Thursday, May 31

the Graduate!

The last one, the caboose is finishing up high school, Hayden officially graduates tomorrow at 2:00 pm....yikes a new life for Marcie and Gary.
We did seminary graduation on Sunday. It was nice. We came home and I said "4 Seminary graduates, check." The Rest of the family then chimed in with the other checks off our list of to dos...3 Eagle scouts, 2 soon to be 3 missionaries, 3 soon to be 4 high school graduates, 1 soon to be 2 college graduates, etc....  Life is good!
So what has Hayden been up to? His high school has been very busy and active. For his senior tribute in the year book we noted how busy and different his interests in High School were with the quote "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"

Hayden is a great guy with a lot to look forward to. He tells us that he is nervous about the future....he doesn't have a plan other than a mission right now....yes, he will go to college that is in the plans but studying what, is the big don't know.
I know that he could do what ever he set his mind to do so I am not worried for him.
Here is what he has been up to for the past year.

 Homecoming - #70 first out!

 Oklahoma as Curly
 Nominated as best actor Utah High School Musical Awards
 State Football semi final game
 Beauty and the Beast - Gaston
 Chamber Choir

Mr. Drama in the Braveman pageant

 Rugby #3

 A'Capella Choir

 Red Sox Game

Your Good Man Charlie Brown

Hayden is a good man too.
Love him tons.


Saturday, May 26

Little Lineman

Had to share the little lineman in training. 

Plan for Rain

At noon a cheer went up at the Call home...why you ask? Well it is Memorial Day Weekend and the rain has begun, canceling all those Memorial Day weekend plans, people scrambling for something else to come to a movie. Rain on holidays reminds me of Bill, he always told me to plan for rain.
And that is why we were cheering!

Wednesday, May 23


Grandma's JOY


Tuesday, May 15

Prom 2.0

Hayden had a wonderful generous idea for two friends who prom was cut short by a concussion. Hayden's group were on their way to take pictures after a long day of rugby, with injuries, and a crazy trampoline party the night before...lets just say that things were ripe for disaster. On the way to Memory Grove, Kendell who was taken out of the rugby game with double vision begins to throw off to the hospital with him and his date Emily...the rest of the group then went on to dinner and the dance but felt their friends absence the rest of the night. The next day Hayden was feeling bad for Emily and for not having the opportunity to party with his whole group of friends so PROM 2.0 was born....a surprise prom party for the two missing friend given by their my house.

Let's just say at first I was so touched that Hayden was so kind and thoughtful....then I realized that it was going to happen at my home and I wasn't as excited, in fact there were times in the two weeks prior to the event that I was mad that I was putting on a party for two other kids....but eventually I changed my mind and realized that I was so blessed to have such a generous son as Hayden who wanted to throw a party for his friends and it became something more to me, it became a party to honor my son and his good friends who are graduating....I became happy and the party was great for all of us! Good fun, decorations, music, food......
A few photos of the fun!


Reviews of the night!
Proof that if you pick your own playlist, invite your own friends, have popcorn and Dr. pepper, and do it for people you care about you will have a better dance experience than any other high school event to date! love you all! last night was a blast!
Man, what an amazing surprise prom party!! Thank you so much to everyone that made that possible, especially the Call family for hosting and feeding everybody! I feel so blessed to have such awesome friends and family :) 
Prom the third was super swell!! Thanks so much to everyone for the splendid surprise! And a HUGE thank you to the Call family for putting it all together and letting a bunch of teenagers invade their house :) I have the best friends and family ever!!

Friday, May 4

51 or 15?

Last night I was 15, not 51. My friend Dot has said that when it is in your favor (and only in your favor, it doesn't count the other way) it is okay to reverse the numbers of your age and act that way.........pretty funny for an 88 year old, but she said this allows her to have so much more fun and an excuse for how she is acting.
Anyway last night the kids and I went to the midnight movie of the Avengers (no I wasn't the oldest one there...I was 15, probably the average age).
Avengers is a fun movie even if it is 2 1/2 hours long. Great lines, good eye candy and fun bad guy.  The boys were so excited to see it and I had heard nothing but good about it so I thought hey the worst that could happen is it would be an $8.50 nap. A nap it was not. I was hopped up on real coke a cola - read sugar and caffeine and popcorn.
The Midnight movie was fun, the 'characters' at the movie are crazy and need to get a life. I am sure the social study would be interesting and probably troubling to discover all the socialization problems in our society with our 18 to 30 year old young adult male population.
The worst part of the whole thing next to the time of day was the tie between exiting the parking lot and getting through the crowd into the movie theater..... Both problems should be addressed by the Miller group and have nothing to do with the movie so I won't complain.

I think I continue with the 15 year old thing today and say "May the Fourth be with you." Happy Star Wars Day!


Thursday, May 3

Fun Face

Fun times with the Ry guy. He is truly growing up at lunch the other day he heard me order then looked at the waitress and said "I want Mac and Cheese" then he gave us all a satisfied smile....
- We were playing outside and when he was done he looks at Nelson, Megan and  myself and says "come on in guys" and waves his arm.
- He loves his reflection in any and everything. He could see himself in my patio doors and would then hide and peak around the corner  to see himself.
- At he mall he was squinting his eyes to almost closed to see how closed they could be and still see something....he was doing this into a mirror.
- He is the king of the mimic....Nelson smiled at him and he tried to replicate Nelsons smile.
- At lunch on his moms birthday he was so pleased to have both his grandmas present...he couldn't stop smiling at us.
- He is not afraid of water The fountains at City Creek are his fav.
What a joy this grandboy is in our lives.

And when you say you love him he always responds with "I uve you too."