Tuesday, May 31

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a wet day which was great for the theater business, but not so great for the cemetery visits and BBQ. Last year was our first year with out a pool as a Memorial Day entertainment; we found things to occupy our day and we survived. Year 2 ....we survived again. However trying to change what was ingrained into my life for 48 years has been hard. I know I didn't attend every year, but the knowledge that it was going on was enough for me. Melinda wrote about her BASH memories in conjunction with Memorial Day on her blog www.sickofchub.blogspot.com....tears were shed. I am so glad we held our BASH reunion for all those years.
So as far as 2011 went, we woke up to a light frosting of snow on our lawn and roof. Gary went to our wards Memorial Day program at 8:00am....way too early for the rest of us. (Last year I was in charge of the program and we all participated. I of course held it at a more respectable 9:00am). Woke every one up for French Toast and Bacon. then it was off to the theater for the kids. A trip to the cemetery then dinner at Joy Luck......not very patriotic or memorable.
If I want things to be different I guess I will have to be in charge and figure it out. I am no longer a participant but need to be a leader......It is now my turn to help create memories for my family.  Let the partying begin.


Friday, May 27

Surprise Visit

 We had a surprise visit, the door bell was ringing and on our porch were the bike riders- Jordan and Laurie and Captain A. We were the break and food stop before their return home.  Laurie got a bike trailer for her birthday/Mothers Day and they were out on the maiden voyage.  Captain loves watching the wheels of anything move, so this was fun for him...that is until he had to leave grandmas :).  He had a snack and they had a break, but Ry also got into his toys and when it came time to leave he was mad at us all. So mad that he wouldn't even look at us and wave good-bye. The bike ride seemed like a fun/hard thing to do. The hills were killers, especially the go home up to their house.  It is something they are trying to do more often now that the weather is better.  I guess we all should join them.


Thursday, May 26

Looking Forward

 the cousins.
 Singing with Phoenix.  All three boys have and loved it!

We just attended the final choir concert of the year and it was good.
Looking back I will say that Hayden's junior year of high school has been a good one. He has loved it and so have I.
We are now looking at the dawn of the last year in High School for the Call family.....I know I it seems like I am fast forwarding it, but with auditions this week and football beginning in June we really are starting the last year, his senior year.
I have to admit that the choir, theater and football programs at the High school have consumed our lives for the past 13 years.  It has been a fun wild ride.  I am glad that my kids have been involved and doer.
Everyone asks what we will do when it ends next year and I always answer I will fill my life with something else.  I was doing other things 13 years ago so I am sure I will find other things to do. But the thought of it ending is bitter sweet. You get all involved in your kids lives for so long that you sometimes for get about you ...so I guess it will be my turn now and I have a year to get it all figured out...all the while still being involved in Hayden's last year of High school (I love the senior year, it is so fun because they have it all figured out. And by this time next year he will be getting ready to turn in his mission papers as well....yikes).  It is exciting to have major change in your life; I can't wait to see how it comes about.


Tuesday, May 24

Monday, May 23


Nelson said Sunday and today are typical New Zealand days....sun, rain, sun....you get the picture.
I don't mind it since the temp has come up a bit.  It is now feeling like spring...finally a month late.

We are trying to make our summer worthwhile, but we are having a tough time coming up with awesome fun plans...suggestions?

Thursday, May 19


Rain, rain go away and don't come again for a few weeks.  I usually don't complain about the weather, but this continuous rain is becoming a bit depressing. For the past two days the weather has gotten me down; rain and cold temps.  Maybe if it was a bit warmer it wouldn't quite so bad. Meg thinks it is so bothersome because we just returned from hot warm and sunny....maybe. Anyway when the most anticipated portion of the news is the weather report you know things weather wise are bad.
The sun will come out tomorrow?


Wednesday, May 18

Tuesday, May 17

Disney World 2011

We are back! We all had a fun time and we are suffering vacation hangover....I need a vacation from my vacation.
 Let's party Dude

 In grandpa's Hat

 When Captain saw the giraffes he said WOW; it was so cute.

 Captain A loved the shows...especially the Playhouse Mickey show

 Rainy Last Day

 The End,
See Ya Real Soon!

Friday, May 6

I Love My Mom!

Me and mom on my birthday!  Wow she looks great.

My mom is fantastic, She loves everyone and I mean everyone.  She is enthusiastic, and fun, and still going strong.....no moss growing in her. She is a wonderful mother to everyone. Her example of motherhood has been a great model for me. I am sure she laughed at me over the things that stressed me out when I was a new mom; just like I sometimes do over the things that J&L get stressed over with Captain A.  She has taught me what matters most and when and what things to let slide.....'People are more important than things'. She is also a good grandma and great grandma......I am learning from her.  She is a counselor, teacher and friend.  She is the first person I turn to for understanding and help after Gary.  Her spiritual side is also awesome and admirable. She remembers to turn to the Lord and lean on him...something I need to do better and learn from her.
Happy Mothers Day to the Best women in the World!
(and get better soon, we love that you are taking things easy, but it is times like this when we all realize that we all lean on you way too much).


Thursday, May 5

Life As We Know It

My life sometimes just picks up steam and runs me instead of me running my life....For the past 2 weeks I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.
Today things seem to be settling down a bit, but we now are getting ready for some family time, which is taking a lot of work.
Here are some photos of our family activities for the last month.
 Hayden in Charlie's Aunt
 Anson Call Family Reunion

 G&M in NYC
 Captain A
 quack, quack
 Seussical Horton & the Elephant Bird

cars, a new favorite.