Monday, October 31

Happy Meat Pies

It's Halloween and after watching Sweeny Todd last night I decided to try my hand at meat pies...after all Nelson has been begging for them since he got home form his mission....... so here is the first try.

 Project Runway Reject

 Mrs. Lovett

 Have a little priest


Nelson tells me they need more gravy, so next time they will have more gravy.


Thursday, October 27


Happy Birthday to my first born...
you are 29 now and for ever!

Saturday, October 22

Halloween Decor

I love decorating for Halloween. Here is this years offering; nothing too scary or creepy, just classic fun.  The Mantel is the best, covered with stuff collected over the years. I have pared down the collection so now I need to punch up the family room and the front door, entry etc....but where to store it?

 up close
 kind of creepy pumpkin man
 so ugly he's cute
 kids old trick or treat buckets are one of my favs

 I set my table with a theme for every month

I have had the paper bag pumpkins for at least 16 years. They were the first decor I put up when we moved back in after the fire. I put them in all of the windows of the house.

Happy Halloween!


Thursday, October 20

HAYDEN the Great!

This Hayden, #70, in action. He was the hero last night at the game. (not photos of the actual game) He recovered a fumble for a first down in a drive that scored our first TD in the 2nd half. He is a good player and is focused and aware of what is happening. The O line are the non glory positions on the field. In other words their names are never announced or noted, but if there is something that isn't working in the offense they get the blame.  Earlier this year a coach told Hayden he needed him in this position for his cerebral powers.....another player looked quizzical when he heard this and asked "whats that?" The coach then said "Point made."  Cam the QB has been thanking Hayden with a big hug during the games for his awesome help as the right guard! Interesting to watch.
I have loved that my boys have learned how to be part of a team, how to work together and be leaders all because of football.
Let's go Braves

Monday, October 17


Oklahoma! is an old dog,  but I learned some new tricks. It was great to re-discover this classic musical. I think we often dismiss the classics from the past because they don't seem as fresh and hip. It was amazing to discover how much this musical has influenced and shaped so many other musicals. We would be watching and say oh this is just like that from such and such a musical.....but it wasn't like any of them because this one came first, so they all are like Oklahoma!. Oklahoma! is a simple story set in a simple setting. It has some of the most recognized and iconic songs from American musical theatre. The songs truly are and extension of the thoughts being spoken so they move from the spoken word into the songs quite naturally, unfortunately musical theatre convention doesn't allow for a smooth transition from the end of a song.....applause and all.......but hey it was all OK.
I am glad that Angela picked this show for the high school to do this year. I think it gave all of us a better appreciation for classical musical theatre pieces and it gave us all an opportunity to re-interpret things in a fresh way.  One of the elements in Oklahoma! that most people don't enjoy is the dream ballet......I am even guilty of saying cut it, but Megan did a great job of making it fresh and interesting. I was amazed by the audiences reaction to it ....especially the teenagers reaction. Every night several of them would tell us how invested and swept up in the ballet action they became. (I am sure that all of the dance shows on TV have helped people to watch and understand dance better).  It is a great show, but if I could wave a magic wand I would change the ending of the show up a is a downer that after the wedding and the singing of Oklahoma that there is still 15 minuets of drama left in the show......I understand that this is a musical drama, but come on I want it all tied up with a pretty bow, the end. What happens however is Jud the mentally unstable, fired, hired hand comes back to get even, and ends up dead on Curly and Laurie's wedding night.  There's an impromptu trial but it all works out, yeah. But by then the enthusiasm from the song Oklahoma! has dissipated, so it ends kind of flat. Here are my ideas for listen up R&H Theatricals......Move the Jud comes back scene to before the wedding.....either the night of his firing or the day before the wedding. Or they could just cut it all together and in the dialogue before the the Oklahoma! wedding  scene they could say that they found Jud dead instead of drunk over in Claremore.  I should be a writer!?!?!?!

Over all the whole thing was great. The optimism and can do attitude of the story is much needed right now. I am sure that it influenced the cast out look on life. The production staff did a great job as did the cast as a whole....but Hayden (and yes I am prejudice) was outstanding as Curly the optimistic, head over heels in love cowboy.  His was so consistent in his all he did as Curly. Acting is reacting and his reaction was spot on and his singing so beautiful.


Friday, October 14

My First GrandKid Art

Ryan was over and did his first masterpiece chalk on a blackboard......

It's great to be a grandma!

Tuesday, October 4

Wednesday Weigh In....... a Day Early

I just can't wait and I know it has been a while since I did a weight post........But I just had to brag. I reached my end of September goal and lost the stupid 15 pounds I have been fighting over for the last 4 months. And when I say lost, I mean I haven't been doing the up 2 and down 1 and dance around the goal weight for a week now so I know it is gone...sorry to who ever finds the lost 15 lbs. 
DRUM ROLL....SO IN THREE YEARS I HAVE LOST 80 LBS AND KEPT IT OFF. Yes, it has been a slow go but, I haven't gained any of it back so that good.
Interestingly enough is the fact that I have noticed that I am eating smaller amounts at meals and not snacking on crap...except for white cheddar Cheetos every once in a while.......I guess I am really learning new habits.
 The other interesting thing is that my clothing that was big but okay to wear isn't even okay to wear now.........what a great and potentially expensive problem to have!
Now for the last 30 lbs. I would like to loose. I haven't decided on the goal date but I am considering of doing it all by my birthday in March as a gift to me. Everyone tells me that it is harder the less you have to loose. I know that this last 15 was a chore.
Yeah for me!