Tuesday, December 27

Christmas 2011

Oh what fun we had...we ate to much, didn't sleep enough, and we were all were spoiled.......


Thursday, December 22

Happy Christmas Adam

My fun brother Adam always reminds us that December 23 is Christmas Adam......why you ask? Well, Adam came before Eve so Christmas Adam must be the day before Christmas Eve.......

Remember back in September and one of my goals was to have all my Christmas shopping done by the first of December? I am only 22 days off. I'd say that I almost made it, and it is not only finished it is wrapped...a big first for me.

So What has been happening?
- We did Zoo lights with the fam....it was fun but very cold. With the Zoo sitting in the canyon the breeze keeps things chilly. It will be on our to do again list.
- Shopping, and shopping and shopping and to keep things interesting I also have done some returning........already.
- Letting projects go that won't happen and were causing stress....like Christmas cards, when I decided that I was going to do New Years cards things got better.  I also am not stressing about getting everything on the Christmas list.....as Gary says if you really feel you missed out and need it we can go get it on the 26th.
- Baking...Meg and I did cookies today. We asked what the guys were wanting and only made those kind of cookies. I have also been doing my neighbor gifts....rosemary bread.....so baking, baking and more baking.

Life is good. Christmas is near. With two days to go it means it must be Christmas Adam!


Tuesday, December 20

4 days!

Four Days 'till Christmas.....yikes, yes there is still plenty of time do our thing.....maybe.

Thursday, December 15

Grandma's House

The fun never ends at Grandma's house......yes, we dress in costume......who doesn't?

Tuesday, December 13

Paper Snow Flakes

Two of my favorite scenes in the movie Elf are when he decorates the Store for Santa's arrival and when he decorates the apartment.
I think next year I am going to do the white paper snowflakes and paper chains in my house....change is good...and it may only be down stairs.......for now.

 Aren't theses fantastic?  I love, love, love this photo.

This is probably how my house will look to start.   Paper snowflakes, chains and lights......so until next year, when I don't have another project taking up my time.

Tuesday, December 6

I'm Singing....

'The Best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing out loud for all to hear!'
Love, love, love this from the movie ELF.......and it helps that Christmas music is the best to sing along with.
Christmas songs are for the most part......except for a few previously mentioned songs..........joyous, happy, cheerful. Do you ever wonder why there is Christmas caroling, why choirs sing so often during the season, why every group who sings or plays music is booked or doing some kind of program at Christmas or why there are so many season specific CD's? It is because the music is so wonderful!   And so fun to sing.
I  love singing and don't understand those who don't. Saturday morning we had our ward family Christmas brunch. Part of the activities was singing Christmas songs. I was disappointed in those who wouldn't sing along...come on people you have heard most of theses songs your whole life, I know you know them. Don't tell me you were embarrassed. Why be embarrassed, no on cares that you are singing the songs, no one is listening to you or looking at you and judging..... Sing to fill your soul with happiness!
I love musical theater because singing is the extension of the greater emotion.....happy or sad. Years ago a friend said he hated musicals because when do groups of people break out in song and dance.......okay so theater is fictitious, but hey we would all be better off if we would break out in song and dance down the street more often.

I'm singing..........Spread some cheer and sing out loud for all to hear!


Wind and Obediance Lessons

Yesterday we were asked to forgo our Sunday meetings and participate in a day of service, cleaning up our community from the mess of Thursday's wind storm.  Gary came home from a Stake Priesthood Leadership Meeting just before 8 am and told me what we had been asked to do. Our Stake President, through instruction from the area authority, and from an Apostle had deemed the the cleanup of the debris from Thursdays storm necessary since the forecast was for more high winds and snow...... without the clean up the possibility of more damage and danger loomed. The task was massive. But we had been asked by our priesthood leaders to get to work and prepare, so we got to work and prepared.......I thought of Pres. Hinckley's story about preparing so that he could sleep when the winds blew.....

Yes, many had cleaned up their fallen trees, but there was so much more to do.  We were told by the city that we could place the cut up debris on the curb for pick up this week, and there were piles of stuff everywhere...... So, now we had another problem, if the winds materialized as forecast, the danger would be from the flying branches, not just the falling trees.....just think how fun that would be in 100 mph winds?

Anyway the day of service was long and hard and wonderful. Everyone working together, the old and the young, men and women. There were the organizers, the lifters, drivers, choppers, sweepers, cooks and more. Family and friends working together.  There was a little five year old with us who was helping as best he could and then he discovered a bunch of pine cones and began his collection.....  We had to remind the older guys that they were older..... And some of the younger guys we had to tell them to stop when the debris removal turned in to basic yard work..... The women came through with food.  The Mormons in action were truly a sight to behold....think ant hill or beehive and you can see the busyness of the day......During the clean up there were several times that we waited in line because of the number of people helping just to fill a truck with tree branches.....the scene of waiting in line was also evident at the landfill and other debris drop off locations.... Hayden said at 9:30am at the landfill there were around 50 trucks and trailers entering the dump and at his second go, about an hour later he stopped counting at over 350 vehicles waiting. The line up was out of the landfill, along the frontage road and backed up 500 south.
It is true many hands make light work.
By 5:00pm we were all tired and sore.  The City had called all day and the final call was to tell us to wrap things up and be done by 6:00pm. Gary, our ward organizer did a sweep through the ward to make sure we had cleaned everything up... check, it all looked good.  The last dump loads were on the way to the landfill for the last time....yes, Hayden was there again for the who knows how many times.... While at the dump Hayden and the Calder boys noticed our Bishop in an other area, he looked like he was looking for something, he was. He realized that he didn't have his phone. The last time he remembered having it was early in the day at the dump. He was looking in the area he remembered dumping his load in. The boys jumped in to help, carefully moving tree debris and calling his phone and listening for it.  They were ready to call it a loss when they decided to try calling one more time....
They dialed and were quite but couldn't hear anything; however Hayden could feel a vibration beneath his foot, he gingerly stepped away and there it was the Bishops phone, in working order.
By 6:00pm we were all tired and sore and the fore casted storm had been down graded a whole lot......The thought came to me what if the storm doesn't happen, why did we work so hard and forgo our Sunday meetings? How many people are going to be complaining about the necessity of the effort? However I knew that it didn't matter if the storm happened or not, the important thing was that we were obedient to our priesthood leaders. That we took the time to prepare when we were asked to prepare....great lessons to be taught and learned.....

In the end the storm came through, later than foretasted. It was a wimpy thing, but when you have recently experienced 100 mph winds, 30 to 50 mph winds pale in comparison. No trains circling my home last night and we all slept well; not only because of the lack of howling, but because we knew we had been faithful and obedient.  We had prepared, so we could sleep when the winds blew.

p.s. for those who care or read my blog and also my sisters blog..... I guess we must be related and think a lot of the same thoughts.
And just so as not to be confused....I began writing my thoughts early this morning, but didn't finish.  When I remembered I hadn't finished or posted it was nearly midnight. So the event discribed took place on Sunday December 4, 2011.

Friday, December 2

Big Wind

I am talking real wind, hurricane or tornado force winds.......we experienced major winds here in Bountiful. I woke up very early Thursday morning to what sounded like a freight train going round and round our house. At 5:40 I got up and looked at the damage to our house.....minimal to none...we were very blessed. By 6:15 the power was out and didn't come back on until just after midnight...we were the blessed ones once again.  With the major winds and power out we weren't sure what to about school, driving to school etc.... Nelson went to school, but took a bigger car. He had a presentation to do. According to the news I-15 north bound was closed.....making it impossible for her to make it to school in a timely manner. I then text Angela and asked her about school since when we are without power the high school usually is as well......she told us if you don't have a test 1st period to stay home. By 9 am they had canceled school, no power.  Gary and I were going to a screening and figured that since we had no power, internet etc... and we were going south that we should just go. We returned around noon to explore the neighborhood.  When we went out to asses the damage we discovered lots of Pine trees down....lots and lots of pine trees...lesson learned don't plant pine trees in windy areas....besides they are garbage trees. Trees everywhere...on houses and cars, across the sidewalks and streets.....it was amazing to look at......like I said we were blessed. Our only casualties at home were a missing recycle can, and a lid to the hot tube supply storage box.  Our yard has never looked so clean.
The casualties at the Movie Theater were also minimal....no letters lost from the marquee, a loose marquee panel that was easy to fix, and upon closer inspection two missing old Air Conditioners.....where they went we do not know....but I ma sure it was a surprise to where ever they landed....Gary says they probably disappeared in pieces.  Today we still had no Internet which means no credit cards at the theater...not a big problem, just inconvenient.
When we were home we kept warm by the fire, and still our house was a cool 57 degrees when we bundled up for bed.
We were very blessed, other family and friends not so much.....around the corner 10 huge pine trees came down. Adam had a tree downed into power lines. Jeff and Lisa lost their fence, all the trees in their back yard and their outdoor Christmas display was mangled.....for most people that would be a minimal loss, for them it was a huge loss, their Christmas decorations are always classy but over the top for a residence. We still have neighbors without power and it is 36 hours since it went off initially.
Weather experiences humble you and remind you that you are not in charge.


Monday, November 28

Funerals and Special Musical Numbers

Today was the funeral of Aunt Phyllis, she is my dads sister. It was good to get together with family and reestablish old relationships.
It was a sweet funeral, and dad kept saying it was better than he expected.  It was short and sweet which was nice. Phyllis's three grandchildren each shared memories of their grandmother. However there were some great snickering and laughing moments....not at the grandchildren, they all did a great job.  Phyllis would have loved it.... but laughter at generational miscommunication.
So here is what went down:The program listed two special musical numbers, "I'll Follow the Sun" by the Beatles and "You'll Be in My Heart" by Phil Collins. No other names were listed with the musical numbers so I guessed that they were going to play recordings of the songs...no biggie, some families don't know people to help out with the music or don't have those talents to share at theses times....... but the recorded music was a biggie.
After they played the opening song,  the Beatles singing "I'll follow the Sun" a prayer was given by Dad. He blessed the speakers and the musical number.....snicker.....and elbow pokes...... I thought I'm sure Phil Collins will enjoy the blessings. Later Dad said he didn't know who Phil Collins was.....
The remainder of the program was then announced by the nephew-in-law Stake President, he said  we will then have a musical number by Brother Phil Collins, singing "I'll Be In Your Heart"......more snickers and elbow pokes.
The first two grandchildren had finished and according to the program it was now time for the musical number.......and nothing.......so, the man conducting got up and asked  "is Brother Collins here?" .......oh, no, more than snickers, Melinda and I began to laugh, silently and shaky. Then someone motioned to the man in charge and he said "Oh Brother Collins is in the hall and will be in, in a moment." We laughed harder...but silently.  We were shaking, Melinda said it looked like we were crying so it was okay, I laughed harder. Mom and Dad couldn't even look at us.  We knew the truth, Phil Collins is a super star, living across the pond and he wouldn't be joining us....then the music started. Thank heavens when the music finally started it was loud to mask our chuckles. The bench was shaking, Dad told us that he was thinking "what is my nephew(Phyllis's son) in front of me thinking of my girls?" Melinda didn't know if she was offending cousin Eileen next to her so she kept turning her head towards me, which made mom chuckle....(Eileen was chuckling as well). As the song was coming to a close I reminded Melinda that this was the song the Jordan and I danced the Mother Son dance at his wedding .....then I said "and it's a damn long song to dance to."  More laughter.....
Melinda and I are not a good pair when we begin laughing in reverent situations......we have a time in the Temple that we came undone with laughter as well.....but that is for another time.
Anyway we regained our composure, and finished the short sweet funeral.....without embarrassment.

Funeral Reflections-
The saddest part about loosing a sibling is loosing someone who was a witness to your early life. Your spouse and kids are great, but the sibs know things that they will never know about you.  My Grandma Butters told me that several years ago when she became the last one left of her family. Today when I told dad what grandma had told me he shook his head yes, and got teary all over again.....and then there were 2 out of 13.


Sunday, November 27

Christmas Music

I love Christmas music. ...it is one of my favorite things about the holiday season. I can still here the click and drop of each album on the stereo record player......I along with my sibs, we knew the song order of every record.  Growing up we had a huge stack of records placed on the stereo record player every day, year after year....and it played over and over. We probably wore out the records. The music wasn't allowed to start until November 1st, but we sometimes would sneak it in here and there in October.  With the coming of tapes and CD's things have changed a bit,  but the music is still the same, the old stuff and the new. It all brings memories to the surface....and kids say that music doesn't affect them?....really? 
I love singing it as well. Several years ago on Christmas Eve as a family group we began singing all the Christmas Music we had sheet music for and could play on the piano....singing Christmas music is as good if not better than listening to it.  I also loved when we did Cole Collection...singing only at Christmas time, while hectic and time consuming it was great fun.

So now with the memory stuff out of the way, I have a question: what's with the crazy faux Christmas music? Think "My Favorite Things".......really snowy white winters that melt into spring and snowflakes that say on my nose and eyelashes or even those brown paper packages have nothing to do with Christmas music. I understand that they are winter things here in our part of the world and that there are other songs that deal with winter only that we call Christmas songs, but hey the other winter songs were written with Christmas in mind and "Favorite Things" for a musical call "The Sound of Music"...which is a stupid title for that musical as well.... but I digress. There are also the songs that just are annoying Christmas songs....like "Christmas Shoes," "Grown Up Christmas List," "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas," "Blue Christmas," "Havin' a Wonderful Christmas Time" and "Do you Hear What I Hear." I know that this is just personal preference and that what is dumb to me maybe another persons fav, but we all get a choice.  My Brother dislikes "Little Drummer Boy" which ranks right up there for me as well.

Here are some of my favs! Not just songs but types and CD's.....
I love almost anything sung by the classic crooners...so thank heavens for Michael Buble. Both of his Christmas CD's are pretty darn good. I am really liking his latest CD.
I also enjoy the choral classics, old and new sung by the MoTab and the Cambridge Singers...John Rutter is the new choral classic master. His stuff sung by the Cambridge Singers is wonderful.
As a kid I loved the records by the singing groups, I can't remember the different group names but they reminded me of the background singers on all of the wonderful Christmas specials we had on TV when I was a kid.  A favorite that most of the groups sang was "Need a Little Christmas." This song is one of my all time favorites songs, it is from the musical Mame.....go figure.
Religious Christmas songs for the most part are also awesome.  If I had to make a top ten.......wow, how hard. I'm going to have to think on it a bit because just when I think I've got it narrowed down I hear or think of another song that I love......yikes, picking favorites is hard.


Wednesday, November 23


It's that time.......

So let's
Give thanks
Eat Pie


Tuesday, November 22


Mom's cancer findings have been one big comedy of errors.....Doctors offices not making appointments, not calling back with test results, not knowing what is wrong or where the cancer is at.......We all want answers and we want a course of action.
The Doctors keep getting the brunt of our venom when we don't hear what we want to hear or if things are slow and messed up......we need to remember that they are practicing. I am thankful that we have doctors who have studied and can help us get through the health trials that we may face. I know that they too are human and that they are trying.
Doctor Prystas is the oncologist we met with today. She answered so many questions and gave us a course of action, a treatment plan.
Mom cancer is:
Endometrial Andino Carcinomatosis…..or most likely the common name of Uterine cancer.
Endometrial Carcinoma is uterine cancer. Andio carcinoma is a cancer cell. Carcinomatosis means the cells have attached or metastasized in several areas.
The cancer is not in the organs but is in the tissue that surrounds the organs and is in the pelvic area in the mesentery area or apron of fat.
- Recommends aggressive Chemotherapy.
Six, four-hour treatments every 3 weeks. Depending on how the therapy is being tolerated.
The drugs used are Carboplatin and Trxall, mixed with an anti nausea drug and benadryl.  
Administered by IV

While we are scared and nurvous mom is positive. She wants to go look for wigs this week since she will lose her hair in the next three weeks.
She told the doctor that she planed on being one of the 20% who are cured...or at least gets 15 more years.
Optimism is one of moms best strenghts.
Mom has so much faith. She knows that things will have a great outcome......and they will.
She needs our faith and prayers.
I know it is all in God's hands.


Thursday, November 17

The Maid.......A Home to Clean

I am thankful for the day that the maid decides to show up. It doesn't happen very often but every once in a while things get so messy that she surfaces.......the angels begin singing and the sun shines bright.
Actually I am thankful for my home...the home that I can keep clean.  When you look at your living accommodations compared to the world you realize that you have it so very, very good.
One day when I was complaining about the house (before the fire) Gary reminded me that 3 Korean families would live comfortably in our home and feel like they were living in luxury.  Yes, this stopped my complaints and made me grateful for what we had.
I was reminded once again that I was grateful for our home when we had our fire.....19 years ago Dec. 27 our house burned down. We were without a home of our own.  This make you realize how much you have when you have a home of your own.
So bring it on maid, lets make this place shine like the top of the Chrysler building!
I am thankful for a wonderful, warm, well furnished, home.


Wednesday, November 16

Visiting Teaching

I am thankful that I am a visiting teacher. Once upon a time Visiting Teaching was seen as a burden in my life.....To make appointments and get with my partner was a chore, and It would cause me all kinds of grief.......probably because I knew I should be doing it and I didn't get it done. 
Anyway after having two very stalwart companions who set up permanent appointments with those we were to visit with, it became much easier to accomplish and eventually I looked forward to the visits with the sisters we were assigned to.
I am thankful for this opportunity for many reasons: first it gets me involved with other people. I have made life long friends with not only those I visit with but also my companions. I have the opportunity to give service as a visiting teacher.  Sometimes the service is as minimal as a listening ear. I love not only hearing the message from my teachers but also getting to look at it from a teaching stand point..... what message does the Lord ant me to deliver to this sister?
When I look back over the years as a visiting teacher one of my favorite times was when I was Megan's partner. This time spent with her in service of others was very enjoyable and enlightening....Megan's view on the monthly topics was often fresh and eye opening. Megan tells me that this is when she learned to love to visit teach...I am glad I was a good example.
As RS pres. visiting teaching was a huge task, setting up the partnerships and who they would visit.. People moving in and out, the problems some sisters had with those they taught and vice a verse a......crazy. But it was also a very spiritually rewarding experience to have stewardship over. There were so many times when I felt the spirit so strong in regards to who should visit who. I would then watch closely to see what lessons were possibly learned or what service was rendered and knew why those sisters had to be in this place at that time. I know that I couldn't have accomplished this assignment without the Lords help. I know Visiting Teaching is truly and inspired program.

I am thankful to be a visiting teacher.


But I'm so Busy

I was so busy yesterday that things got away from me!  But I am thankful for being so busy that I couldn't blog. Having lots to do is really a blessing.  I have heard people complain that they have nothing to do.......Being busy keeps you alive.


Monday, November 14


I was recently called as a Relief Society Teacher.....I have taught one lesson and I am preparing for my next lesson for this upcoming Sunday. The idea of teaching adults used to frighten me......then I had to do it every so often as RS Pres.  It wasn't half bad. I knew when I was called that this is what I was supposed to be doing. I am so thankful that with the teaching of lessons comes the opportunity to prepare, study and learn. The first lesson I taught was on the Signs of the Second Coming, this lesson is on The Final Judgment...I know both are heavy lesson and could be depressing.  I have found the study of both topics fascinating and exciting. This new calling has giving me the excuse to read conference talks, new and from way back, to study the scriptures and re-dedicate my life to that which is most important. 
When I think about it I know that this calling is a love note form my Heavenly Father......I was lamenting the fact that my scripture group had disbanded because our leader was called on a mission. Scripture group prompted me to be a better studier of the important things.....For some reason I need the prod to to the best things in this life.......so anyway, I look at the call to teach as my Heavenly Father telling me that he knows me and knows that I need this.
I am so thankful that I get to teach.


Goodly Parents

I am thankful for Goodly Parents...parents who not only love me, but are a great example to me and my family in so many ways.  They have eternal perspective and I love that.
I remember as a teen having friends who hated their parents, I loved my parents. I remember friends trying to hide their life from their parents, I didn't have to hide because I was taught how to behave and we talked...a lot so they knew what was going on in my life.
Someone once told me that you can have many friends but you only have 2 parents.  I am not saying that parents can't become your friends, I am saying you need parents who are goodly parents more than you need friends.
My parents are goodly in the gospel sense too. They are faithful and strong and true and hold fast to the rod.  I have never wondered where they stand on anything. They talk the talk and walk the walk. They have also been great examples of what a parent is......I am a better parent because of them.
They have taught me that people are more important than things, that if you treated each of your kids the same way that, that wouldn't be fair,  because they are each different people. And most important they have taught me that family is forever!
I love this because now that I am a parent I know that it is true:


Saturday, November 12

Snow Removeal Equipment

I am thankful Snow Removal Equipment. Even though they are loud and annoying in the middle of the night, they sure make winter driving nicer!


Friday, November 11

The Internet

I am thankful for the Internet. I learned today that Utah has the highest Internet use in the USA. 8 out of every 10 homes has a computer......I love that it allows me to keep in better contact with friends and family through e-mail, facebook and blogs. I love that I can do easy research. I think that the ability to do research is making us all smarter or bigger smartypants...... Today I did a ton of research on my RS lesson....I loved reading old conference talks and lessons to find material. The only draw back is that you can find too much material to use...but hey it is better to have too much to say than not enough.
I love the Internet and I am thankful for it.


Thursday, November 10

Forever Families

My good friends nephew was one of the missionaries killed in Texas this week. This lose has once again made me think and be grateful for family.
It is sad to loose someone we love from this side of the veil, but just like every time I am touched by death I am so thankful for the gospel, our Saviors sacrifice for us, the knowledge we have of the plan of salvation and for the opportunity we have of sealing us together in forever family groups........
Pam and her family are sad, just like we are sad with the recent passing of Bill and other loved ones, but the knowledge that they are here, just on the other side and that if we work hard on our own salvation that we can continue to be together forever gives me a sense of comfort and peace.
"Forever" is our families daily cheer at the end of family prayer. This reminder of what we are playing for helps keep me focused on the best things each day. I love my family. It would be sad to think that the family groups we establish in this life would be devolved in the next.
Playing for forever families is such an awesome blessing.


Wednesday, November 9

General Conference

 I am so thankful for General Conference. I just finished dreading all of the conference talks......our Conference weekend this October was over shadowed by Bills Funeral...... Anyway  I am so thankful that I could read the talks, they were AWESOME.  I remember listening to/watching them but  hey, reading the talks make the messages stick a little bit firmer in the brain.  Just when I think I have read my favorite talk I will read another one that is just as good. They all speak to me and remind me of the person I need to be. President Monson's words were the best for me.  Prayer is so important!  I also enjoyed reading Pres. Uchtdorf's talk from the RS meeting it too was for me. I am so glad that we have a living Prophet and apostles who communicate with  Heavenly Father and share his messages with us.


Tuesday, November 8

The Vote

I am thankful for the opportunity to vote. I know that this isn't a big election year, but we still need to take the time to vote. You really feel the effect of your vote in a smaller community election. You can let the local leaders really know what your feelings are on the issues just by casting a vote.  A close vote lets the winner know that that they ought to take a look at their opponents platform a bit more seriously, since almost half of their constituents want something other than they have to offer.
Here is my voting opinion: Vote against a sitting judge unless you know that hey are doing good. Vote for women, vote for minorities, vote so that there are term limitations....if we aren't going to impose term limitations then our vote has to do it for us.......don't let a US Senator sit longer than 2 terms. That is 12 years, 4 years longer than we allow someone to be President...... I know some will tell us not to vote out the Senator/Mayor/ Governor etc... who has leadership/committee power (Oran Hatch supporters), but if we had term limitations then every elected official would have the same political power/leadership opportunities.
Our forefathers and mothers fought hard for this right to vote. Some will say that their vote doesn't matter, but they are wrong. If you don't vote you are saying that you want to be told what to do, that you want your freedoms to diminish. If you don't vote you are saying that you don't care for things to remain the same or to change. I have a problem with those who don't vote and then complain about our government.  I feel that you have no right to complain about our elected officials if you don't take the time to vote.
 Love this!

Voting is a blessing and I am so thankful to live in a country that gives a voice to it's people...even if it seems like our voice is small a mouse can roar and make a difference.


Monday, November 7


I am thankful that I have a job and that Gary does too. In this strange crazy economy it is nice to know  that you have work and can support you and your family and pay the bills. What a blessing!
My work is different than I thought it would be when I was Hayden's age or even 20 years ago, but I am glad I have something to do......the Movie theater stuff is not something that is in my comfort zone of skills.....I most def have learned how to do things by trial and error. The best blessing of my job is that it has allowed me to be a 'stay at home mom' for 29 years!


Sunday, November 6


I am thankful for Sundays! Nuff said.

Saturday, November 5

Braves Win

Bountiful won it's quarterfinal football game on Friday. They played Olympus and won 34-14.
All day long I had people asking me if Hayden was going to play.......let's go back to last Fridays game against Timpanogos.....3 minuets left in the game and smash Hayden is limping, knee bent and he can hardly put his foot down on the ground. He is standing in the huddle, but we can tell he is not right. But I know he is determined to play and shake off whatever. Then Bountiful calls a time out; what a blessing. During the time out Hayden tells me that he heard a voice saying take yourself out and let Dave play. So he limps off the field and lays down on the sidelines so that Bob can look at his injury......he doesn't go back in the game and has to be helped off the field to the locker room. He tells me that he is going to be fine, but I can see the tear stained cheeks. Jordan and Nelson check things out with Bob who tells them that it is probably his MCL and that he will check him out before he comes home......yes it was the MCL, a level one = a small tear. Hayden is in a lot of pain. The tears aren't for the pain but because he couldn't finish the game and it hits him that this could be his last BHS football game ever.....  Later that night Hayden gets a priesthood blessing form his brothers and tells me that 1/2 way through the blessing he felt the pain diminish by more than half.
Now fast forward through Football practice, doing his Eagle Service Project, Halloween Parties, Sunday duties, etc.... Monday morning was spent at 3 different Doctors trying to decide if it is only the MCL......after several examinations, an MRI, and getting a brace that he can play football in, he was cleared to play on Wednesday if he did a recommended physical therapy.
So Yes, he played all but the last 1:30 of the game. He was key in the amazing running game that Braves played Friday night.
As the mom I worried and watched his braced leg all night long, noticing the slow get ups when he was down and worrying that something might happen to deepen the injury.....Jordan and Nelson kept telling me to quit worrying, that he was fine.....he was fine. He reminded me after the game that he listened to the Spirit last week and took himself out of the game and that he had received a Priesthood blessing.......silly mom.

Thursday, November 10, 11:00 am at Rice Eccles Stadium, BHS will play Logan in a semi-final game on the road to take State! 


SNOW!?!?!?! it's all Part of the 4 Seasons

I am thankful for 4 seasons...yes I know I say this often, but I do, I really enjoy the 4 plus seasons we experience living here in Utah. I say plus because we not only have the regular seasons but we get a few bonus seasons as well; the ugly snow and mud season between winter and spring, and the wet broken tree season between fall and winter......I am sure that there are more, but these two are the most noticed by me.
A friend of mine moved to a more moderate climate and keeps telling me she misses the very visible change of seasons. She laughs at the way her new local peeps react to subtle temperature changes. Her kids are still wearing shorts and t-shirts and the other kids at school are bundled up in cloths that should be worn in climates 20 or more degrees colder.
But I digress..... I am thankful for the snow, and the broken trees and the slick roads.........


Friday, November 4


I am thankful for good health. We were given this body to do good with here on earth and you can't do much good if you don't have good health....physical and mental health. I am thankful for strong legs that I can walk with. I especially love my morning walks with Meg. We may not walk fast but we do get out. Unfortunately the weather is getting too cold to keep walking outside...I will miss outside walking for the next few months. I am glad that my body as flabby and old as it seems to be getting, can move with out much effort and can exercise to keep my muscles and heart strong and the blood flowing.  I am thankful for a good mind that keeps things straight and organized. I know that it is important to exercise your brain just like it is to exercise you body.......Grandma Butters would read, do crossword puzzles and watch sports to keep her mind strong. I am thankful for good food and clean water that keep me nourished and healthy. For the word of wisdom that reminds me the importance of health and how to keep healthy.
Grandma Butters would ask if you had/were a long liver or a short liver.......in other words will you live a long life or a short one. She then said if you were a long liver you had better live a healthy life style because the longer you are around the harder it gets.....so true.


Thursday, November 3


I am thankful for the necessities....you know, the toilet, phone, computer, the Internet,......oh and clean air to breath and chocolate.  It's the little things that we use or need all the time that we really should be thankful for.

Wednesday, November 2


Yes, I am thankful for my children....I know hard to believe, but true.  They are wonderful people, examples and fun to be with.  I love them all so very much and am thankful for their love and tolerance in return.
Being a mom has been a joy, better than I could have ever imagined! Probably because I basically have good, easy kids.
Today is Hayden's 18th Birthday and we started the day remembering what his birth day was like, then talking about each of the other 3 kids births......After a slow 24 hour labor an8 lb 14 oz Jordan was on time, the due day and in time for lunch, a rare occasion according to the sibs. After the Jordan ordeal, I couldn't produce contractions on my own hard enough to push out a baby, the doctor told me that I would probably have to be induced to get any other kids here so......
7 & 1/2 lb. Megan was over a week late but came in the morning like a ray of sunshine during the Mo Tab Sunday morning broadcast. We rushed in to delivery when the choir began singing "Gently Raise" and we were weighing and measuring to "God Be With You."
Nelson was early because Gary was leaving town and the doctor said let's do it. He was jaundice but in good health. His arrival time was 5:30, in time for dinner. He weighed 8 lbs. 7 oz.
Hayden followed the 5:00- 5:30 time frame, but was a week late. I guess he wanted his own birthday and not to share it with Jordan. He was late since he couldn't decide how to make his appearance, head first or sideways and baby upside down.....it was not fun getting an 8 lb. baby to turn around inside of you. He is a joy and an great addition to a family that thought they were done. It's a good thing he let his dad know he was to be here with us. I couldn't imagine our family without him.  He was the ray of hope during the aftermath of the fire.

 Hayden as his silly self.

The other good things about my kids so far (I mean good thing about Jordan) is the wife he picked........OK, so really it is he was 'pick-able', because Laurie picked him. Any way Laurie is great! I am glad she is one of the family, she fits right in. Getting a grown up child is pretty cool.  And with Laurie  and Jordan you get the best thing yet Captain Awesome, Ry Guy!

I am thankful for my children......grand and otherwise, all of them...really.


Tuesday, November 1

A Month of Thanks

November is gratitude month....so to start off....... I am grateful Halloween is over......less candy and goodies to be tempted with, better for my wight loss. I am thankful for the rain and very glad that it stayed away until the trick or treaters were done.   By the way, I had 15 trick or treaters last night, possible a new high for the past 5 years. Someone mentioned that it is because of Trunk or Treats and all the easy to get free candy giveaways that happen now a days. I remember Halloween being a night of major planning so that we could get the most candy loot. But as with other things that made my childhood memorable times have changed and they are gone....no more night games, no more imaginative play, no more etc.......Dang technology and ease of life. But I digress..... I have so much to be thankful for.


Monday, October 31

Happy Meat Pies

It's Halloween and after watching Sweeny Todd last night I decided to try my hand at meat pies...after all Nelson has been begging for them since he got home form his mission....... so here is the first try.

 Project Runway Reject

 Mrs. Lovett

 Have a little priest


Nelson tells me they need more gravy, so next time they will have more gravy.