Saturday, April 6

Happiness is Being a Grandparent

We were lucky enough to spend Friday night with Captain Awesome our Ry guy. We hadn't had dinner so we thought it would be fun to take him out to get something to eat and then some Ice Cream!!!
We were not disappointed it was way fun and funny.
It all started with the installing of the car seat in to my car. On Sunday when we were putting the car seat in the car I said "oh crap" and Ry told me we don't say that....Grandma was chastised and will now watch what she back to Friday night; when we were putting the seat in on Friday he reminded me that I  shouldn't say 'oh crap' but say 'oh my goodness'.  He then told me that daddy sometimes says 'oh crap'.........  Got to love him.

We asked if he wanted to go to Five Guys or Pace's... He chose 5 Guys it was which was great with me. He had already eaten dinner but we knew he would like fries and a drink...however he wanted fries, a cheese burger and a wyemmamade (lemonade).  We went with fries, share grandmas cheese burger and wyemmaade. Wrong he wanted his own cheese burger and he wouldn't take mine. I knew he wouldn't eat it so we compromised with cutting my burger in half..... he didn't eat it.

Anyway all was well, we promised ice cream at the yogurt place next door. He kept telling us he wanted chocyet.  All was well we got our yogurt cups, but no chocolate...really. So after a scene we convinced him that we would go to a place with chocyet ice cream.  Then the fun began. We have forgotten about drips and messes. We were so glad we decided that we had to eat at DQ and didn't go through the drive thru.

 We ended the night with a bath, and Finding Nemo!

Happiness is being a grandparent.