Wednesday, September 23

Wednesday Weigh In

Nothing lost, nothing gained......but I did have a nice appointment with the Doctor this week.
My blood pressure is that of a teenager, I am no longer in the pre diabetic range and my thyroid is functioning like it should...of course this is with the help of medication.

I will drink more water and watch that I am eating good healthy foods, not just watch what I am eating.


Tuesday, September 22

New Haircut

Hair Make-over--new color, new cut and style......Yeah!
I have bangs again. I told Gary I needed something to hide the forehead wrinkles. It was also time for shorter hair...It bugs me when the curled ends get broken up by my shoulders.
Thanks Gary, I love it.

Friday, September 18

B-Town Rumble

Tonight is the Bountiful vs.Woods Cross Football game! For 31 years the Braves and the Wildcats have met on the grid iron.....Bountiful has won 25 of the match ups! The last time BHS lost was 18 years ago. The last time it was a close game was in 2006......Thus my kids are all over tonight's game.
To those attending BHS after the 1990's, my kids included, the big cross town rivalry is with Woods Cross High School, but when I was at BHS the cross town rivalry was with Viewmont High School and WX was, well the new school with not much going on. Viewmont is actually in the city limits so the contention in the community was feirce during game weeks. At school we would have all kinds of crazy contest and dress ups for the week prior to the Football and Basketball games. Always several of the senior guys would sleep on the football field or up on the mountain to guard "B's" from being vandalized and/or changed to "V's" or painted maroon and gold. We would "Oreo" the cars at mascot stealing when they are a Brave or the silly vandalism instead........The "oreoing" came about because the Vikes would say "oh, ee, oh, oh, ee, oh," as a Viking chant and some Brave changed it to oreeoh, so being clever we would split Oreo cookies and smash them on our rivals cars. Sometimes the rivalry things would get a bit out of hand. But for the most part even when threatened with legal consequences what ever happened during rivalry week would be shrugged off with not much fuss. At the games we would chant "Bountiful City" and the winner of that years series of games would ultimately win the 'Key to the City.'
I don't know all that has gone on this week at BHS in preparation for the big game. I am sure it was fun for the students, just as it has always been. Hayden has told me that the students have been asked to come to the game decked out in Red, thus causing a "Red Out." Hayden thinks they need to call it a bleed out, because they are going to make WX bleed.......why are boys so violent?
The times have changed, but the intensity of an rivalry does not.
The Sophomores(42-0) and Jr.Varsity (36-18) teams won their games, as did the Girls soccer and volleyball teams. The pressure is now on the Varsity Football team....even the Deseret News is trying to psych the Braves out with an article telling the tale of the 18 game winning streak that Bountiful is on against WX and how this just might be the year and team to break the streak......... BHS is currently the #1-4A team in the state so a win from any opponent would be too sweet. I hope, no, I plan on the Braves continuing on with their winning ways as to avoid the B-town-WX rumble that would ultimately happen were the Wildcats to win.
Up next week will be my true cross town rivalry game against Viewmont......within the family this should be interesting with Jordan a true red Brave and Laurie a Viking....also the new head Football coach for VHS was an assistant at BHS an is one of Jordan and Nelson's favorites.

GO BRAVES! What ever happens I hpor they give it their best.......I have to go dig out my red for the game.

Wednesday, September 16

Wednesday Weigh in

4 pounds lost.....yes, yes,yes,! The weeks of nothing lost didn't matter.......attention to what I am eating, intensity when exercising and water do matter. I will keep it up for another week and see what happens......hopefully good things.

You know how you can loose a lot of weight and no one notices but loose one more pound and wow the notice happens....I am at that point again. these last 10 pounds have made a difference. Buying a few things that actually fit also help. I have been getting by with bad alterations of my 2 size too big clothing, so getting rid of the unnecessary fabric surrounding my body with a few new things has also made a difference in how I am looking. My biggest problem right now is clothing, I don't want to spend any money on things I am not going to wear for very long,but I need a few things to get me through fall. What I really want are some new shoes, shoes that are comfortable and stylish!

The whole family is working on getting and staying healthy. We can't have Elder Call show us up when he gets home and we want to help him stay healthy as well. In his letter this week he swears that his weight loss is a blessing form our Heavenly Father,which it is,but he also claims that following the Word of Wisdom,the dos also has helped a ton......he thinks early to bed and early to rise is a big part of probably is. You need enough sleep to keep your body energized.


Monday, September 14


Monday, Monday.......
Great weekend!
We had Stake Conference and received another wonderful letter from Elder Call, the most positive person on the planet, good times with family and friends.


Friday, September 11


Today is 9/11...Patriots Day, a day anyone who was older than 5 probably remembers with great clarity. The news channels, papers, radio, even the on the Internet many have been remembering where they were when it happened....and honoring the fallen.

My memories surrounding 9/11
We are morning news program watchers. The Today Show was into its second hour when the first tower was hit....there was a special report that broke into the regular show they showed footage of an airplane hitting the World Trade June 2001 Gary, Jordan, myself and several members of the BHS choir had stood on top of one of the towers. At the time I commented to Gary, "Look at how close the airplanes are to us as the come up the river." then we watched several air planes get real when they reported that a plane had hit one of the towers I really wasn't all that surprised......until it happened a second time.......then I was concerned that something had happened to the air traffic control system and was glad that Gary was at home for the week and not traveling.

On Larry King later that week as the enormity ofthis tragedy kept unfolding, Larry interviewed President Gordan B. Hinckley and asked him Why God would let this happen? Where is God? etc....... President Hinckley said "We don't know why. We don't understand everything, but we do know that our Father loves us and watches over us. We do know that life is not only that phase that we call mortality, that there is beyond this life another, which is as real and as certain as is the life that we now live. And that those who have go beyond will continue and will in fact make preparation for their loved ones who will follow. I have no doubt of this."
Larry also asked President Hinckley, if God couldn't have prevented this, and President Hinckley responded with "Oh, I suppose so. I believe he's all powerful, yes. I don't know His will. I don't know how He operates. His wisdom is greater than mine. He sees beyond what I see. But I have confidence, overwhelming confidence in the fact that He, who sees life, in its true and eternal sense will provide for those who suffer as these people have suffered as a result of this atrocity, which has been committed against the nation, which we love."
President Hinckley gave me reassurance, peace and comfort.

I am so sorry that bad things happen to good innocent people, but we knew that the bad was a possibility in the pre-existence. I don't know why things like this have to happen, but I do know, like President Hinckley, that I have a Heavenly Father who Loves all of us and has greater wisdom than mine and that He has allowed us the opportunity to choose for ourselves in this life...and sometimes those choices have horrible effects on others.......Justice will be served to the wrong doers.......but it is my responsibility to have Christ like love for everyone.........

Looking back at it all I can see that it is through this and other challenges, that these are the time when we remember God, and lean on the Lord.
What a sad time we live in that it takes tragedy for us to turn to Him......He is there for us always, in the good and bad times.
God Bless America.

Wednesday, September 9

Wednesday Weigh In

1 more lb. down......boy changing life long eating habits takes lots of time...........
But I am doing it the right way! Little bit by little bit a change here and a change there, everything I'm changing/doing is keeping the weight gone, and I'm not starving myself or making me and everyone around me miserable in the process........nice!

The past two mornings our walk has been a bit least there is no fluffy white stuff yet.... When that stuff comes it will be back at the gym for us. When I think back over the year I realize how committed we have become to some type of focused exercise .....I guess it is a habit now......with me it takes more than 21 days to make a change..........

This week I am determined to do better at eating healthy whole plant based foods, and exercise 5 minutes more, or with a little more intensity during my focused exercise period. Better food and exercise choices ought to help things move forward faster.......oh and drink more water.


Saturday, September 5

Saturday Football

For 21 years we did little league football on Saturdays. This year we have no one that age 8 years we might.....but for now we just have to love college football, which is the best.
This afternoon the whole family has gathered to watch BYU vs. Oklahoma......Oklahoma is ranked 3, BYU 20. Everyone says that BYU will get smashed..... We disagree and at half time the score is Oklahoma 10, BYU doesn't look like a killing. In fact Colby Clawsen just before half, took down Sam Bradford, Oklahoma's QB, Heisman winner. The Second half should be interesting.......
At half time we have had a pizza buffet, and lots of good discussion. I hope the BYU game watching togetherness becomes a family tradition.

Back to the game!

Friday, September 4

Where Does the Time Go?

I can't believe it is Friday, that it's September, that school is going, that I sent Nelson birthday package off.......I really can't believe that this day is gone.
I have to much todo list not enough tada left.

I have been watching Project Runway, I know everyone else watched it when it was over on Bravo, everyone kept telling me that I would love it and I do. So hey I came late to the party.....anyway, watching the show makes me want to design youthful dream.....I doddle design clothing often. There are days when I think why can't make this or that.......I don't really sew for my self or family, it's not affordable....but boy if I knew how to draft my own patterns that may change.....also if I wore a reasonable size I might do more personal sewing. I love to make historical costumes,and do the research into fashion when doing costumes for any show....watching Project Runway keeps poking at me to do more.......maybe that is what I am supposed to do. I have been looking for what to go back to school for/in. I guess I am just a late bloomer, or I had to wait for a design school to come to me, which it now has.....I think it has.The Salt Lake Institute of Design supposedly has a fashion design school and at least it is a reasonable commute from our home.......I will have to take a closer look at things.
Maybe the time hasn't really past me by, maybe I have had to fill my time with other things and experiences so that I could be ready for this step in my life......maybe I get to begin again?


Wednesday, September 2

Wednesaday Weigh In

Wow my life is busy right now and I wouldn't have it any other way.

First for the weigh in......nothing lost , nothing body must like it where it is right now......or I have to be better at eating right.

I had lunch today with the girls.....we have been off for the summer because we all are so buy. It is fun to get together and catch up on each others families......we all are changing and growing.
Two of our group are going to have babies with in the month and we are so excited for them.

Well Laila and Preston just got here and I have to entertain them......I don't have elementary schoolers anymore and have to figure it out.