Friday, May 28

Funeral Singers

Megan and I sang at our friends babies graveside service today....and we sang without crying....amazing. Of course we cried before and after singing. Everyone couldn't believe that we didn't get emotional while singing...we prayed for the help and strength and boy did we both feel it. I didn't want to look at Tony and Lindsay because I knew that they may make me cave and start crying . The interesting thing for me was when I looked at them I knew I had to sing to them because we were doing this for them.
It was a very nice service, but not something you want repeated too often.
I am so glad the I have the gospel as part of my life and know about the plan of salvation and the comfort it gives to all of us.'

Thursday, May 27

This Crazy Week

Update: I went to the Doctor on Tuesday morning and got the all clear. I am healthy even though I have had some interesting things going on with my body.
That being said why am I nauseated and not feeling great?

This week is crazy.....tons going on and I can't believe that it is the end of May....summer vacation is here......
Megan said to me 'my birthday is a week from Wednesday', and then I panicked...her Birthday is June 9 and that is weeks away....not.
Where did the month go let alone the year.....6 months down.


Monday, May 24

Elder Call in Wellington New Zealand...I guess you never can leave Utah

Thursday, May 20

what's next?

So I now have HIVES......all over my body and they are itchy, scratchy......
I have taken Benedryl, but they are still in existence....
I am feeling like Job.....if it is not one thing it's another. Between the swollen face, tooth pains, bad hammer toe, arthritis, etc....I wonder if I am being tested or punished?
Back to the hives: I can't really think what is causing them. When I look at what I ate yesterday the only really different thing is I ate a lot of fresh strawberries. The weird thing about the strawberries is that I eat frozen strawberries almost everyday in my smoothie.
ARRRGH! They are in my hair, around my neck, legs, arms, a few on my hands, my back and chest and boy do they itch!
Off to the doctors....again.

Wednesday, May 19

Wednesday Weigh In

The Sun is shining......kind of.....
So my minimal weight loss is continuing....not much action form week to week but daily is another story. This week I am down a half a pound, but daily I have gained up to 3 lbs. and lost 5, but alas I have settled on only a 1/2 lb. loss.
I weigh myself everyday just to help me remember that I am on a diet. I know they (who ever they are) tell you not to do this, but it works for me. Anyway from day to day my weight may fluctuate up or down 5 pounds.....unbelievable.
I use to tell my self that if it was a down day that I didn't have to watch what I ate so carefully.....wrong. I am on a diet I need to keep track of everything I put in my mouth good or bad......that sound like food logs to me....arrrgh!
I have been reading a few of the weight loss stories of the biggest losers, and the consistent thing they do is food logs......I guess I need to get an APP for that...or just write it down in my notes......
FYI apparently Wight Watchers does have an app for that and more, you just need to join and subscribe to their online tools to access is worth thinking about.

Tuesday, May 18

The Best Days of the Month

2 times a month I meet with a group of women in our ward for Scripture Study Group. This group was started about 5 years ago when I was RS Pres. We were looking for activity groups for the sisters and this is one everyone wanted to have, unfortunately not as many attend. Anyway we asked Marilyn Huefner a brilliant woman in our ward to lead the group. She graciously accepted and not only leads the group discussion and study, but has allowed us into her home. Originally we had 1 group that would meet at nights. After a few months Marilyn decided that she had the time and that there was a need for a daytime group as well. Both groups were functioning along nicely with about 6 sisters in each group. Last year however the evening group began to shrink so it was abandoned and the few sisters that were still attending came to the daytime group. I have been to both groups, but when the daytime group started up I was there.
We decided to study the scriptures in the "Preach My Gospel" book. Our reasoning was that it was a great book to study, that the information in the book and scriptures we would study would be a cross section of the standard works, and all of would help us better understand the doctrine and help us be better missionaries. Several men wanted to join, but we decided that keeping it women only we might be more open to discussion....and not feel so dumb.
To say Scripture Group days are the some of the best days of the month would be an understatement. I come away spiritually feed and hungering for more. I don't really know why I have such wonderful feelings following Scripture Group.......I read and study the scriptures daily....but there is just a different feeling and understanding after Scripture Group.
We haven't moved very fast through the Preach My Gospel lessons and scriptures, but fast would mean we would miss things. We have been slow and steady, looking at the foot notes and cross refrences. We often read the Joseph Smith Translations of the Bible, and what the Brothern have said concerning certain passages. Through our study and discussion I have heard thoughts and ideas from theses other women; each one has brought up things I might never have thought of myself or ever heard of. Their wealth of knowledge is amazing.
I have learned things from the scriptures that I probably never would have figured out on my own simply because we take a bit longer than I usually take during my personal and our family scripture study.
After Scripture Group study I am a better person, or at least want to try to be a better person. I often come home and continue my study of the things that were taught. I have insights that I can share with my family in our family scripture study and in turn they share more with me.
Gary has often said that we need to go to Church at least once a week for many reasons, the first being so that we will remember. A few other reasons are to learn and for the social interaction with others who are like minded. I have feelings similar to those I feel from my Sunday Church meetings when I attend Scripture Study Group.
It must the rubbing of shoulders with good, christian women who hunger and thirst for the good word.

Monday, May 17

The Fit Counts

Today I was visiting with a woman that I often see and she exclaimed how great I looked. She couldn't believe how much more weight I had lost......I was thinking to myself, I really haven't lost much weight since the first of the year so why all of a sudden did she notice?
Looking back over the past month I was trying to decide what was different that at other times I had seen this woman as opposed to today and even yesterday? Well the only difference I can come up with is clothing. Yesterday and today I was wearing clothing that was actually my current size and not a size or sizes too big....hummm. Both outfits fit me nicely and didn't pull tight, or hang baggy on my body.
What a great lesson on there is nothing like the right fit of your clothing to make you look slimmer.
I think we often hide behind our clothing, letting it be a bit baggy. We don't want things to be too tight, but I also think if anything we will go a 1/2 size or more up in our clotting and purchase things that hang away from our bodies, so that we can mask our real shapes. Instead all we are doing is adding poundage.....I guess a good fit really does count. for thought.

Thursday, May 13

Wow, What a Book

I don't often finish a book and want to re-read it....but that is exactly what I have done after my first reading of Remembering Isaac, The Wise and Joyful Potter of Niederbipp by Ben Behunin. Of course I am also reading the next book in the series, Discovering Isaac....... I had better read quickly since the third and final book in the series is supposed to be released in July 2010.... I will probably read them all several times....YES, I find/am finding them that good.
Remembering Isaac was on my reading list and in my reading pile, but I had several other books stacked in front of it. When it was chosen for our neighborhood book club selection for May I thought I will get to it, and hopefully through most of it by book club.....there are months when I haven't even read the book by club time, the discussion isn't as good, but I always read them eventually...... However when the May hostess said that she had invited the author to come and speak with us I thought I had better move that book forward and put a little more time into my reading and finish of the book. I am so glad that did.
The lessons taught in this book are so powerful. They are truths that we all know and want to model our lives after. Without giving it all away it is simple to say that through a back door approach we are all taught how to be like Jesus, to be better Chirtians. After listening to author Ben Behunin speak I can tell that he lives these truths, is part of the stories, the people and the experiences he writes about. Ben is a Potter by trade and an author because he had the stories to tell and out of necessity needed to do something else for a bit.....truly God may close a door, but he opens a window.
At book club Ben didn't discuss the book necessarily, but he told his story and how come the book came to be....In his telling I could hear the voices of the people from Niederbipp that he wrote about and I understood better the man behind the book and why he had to write it.
One of the truths that came to me while he was speaking was that we all can receive inspiration through the Holy Ghost if we would be still, listen then act. Another truth that came to me while reading the book is that the best parts of life are found in the simple, small things. This Book has also inspired me to re-think and examine me; to think more about what and who I really want to be and then to have the courage to jump in with both feet and do it.....of course while applying the principles taught in the New Testament and this book.
I could tell you Ben Behunin's story but that you can discover most of it in the books......However I will be more than happy to share the other stuff I learned about him if you will read the books and then discuss them with me.... I think that you will really enjoy them if you haven't already read them.
And if you every have an opportunity to hear Ben Behunin speak or see him at Costco you should take a listen. He also has a Pottery shop where he sells his beautiful pottery........I may just have to go for a visit and to buy....and maybe he will share some of his wisdom.



I am behind this week due to the face thing...which by the way has improved significantly.

So here is the Weigh In....I am going down very, very slowly...these last 40 lbs. might be the death of me. I now need toning more than ever. My skin is flabby and muscles seem very week.....where is the magic skin my boys talked about as little boys? We kicked it up a bit at the gym this week and decided that besides walking we would do a more intense gym work out as well...intense for me is most likely a normal persons beginning workout.....hey, I am trying.
I still need to eat better and get more water into me every day.
The problems with eating better is that nothing sounds appealing to you are thinking then the weight should be falling off, not. Just because it isn't what I would choose to eat doesn't mean I won't eat something, anything to find that perfect food to fill the void. Also coming up with what to eat and then having to make it and clean up after myself is just not fun to think about. I made up my mind today that I was going to make the weekly menu and follow through. i am going to make what is on the plan even if I don't want to and it doesn't sound appealing....I know pretty grown up of me. I hope this new resolve works out.

As for the painting too is coming along very, very slowly....I have about half of it done if I stop and don't do any decorative painting...which is something, the decorative painting, I really would like to do IF I can do it in other words it probably won't happen and I can officially say I am half way done with the what to do with all the stuff /furniture/junk/etc....that is sitting in the center of the room. I have other stuff I want to load the room up with.....maybe a garage sale?

The rest: The garden is looking good, the rest of the yard is not....too much rain and cold to work out side. The other projects are just someday projects for the moment.....making a ton to do this summer. At least I have projects/work to look forward to on top of the rest of my daily jobs...oh well as they say no rest for the ...wicked or weary.

Wednesday, May 12

Mother's/Grandmother's Day

Captain Awesome with his mommy at the theatre talking to Uncle Nelson
Working with mommy at the Movie Theatre...just like his dad did at his age.

Grandma Marcie and her boy, Captain A!

My first Mother's Day as a Grandma
Mother's Day was eventful for the Call's. The long awaited Missionary phone call to Mom took place on Saturday.....and the traveling call went off as planned with out a hitch.....we even had a few unexpected hellos form other family members. According to Elder Call's letter he thought only my family would do this when we told him what was going to happen.... At our first stop he not only got to speak with Megan and Grandpa Lyle and Grandma Sheri, but he also got a hello from Aunt Angela and cousins Preston, Laila, Jenna, Landon Addison and his girlfriend Bree. The 20 minutes for Mom and Dad alone were great. At the Theatre we arrived to a big film mess....of course there was a problem, making int difficult for the brothers to talk with him, but they did eventually speak with him. Captain Awesome squawked at the phone(that is his latest form of communication he makes a squawk that sounds like a large bird or what we think a dinosaur would have sounded like). J, L and hay all got a a few quick minutes as did Grandpa Bill and Grandma Mary. We had been on the phone for about an hour and he had to go to church but he said let me talk to my mom. I wondered if it was something confidential, but he said no he just wanted to make sure that I felt like I had had enough time with him on the phone since it was the mother's day phone call. Overall he sounded happy. From what we got out of him he is a great missionary who is willing to work hard and do what is asked of him.
Sunday was also a nice day...we had dinner with the family and visited with Grandma's Mary and Sheri, wishing them a happy day.

Life is always changing, even when it seems to be the same from day to day. After 28 years of being a mother I think that it's good to be a mother/grandmother!

All Is Well

No I have not gone missing nor am I down for the count......
Monday was very busy and Tuesday I woke up with a swollen gland on the left side of my got a bit bigger as the day progresses. I looked like I was carrying a baseball in my cheek...a lot like most people look when they get their wisdom teeth out.....
I had a visit with the Doctor and got an antibiotic. they also drew lots of blood for tests to try to figure out what is wrong. The whole thing was making me cranky and tired so i just went to bed early on Tuesday.
This morning the antibiotics kicked in the swelling is reducing i looked like I had a golf ball in my cheek and now the gland that was very hard to the touch is also softening.....Yeah for me.
The only thing that is making me slightly concerned right now is that I have swollen gums on the lower left side of my mouth....hopefully it is nothing.....

Friday, May 7

Motherhood Is A Wild Ride

It's Mother's Day Weekend, it is a crazy weekend at best. Not only is it Mother's Day, but it is my Mom's Birthday and the last big Call from Elder Call in NZ.
There is so much to do and so many places to be and people to see that I just want to a good way.
We will be celebrating 2 moms/grandmas, a daughter in law and hopefully me, as moms.
We need to celebrate mom's birthday...and she is so hard to gift. She told me she was going to send me a list, but I have yet to see it. If it were up to me I would give her the world, since that is what she has given me. So what to do now?
The Missionary call home is much anticipated, however the scheduling brought tears.....and not selfish tears. Elder Call said he needed to do it on Saturday at 1:30( Sunday Morning for him. On his Monday he will be doing a Zone Conference) ..... No, not Saturday, we are so busy!......the tears I shed were for his sibs who I knew were very busy and committed on Saturday and wouldn't be able to speak with him when he called home.......that is until my answer man Gary said let's have him call my cell phone and we can take the call on the road. So we have now created a wild Saturday afternoon for us......Megan and Grandma Sheri have a show that begins at 2:00pm, so we are going over to their performance place to wait for the call . We have told Grandpa Lyle to meat us there too if he would like to talk with the missionary. They will each have a few minutes. Then it is off to Kaysville where Hay, J, L and Captain A will be working at the Theatre......My turn to talk comes while on the road to Kaysville.....this will be nice with just 3 of us talking and listening. We have told Bill and Mary to come down and join us if they want to talk with him.....So what should and could be a pleasant Saturday is now a big run around.
And those are just the major things that need doing this weekend...there is still Gary 's stuff to do, the painting, the yard, the cards, the crafts, etc......
Being a Mother is one wild crazy ride.
Happy Mother's Day to All of the great mothers that I love and look up to (the Sisters, Aunties, Cousins and Friends included). You make mothering look so easy.
....and happy M-Day to me too....maybe I'll go buy myself the earrings I saw on sale at Macy's......that will be a nice way to wrap up a wild Saturday.

Thursday, May 6

Cleaning Day

I am so glad that the maid showed up today...however she is pooped (and sore since she is also the painter and boy the celling is making her arms hurt).

Tuesday, May 4

Biography stuff or junk?

With the out of control painting project, several other projects become a necessity........ I am currently working through the cleaning stuff out and getting rid of project.
Today's ? as I work is......
Why do we keep so much stuff? Last night on How I Met Your Mother, I laughed when Ted brought out the "For my Biographer Box." What a kick I thought. Today looking at my things and stuff today that is exactly what all the boxes I have hanging around really are; the scraps that may or may not give a biographer an insight to who I am.
While going through some of the boxes I came to the conclusion that no one would really know me from the stuff I stored. All you can really tell about me from the stuff in the boxes is that I keep meaningless pieces of paper, I am a pack rat who boxes up old envelops, bills etc....usually to hid away while cleaning up for an event (I clean up for events really well). That I have good intentions of creating scrapbooks for my kids full of certificates, childhood art work, report cards, etc...... As a biographers treasure map to who I am, most of the stuff I keep boxing up would be pointless.....Why have I kept any of it? For the most part no one would care about it. All it really is, is a fire hazard and stuff your kids or grand kids will most likely trash when you are gone.

So out with the garbage, and the things and stuff that are meaningless......(unfortunately I will probably replace it with the next 10 years of I a mini hoarder?)

To my posterity in many, many, many years to come: Please no complaints that I (Memaw Marcie) didn't keep any 'cool' stuff, school papers, old bills, or bits and pieces that validate that I existed, but really don't tell you who I am/was. You all should thank me for trashing a lot of meaningless stuff; stuff that doesn't really give you any idea of who I was, how I thought or what I loved.

To me today....PLEASE stop saving crap, junk, bits and pieces of stuff that is worthless, and will still be worthless in the many, many, many years to come. Please don't keep it unless it can tell a biographer who I was, what I thought and what I loved.

....good intentions!?!?!?!

Monday, May 3

the babies

Here is a quick look at the Call family babies......Captain A and Uncle Hay.

Grandpa Gary & Captain Awesome

Uncle Hayden ready to go out the door to Prom

H and M (Meg is the baby girl so i guess she counts too), they are quite a pair of crazies......


Saturday, May 1


Happy Birthday Laurie!

We are so lucky to have Laurie as part of our family......Jordan done picked good.....
She is an excellent person, great wife, mother, daughter and friend.
She is so organized, and prepared....just what our family needs. As a mother she is a rock star.

Happy Birthday to a beautiful person.