Monday, June 29

Vacy is Over :(

We are is nice to be home, but the relaxation will be missed.

We just spent the past week with our family.
We began our vacation at Disneyland in honor of Gary's Birthday. After 2 days in 'the land' as we affectionately call it we headed north stopping to see Hearst Castle and then on to San Francisco for a couple of days.

Vacation Memories:
Disneyland/California Adventure....we did Toy Story Mania, a fun shooting rage game, 4 times.

The variety of landscape - it surprised me......I thought that the Pacific Coast highway drive would have me looking mostly at beach vistas like I am familiar with in So. Cal. ....boy was I wrong. As you travel north the beach is accessible only after dropping down a hillside or was absolutely gorgeous. In the middle area we detoured inland a bit to Solvang, this is a Danish community. By going inland we saw vineyards, farmland, desert, and mountains, once again I was surprised.
California's terrain is one place they call it 'the salad bowl of the nation'.....the fields were plentiful and harvesting and re-sowing was taking place. It was a beehive of activity. I now better understand how much of our produce comes form California.
Hearst Castle- We got the bug to go there after we watched Citizen Cain. It was remarkable and sad. Remarkable that all these treasures had been preserved. Sad, that it was located in the middle of no where.

Seals, Sea Lions & Elephant Seals- Big, smelly and slug like.

Golden Gate Bridge- We walked it. It was windy and cold, but awesome.

San Francisco Food- You could eat non stop in SF and still not taste it all. We loved the sourdough bread, clam chowder, corn and crab chowder, fish and chips, Chinese food, Ghiradeli Ice Cream Sundaes, Kara's Cupcakes, farmers market....... a city of great food.

Family Time- It is always best when we spend time with each other. It was fun having Laurie with us....she really got to know us all better.......nuf said.

I Love to travel, but coming home is the best.....If I never went away I would never know about coming home.


Sunday, June 21

So Much Fun!

We partied, and had a great time at the Lion House for Lyle & Sheri's big 50 anniversary. Her are some highlights.

Thanks again Mom and Dad!

Friday, June 19

WOW.......50 Amazing Years!

Tomorrow we are celebrating my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary....what an accomplishment! We wanted to hold a big shindig for them, to shout it out to the world that they have done the first 50 years and are still in love and happy. They wanted it a bit quieter, just their children and grandchildren to celebrate with them......they won. You usually do when you choose to foot the bill.

Lyle Nelson Cole and Sharolyn Butters were married on June 9th, 1959 in the Slat Lake City Utah LDS Temple. They were married/sealed together for time and all eternity by family friend Harold B. Lee. A garden reception was held that evening at Grant & Eulala Butters' home in Bountiful. Best man - Jay T. Cole, Brides maids - the Darlene Butters Ostlund, Lynette Butters & Diane Butters. Also in the bridal party Parents of the bride, Grant and Eulala Butters and grooms mother Bertha Cole.

They meet at BYU. Dad was moms home teacher......She says he dated all the girls in her apartment then finally got around to dating her. He says that he was saving the best for last.
My whole life dad said that it was Grandma Butters cooking that sealed the marriage deal......and she is a fantastic cook.

The weather was just like it is most early Junes in Utah, always a chance of rain. I asked mom this year if the weather was a problem? She replied 'we didn't know if our reception was going to be indoors or out until about an hour before the reception.'

Dad and Mom have had the ups and downs associated with any marriage, and survived!
Their example of how to give and take and stick it out through it all is amazing....especially in this world where the norm is disposable relationships. They both have expressed that they entered their marriage with the 'this is forever' attitude....that is, you work through it all and are committed to your spouse first and foremost, because your spouse is never going away.

I remember as a kid loving the whole anniversary fact when I was about 10, I made them a card that has survived all these years..... it was on plain white typing paper, I drew an odd sized bride and groom and a red rose......
I am so glad that I have had a such a wonderful example of what a marriage is supposed to look like inside and out. Mom and Dad never sugar coated it, as kids we got to see and hear it all......amazing considering the era. I knew from them that marriage was work, but that the work is always worth it......and it looked to me that it got easier and better over time......with age I and personal experience I too have learned that really does get easier, and better.

Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad!


Thursday, June 18

Today is Thrusday

I have to keep telling myself that. Yesterday I could have sworn it was Thursday.......until around 5:00 when a note reminding me of RS on Thursday came.........I wasn't alone, Megan thought the same thing.
Thursday, what is great about Thursdays?
It is the day before the weekend begins, 4th day of the work week,......ummmm, it's ummmmm......nothing. It is usually just another day.
I usually don't have any scheduled plans for Thursdays......just house work, and if am really lucky the 'maid' shows up.......and boy do I need her today.
My sister uses her blog on Thursdays as a day of thanksgiving.....appropriate since Thanksgiving day is a Thursday.....another great thing about Thursday, Thanksgiving, food, family, yum!
The thankful Thursday reminds me of the gratitude journals that were all the rage in the 90's. We all read the book Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach, she told us we could have the life we dream of and one of the steps toward of getting that life is to write a gratitude journal. Each day write down what you are thankful for, because we really are so blessed. This activity reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by Charles Dickens....Reflect upon your present blessings of which every man has many; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.

I am very blessed......I have been so abundantly blessed with many earthy treasures. I also have been blessed with a good whole and healthy body, and a wonderful family and friends; but most important, I have been so richly blessed spiritually.


Wednesday Weigh In....a day late busy,sorry.
Lost almost a 1/2 a least it is down and no, I am not reaching by reporting a 1/2 pound.
Despite the rain walking everyday outside is so nice. I am also enjoying the early morning.......7:30am is early to me, however 7:30 am is just after the running/walking rush hour in front of my house, at 7:20 am the pedestrian traffic is crazy. Apparently at 7:30 am we are late getting out, but getting out and going is a nice way to start my day.

On to a better week!

Tuesday, June 16

Thank You

Hayden bathed the dog...YEAH! House stinks a little like wet dog.......but hey, he is cleaner than he was.
Thanks Hayden, you are one of the best!


Today we need to give the dog a bath.....I know, send him to the groomer, but here's the catch;
Snickers needs his shots updated before the Groomer will see him. If I go and get his shots so I can have him groomed I have to pay for an office visit as well as the, if I have his shots done while he is in the kennel next week I don't have to pay for an office visit too. Also if I send him to the groomer before the kennel experience I am just wasting my money....he always has to go to the groomer after being in the kennel....he is so stinky afterwards.

We have been putting off the bath for a week now, partly because of the rain.......wet dogs, smelly, yuck!
Anyway I am hoping that I can get Hayden excited about this project.......he has never really done it himself before, he might like it, not......ha, ha, ha, ha...that is my evil laugh......

The Pros to having Hayden bathe the Dog:
1. Snickers loves, loves, loves Hayden, hopefully more than he hates baths.
2. If Hayden gives him a bath, then I wont have that nasty wet dog smell on me and boys usually smell like wet dogs anyway.
3. The weather is nice right now, and Hayden can do the deed on the patio instead of the bathroom, thus keeping that wet yucky dog smell out of the house.
4. If he does it then I won't have to do it.
Cons:None that I can think of unless I have to bath the dog......then that is a big con.

If only I had paid attention to the notice I received about 2 months ago from the Vet telling me that Snickers was due for his shots I could have avoided this whole mess and had him groomed a month ago.......
If only I had Gary give him a bath before he left town......
If only I had a little dog with very little fur......
If only I had thought twice and said no to the idea of a dog.......

Hindsight is 20/20, especially to a procrastinator.

Monday, June 15

Summer Where are you?...... and other Mumblings

The Forecast is for another week of spring rains....very unusual in Utah.
On the Radio this morning the announcer said "yeah, more rain to water the mushrooms that were once my lawn."
I guess a long spring is okay, after all Summer doesn't officially begin until Sunday.
It is very green and moist....but my garden loves it.
We ate radishes the other day from our garden. The Peas are coming, probably in time for me to leave town. The other veggies are growing rapidly.....especially the tomatoes.

Hayden has been going to Drivers Ed for a week now...he is a great driver. The only problem with early Drivers Ed is that he now thinks he can drive with out any of us, but he won't get his official licence until November 2.

Megan is doing B'way dance summer camp this week. She was thinking that there wouldn't be very many students....wrong she has 16. That is more than enough. They should have fun learning not only how to dance, but how to Dance and Sing different b'way style production numbers. She has a real talent with the pre-teen, Jr. high age students....they love her, and think that she is the last word on all things musical theatre around is pretty fun to watch.

For two weeks now the Missionary has had unbelievable weeks......I told him he must have been studying "How To Have The Best Mission Experiences Ever" text book......wouldn't that be a great book. Anyway our favorite thing he said this week is that his mission is "No party in the Pacific." What visual.

I have two weeks worth of stuff to do since I am vacaying next week.......tough life but someone has to help the travel industry. The extra work really isn't so bad, it is just keeping all the dates straight for the movie schedules.
Since we have been working on the Theatre website....still months to go until it is acceptable to go live......... so, I created the Kaysville Theatre Blog, on blogspot
I couldn't get Theatre spelled this way I had to go with Theater( ends "ER" not "RE") oh well, you can't have everything you want. At Kaysville Theatre you find a customer created site, they last published a schedule in Sept. 2009, they also have memories. Hayden thinks it is do I.

Today is a bit chill...........Summer where are you?

Friday, June 12

28 years, Happy Anniversary!

28 years ago today Gary & I were married in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple. The weather was much the same as it has been all week long here, rainy with a chance of sun. This morning the sky was a clean blue with little puffy clouds, just like my wedding day. The weather reports are forecasting rain this afternoon and evening......just like my wedding day. Different so far from my wedding day is that we have not seen snow.......we still have hours to go. It could happen.

Our wedding reception was a garden reception held in my parents backyard. We had worked hard all spring long on making the yard look fantastic, and it did look great!
We had talked about the option of holding the reception in the house, but common, it's June the weather is always nice. Except for early June 1981 it wasn't. It had rained the whole week before our wedding day. So, when the day dawned so beautifully and the sun seemed to hold till after 2:00pm the decision was made that an outside reception would be OK; and it was for about 1 hour. At 6:00 pm, an hour into the reception the circus party began.....the clouds rolled in and we had a very light sprinkle, but we endured. The sprinkle let up and we stayed put for 15 more minutes. That is when the clouds opened up and the rain really started coming. Quickly we moved the cake, not an easy task, thank heaven I chose a cake that had separated tiers; And we moved 3 food serving tables full of food, flowers etc...into the house. We set up hastily a receiving line in the entry way of the house. It was crowded but okay.
We were no sooner all inside and set up to go when the rain stopped and the sky started to clear. So, being optimistic back outside everything went....what took hours to set up originally took about 10 minutes. Ta-dah!......And 20 minutes later the clouds had rolled in, again, and were now dark and menacing.....the sprinkles started, should we go back inside?....... the wind whipped up making it very cold....the decision was made. So, inside it all went again. Because we had nix the idea of being inside earlier our lovely garden party was now a crazy mess.......
We changed location of the receiving line to make it flow better.....Gary and I were receiving guests in the living room knee deep in wedding gifts. A couple of our friends decided that since there was a piano in the room that they were going to play and sing as back ground music.....they were good just a bit loud...but then everything got loud inside the house. The food: mini french rolls, cheeses, fruit, Sprite-our sparkling drink and wedding cake we served for the whole reception. Outside the food was served at separate serving stations buy friends dressed as chef's and maids. We did this so our guests could eat what they liked. Inside we had no room for all of this stuff so the food was all piled on to little plates, and handed too our guest by I don't know who.........Because we were going to be outside we allowed the kitchen to be used instead of the garage for food prep and clean up. Now that we were inside this was not a good idea. Outside we had set up a few chairs and a couple of tables for the guest to eat on. We planned on the majority of our guests standing and mingling while inside they were mingling in the kitchen with the kitchen help and standing on top of each other........ There was no room, people were on top of people, on top of wedding gifts,on top of food prep and clean up on top of you name it. Any plan that had been made for being inside had long ago gone out the window. If you didn't laugh you would have cried. We were wingin' it, with smile on our faces......Family and friends jumped in to help anywhere they could and they also helped to keep the party light. The night was a crazy one, but in the end and through the years it has also been a memorable one.

In 28 years we have found our marriage and family in a trouble or two, and in crazy circumstances. But we have managed through it all and survived, no sweat. If you were there that first night I think you had a good look at how the Gary & Marcie Call marriage and family would manage through this crazy life.........hey, we are all still pretty good at wingin' it and smiling!
It's been a great life together so far!
I Love You Gary!

Thursday, June 11

When Life Hands You Lemons

My good friend Dixie and her husband are getting ready to serve an LDS they went to get their physicals, they thought no problem.......not. They both had test results come back with positive cancer signs. Her husband Paul's cancer is Colon and Dixie's Breast. What a blow to your spirit, but Dixie and Paul are both so positive. They both have commented on what a blessing it was to have to get a physical. They both are now doing what ever they need to so that they can get out on that mission. Today Paul got great news his little cancer was removed and he will now under go a mild cancer treatment to keep it all away.....Dixie however is going in for a double mastectomy tomorrow. She is a little apprehensive as anyone might be, but she is still so positive. She made me laugh, she told me that she was getting a great deal, two surgeries at once. "When it is all over I will now be a B cup instead of a D." So funny!
Life is all about the attitude. Looking at the awful and finding the one bright spot no matter how small it may be. Gary is great at finding the sunshine at the darkest moment....and it is all about finding the tiny bright spot that makes you a survivor.
My thoughts and prays are with Dixie this day, and with all those who are suffering. I pray that they may all find a pin point of light to help them through the darkness of their trials.
When life gives yo lemons make lemonade!

Wednesday, June 10

Wednesday Weigh In

I am no longer stuck, 2 more pounds gone. I am at my lowest weight since giving birth to Hayden...he will be 16 this fall.

Yesterday for Megan's birthday we went shopping. She is loosing weight as well and needed a few new things....we had fun, but the most fun for me was that I could wear a size 18 with comfort. ( I know it was Megan's day but I couldn't resist and tried on also, but I didn't buy). A month ago it was a size 20. When I seriously began all this I was a tight 24, I couldn't bear to say I was a size 26, but I was. So, YEAH for me! I will have to pull out the tight straight skirt I bought years ago with the hope that I could someday wear it. I have never worn it and I never gave it away. I think it is a size where is it at?

About 2 years ago I began my latest weight loss journey. I have had my ups and downs, the plateaus and miss steps, but I have tried to keep on track, to do something even if it was to be more focused on eating one bit less in a meal. The interesting thing is that it all has become easier to do; to eat healthier, to exercise and to just live with the fact that I will be watching my weight for the rest of my life.
In the beginning of a weight loss plan you are focused and all rah, rah, I can do this.....eventually your passion cools and most of us usually loose our drive. What clicked this time? I don't know, but this time I got my Doctor more involved. Yes, he told me that I needed to lose weight. I was told this every time I went in for any ailment....that is what the Medical profession says to every over weight person, and some Doctors stop there with their diagnosis. Luckily for me my Doctor looked a little further and found that I had Hypothyroidism, that is a low thyroid. It has taken a lot of hit and miss with the regulation, but we finally got things under control. That has really helped not only with the weight loss, but all kinds of other things. In general I feel better than I have in years. I know that this is not every ones problem, but it was one of mine. The other thing that has clicked is that weight loss/management is not a fast race. Actually weight loss/ management is not a race at all. A race has a finish and wight management is never finished. When you are working on weight loss/management you are developing habits that lead to a consistent healthy life style.
I have another 60 to 70 pounds I would like to loose, yes, that will be a whole person gone. I know I can do it, it might take me another 2 years and that is okay. By taking it slow and steady I am learning how to manage and maintain me. I learning how to create a healthy life style for life.

I keep being asked what I am doing to loose weight. My advice to anyone is to always choose healthy whole and natural plant based foods over fad diets and bad food choices.
Moderation, you can eat anything you want in moderation. However, if you know that you can't stop with one bite then don't even start.
Weigh yourself at least weekly so you know where you are. I like to weigh my self everyday. I use a graph to chart my ups and downs....I am really visual, also weighing everyday helps me know what my intake limitations are for the day.
Exercise a minimum of 40 minutes, 5 days a week. I walk and now I am doing more strength training to help boost my metabolism.
Drink lots of water. Water flushes out the bad stuff, It helps my exercise aches go way sooner, and water just makes your skin look better.
The best thing you can do is fix your brain, believe in yourself. Be positive about the process. Weight management is a lot of trial and error, discovering what works for you. Know for yourself that weight loss/management is not a race, but a healthy life style you are creating and going to live with forever.

Tuesday, June 9

Megal-bagel the Great!

Today is Meggie's Birthday!

24 years ago today our Meggie was born. It was a beautiful Sunday morning. I had been up all night debating on if it was time to call Doctor Frampton and go to the hospital..... I was ready, she was 10 days over due. At 6:00 am we arrived at Mt. View Hospital in Payson Utah. Being the second birth I kind of knew what I was going to previous labor was long, so long that they told me next time they might want to induce my labor. The morning was slowly moving along, the Doctor visited me while doing his rounds at the hospital. He took a look and told me he was going home, that this baby didn't look like it was in any hurry.
At 8:00 am the nurse hooked me up to a drip to help create a stronger labor......... At 9:00 am I heard the Mormon Tabernacle Choir begin their weekly broadcast. Seconds later I told Gary to go get the nurse, this baby is coming. As the nurse sauntered in I was in terrible pain meds for me. the first time they about killed me. I was shouting at her that the baby was coming, she took a look and the panic on her face told me the baby was coming fast. She tossed Gary his delivery room outfit and told him to hustle and get it on if he wanted to see this baby born. In the hall there was a lot of commotion and shouting for help and to get hold of the Doctor. I was rushed in to a delivery room, the table was askew in the room. Everyone looked frazzled and their was no doctor around. I knew that the nurse was going to deliver this baby, she thought she was too. In the background I could still hear the MoTab as the hospital staff were giving instructions to Gary and the nurse was taking her place to help the baby enter this world. Suddenly everything was spinning and good ole Doctor Frampton rushed in. His scrubs looked as if they had been hastily put on, he was snapping his gloves reached down and caught the baby as she slipped out....... At 9:20 am Megan Call entered peacefully into the world. (I remember hearing the MoTabs closing song as I held her for the first time. To this day I think of her birth every Sunday when their program begins.)Megan looked around with her big eyes assessed the situation then let out a pitiful whine....probably because she felt cold and uncomfortable. She had just been jarred from her 9 = months resting place.....To this day she dislikes the cold and loves cocooning in comfortable safe surroundings.
Megan is our second child, but first daughter. She is the first granddaughter for both the Cole and Call family, still the only granddaughter for the Call's....... it will be 6 years until their is another granddaughter in the family. The name selected for this little monkey like baby girl ws decided upon by me when we were expecting Jordan.......Jordan wanted to call his baby girl or boy "Nochionoes, after Pinocchio. One day he asked if he could just call the baby Nocci, that didn't last. Megan soon had the nick name of bagel. Even her grandpa Bill called her Megal-bagel in a prayer on her blessing day.

Megan has always been a girly girl, but she can hold her own with the boys if called upon. Everyone loves Megan, she is a great sister and friend to the Cole girls, Rachel, Becca & Jenna and Laila.....Laila told her preschool teacher that when she grows up she wants to be Megan. Her brothers turn to her as their confidant and advisor, in return they are her knights, protectors and defenders. As a teacher and director I have watched the students hang on her every word, they idolize her. She was so excited to finally get a sister of her own when Jordan married Laurie....they get along great! Megan's girl friends always look to her as the planner, the fun creator. Megan is not only my daughter, but my friend, exercise buddy and partner in crime. We have so much fun together. Meggie is passionate, creative, committed. She is a defender of underdogs, will mother the motherless, and is charitable in thought and deed, but best of all our Megal-bagel has a huge heart full of love, love that she shares freely. A gentleman in our ward calls Megan "Sunshine." I guess that name is fitting because she not only shines brightly, but she shares a special warmth to all with whom she comes in contact.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY my Sweet Megan!
Love you Heaps,
P.S. Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad!
I'll celebrate this major accomplishment later.

Monday, June 8

Website is sooooo much WORK!

I have worked my fingers to little nubs today. I have been working on the Kaysville Theatre website.... I know welcome to the future. Now I was not designing/creating the website,no we paid big money for that. I was just filling in all the information into the blank spaces. In this filling in process I am also discovering all the mistakes, glitches and weird thing that the designer thinks we ought to include. I thought I explained all of the stuff we needed and wanted and how we would like to use the stuff and have it set up.......I said apple, apple, apples and he heard apple, oranges, apples......not bad, but not good either. I guess I need a technology communication lesson.

Sunday, June 7

Refining Ones Self

If we could part the veil and observe our heavenly home, we would be impressed with the cultivated minds and hearts of those who so happily live there. I imagine that our heavenly parents are exquisitely refined. In this great gospel of emulation, one of the purposes of our earthly probation is to become like them in every conceivable way so that we may be comfortable in the presence of heavenly parentage and, in the language of Enos, see their faces “with pleasure” (Enos 1:27).

This is the opening paragraph of a great article I read in the June 2009 Ensign. It is titled Our Refined Heavenly Home, by Elder Douglas Callister of the Seventy.
After reading this article I think that it is interesting to note how unrefined as a society we have become. I have been pondering the idea that if we are to emulate and become like our Heavenly Parents then we had better change and refine our ways.

I know that my speech could use improvement. I not only need help with grammar and diction, but I need help with speaking in positive ways and not allowing myself to sink into the speech norms that abound today.......think of the bashing and profanities we hear all around us. An area of speech that really peeves me, especially in the Church, is the inability of the youth and some adults to prepare and deliver a proper, appropriate talk. "I was asked to speak on.....", Is not the proper introduction for any speech. Looking at past education practices, I know that our societies ability to succeed and excel in all areas of our education and employment would markedly improve if we were to make public speaking classes mandatory for should have heard a few of the job interviews we recently held. I was not impressed with the applicants ability to communicate with me, so why would we heir them and I let them loose on the public? I learned so much in my public speaking classes in High School and College, not only how to prepare an deliver a speech, but how to be a good communicator in my all speaking and writing.

Literature, Art and Music were also talked about in this article. We have abandoned the classic art forms for things that couldn't hold a candle to the master pieces we have access to in most public libraries. When was the last time you read a tabloid? When was the last time you read Tolstoy? What about great art, do you know what great art looks like, and why it is great? Was the last piece of art you looked at the TV? I'm not saying that TV can't offer great works of art, but come on how lasting will According To Jim be in comparison to one of Shakespeare Plays?

I am now on a refinement campaign, even if it is only in my own home. We are on a quest to emulate our Heavenly parentage, to become worthy to enjoy the refined society of Heaven.

Saturday, June 6

Garage Sale

My neighbor had a garage sale today.....what a bunch of stuff/junk. While I was working in my yard they kept motioning to me to come on over........I kept thinking, Why? All garage sales are full of junk, junk you don't want that you are hoping someone else is desperate enough to give a few dollars for.
So being neighbourly I took a peak at what was for surprises, it was all junk to me.
When I told Meg and Hay about the sale they both laughed and said, 'well they certainly have a lot of stuff stacked in their garage, so there must have been something good to buy.' Yes, their garage is full, very,very full. For 20 years I have never seen them put a car in the garage. For 20 years when I have seen the garage open I wonder where did all that stuff come from and why are they saving it? I didn't ask why the sudden urge to sell their stuff, but curiosity is getting the best of me so I might ask anyway..........I don't think they are putting their house up for sale. Another neighbor cleaned their stuff out a year ago, no garage sale, but they did it so they could sell their is still for sale a year later.......and the price keeps going down.
Anyway, I should host my own garage sale. I have things I need to get rid of. I probably wont make the effort, too much time vs too little money. I will just send it all off to the DI..........that is the funniest part about having a garage sale, after your sale you take it all to the DI or good will anyway..... so why did you try to sell it if you thought it was junk too.

Friday, June 5

The End....& The Beginning!

Well, we wrapped up another school year. School can be hard and a I am not referring to getting the grades, but maneuvering socially. So, this year is over and I have a few months to insulate, teach, protect and nurture until I send Hayden back into the lions den...yikes, for mom,not for Hayden........ Hayden tells me he is 'so ready for High School'.
Today was my last day of Jr.High too and I just kept thinking no more Jr. High School, YEAH!!!!
All of my kids did fine in Jr. high so that is not why I am glad that is over. I am excited because they all seemed to escape the trauma and drama that usually goes with that time of life.......I had a bitter sweet Jr. High experience, and I survived.......but my kids, and especially Hayden finished Jr.high without having to survive, they all thrived,and not just socially........Now for my last 3 years in High go to school all over again with your kids.
Looking ahead I keep telling myself that the older 3 didn't fall apart in High School......they all got better..........and I expect the same will be true for Hayden. He is already involved in the High School, He starts Drivers Ed there Monday morning!?!?!?!?! Go Braves!

I'm not saying that we were aren't above a little glitch in the school life every once in a while, but for the most part life in school is great........It is all in the attitude! I think my kids made it through without all of the social yuck because of a good attitude.
I attribute most of their 'life is great' attitude to my wonderful husband Gary. He always looks on the bright side. When the pity parties begin he is there listening, then reminds us that things could and have been worse. He then helps us look for the lesson and how to move on.....and move on quickly.
I am glad that my kids have picked up this positive trait from their dad. The world can be a big scary place......especially Jr.high and High school. But with the right attitude you can always find the bright side. sure makes life better......and it helps you look forward to new beginnings.

Thursday, June 4

Girls Camp......Love it & Hate It.

I did Girls camp for over 10 years. I love it but I hate, when I was asked to help with the ward Girls Camp skit.....I said yes! It had been awhile since I had done the Girls Camp mind said "Oh, you love Girls Camp. Do It!"
Anyway, I don't know all the details, but here is the assignment. Each ward in our Stake was assigned a Dr. Seuss book as their source material for a skit, probably for their whole camp theme.

So, now for my "I hate it" part.......
Our ward was given Happy Birthday To You! Have you ever heard of It? This is not a Seuss book I am familiar with. It was published in 1959,..... it's one of his middle titles. This book didn't contain catchy fun rhymes or great Seussy characters to have fun with. I now know why I wasn't familiar with's not good.

When I think Dr. Seuss, I think of the classics, all the great stories they included in the musical, Seussical, the Musical. In fact I thought to my self, "why couldn't they have given us Green Eggs and Ham?" If that had been the case, I might of copped out and had the girls do the Green Eggs and Ham, military march from Seussical, or I would have borrowed the Green Eggs and Ham rap some kids did at the high school, and if not GE&H, well, there are several other Seuss titles that I have either performed in for Children's Theatre, or that I have already cut down into 'play/script' form....but NO, I am assigned Happy Birthday To You!....I hate, hate, hate, hate this....(I am always telling the kids that Hate is too strong a word, especially when what you really are feeling is dislike.....I dislike It!.........doesn't sound as good as hate.

I have spent hours, trying to distill this long, and not very fun book into 5 minutes of performable material....not a simple task. When doing any writing, play, or otherwise you need a strong, inviting beginning, an interesting middle, that climbs to an apex of action or emotion, and finally a great conclusion and ending....and ending that compels you to action.
When you have a book with few of the above mentioned elements, it is rough.......I thought I had figured all of it out. After several days and 3 drafts, that now included -parts, emotion suggestions, acting and staging notes, I was done. I was going to wash my hands of this project. I hate Girls Camp. It was somebody else turn to suffer with this stupid story..... and they would have too. You see, in my 10 yrs. of Girls Camp experience, I learned that if the girls didn't create it, with your direction of course, then they wouldn't do it....wouldn't matter how good and cute the thing was; if the girls didn't create it, they were not going to like it, and it was not gonna happen...... Yeah, I'm done, good riddance............I will deliver the script tomorrow!

.........Then the incessant rhyming of the Seuss' words haunted me. It was a fitful night.............

This morning I began again.......well, kind of. I simplified the script, I removed all the parts, notes, suggestions, etc... I turned the thing into song lyrics..... developed a strong funky rhythm of the new ideas here, just an application of the old, placed onto something new..........I'm fabulous! Now the girls can make this their own. My only suggestions to them were: singing it to the tune of Happy Birthday To You, I clever or what? Or, turn it into a 'rap' with a clap, slap and stomp routine...... yes, I'm Fabulous!
now, I love, love, love, love it and yes, I mean love it!

Ahhhh, Girls Camp is so fun. I guess I could do the Girls Camp again...........
help, please somebody stop me before I commit....or am committed.
I am so glad that I didn't try to rhyme this blog.

Wednesday, June 3

Wednesday Weigh In

I am loss, no gain........third week at the same weight.

What is causing this plateau? It is probably because I am not paying attention to what I am putting in my mouth.

I wish I had a personal nutritionist and chef.......I really don't crave a lot of things in the food department, but I get feeling hungry or feeling like I want something to nibble, then I graze on what is ever around.......and what is around and quick and easy is not always the best thing for weight loss.
I have emptied the house of tempting things.......I have made snack bags for my self.....I have even kept my mouth busy with gum or water, but for some reason I still find the worst snacks in the house.....carrots and dip.......
But a nutritionist and chef might possibly help me get healthy good for me snacks.
New week, new resolve to eat better.
I did buy me a new swimsuit and it is a whole lot smaller than I purchased last year.YEAH ME!

Tuesday, June 2

What's In A Name?

............a rose by any other name would smell so sweet.
Sunday evening we got out the Call family genealogy and looked at family names for the baby (yes, I know we have months to go).
The only really interesting names in the family come from Germany. All the rest are so "normal" sounding.......With English, Scottish, Welsh and Scandinavian heritage we don't have a lot to go with......can you say Sarah, Mary, William, John, and then there are Lars, Hans, Olaf, Peter, etc......ended with son? I'm not saying that those countries don't have there share of interesting unique names, but apparently our family didn't use any of them.....or maybe they did, but the ancestor wasn't our direct grandparent ....maybe I need to look at family group sheets to see if the brothers and sister ended up with unusual names.

We like unique I say this having a Jordan and Megan....but when I named them those names they weren't common, Or I didn't think they were as common as they are now....their school classes proved other wise. In our ward alone there are three Megan's all the same age, all great friends.......the girls would call each other by their first and last names and got in the habit of calling everyone by their whole first and last names for the first 4 years of elementary school. Jordan on the other hand has what we call in our home a "bi-nameial" name. That means it is used by either gender, and can be a first or last name. Jordan was bugged by the fact that there were girls being named his name as a kid and wanted to change i took the bate and asked what he would like to be named? His response was funny for several reasons; first: it was a very common name at the time, second:it was his best friends name, third: I had a cousin with that name. It was also a name that I had said a definite "no" to when we were thinking of names for him....his choice of a new name-Joshua.

Laurie wants to use her middle name of Jayne for a daughters middle name. I like it!
Jordan doesn't want girls....he thinks that they are too high maintenance and emotional. He is right but he would be a great dad to girls.
Jordan does have unusual ideas for boy names....he has mentioned all the Greek, Roman and Norse Gods as names, Superhero names and then there are the strange ethnic names he heard in East St. Louis, MO........think on that and you will come up with some of his favs.

A columnist in our local paper has done two columns recently on names......He mentioned the unique spelling of common names, and then the just plain crazy names...can you say La-a? (it is pronounced Lahdashah). He thinks that we are all crazy, and that their should be a standardize spelling and name list.

But a name is important...even if it is only important to you....My name is spelled Marcie....It has been misspelled my whole life. It use to matter a whole lot to me, now not so much. When I was younger I was bugged by the misspelling because I thought that it was a purposeful slight, that the person was doing so because they didn't like me or didn't want to get to know me well enough to spell it correctly.......Others have said the name they had as a kid was a childish name and as an adult have either changed it or gone to initials......I think it is weird to call a very old grandma Twinkle,or an old guy Tommy.....

The more mature I get I find myself liking standard common names and strong sounding will it sound if it is announced as President of the USA or on an news cast. How will the name look when printed on a program or diploma?

Whats in a name...a whole lot!

June is Bustin' Out All Over

June 1st got away from me....we'll just pretend that today is the first......

Summer is here! It is so weird to be a week past Memorial Day and have school still in session (till Friday ....2 weeks after the Holiday) crazy........but that doesn't matter June is truly bustin out.
The Gardens - flower and veggie are growing strong and beautiful. The emerald green of the lawns and the pale blue sky are glorious. The are birds singing to me when I wake up. The Sunsets are a beautiful pinky orange....just perfect.

As for vacations etc....we will still have two or more weeks filled with classes, projects etc...then we can let our selves go.....and go we will.

I can't get enough of the change of seasons....I am so glad that I live in a place where there is a noticeable difference!

Life is good.