Monday, March 28

I'm 50!

 coconut cake made from scratch by Meg
 party flags
 my mom and me
 cupcake heaven...and ginger creams (thanks La)

 beautiful roses!
My B-Day weekend. Fabulous party put on by Megan with some help from the brothers. Food, friends, and lots of good conversation. 50 roses from my honey! This is what 50 looks like on me.

I set out to do 50 things by age 50 two years ago...I got close but still have stuff to do....maybe I'll do a 55 by 55 and see if I can complete it.

Someone asked me if I was really okay about being 50?  Yes I am. It is really no big deal. Age is just a marker. I look at living this long as an adventure. I know I have a lot more adventure to come. Some of the things It wanted to do by 50 were;  to loose weight and I lost most of it, re-found a little but I am back on the diet wagon......I mean the eating healthy and exercise wagon. I wanted to be healthier by 50 and I am and doing better every day at taking care of myself. 
So now I begin the next 50....I know it will be a bigger and better adventure; after all we come from a long line of 'long livers.'


Tuesday, March 22

My Playlist

My kids created a playlist of the music that they thought were my favorites for the big birthday is pretty close to what I would have selected....They had mostly men singers/groups, but there are several woman singers I like as of the most amazing things is that their created playlist is over 14 hours long and there are several more hours you could add if you included the Christmas, church, choir, soundtracks and the classical tunes that I love.

Overall I like jazzy blues, feel good songs and music that makes me want to dance.
Some of my favorite artists in the last 50 years:
Michael Buble, Chicago, Queen, Sting, Bruno Mars, Linda Eder, Barry Mannilow, The Bee Gees, Bette Midler, Elton John, Katy Perry, Pink, The Four Seasons/ Jersey Boys. Song Writters- Jason Robert Brown, Georgia Stitt, Cole Porter, Frank Wildhorn, John Rutter, R & H. Musical Guys and Gals: Hugh Jackman, Cheyenne Jackson, Norbert Leo Butz, Sutton Foster, Stephanie J. Block, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Mandi Patinkin, Sherry Rene Scott, Audra McDonald. 

It is fun to listen too on random.

Monday, March 21

Queen for the Day

Queen for the day....more like the week, in honor of the big 50 b-day!

Megan decided that each day needed a theme....yeah!

What  is with the weather?....oh it's March it looks like this more often than not.

Now for some queenly rest and relaxation!


Saturday, March 19


attention, one week this cute thing turns 50!
---don't you love the eyebrows and dimples?
as Gary reminded every on on Facebook: "Start now creating witty well wishes, selecting gorgeous gifts, and planning amazing activities! Let the count down begin - the second half of the first century is about to begin!!"

Thursday, March 17

hope you're green!?!

Happy Irish!  (from eighteen25)


Tuesday, March 15

so fun..........St. Patty's Day is close!

On the not so fun front: Gary must really be sick because he is taking a sick, lay around, call the doctor for medicine day.  He has an ear infection. We got meds to him yesterday, but he still isn't great. Unfortunately he leaves for Italy on business this week. He is an easy patient; which is good because  I am not a great nurse.  Of to try to do better.


Thursday, March 10

I need some new!

I need some new clothes...not a whole new wardrobe but some "key" pieces to supplement and update my wardrobe.   Right now on the want list is a skinny belt, cardigan sweaters, shoes, a few that is nautical, jewelry.....I know it sounds much more than a few new things....but spring is coming and I need a re-birth of my wardrobe.


Wednesday, March 9


the Captain is Walking for real.......yikes, yeah, oh no!
He came over and showed off his skills. He is still faster crawling, but is so proud of his walking skills. He claps for himself when he goes a good distance.......I guess you could say that he will be a natural performer, he loves the applause.

lock up the good stuff grandma....


mmmm Homemade Bread

Yes, I really baked bread...two days in a row now. And it is good and addictive. The boys are 'very' okay with the homemade bread thing and told me to make it everyday. I don't think my diet will think it is a good idea. But making bread is long as you have a bread machine to knead it......and I do. I have the Machine knead it and do the first rise, then I take it out of the machine and pan it in a regular looking loaf pan. Yes I know I could leave it in the machine to bake, but it makes a weird loaf.
I am thinking of branching out tomorrow and mixing roll dough, or pizza dough and then maybe I'll mix things up and do a fancy mix in bread.......another slice? Don't mind if I do.


Tuesday, March 8

From 0 to 14.5 inches Overnight

Yesterday was rainy and the snow was looked like March, wet and dirty......but mother nature had other ideas.  14.5 inches of snow a most beautiful Utah Snow day!

Thursday, March 3

Wednesday, March 2

Theatre Night

We finally saw my cute sister, and niece and nephew in Hairspray. They were all fantastic...and no I am not biased, really.
Melinda as Velema steals every scene she is in. She is evil fun.
Aaron as Link dances and sings like a champ.
Jenna as one of the nicest kids in town is a great dancer and presence on stage.

The new Center Point Legacy Theater is beautiful. Of course there are a lot of kinks and equipment and space things that needs to be worked out, but I am sure that will come. When you go from and up close and personal postage stamp size theater that has a ton of limitations to a "real' sized theater with a balcony, and lots if nifty features, and options that you haven't had available, there has got to be a big learning curve.

Live theater is always fun.