Wednesday, August 26

Wednesday Weigh In

Nothing lost, but nothing gained.....I am at my lowest weight in years! That is good and bad...bad because my weight has been so out of hand and I am still overweight, good because I am at my lowest weight in 8 years (I had to think about it)......

I have been cleaning off our family room book cases because we got a new TV......yeah, it is about time. It is a very large TV and necessitated a bookcase remodel and re-do. We love books, and apparently dust....... we also have an extensive DVD and CD collection so there is a lot to organize and sort through......and then there is the stuff that I have collected that sits on top of the shelves. This stuff serves duel purposes; to add height to the shelves in my two story room, and a fun place share our collections of travel 'sombreros', beanie babies, fun old toys etc.....
It all gets a quick dust weekly, and a little more extensive dusting once a year, but not a deep cleaning and purging of stuff.......that is what is happening now.
I have sent all the business books to Gary's office, looked over all of the novels etc....Right now I am deciding what books to keep because several of us here do re-read books....a few think it is an odd practice......and what books to give away or take to the book exchange. The cook books I love, but do I really need another one, should I keep all of them.......they currently take up three shelves.
It is the sorting and categorizing that is taking a lot of time.......The videos, have all been moved into storage, the DVDs need a new sort....Nelson last summer thought he was being so clever to sort and 'nelson-atize' ---that is his version of alphabetize, our huge collection......I want to sot them again but this time into genera. Last summer he also sorted and boxed all of the CDs......they were taking up prime shelf space. They will now reside in a less than prime location since they all have been downloaded to iTunes so we don't need to access them as often.
Right now I am so glad to have moved all but one of the gaming systems and things to the basement family room.....We have kept Hayden's Wii in the family room because it is fun for the whole family......what that really means is Gary and I get the Wii -- how to use it and play it by ourselves.....and I of course have to have it close by to do my Wii Fit and Wii Active.
With the sorting of stuff I have decided to move the board and boxed games and puzzles up to the loft....My reasoning is to keep them safe from babies and small children......In fact the whole remodel is being done with babies in mind........I guess I am becoming more grandmother like.

Monday, August 24

New Beginnings

Happy New Year! That is how I feel about a new school year starting. The Facebook status' from all the kids going back to school were kind of grim, but I am so glad to get back to "normal".....I know where did summer go, I can't believe how time files, etc...
But come on school schedule is the regular in most households.
I love the schedule school puts the whole family on. I hope I can keep as good a schedule once I no longer have school to depend on.
Since it is a new beginning what are my new goals? A couple of weeks ago I thought about this but didn't really plan for much....
After yesterdays Temple Dedication I plan to attend the temple more often and have even put it on my schedule just like any other appointment.
I have a few things around the house I would like to get done by Christmas - Loft and Basement projects....
Speaking of projects - we decided that hitting the TV in the family room to make it work was getting old....sometimes even the hitting wasn't working and then you have to wait for 30 min with it on before a picture would Saturday afternoon we purchased a new TV. The new TV is large and thus it necessitates a mini room remodel.....but the mess that goes with this min remodel is anything but mini....Gary and the boys got it all hooked up and the other electronics with it, now I have to decide what I am going to do with the rest of the is covering the floor in three rooms.
I told Gary to think babies and toddlers when moving things and setting up.....little fingers like to explore and tug and change things...He was good to put everything just out of reach, now I need to do the same when I return things to the shelves.
Back to goals and planning:
I need to do something more learning based- I will have to look into what is available at the community school. I know they often offer a "Photo shop" class and I have signed up for it a few times , but then i have had to drop it due to my bad planning....maybe this year.
I have a few more hours this fall since I don't need to go to Football games Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays....only Thursdays and the other days if I want to, not as a parent participant.
I also want to make a few things for the baby.....
Oh what to many choices and all of them good.

Friday, August 21

Where Does the Time Go?

This week has just slipped past.......where does the time go?

I guess with school officially starting on Monday I have been busy getting things ready for Hayden. He tells me he doesn't want and or need anything new for school,but let's just say all this nothing has added up to over $200.00 in clothing and the odd supplies.....and I am always on the lookout for a bargain so most of it was purchased at a discount.
Speaking of bargains for the first time in my life I purchased for clothing for our soon to be grandchild.......Very cute things for next spring and summer at 70% off..........I bet Gary wishes I didn't know the babies gender.
The baby due to Jordan and Laurie on January 7th 2010, will be a Boy.....according to the ultrasound....and if what the tech pointed out to all of us in attendance to the ultrasound is real, then there is no doubt it is a Boy!
We are all so excited. We teased Jordan that he was having a girl. He reacts so well, especially when he is pretty sure the outcome is different than the rest of us are saying....When we discovered the babies gender Jordan just looked at the two grandmothers and said "told ya so."
The fun thing about ultrasounds these days is that you can see so much more than I saw 16 years ago. From the pictures, and DVD they have of the event, you can tell that this kid already has long arms and legs, a barrel chest and a cute face....not a real clear face, but when he yawned it seemed so full of personality.....and the face is shaped just like all my Call babies with that cute little chin.
AHHHHHH...I'm going to be a grandmother, where does the time go? My next phase of life is beginning!?!?!?!?!?

With the week slipping by I didn't even post my weight loss for the week....1lb.....yes, I am continuing to loose the weight. No stopping now...... no new clothes either, I spent my clothing money on baby things! If I keep this up Baby Call will look darling and grandma will be lost in her big clothes.

It is now late Friday afternoon, I am so behind this week, I have been working on things that should have been done earlier.....oh well, tomorrow is another day. I guess it is time to figure out our evening and weekend plans........

Baby and Momma are doing very well. Baby is right sized and healthy as far as the Doctors can tell.

Monday, August 17

My Garden

I know, how scary do I look?the flourishing garden.......we made that trellis that the beans were supposed to climb,
they didn't.
Yes, I grew this stuff!
I know that there are several weeks left to harvest from my garden, but hey I don't have much left worth harvesting so here is the report.
I have learned so much from doing it. I have a ton of questions for other gardeners in the area, and I found that I liked my low maintenance garden...the fresh produce was all worth it.
What I learned:
I learned that I need to plant the cold weather veggies sooner. So what if there is still snow on the ground or if it snows after you have planted, when they tell you so many weeks before the last frost that is when you should plant if you want any produce from those plants......when is the last frost?
I love our garden is small and manageable and virtually weed free. next year we need to add more soil mix and make it deeper.
I learned what to and what not to plant for next year, where to plant what, what areas of the garden get the most sun or shade and how much is too much water.
I found that I needed to put up a fence to keep my dog and other curious animals out, that birds will eat the seeds so watch out for them....and replant if you think they have eaten your seeds....sadly no melons.
I understand the why and need to thin the veggies.....can you say carrot knots?
I want to ask others who garden in this area what grows the best for them and what tastes the best?
My Semi-Successes and Failures:
I planted 4 tomato plants, one died, probably from to much water, one has produced excellent tomatoes....I hope the variety is in my garden notes, and two are decent looking plants but they haven't produced any tomatoes. I can't remember seeing any blossoms.....crossing my fingers, hoping for more. Tomato Story- I don't like the texture of a fresh tomato so I have never been a big fan of garden fresh tomatoes, however Megan and Gary love them....I decided to try them again because everyone is always telling me how fabulous tomatoes fresh from the garden are....I tried, I really did try to eat it all by it's self....and the flavor was wonderful, I don't have a problem with the flavor, but the texture.....well it made me gag, so I just hid it in something else and finished it. Yes, the flavor was delicious. We will want to plant that kind again.
My cucumbers are interesting, some are beautiful, long and straight, but others are round. If I let them grow a little longer they seem to get a little straighter, but then they get to big and seedy. So I would like to know what are the best variety of cucumbers to plant.
The other really promising veggies are the beets...yumm, carrots and radishes, where they were thinned, leaf lettuce, which was very good when it was young, and some kind of squash, probably zucchini......
The Green Beans did poorly, I barely got enough of them for dinner....others I have talked to said that their beans were also bad, so maybe I got the wrong kind or this was a bad year for beans? The Peppers are still struggling, but it doesn't look as if we will have anything from them this year. The Peas were planted too late....don't know when the last frost is or how to cunt back......but I did get a few. Everyone tells me to plant them again right now for a fall harvest.......I might try it.

Next year I will plant earlier, I will plant less of some things and a whole lot more of others.
I think I have figured out the water and sun thing so that too should help. The fact that I am even planning to do a garden again next year is promising.......maybe I'll even get enough produce to share?


Friday, August 14

Lime - it's a Favorite

Last night as Hayden and I were eating Hawaiian Shaved Ice I was reminded of a few of my favorites.....yes, Hayden got lime flavoring a started in on the Brian Regan "it's a favorite" routine.....

A Few Favorite Things...for now

Lime - it's a favorite. Not fake lime flavoring but real lime as in Fresh Limes - drinks and slushies from Paces, the lime in a Key lime pie. Last weekend at our ward BBQ i served a Sara Lee key Lime pie and was told by more than one person that it was the best Key Lime Pie they had ever had...I didn't get to taste it so i guess i will have to buy another one to compare.

Fall/Indian Summer Days - favorite season!

my iPod touch - My kids love their ipods. I wasn't really into mine until recently. I am now addicted to it.....I can see the fascination.... I love all of the information, not just music, that I can store on it and have at my ready access -- when ever I need it. However I think I am glad that it isn't also my phone.... I don't think I would like an iphone as much......then again maybe I would.

Chicago- the band that has been around since 1967. I knew I liked them, they were a fav when I was in high school, but lately I hadn't listened to their music very much; then I went to their concert last week.....They are a fav again. I have listened to their 40th anniversary Best of album everyday since.... Saturday in the Park, 25 or 6 to 4, Color My World, You're The Inspiration, Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? Hard Habit To Break.......Favorites are-- the brass section, the classic guitar riffs, and the old original guys.....Robert Lamm, James Panko, Lee Loughnane, Walter Parazaider.

Morning walks

Fav Movies--a friend reminded me of them this week....I have several, and they change... this list is not in any particular order.
1. The Way We Were - almost everything I love in a movie. Good script - nice story telling, beautiful cinematography, historical significance, romance, intrigue, eye candy....Robert Redford was very nice looking at one time.
2. Gladiator, The Patriot & Troy - i lump these three together because they all tell the same type of story.....a love for ones family, country and for right over might. The Leading characters all exude a passion for their cause that is admirable, they stand for the right against some wonderful baddies.
3. Reds - Historical and thought provoking.
4. Ragtime- I love when a movie and a book and a musical are all good i could watch the movie and insert the songs form the musical. Oh and Denzell Washington ...or Brian Stokes Mitchell from the musical......
5. Movie Musicals-- the old classics are the best....Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Two Weeks With Love, West Side Story, Singing in the Rain, Wonderful Town,............

Fav Books/Authors--always reading or looking for a new/old book.
When we (Melinda and me) were teenagers our mom got us reading by having us read Barbara Cartland books. B.C. wrote fictional, historical, romances.....they are clean, short, easy reads, but for a young teenage girl very exciting and imaginative.....and they led me to loving a good book....and other historic romance books..... Culinary Mysteries by diane Mott Davidson and Joanne Fluke are the best of category. Sophie Kinsella Shopaholic series and any others she has written even as Madeline Wickham, ...I am currently reading S.K.'s Twenties Girl.... Meg Cabot is so prolific, several YA and Adult series. I love her Heather Wells mystery series -Size Twelve Isn't do you write so many books in a year?
To Kill a Mocking Bird, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, Pride and Prejudice......

Weekends - 'nuff said......maybe each day should stand alone?
Friday-endings and beginnings all in one day.
Saturday- work hard play hard.
Sunday-Spiritual rejuvenation.....a day of rest and a day for re-committing.

Elder Call -- he makes my heart smile.

Hayden - oh to be young......youth is truly wasted on the young.

Megan - girlfriend, shopping partner, exercise buddy......

J & L - newlyweds, new love, new!

Gary - my love and companion....eternally a favorite., wit and knowledge are the best.


Thursday, August 13

What's Your Style?

Style is an expression of Individualism mixed with Charisma. - John Fairchild
this was on my quote calendar this morning.

I think this quote describes my style. I love the trends in fashion. I love how fashion helps define a culture, a class, the climate, the economy, etc...
My dream job as a teenager was to be a fashion designer and a historian....odd combo, I know weird.... Today I am not a fashion designer nor a historian, but I do have the opportunity now and again to help design the costumes for the High School musical which allows me to do the fashion designing and historical designing I don't mean creating new looks, but researching and putting together the appropriate style for each character in regards to time period, social class, occupation, situation, etc..... There is something satisfying about seeing your design vision carried out by the average joe high school student.
When designing for a character it is always fun to find out something about them that I can incorporate into the costume that will add a little humor to the picture for me and for those who look at the there a favorite color, or personality quirk, did something happen to them that they are trying to hide, or are they driven by something that you can incorporate into their clothing....we all try to express individualism, especially in what we wear...think of the hippies, or punks, or goths....?
I still like to draw fashion ideas...those are my doodles....and I think I would be a good historian for a museum that features clothing....
I get a kick at trying to guess how the designers are going to incorporate the down economy or the 'green movement' in to our everyday fashion... I also love seeing how the fashion designers steal fashion ideas from previous decades....I have always said look at what was happening 25 or 50 years ago in fashion and you can pretty much guess what the 'new' trends will be.... have you seen the late 60's Hippie and 80's Pop star look coming out in fashion again?..........everything old is new again.
I am getting too old to go with the latest and greatest in fashion for myself, so more and more I'm checking out what is new, reinterpreting and mixing it up my way......or wearing the classics with a few twist. Everyone tells me I have always done this.... I think I have always done this?!?!?!? I remember in high school doing the fashion trends from the know a little over the top for everyday real life. Everyone else would wear the modified versions of the style, but not me, I wanted to be different.
To create your own look or iconic style you have to do your own thing. Not weird things, but you have to take what you wear and decide how to make it you. What is your signature to the outfit you are wearing, how are you going to show your individuality.....remember Barbara Bush's pearls? That was her signature to everything she she didn't always look the height of fashion but she expressed who she was through those pearls....she apparently thought they gave her a sense of class and wealth.
Your signature could be how you turn up the collar or what style of shoes you wear, the colors and patterns you wear or are willing to mix and match, your jewelry pieces, etc.....
But to really make any kind of style statement, on top of your signature/individuality, you have to have the self confidence to back up your choices and a charisma that is charming, that attracts people, so that they will look at you and think, they have style!


Wednesday, August 12

Wednesday Weigh In...and walking

I am actually posting on Wednesday that has got to count for something........
but alas not weight loss to post. I am even with last week...... better than going up.

Megan and I have been walking the Boulevard this summer as part of our fitness routine. 7:30 in the morning is such a nice time of day....I only hope that those who see me don't think I always go around in my boy face and hair don't......every day besides us we are lucky to see so many beautiful and crazy sights, regular walkers/runners and dogs.....I think golden retrievers are the dog to walk. We see 3 of them to 1 of any other kind of breed.....and speaking of dogs and crazy sights, there is this older lady who 'walks' her little dog every day. I say 'walks' because most of the time the dog is ridding in a baby stroller......When the dog is actually on the ground walking the lady is struggling to keep hold of the leash and the baby stroller.....crazy.
There is this older gentleman who says "good morning" to us going one way and "have a nice day" when going the other. We try to say hello or 'good morning' to everyone we pass.
There are the regular ladies from our ward that walk...Kathy, Sharon and Geri (who is now on a mission), they are now regularly joined by Joyce and sometimes Lynda. The face of those who join the core group of 3 change from time to time, but this group, or at least Kathy, Sharon and Geri have walked past our home every morning for as long as I can remember. In a church talk once the person said that they knew everything was right with the world when the mothers march went past their house in the morning.
We see the crazy runners/joggers....and I mean crazy. Most folks don't run/jog with any style or grace. Megan and I have both said that we don't like to run but if we were going to do it we would enlist the help of a running coach to help us achieve a good runners form, style and grace. Back to crazy runners/joggers: let's just say you can tell a good runner from a bad one and most people out there looping along are bad runners......their arms move wild or not at all, they don't bend their knees right, their upper body is all over the place, some of them kind of do a shuffle run or their feet swing out to their side not forward. The other day while taking Hayden to football practice we saw a lady who was running and I use the term loosely, she was running with almost stiff legs, no ankle movement, no knee bend, no pivot of the leg at the was truly a crazy sight.
The Drivers are the wildest ones out is like they are all too busy trying to see if they know the people on foot so they aim their cars at you or swerve wildly to get back on track. They are also the most impatient......they seem to hate to wait for the peds to cross the street or to give them room to walk in the street.....yes, I know the street is for the cars but sometimes you want to walk 3 abreast with your group or the sprinklers are watering the sidewalk so you cut out into the street....surely they can give us defenceless folks a little more room on the road and not aim their 2000 lb. vehicle at us. Come on drivers Davis is not that busy in the summer.....but when school is in session it is a different story......
Since we have be come two of the faithful in our walking we have seen many walkers and runners come and go. I understand this, the intention to get up and do it is there but it comes down to mind over matter, the mind is willing but the body likes the mattress better......
I am so glad that I now get up to walk with out a problem....and I really like doing it.
The best part of the walk is the beautiful world that is all around.....The change of season is subtle but fascinating. The rising sun and the clouds are interesting to watch. The smells of nature are the best. I had forgotten that trees have a scent.


Monday, August 10

Monday, Monday, Monday

I am so glad that it is a new week! I loved all that I had to do last week, I just had too much and missed too many things because of overlap.....

I am playing catch up and try to get ahead with my regular things my dreams!

Elder NCCall had a bit of a rough last week....makes my mothers heart sad, but there is nothing I can do to help and he is okay, just disappointed in other people.
I found this photo of him posted on facebook by Elder Hudson made me smile. Elder Call - Friends don't let friends go to UTAH. Elder Hudson -Utah
This was taken about two weeks ago at their Zone P-Day Christmas in July party.

It is a beautiful cool summer day....they are the best. Sky is blue, trees have lots of beautiful foliage, the grass is green, my flowers are still blooming, and the garden looks great...yesterday we had 6 tomatoes, carrots, beets, cucumber and lettuce form the garden for dinner.....yumm!

No great new movies coming out so there isn't a lot of new to book at the K-town this week......I think they are now saving it all for labor Day weekend. that means 2 more weeks of the same old crap.

Attended a great fireside with Hayden last night. The core thought was read and study your scriptures, pray daily, and live temple worthy and you will be prepared and protected.......I know too simple for most of us to do. We want it to hard, to have to make a showy sacrifice, but all that the Lord requires of us is simple.......all he really wants is our heart.


Saturday, August 8

.....It was Interesting....... Better Than I Expected.

Had my 30th high school reunion last was interesting, better than I expected.
When we arrived everyone was gathering, picking up name tags, a few small groups chatting, some were drinking. I commented to Gary that everyone looks like grown ups, their parents, or the parents of your kids friends......we all had aged, some better than others.....actually the women had aged the best some still looked just the same. The men well, you could put some of the names with faces, but for the most part I had to look at their name tags to match them up. The big surprise was all the gray hair.....come on you can do something about that. My attitude comes from living with hairdressers for to long. I said a quick hello to a few folks who I felt comfortable speaking with, stopped, looked around again and decided that I was going to have to just jump and talk to people......most were like me standing around with their spouse or a friend they came with with a miserable look on their faces that said something like 'Now why did we come?' Gary couldn't help me out, he really didn't know these people and he had already said hello to the 3 people he knew in the I zeroed my sights on a man and his wife standing close by. I did a quick scan of the name tags and realized that I really did know this person, I could talk to him and that began my night of stepping out. I knew I had to make the first move people tell me that I come across pretty unapproachable......... so I jumped in. I had decided that I would not talk about the I checked on every ones current stats: their families---children, they all will talk about their kids or grandkids----, where they now live, occupation, etc.....Things went really well, then it was time to sit down for our dinner. Time to begin again. We could play it safe or be daring.....We decided not to be safe and scanned tables looking for those who looked lonely. We sat by two girls who I had gone to school with since kindergarten. We were shortly joined by another kindergarten friend and her husband, and by two couples who never would have sat by any of us back in high school, but hey things change....their HS friends hadn't saved them a place. Earlier I had spoken to the last two couples briefly, and commented to Gary that one of the guys in high school was a real ***. After watching him the rest of the evening I realized he is insecure and and probably was back then as well. He would try too hard to be cool, a ladies man, etc... and most thought he was all it.....he has mellowed a little. He has a paunchy gut, gray hair and wrinkles and just like the rest of us he isn't 17 anymore.In attendance were those who tried to stay in high school, but they were very few in number......A few good ole' boys who will never change. The 'popular, easy girls'. Still easy but not as popular as they once were. We no longer care to be one of them.... so the 6 of them kept together. Gary laughed at these ladies because they were dressed too young and inappropriate and were trolling for new husbands. For the most part we had all grown up and couldn't have cared less about the past HS crap......yeah! One of my old friends said she fretted about what to wear, like most of us did, then decided who cares and wore what she wanted. I too looked for something smashing and new to wear but ended up wearing an old dress that I felt good is a purple dress and I crazied it up with my green shoes and green Sapphire earrings and necklace....the newest item was probably 4 years old.....Gary wore his bright golden yellow button front shirt with a black sports coat and slacks......I thought we looked pretty darn good......better than most.
I would have loved to observe the whole room and not would have been fascinating to really see who was who,who thought theirs didn't stink and were there to impress, who could of cared less,who was lost and lonely, and what was what. Even as a participant I found it interesting for me personally and as an observer to see who would acknowledge who, who would hug you, who would really speak with you, who was bothered, who made passing eye contact, gave a quick wave, a cold shoulder, or a weak smile, etc....I had some pleasant surprises come my way.
Skip this part if you want---Me being bad---My mom will be glad to learn that a girl she did not like still seemed annoyed to see me. She gave me the head to toe look over swallowed and tried to be nice then walked away.... Probably because I looked so much better than she does.....she has no chin, gained a few lbs.....just like most of us, glasses, and a few too many wrinkles,she looks just like her mother.
The evening was last minute emceed by a classmate who has been a news reporter. Apparently we have a few who could have done the job with the same credentials. The surprise for me was seeing the class president don silly glasses, flood pants and a bad sports coat and pretend to be our assistant Principal Rulon Hommer...he was dead on with his phrases and did a great job....surprise, surprise, surprise. Rulon had been asked to come and emcee the program but couldn't so he wrote a note to us remembering our class. The part that I found interesting was He said he was moving into his new office at the school district and began looking at our yearbook and before long was joined by 3 other top guys in the school district including the Superintendent, all of whom were our teachers at BHS..........The video presentations were nice....too long, but nice. Awards were given out and by the time the hired band could play many just wanted to talk not dance, and many more just left.
My Awards: I tied for the most children who have graduated from BHS. The other two will beat me out by next reunion.I was second for living closest to the school.
I am on the committee for our reunion in 5 years....yes, I need more to do and I will no longer have kids in school.
My goal for the next reunion is not to make me superficial....I'm no longer in high school, it's not about goal is to get more people to attend.....I know 5 who turned down coming with me this time.....for all kinds of crazy 'hate high school' reasons. I will start on them right away.
......yes,it was very interesting.

Thursday, August 6

Better Late Than Never

I know it's no longer Weigh in Wednesday, but better late than never.

I especially feel this way after reading the column "Losing It"in the Deseret news today. The guy who writes it has been discussing his weight loss journey. When he made his goal weight he joked that he could now stop writing the column, but that would mean he was out of a job......and today he told us that he is at a bad place and has put on 20 pounds.......not good,but he at least recognizes that he needs to reverse the gain.

I have learned that if you don't pay attention you won't loose.

So here it is....I am down 1 lb. yeah for me!

So far it has been has been a very slow journey down the scale. Hopefully that means I am learning some good habits to keep the weight off.
The thing that is making things so hard once again is what do I make for dinner?
It is too hot to cook, nothing sounds very appetizing, but I will eat almost anything I don't have to prepare or think about.
Last night we went to "Taste of the Town" here in B-town for dinner. It was easy, good and cheap. I hope they repeat this next year. It was fun even with the wind and rain.
Tonight we have a wedding at Eagelwood, Friday Gary & I are off to my class reunion. 30 years since I graduated from BHS. We are eating at the Grand America......I know that the food will be worth it if nothing else. Saturday is the ward BBQ. Tuesday Gary & I were invited to a picnic and to see Chicago at the Red Butte Garden Amphitheatre (only Gary was gone soit really wasn't both of us)....... Monday Megan made can see where I am going here...........
I am glad that so far this week I really haven't had to decide what to do for dinner, but I know it can't last.

Okay so here is another better late than never item...
The Chicago Concert. It was so much fun for me to get to re-live my youth through their music.
And to think I almost didn't go?
Gary & I were invited to go with Kent & Karen Whitehead and friends.......Gary had a previously scheduled business seminar in Dallas so i told them we couldn't go. (Funny thing is when I heard that Chicago was coming to town I asked Gary if he was going to be around and he said no so I didn't buy tickets). Karen told me to invite one of the sisters or my kids and come anyway since they had already purchased the tickets. As the weeks got closer to the concert Gary began telling me that his seminar may be canceled, so I didn't really invite anyone else to come with me. About 10 days before Gary said it would probably be canceled. 7 days before it was going to be canceled. 5 days before several people purchased tickets to his seminar so it was back on, no concert for him. That is when I was going to begin calling around to the sisters....I had mentioned it to 2 of them, but then we went to the lake for the weekend. Sunday/Monday I called Melinda and Angela, both were unavailable to what about the kids? Megan had previous plans, J & L were working which left Hayden.....Hayden who doesn't even know who Chicago is except for their Christmas CD which isn't even their music, just their style....He doesn't know them because we are all plugged into headphones listening to our own music......Anyway Hayden was the winner or possible looser if you ask him.
Monday and Tuesday were very crazy busy days for me....too much to do not enough time to do anything.......Tuesday, concert day we had to leave home by 5:30 pm....that was pushing it. At 5:00 I was just finishing things up so I could cut up the fruit and get it packed up to take to our picnic concert. I was rushing but it was going to be was 5:25, I had a baby watermelon and half a cantaloupe to go. I had packed things up as I went along, all I had to do was change clothes and get the things in the car, we might leave a little late...... then I sliced into my left hand middle bad was it? There was blood everywhere when it finally came to the surface......luckily none of it was on or around the food, but my hand was dripping with thoughts were I am so dumb, I can't go to the emergency room because that will take forever, just check it out and stop the bleeding......No finger tips hanging off.....been there done that, the cut wasn't long but I knew it was deep....hold hand above the head and stop the bleeding......ahhhhh,I have to change my clothes still. Megan please finish the fruit for me....Hayden are you ready to go? I'm still bleeding..... we have to go it's 5:40pm. Wrap up my bleeding finger while I try to change clothes....yes, I am wearing white capris, how silly of me......Hayden are you ready to go? Someone, anyonehelp me bandage my 5:50 we finally left.....great we will only be half an hour late....I hope they start eating without us.....and there is a first act group sowewon'treally miss the good stuff........
You know how when you are in a hurry and you hit every red light and the traffic is heavy and you make wrong turns and get confused, oh, and where are we going to park when we get there? Don't they have signs pointing the way? I know the general area, I left the map at home.........ahhhh, well that was us. We arrived at 6:50 hour late, better late than never. They hadn't started to picnic, they were waiting for us, so we ate through the opening act.
But it was all worth it. Thank you Kent and Karen!
Chicago has been around for 42 years...they are old,but still fantastic! Hayden informed me that they weren't the only old ones, the average age of the audience was old too, like 45+.
Old, was all know good like when you know every word and how the rhythms go and just when the swells and horns begin etc.......goood! I LOVED IT!
It was a great night for all......good food, good friends and good music........well, good for almost all.
Hayden laughed at the "old people dancing," only recognized one song, even though I kept saying stuff like 'don't you just love this song', learned that women over 50(not me) still can have a teenage type crushes on their favorite guys in the band, and that watching the 45+ set 'faux moshing' was weird, period, enough said......
---Gary told him 'Everybodyhas the right to be happy!'---
He was a great sport and his iPod 'lighter' was a hit.
Love ya Hay-man!

Time to be off or I will be late again....

Tuesday, August 4

Back To School

Today I handed out the costume plots to the high school cast of West Side Story....that means school has begun. Hayden reminded me that he has been at football for a month now, so for him with his two big activities definitely underway, school has started.
I love when the school year starts and not just because the kids go back to school for the day and I am free. The beginning of the school year has always signaled a new year for me, a time to begin again. When I was in school I knew the slate was clean, I could begin again, I could set new goals and be a better student or what ever than I previously had been.....the school is starting new, goal setting mentality still exist for me that is one of the reasons I love this time of year. The other things associated with the new school year that I also love are:.... I love to shop for school supplies...the markers, crayons, fancy pads of paper, pens, etc.....The excitement of back to school shopping, new cloths, meeting up with friends you missed during the summer months. I love the back to school autumn activities, the sports, carnivals, fairs, farmers markets etc.......and yes, I'm ready for some football. The Fall season its self is the best part of this time of year for me, it's my favorite.....everything has bloomed and matured, the harvest has begun, the world has a beautiful golden glow about it. The weather is usually not to hot during the day and the cool nights are just right. The sights, sounds, smells and feel of autumn makes me happy.
I know, I know, it is still officially summer for another two months, but my anticipation of this wonderful season is so much fun for me.
Lots to to harvest from my own garden....we get a few things out of it and I have learned a lot this year about what to do differently next, but it's all good..... Maybe I will can a few things this year too....yes, another wonderful thing about fall.

Monday, August 3

I'm going Crazy!

I have more of a TO DO list than I will ever accomplish this week....... too may dead lines and events and not enough time.
I have worked all day long to complete the things i need to have ready for tomorrow on top of my regular Monday chores.....which means I have been sitting in front of my computer for over 12 hours...including short personal, lunch and dinner breaks. My back, eyes and bum are killing me.

The title of this post makes me think of the lake this weekend.....Megan said to Jordan - "you 're driving me crazy!" which was heard and then repeated by Laurie's 4 yr. old niece about a dozen times to Jordan, making him crazy.....ah the things that make us crazy.

Being at the Swenson Whitehead Rockin' Bear Ranch in Bear Lake was heaven....a much needed rest and relaxing time away. The ranch is absolutely wonderful, it is beautiful with plenty of room and quiet......we beached, boated, biked, played games, read, ate, etc... and rested. Thanks to Jordan, Laurie and her family for such a wonderful time.

I will be up early tomorrow, but for now it is off to bed, after all it is 11:11 pm.