Monday, August 29

Bummer Summer

My bummer Summer is finally coming to an end....nothing could salvage it. I don't know what it was but it wasn't memorable and had few highlights.
Summer is supposed to be the best, one big party, etc...but it all fell flat. I don't know if it was because we took our family vacation in May or that we have been so busy with church things or even if it was the weather, but what ever it was it wasn't fun.
Just like the summer holiday thing I am going to have to change and plan better so as not to do a repeat of my bummer summer.
First, last week of public school down....Hayden is loving it. I keep reminding him to be involved and keep tight with the friends. Football has been good....that is the second game of the season was good. We won Mountain View 23 to 14. (We lost the first, or should I say most of the team forgot to show up for the first game against Lone Peak). Hayden played a great game for both games. He is on the O line, which means no glory or stats, but he plays his position well. He opens up the lanes and blocks  so that things can progress.  I hope that the team improves as much as they did between the first two games. If they continue this progression there should be no stopping them.
Weather is lovely, but it is making me feel like a slacker. I have to get out and weed, etc.... On Saturday we did several "Honey Do" projects. I am glad we got them done, Gary probably  not so much. I also have two big paint projects set up to do this week. I hope my endurance is a big as my ideas.

"Venezuelan Sea" name of the paint going down.


Tuesday, August 23

School Begins...again

Hayden went to his last first day of school and I 'm not gonna lie, a shed a tear or two.  A friend on Facebook told me it was "tears of joy and then I jumped in my car and went a got a frozen yogurt".....He has 4 in elementary school still so I remember where he is coming from. Another friend told me she sent her first grand daughter off to college and she cried I guess we never grow out of the tears, happy or sad when school starts. Back to Hayden...he loves school and couldn't wait to get it going for real. I hope he participates in everything and has no regrets this year.

As for the other boarders and school; Meg is taking two classes at WSU and started on Monday and Nelson is at LDSBC begins after Labor Day.

I like getting back on schedule with each new school year, it is  the best thing for me...probably not for the rest of the family but I'm the momma and when momma aint happy, nobody is happy.....I like a plan that everyone sticks to. During the school year we are really good at getting up by 6:45am for family scripture study and prayer. We try really hard in the summer to continue, but by the end of June we have usually abandoned this for personal study and prayer. I then walk three miles or go to the gym and walk then my day can begin. It seems that just by having a plan in the morning my day go smoother....and I seem to do better at planning other things to do throughout the day. 
My question is how different will it be next year when we don't have anyone in the public school system?


Friday, August 5

Project Runway

I Love Project Runway. In another life I might have considered being a designer and auditioning for the show. I love the creativity, Tim Gunn and Michael Kors; they make me laugh. Last night the comments from Michael were hilarious..."all that outfit needs is candy corn teeth." It was so funny!
They did what is called the unconventional other words they had to get their materials from a pet store. They were cautioned against getting a dog bed and using that fabric as fabric. They have muslin they can use as a base to work with so they aren't at a big disadvantage by not having traditional fabric to use. The most creative were the use of aquarium rocks, bird seed and a dog toy rope. However the winner was weird....but I could see why they thought it was fashion.
 Aquarium Rocks (Michael Kors called her Aqua Barbie)
 Bird Seed
 Dog Toy
It came down to this dress, made of a faux lamb dog toy and hamster bedding and 
the Bird Seed Dress. 
 I would have picked the seed dress.


Tuesday, August 2

Back To School

Last year of public school is official....I have paid the registration fees, football has started and musical meets for the first time tonight. My baby boy is all grown up. This is a bittersweet time for all of us, and like I said before a time for change.
Here is the senior Football team ( Hayden is the fourth one in on the left, back row).


Monday, August 1


I just got back from a was a good one. 
A friend of ours always says that, "We should attend more funerals. They are the best meetings in the church."  Amen, especially when the person whose life you are honoring was a really great, outstanding person, and whose family is really active in the church.
However as nice as this funeral was it made me think about my life and my family and parents....especially in light of recent events in the family.
I was thinking that I need to change a bit more and be a better person. I need to make my perspective more eternal.