Wednesday, December 26

Christmas 2012

Why do they call the day after Christmas Boxing Day? Because you wake up feeling like you've been punched in the face.

Christmas Eve Breakfast

Christmas Day

It was a long Fun Day!


Saturday, December 22

Happy Christmas

BTW we forgot to add walked the freedom trail...walked and walked yes, we walked, kind of like pioneer children.

Thanks to Rachel Cole this picture finally was taken, on a cold storm pending Sunday make us feel more model like, you will notice the wind was blowing.........

Tuesday, December 11

What Matters

I had a great lesson and reminder about priorities and what matters most today. Last night after an awesome FHE we were making our weekly plans to go to the Temple.  We all committed but then  I began to have doubts that I could make it....there were a few unresolved scheduling problems with the movie theater and I wasn't feeling the greatest. So of course the thoughts kept running through my brain, just don't go to the temple. In my prayers I turned it over to Father in Heaven and said "I need your help to feel better and with the theater so I can go to the temple in the morning."  Fast forward to 7:00am, I felt only fair, the scheduling problems still existed but I could nothing about them until 9 or even 10 o'clock. I prayed again and said I am going to the temple help me feel better and re-solve the movies when I get home.
On the way to the temple I told Nelson and Hayden what had happened and we just laughed at Satan's attempts to thwart the plan.  While waiting in the chapel at the temple with our regular Tuesday morning group of blue haired widows and balding widowers I was suddenly excited to see how the day was going to turn out. While waiting we were approached by the officiator and asked how the three of us were related? I told him that these were two of my sons, he then asked us if one of the boys and myself could be the witness couple?...a little unusual, but okay. Hayden and I were the witness couple in our temple session today.....what a rare and special experience for both of us. I knew that this was Heavenly Fathers way of reminding me to take the time to take care of what matters most. It made my morning.
When we arrived home  after the temple I felt great, and the theater scheduling problems still existed, but I knew that it didn't matter, that all would work out because I made the right choice this morning.  Just FYI -the scheduling problems were resolved around 11:30 a whole hour after we arrived home. Were they resolved the way I thought they should have been resolved on Monday; No, but they were resolved quickly and all is well. I am sure that business will be fine this week and not as slow as it usually is the week before Christmas, all because we took the time with things that matter and because of Heavenly Fathers help with everything.


Monday, December 3's almost time!

 Soon -to-be Elder Hayden Call

The count down to leave is almost over...yikes! We have 9 days and he is out of here. I am a bit weepy when I think on it all. I am also very excited for him. But I have done it before and survived.

I keep reminding Hayden that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and if missions were that bad there would be a lot more dead missionaries. Besides if Jordan and Nelson can do it, it should be a breeze Hayden.

I think Hayden is our most prepared missionary, but he is also our most dependent child.....come on he is the baby of course he is dependent.

There is a lot, but not, left to do before he leaves....a lot for me to do to have peace of mind and for the greet after our Sunday meeting. But not a lot because the list has all but 3 things crossed off.

Oh the fun!