Today I am the World Market we found the Bundaberg Ginger Beer & Lemon Lime & Bitter, but Arnott's cookies, as in real Tim Tams, and also Mint Slice Cookies (better than a Girl Scout Thin Mint).
Oh what you won't do to keep your kids happy.

Wednesday, January 12

One year a go today I was so excited to become a grandma. I stayed awake all night waiting for the news of your birth........nothing. But as soon as Uncle Hayden left for school I was off to the hospital to join your parents. You took tour time getting here but it has been non stop since your arrival. You are so sweet and fun, but I can see the glint of mischief in your eye.
Love ya
Memaw Marcie


Friday, January 7


Hayden as Prince Christopher "Charming", Erin Crouch as Cinderella, cousin Jenna Cole as Grace (Orange Step Sister), Kelsey Schwab as Joy (Green Step Sister).

It's opening night!!!

Thursday, January 6

The Resolution Bus

Wow,wow, wow the lack of people at the gym today was amazing. It is only day six of the new year and the peeps have gotten of the 7:00am exercise resolution bus. I wondered how long it would last. I at least gave everyone a bit more slack, I had faith that they might make it to February.......oh well now it is easier for me to use the machines.

Today we are trying to decide what diet to do. I am thinking Weight Watchers simply because I can easily cook for the whole family and they can all benefit from the plan. WW has changed so I really need to get to meetings and not just do it online. Plan for to day is check out the diets.


Wednesday, January 5

For Liz

This is for sister Liz who thinks she wants to read my drivel from day to day, even when I have nothing rattling between the ears. (I guess I am an airhead).
What's up at the Call's? Cinderella.....we live with the prima donna Prince Charming (it is only because he is 17 and in high school. I think that all 17 year olds are this way). Anyway he is Prince Charming, the most boring part ever written, just ask. Being charming isn't all that it is cracked up to be. According to Hayden, charming isn't funny, is barely witty......Charm is kind of boring. It is always interesting to me when actors discover that the fun comes in the character roles.
Other things happening.....clean up and organize, what else is new. I think that is the only song I to get organized, got to clean up and de-junk........but hay things are happening. Unfortunately I have more stuff than room and don't know how to get rid of it all. When I was putting up and taking down Christmas I thought I was being really good and getting rid of stuff. I need to get rid of more stuff, not all of my things are gems....hard concept for me.

I decided this year not to make resolutions, just make some improvement suggestions. We have been back at the gym with all of those who resolved to exercise....the crowd is not fun, but I know that come February things will be back to normal conditions. (Why don't resolutions stick?) I have also suggested to my self that I needed to be better with the diet/eating habits. I need to not just watch what I eat but be involved with what I am eating and make good choices not just justify the choice I have made. I am open to other suggestions so fire away, it might improve me.

Liz, over and out!

Monday, January 3


I'm not gona lie, I have WAY to much on my plate today, let alone this week. I will be glad when the week is over.

Sunday, January 2

New Church Time

Sunday Morning/ Afternoon January 2. 2011. We don't go to church until that makes the morning so looooooong. We are going to have to try to figure out a new routine for Sundays. Some of the suggestions have been a nice brunch on a few of the Sundays, plan lessons, get dinner ready, have family scripture times etc....I am sure we will do all of the things mentioned and more. The challenge is getting into the groove of if it all.
Change is good it lets you know you are alive.