Wednesday, March 31

Finding 50

I have decided that this is a re-birth year, and I ought to figure out who am am and want to be for the next half of my life...yes I think I will live another 50 years or at least I am working on having me be healthy enough with a keen mind to do so.
As Grandma Butters used to tell me...some people have long livers and some have short ones. We have long livers so plan on living for a long time. Because of this I know that it is important to create quality of life for myself for the next 50 years.
This year I will continue with the eating healthy and up my exercise. I want to work on my learning and discovering as well....
It should be an interesting journey.

Tuesday, March 30

darn you reeses eggs

Stop me I am out of control! I love Reeses PB eggs. They are better than the cups or the bunnies or Christmas trees, or whatever shape they make them into. Seriously the Eggs are the best. We decided that it is the peanut butter to chocolate ratio that makes the Eggs so much better. And darn it they are so good that they also call to me in a their silent peanuty chocolaty smooth voice saying "Eat ME."
The Regular sized ones are 350 calories each so I decided that if I got the mini ones at 170 calories each I could eat two and fool me.....NOOOOO, now I have a bag of mini eggs calling to me to eat m, eat me..........

Oh, Easter candy is so awesome...especially the Reeses Eggs, the robins egg whoppers, Starburst jelly beans......
I will be so glad when Easter is over and the Reeses Eggs will disappear. After Easter I know I will have more self control because the Earth Day, Mother's Day and Memorial Day candy isn't so appealing.

Monday, March 29

from NZ

Elder Call, Carol, Graham & Elder Cooper

You've Got To See It!

I had a great Birthday Month.....
My trip to NYC! Times Sq. NYC

Ferrara's Patisserie & Gelateria - off Mulberry & Grand

Square filled Doughnuts

mmm- cupcakes.

Time with the Family- Dinner and Shopping. They were great sports to indulge me.

The Benefactor

Miss Pink

Super Mum

da Boys

Captain Awesome!

The Gifts! I am so Lucky.

as always a Coach handbag - Love from Gary

Great Dress... I never would have tried on this style, but the Color caught my eye.




and more shoes - thanks M & H

great skirt - thanks Mom and Dad

fun cropped sweater - Thanks J L R

This is what 49 looks like on me. Not bad really......
This year of finding 50 should be interesting!?!?!?!

Friday, March 26

It's snowing. I keep saying that the weather in March is unpredictable, just like the people who are born in this month!?!?!

Wednesday, March 24

ahhh the pain!

I hate tooth aches.....going to the dentist has got to be on the bottom of my like to do list. I have even been looking for a new dentist hoping that my experience with a different dentist will be better, but alas they are all the same.... so it is back to my regular dentist to have the pain taken care of.
I began having sever pain in my lower left back teeth on Friday hurt but was manageable. By the time we got home Sunday night the pain had increased, probably because of the air pressure fluctuations. On Monday morning I called my regular dentist to see what could be done about the pain......he gave me Lortab and and antibiotic of the infection. We made an appointment for Wednesday morning to drill into the matter.
Monday around 11:00 I took the Lortab, and thus began my crazy spell. I do not do drugs well. The Lortab didn't touch the pain, but it did cause me to become very loopy. By 8:00 that night I was flying, I told the family that my hands were going to fly away.....I went to bed with a flying hands, and a crazy headache. By 10:00 Tuesday morning I decided that I couldn't take Lortab...I was nauseated, had the sweats, the headache, and no pain relief.....of course Gary and Jordan both had said to me you don't do Lortab well, but they didn't explain.... I went to bed for the rest of the day trying to get the Lortab out of my system. I couldn't stand for more than a few minutes with out getting sweaty and nauseated.....back to bed. By 10:00 that night I was feeling a bit better and turned to aspirin, ibuprofen and Aleve to reduce the pain....and slept through the night.
Of to the dentist this morning feeling a bit better.....anyway it took 3 doses of pain killer to deaden the area to be worked on and I could still feel pain during the drilling.....but decided that the pain was fine as long as I didn't have to have another shot.... I went home very tender, I still have some pain, and I am very took 4 hours for the numb to wear off..... It was a treat to try to eat and drink....can you say drool down the chin?
I get to go back next week to check it all out again....yeah!?!?! I still have a slight pain in the general area, but at least I didn't need a root canal......I have learned no more Lortab for me, plain aspirin will do just fine, that and a good sleep.

Monday, March 22

it's a sad day for america....and other things

TV personality and late show host Craig Ferguson will often say "it's a great day for America" and tell us what is so day I have to say it is a SAD day for America....congress passed the health care reform bill....bring on the socialism. Health care plans like this seem to be working so well around the world, NOT! What have we done? The majority of the those who passed this bill have admitted to not knowing what was in it or how it would even work....and they want the IRS to run they know what they are it is a SAD day for America. I can't wait to see how this all works out, because medicare is working so well....once again those of us in the middle will get nothing but gouged by the rich- insurance companies and the the poor, who know how to work the system.

Also sad for me today is the major tooth ache I have, necessitating a quick trip to the dentist for pain meds (which aren't really working against the pain. They are however making me a bit dizzy) and a x-rays and now an appointment to have fillings removed and replaced to hopefully stop the pain......what a great birthday week!?!?!?!


On the brighter side, there is no place like home. The faux life was nice, but being with ALL of those I love who are at home is the best.....not saying that being with Gary wasn't home....he is my home as long as he is there....

Sunday Gary and I went to Highline Park in the meat packing district of NYC.....It is an elevated park made on top of the old elevated train tracks, and it is beautiful. The crocus were popping up and a the pussy willows were beginning to bud....spring was springing forth. It was remarkable to be about 1 and 1/2 stories above the ground and see NYC from that vantage point. the park itself weaves through the old warehouses in the area, just like the train was nice to see something old recycled and made new again. They have one area that has a stadium area with benches that look out through a glass panel to the street....the little kids loves this. there is a great view of the Statue of Liberty. One warehouse tunnels windows have been replaced with different colored glass in each pane making a beautiful piece of art. They have made a stream in one part and sitting in the stream are permanent lounge chairs that people were sunning themselves looked like fun.

After my NYC trip I have become really comfortable with the lower west side.....I think I have walked most of it....or at least the parts I wanted to see. I can take you to the real Chinatown, find the best gelato and cannoli's in Little Italy, and the best shops and museums in SoHo. The other parts of the west side are really just more of the same.

It use to be that the time spent in NYC was great for more than seeing good theatre, and museums...the shopping, sight seeing, etc... wasn't to be missed, But with the Internet the world is much smaller, you can shop for anything from anywhere and get it with in a few days. the wonders of the world and not to missed events can be seen online as well....and sometimes even in live time.... I will still go out and adventure, but will have to find more reason and purpose in my journeying....still there is no place like home.

Saturday, March 20

Faux Life

Mom called my time here in NYC my fake life, and I guess it is pretty fake or faux to sound more fake. No everyday hassles, no house to clean, no meals to fix.....what ever. The worst part about it is that my faux life doesn't include all those I love living a faux life as well.
Anyway for my last full day living the faux life I got to do my thing until 7:00, then it was back to being the VPs wife...tonight was a bit better since it was a dinner at an Italian restaurants. Food was okay....I think we all develop tastes for different things and If I were living my faux life I am not sure this restaurants would make my list of favorites.....but it is one of Sam and Holly's....thought do people like this stuff because of the wine they are drinking?....all I wanted was a diet coke and couldn't get one at the restaurant, but got one on our way back to the hotel....maybe the food would have Bern better if I had a diet coke to wash it down with.
Back to my day of shopping and seeing In the Heights. It was very good. There were a few actors still in it who originated their rolls but the 3 big leads were all gone....and it was still good. Sometimes you wonder if a show is good only because of the talent and when they leave the show closes....this is what will happen to the Addams Family if it lasts even that long.
Sunday....sleep in and relax. We will spend half of the day flying, but it is time to be home , back into my real life.

Friday, March 19

A Beautiful Day

I want Spring/Summer to be here full time. It has been absolutely gorgeous here in NYC. I love 70 degree days. When packing I over packed knowing that the weather can change here quickly. Two years ago, this same week we were here with the family and a huge snow storm hit....the only thing that saved us from having to purchase heavy coats was that Hay and Nel were flying in after the rest of us....I called and made them pack a coat, etc... For each of us. The other funny thing about that trip was my brother Adam was in NYC for business and with the snow flights out were canceled and delayed. Adam ended up bunking with us for a night until he could get a flight out... Hay and Nel's flight made it in that morning so that night we had a very full room.... Lots of wild times.
Anyway I over packed with jackets, sweaters, warm winter coat and boots. There is a UPS store across the street from the Hotel and so I am looking at shipping things home...,,giving me more luggage room to fill with the stuff I am buying.

Today was the beginning of being the VP's wife.....I hate this part. Too many people I don't enjoy that I have to make nice with, and I am not a cocktail party person....I don't enjoy all the drinking and the bad appetizers like sushi, and antipasto, and weird cheeses....not my kind of food. The most interesting thing about the night was that I had to step up and figure things out for the other guest since the staff was too busy playing games....what ever. At least I have a break from it all until tomorrow night.
Tomorrow I plan in doing my own thing... Yeah shows and shopping. I shopped today at Century 21, finds! Tomorrow it is Macy's ( I love Macy's in NYC) and the 5th Ave crawl.

Thursday, March 18

Hot feet

Walked my feet off discovering SoHo.... Yes I had Bern there before, but this time we are staying in SoHo at the SoHo Grand - a great artsy in an old industrial look.
SoHo is all about the high end brands and designer boutiques, salons, galleries and restaurants.
I also hiked to the Doughnut was good, but just a doughnut.
And I spent time in the REAL Chinatown, not the touristy place and in Little Italy....can you say gelato? Yummmm, I am glad it was a warm day.
It was Play night. Gary and I try to see at least one play when in NYC....tonight's play 'God of Carnage'. This was the 2009 Tony winner for best play. I loved everything about it, the script, the acting, the direction, etc...
We saw Jeff Daniels playing the other guy part. Originally he played Allin and James Gandolphine played Michael, he left the show and came back two weeks ago as Michael. The other treat was seeing Janet McTeer as Veronica. She played the roll in the original London Production.
I mention the direction simply because of the mirroring and some of the crazier bits....all fab and really moved and enhanced the story. The other exciting thing about this play was the design as in the set and lighting....awesome! The most amazing thing was the lighting change that takes place by the end, it literally looks like black, the color, was used and I know that that us impossible....I decided that they did either deep blue or purple gels or cast shadows.... What ever they did it was amazing!
Off to rest the feet and gear up for a few more days of exploration.

Wednesday, March 17


I am so excited to be back in New York....thank you Gary.
I am a theatre geek so I have been to three shows in the two days I have been here.
The Addams Family was a disappointment overall...with it's all star cast I was expecting so much, but even the best sometimes can't do much with nothing. It was a bunch of songs that had lots of promise that seemed to be kluged together in the arraignment of the week....and the story was so week.
Billy Elliot was a best musical. I am glad that it won this Tony honor. The story is compelling, the staging and choreography was excellent. Of course the Elton John score was great. And how the moved the set and used it was fascinating. I was glad I got to see it.
My third show was Sondheim's A Little Night Music with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angela Landsbery. It was directed by Trevor Nunn. For an old dog it was definitely a new well done production. I was pleased with the enunciation, diction and attention to the innuendo. It was beautiful to look at as well as to listen too. The stars were fab....Catherine Zeta-Jones reminded me of Judy Dench.....
Erin Davies played the Countess and she was excellent. I saw her in Grey Gardens and Curtains and she is becoming a favorite....
Another fun thing that I did today was attend the Seth Rudetsky sirus xm radio show in the Times Sq. Visitors center. His guest were Jennifer Cody, Jennifer Lewis and Michael (played the Croc) all Broadway people who worked on The Princess and the Frog. It was an hour of fun. After the show I met Seth and told him about Megan and Hayden's love of his de- construct videos. He then wrote a note saying Hi to them and we took a picture.
I am worn out, miss my theatre buddies, but will be ready for more tomorrow.

Friday, March 12


Wow it is Friday March 12...I can't believe that it is March let alone the 12...where do the days go?
Isn't it interesting that in a world where recycling is all the rage that we can't recycle time? Wouldn't it be great if you could get a day or even an hour back....would you be forced to repeat it exactly or could you learn from your mistakes and make it better? Remember the movie Ground Hogs Day with Bill might be fun.....but hen again not.
When you recycle things they are usually re purposed or made into something new....I wonder what old units of time could be made into, or re purposed as.......

Wednesday, March 10

Wednesday Weigh In....and rant

Drum roll please...I lost a pound! And I ate oatmeal cookies for every meal on Monday.....Yes, I am out of control......Who knew that that they were good for weight loss?!?!?!?
I am moving along. I have 16 days to reach my goal, which may or may not happen with travel happening soon..... but I will make it...good positive self talk.
Here is my rant for the week......
Why did the US Gov. spend hundreds of taxpayer dollars to send each household a letter telling them that their Census would arrive next next? First- like I was wondering when it was going to come...really? They have only been advertising on TV that it would come in March for months now. Second- we have a huge budget deficit, but we can spend more money on something stupid. We wonder why there are so many Americans in trouble financially. Their example is the Federal Gov. They spend what they don't have and it doesn't seem to matter, so why can't I?
Third- The Census...oh don't get me started. Why do they need to know my race? I live in America and we are Americans. If I am paying my taxes and living with in the law they should know this stuff.....
We need to pull our heads out...we need election reform, we need to hold our elected officials accountable for their mistakes....what if we charged or paid a small percent to each elected official for every wasted or saved tax dollar? I bet things would change. We need some accountability folks. That would make people think twice about doing dumb stuff.

Tuesday, March 9

Got to Get a Plan

Life is still crazy...but getting better!
The misery associated with my 'To Do list' is working it's self out bit by bit....still tons to do, but the urgent for today/this week stuff is getting done...yeah!
As for the things that have been on my 'to do list' f-o-r-e-v-e-r, well, most are still at the bottom, but I am working on giving them more priority in my daily and weekly planning. Elder Call keeps reminding me that 'you have get a plan'..... as his mom I am glad to know he listened to what was being preached and is using this info even thought he never really saw a great example of plan making and follow through in action while growing up.....
Anywho...I have decided to move one 'to do' from the bottom of my list into a priority position each week until done. I am going to try to give these bottom dwellers a little more focus at least one day a week.....maybe this will help get the projects that have been lingering done and my guilt over them won't be so great! Crossing my fingers....
It's all in the planning.....and follow through.

Monday, March 8

Blessing Day

The Great Grandparents!
Don and Nola Swenson, Bill and Mary Call, Lyle and Sheri Cole

Dad, Mom and Captain Awesome

Uncle Hay and Ry trying on each others ties.

The Star of the Day!


too much to i am doing nothing

I hate the overwhelming feeling of too much to do...I become paralyzed and proceed to do nothing which means I have even more to do....ARRGH!
I have made to do list, I have prioritised, I have bargained with my self and others, but nothing seems to work.
I keep taking on more and not completing anything .....I need help!
What I really wish i could do is trash all of my to do's and start again, but that is not possible when some of the things are for other people.....maybe I will be selfish and just say no I can't do_______, the next time someone asks.......

Today's To Do's......


Wednesday, March 3

Wednesday Weigh In

It's Wednedsay again....drum roll......I am going down again....only by little bits, but going down....
I am walking harder and faster, watching that I eat healthier foods and drinking more water.

Not only is it Wednesday but it is March 3rd....It's March! Where did February go? My brother Adam wrote a cute little bit on facebook about no one noticing that March is here. He commented that it is his Birthday March 1st, but no one even remembers until around the 5th. And that is the problem with February turning to March.... it is such a weird transition between months that we have an extra day added to February every four years. So if you are Adam your birthday could be February 29th or March 1, no wait.....unless it is every for years then is it March 0 or 2 or February 30....It is all confusing no wonder we forget his birthday and that the month of March has even started.... Who is in charge here. This is almost as dumb as Day Light Savings Time.......