Monday, February 28

Fun, Lazy Weekend

Happy Birthday baby sister is 42. She looks fantastic! She allowed us to have our Sibs dinner on her birthday. It was at my house. Mom, Dad, bro, sisters and much fun, eating, playing games and catching up. (order born or order decide).

Some snow but it is staying wet so I know spring is on its way.

BYU Basketball---go Jimmer etc....I am so glad that they beat SDSU and today they are ranked #3....and giving the sports annalist fits trying to decide if they are worthy 1 seed in the tourney. The other interesting and controversy surrounding the game was the SDSU students who dressed up as Mormon missionaries thinking that they are being offensive and will cause the team to be distracted....crazy, but I want to know what would happen if they same students would dress up mocking the Jews, Muslims etc.... I am sure a lot more serious actions would be taken by the NCAA than the nothing that their dressing up caused the NCAA to do.....It's a good thing us Mormons are proud of our missionaries and they way they look. I am glad we can laugh at ourselves.

Call family to have us all together. All we do is sit around and watch the baby.....he was doing the hokey poky with Elmo and really shakes it all about.

The Oscars were fine, not spectacular, but not offensive either...My favorite the King's Speech won best picture and actor. Why do they make such a big deal about the host, all they do is present the host Ann Hathaway was wonderful and genuine; James Franco was wooden and acted like he was stoned. I enjoyed the film clips that we creatively edited together...hey it is the Academy Awards honoring film so they should do more with film and less with non scripted actors or have better writers feeding them their lines.

New week and new month...Adam's Birthday is will be March 1 not February 29 so look alive people and remember it is his birthday.


Friday, February 25

Ry Day

 Captain Awesome looking cute.  Glued to Micky Mouse Clubhouse.
 Trying to walk and bugging Uncle Nelson...he crawled up the stairs to the loft and found all kinds of Grandma treasures.
 Meeting Chocolate pony...with Nelsons permission

 Chilling with Auntie Meg...... check out the feet
yes, he was sitting with them crossed at the funny.

It is so much fun to be gaga.....


Tuesday, February 22

President's Day Field Trip

So we had great field trip plans for President's Day.......we were going to visit the Kiwi Bakery in Magna for some great Fish and Chips, Meat Pies and other NZ we called the number we had since it was a holiday and they might be closed, well the phone was temp disconnected, but we were up for the adventure. So 45 minuets later we pull up at the bakery only to discover that they are closed on Sunday and Monday, even when there is no holiday.  To bad for us we will have to venture out there on another day. So even thought my mouth was all set for Fish and Chips, we by passed fish and Chips since Hayden is not a fan, but he would have eaten the chips and a meat pie had our adventure worked out. Anyway we made our way back to SLC and Gary said lets go for an other international adventure and eat at Bruges, waffles and friets....I said no, since the building is so small and we had waffles on Sunday so to appease all we ended up eating good old fashioned Americana at Hires.  YUMMM!!! Root Beer Floats, Hamburgers and hand cut fries with fry sauce...perfect.

We will adventure another day.


Monday, February 21

Sunshine and Sparkly Snow

Sunshine and Sparkly Snow....welcome to Utah!  Yes it snowed a ton on Sunday (at least a foot on top of the 8 inches from a few days earlier. Grateful that is is warm so it shrinks fast and the roads aren't bad), and yes I had to shovel for hours but the payback is the beautiful, sunny, shining  Monday morning. 
Official spring is a month away, but it is day like these that makes me love living in Utah.
So we are now off on President's day field trip. Report to follow.  Gary mentioned us possible helping him clean out his office, or as I like to call it the 'hoarders haven.' It makes me nervous when I look in there and think that he could be like the people on TV and be buried alive....Of course he didn't continue with the let's clean the office theme so I made other plans after giving him all morning to engage us all.....

The yellow in us all is winning out for a few hours.....


Tuesday, February 15

A SneaK Peak

I love this sneak peak into spring....I know winter will be upon us again in a few days but it is days like this that get me through the end part of winter....even thought it looks ugly when you look down.
Smile, REAL Spring is about a month away!


Wednesday, February 9


So after talking about my dust yesterday, I spent the morning getting rid of it. I felt Guilt for complaining and not taking action. The Dust bunnies were flying along with the rest of the crap. But enough of that guilt....there are all kinds of guilt I feel. As usu.....I want to loose weight, I take the steps to do it then I fall apart and don't re-up after the first misstep....then I feel guilty for not getting back on the wagon. I feel guilty for not making fab dinners every night, I feel guilty for not being more productive.........
At least the dust is gone and I am feeling good for a bit about the public parts of the house!


Tuesday, February 8

Dust Keeps As Long As You Don't Write In It

I am siting here looking at a fine layer of dust on all my things.....I know I should dust, and do plenty of other things but for some reason I don't, I just sit and think about it. Some one once told me that dust will keep as long as you don't write in true. As soon as it is disturbed you then have to get down to business and remove it all or else. But that soft furry look is nice on a cold blustery day. It softens the edges (kind of like soft focus photos?) of my life.
Oh well the dust and plenty of other things will keep.

Saturday, February 5


Wow working with the public at the theatre is such a fun (yes, that is sarcasm). People say the dumbest things. I think that they must shut off their brains when they go is not appealing. If you come after the movie has started .....we can't rewind it nor should we since all we would be doing then is punishing those who can tell time and come before it starts. Also if you are late don't be surprised when the only seats that are available are not in the prime location you would like to sit in...then you tell me that there are no empty seats except on the front row...ah wait you just said there were no seats, so really there are no seats where you want to sit. And when I say there are no seats together, why do you ask if there are two together? And film content, if you think you are going to be offended, then don't go out to the movies, Or get out more. G rated movies are few and far between, and you would probably take offense at the low brow humor that any current G movie would contain. I don't make the movies I just show them....and yes, my goal is to show a movie that is offensive to you, or bad, or stupid, etc.......And why would whoever movie star or director make such a bad movie? I bet that that is exactly what their goal was when they made the 'bad' movie. .....and you look like you could possibly be intelligent adults.
And sometimes the employees are even dumber...."there are commercials before the movie?" I think they are called previews, trailers, coming attractions...Also what don't you understand about not trading a shift with a new employee until after the 22 of February or serving a customer first, or dumping the burning popcorn into good popcorn, or turning on the popper so you don't run out of popcorn, or rubbing your nose and then serving the customers, or shouting 'what do you want' in a most unfriendly manner.......I could go on and on.
I know just another busy night at the K-town.

Friday, February 4

Marketing Help

hay if you read this and have some good ideas. Gary needs some help coming up with good, exciting, wow and cheap gifts with purchase for Brocato products.....So what is trendy and cool and would be a great gwp? If you have any ideas let me know.
Isn't this marketing and research so advanced and top notch?!?!?!?


Thursday, February 3


I am tech challenged. Yes, I fake my way through a few things like this blog and setting it up, a few things on my ipad etc... but for he most part I am so challenged by it all and I get so frustrated. The hardest part is that my kids and husband look at me like I am an idiot for not getting how to use things, but when I question them they really just know a bit more than I here is my question when and where and do you have to learn about mega bytes, and interfaces and how to set up a router and why things work they way they do with a computer?
Oh let things be simpler....