Thursday, April 26

In honor of National Pretzel Day I made my own soft pretzels and it was very easy....and they were good.

Life is crazy as usual at the Calls.
Right now we are;
Looking for jobs - Nelson and Megan. If you have any ideas of ins let them know.
Finishing High School and everything that goes with it - Hayden
Rugby playing - Hayden....viewing the matches - rest of the fam.
Shows - Joseph - Megan for CAA, Charlie Brown - Hayden is Charlie, Megan choreographing.
Yard - Gary, Nelson and Me
Mission stuff - Hayden and Me ......appointments with his schedule are a pain.
My House- oh how I hate deciding what to do with all the stuff we have.
New House - the Jordan Calls have a new home with a big yard and all that goes with home ownership

Life is good!


Friday, April 20

Fenway Park is 100 today!

Hayden is crazy happy for the first Boston -Yankees game. Ryan is dressed for the occasion as well.

Love my cute boys!


Tuesday, April 10

The Last Field Trip

Gary and I just completed our last public school field trip to Washington DC with the BHS Choir.
We had a great time. Lots of fun observing and talking with the kids, and most of all hearing the choir sing. I teared up several times. Singing the National Anthem at Lincoln Memorial was just the start....tears at Arlington when they sang Danny Boy, and Homage at the LDS visitors center just to name a few.  Chills at the National Cathedral and Saint Johns....especially when they began singing a lovely arraignment of Jesus Once of Humble Birth.

 at the White House. We actually got to sing with permission of the the Secret Service.

 Red Sox vs.  Nationals baseball game.  To watch Hayden you would have thought it was Christmas.

 Singing at the National Cathedral.

Hayden singing his solo at the concert at the LDS visitors center.

They sang and toured at Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Mt. Vernon, National Anthem at the Washington Wizards Basketball game, National Cathedral, St. Johns Church - for the noon service, LDS Visitors Center - they were the advertised concert group and sang for about an hour, and the White House. We also toured Fords Theatre, and saw the show 1776...excellent. Went to a Baseball game, the Smithsonian museums including the National Archives and the Holocaust Museum. It was a jam packed trip, we saw a ton but there is a ton left to see and do.
I am so glad that all of our kids allowed us to go with them on their choir trips. Everyone of them was wonderful. So glad I got to see my kids in their social element. You learn a lot about your child when you observe them in this type of setting. I am glad to say that they all were well behaved, kind and inclusive.