Monday, June 28

Free Week

I realized this morning that this is the first week of summer that we have not been committed to something , someone or some project.....yes there are still projects but not dead lines for the moment.
Yesterday we had a wonderful time with J & L and Captain A. Boy is he growing up fast....he is becoming a little person. two weeks ago he hated being on his stomach, he still does, but now he is pushing himself up and is understanding that on your stomach you can get to things. He giggles and my favorite is when he is eating and says 'mmm' for every bite.

Hayden had youth Conference last week and had a great time. As the stories slowly come out it is fun to find out what took place. One of the craziest things was the big water fight. Our Stake Pres. basically said he was the reigning king of the stake water fights at Stake Priesthood meeting on Sunday. Well the challenge was made and the boys decided to get him big time at Youth Conference.....but Pres. Hanks had the upper hand on all of them and hired out a 20,000 gallon fire truck for his water weapon.....yes, he won, but Hayden says he better watch his back because revenge is sweet.

The First month of Summer is drawing to a close and i can't believe it....but time always marches on too quickly. This week we hope to get some swimming in.
Off to enjoy the heat and my yard.

Friday, June 25

It's Hot!

Boy it is hot and I love it!
The clean up marches on even through the heat. The heat wouldn't be a problem but when you are working in the attic storage room things are 10 to 20 degrees hotter than the air conditioned house....but the final out come should be fantastic.
Getting rid of things is good. I keep telling myself that so I don't feel bad about throwing things out. Or I tell my self 'nobody will care about it when you are dead.'.......
Going through the memorabilia is so painful. Why have I kept so much stuff and is there a better way to keep things?
Hayden came home from Youth Conference this afternoon and I put him to work hauling things up and down the stairs. He told me he wasn't going to move one more thing until I had a place to put the moved item.....I keep telling him I do have a place to put the stuff and a plan!
I am already sore and tired and the weekend hasn't even begun.....I maybe dead by tomorrow night.

Monday, June 21

Hooray for the New Week

I usually morn for the loss of a weekend. However this week I am glad that that weekend is over and done and a new week has begun....not that I didn't have a great weekend. We had a fun party for Megan, and a wonderful Father's Day BBQ. It was all a lot of work and boy am I sore and tired from the get ready. As I was getting ready I kept telling myself that I am an event/deadline cleaner...unfortunately too true......but because of that fault I did get a lot done. ( Note to self: Plan more events so I will get more done).
This week there are more projects to finish and begin. The Loft is looking fantastic and I mean that in a good way. It is very livable. I need to finish painting the celling beam , which I can now do since all the junk has been moved out....won't happen until the end of the week.....but it needs to happen soon so I can get the rest of the Marcie's crafting/scrap book/sewing/painting, etc.... junk moved up out of the basement and move on to the home theatre.......yeah!

Keep Smiling and Be Happy!

Thursday, June 17


I am like a chicken with my head cut off.....running around blind.......
I am involved in so many projects, but you know how it is on thing leads to another......
The Loft is almost livable again.....crossing my fingers that today is the day. No it is not perfect, the way I have envisioned it, but it will do for now. What i would still like to do ---I wish I could move the pool table a bit, but hey I am just not that strong and even if I could with my luck I would probably not get it centered or mess it up some how....maybe Gary and the boys could move it ? Also I am hoping to put in a big comfy sofa or even a bed with lots of pillows that we use for a couch so the Grand kids will have a fun place to be......
Whatever , the painting is done except for the beam and that will be done next week. I love the color: November Rain form Benjamin Moore. It is a light cement green/gray. It looks like a shadow, and is so peaceful. I kept the celling and base boards white.
I had Jordan come over and help Hayden move the big things around so I could finish.....Gary thinks that it is funny that I moved a couch out of the loft too the bassement so that I could move the one from the basement up to the loft....Hayden spent the day yesterday doing demo of office furniture that was too big to move, that couldn't be taken apart and re-assembled. (I think he liked getting his aggressions out with a hammer).
Busy day ahead.......moving couches, putting things away, throwing stuff out and cleaning up.....
Yesterday morning I said I was only 1 day behind on my plan for the week this morning I know I am now 2 days behind....I don't get it, I worked all day yesterday?!?!?!?!?
So much to do so little time.....I want things done for Meg's party Saturday night. I am so glad I have a dead line or this would drag on for another week.
Question: How come you can just throw things into boxes, but to put the stuff from the boxes away you have to look at every scrap of paper?

Tuesday, June 15

Captian 'A' at 5 months

Thought we needed a treat.....isn't he cute!
(I am such a grandma)


Wednesday, June 9

She's 25!?!?!?!?

WOW Meg is 25 years old today.
Here is the story of her birth....repeated again

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. I had been up all night debating on if it was time to call Doctor Frampton and go to the hospital..... I was ready, she was 10 days over due. At 6:00 am we arrived at Mt. View Hospital in Payson Utah. Being the second birth I kind of knew what I was going to previous labor was long, so long that they told me next time they might want to induce my labor. The morning was slowly moving along, the Doctor visited me while doing his rounds at the hospital. He took a look and told me he was going home, that this baby didn't look like it was in any hurry.
At 8:00 am the nurse hooked me up to a drip to help create a stronger labor......... At 9:00 am I heard the Mormon Tabernacle Choir begin their weekly broadcast...."Gently raise the scared strains...." Seconds later I told Gary to go get the nurse, this baby is coming. As the nurse sauntered in I was in terrible pain meds for me...the first time the meds about killed me. I was shouting at her that the baby was coming, she took a look and the panic on her face told me the baby was coming fast. She tossed Gary his delivery room outfit and told him to hustle and get it on if he wanted to see this baby born. In the hall there was a lot of commotion and shouting for help and to get hold of the Doctor. I was rushed in to a delivery room, the table was askew in the room. Everyone looked frazzled and their was no doctor around. I knew that the nurse was going to deliver this baby, she thought she was too. In the background I could still hear the MoTab's program as the hospital staff were giving instructions to Gary and the nurse was taking her place to help the baby enter this world. Suddenly everything was spinning and good ole Doctor Frampton rushed in. His scrubs looked as if they had been hastily put on, he was snapping on his gloves, reached down and caught the baby as she slipped out....... At 9:20am Megan Call entered peacefully into the world. (I remember hearing the MoTabs closing song as I held her for the first time... "God be with you till we meet again....." To this day I think of her birth every Sunday when the Choir program begins.) Megan looked around with her big eyes assessed the situation then let out a pitiful whine....probably because she felt cold and uncomfortable. She had just been jarred from her 9 + months resting place.....To this day she dislikes the cold and loves cocooning in comfortable safe surroundings.

Megan has been a joy to have around these past 25 years. She is patient, kind and loving. Everyone loves her. Her 'white' personality is a blessing since she is the only daughter, has 3 brothers and lives with 'red' and 'blue' personalities. She is an amazing talent...her singing voice is unbelievable!
To celebrate here we are having a big shindig on the 19th....I know not her birthday or the weekend closest to her day, but hey we do what we can.....and it is my 29th anniversary this weekend! Anyway we sent out a bunch of invites for her party asking only for RSVP far we haven't heard a thing, which means she is so loved by everyone that no one would think of missing....yikes for me , but great news for her.
Lar, Captain A, Hay and Myself took her shopping with her birthday money yesterday (she had to work today). We had a great day which was all about Megs....we only looked at things for her. She was a great sport trying on all the clothes that Lar and I picked out for her. After hours of shopping she did get a beautiful new dress, a top, light sweater and shoes......

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEG! we love you heaps.

Megan told me to write on my facebook that 'I was celebrating my favorites birthday' I did and lets just say that the kids responded appropriately.....Hay: It's not my birthday. Meg: I knew that you liked me better than that kid in New Zealand. Jord: You must be confused it's not October 26.

Monday, June 7

Yeah......Let the Summer Begin

It is the first Monday of Summer. I take any opportunity I can to find a beginning, to set new goals, to make a fresh start. Today is no exception.
We started with a new kicked our butts, but we will endure and continue to do it until it is no longer a challenge. We didn't walk any further than we have been walking we just changed up the intensity by making half of it a climb up hill. My legs are already feeling a bit of the work out.
The Diet plan is in place.....I have menus in hand so it is much easier than I had anticipated. I also like tracking what i am eating.....I am told that tracking or a food journal is a key factor to weight loss. I of course am weighing everyday even thought you aren't supposed to on WW, but hey that is okay.
Now on to making the every week stuff fit in with my new resolve.

Goals for the summer: June 7th to Labor Day
Diet and Exercise- Lose 20 lbs. Exercise for at least 40 min. 5 days a week. Eat according to menu plan.
Home- Finish loft. Basement- Home Theater space painted, screen, etc... Nelson's room cleaned up and re-decorated. Megan's room cleaned out and re-decorated. Storage room cleaned out.
Yard - Retaining wall for front garden. Brick Mail Box.
Family - Weekly activity. Lunch with M & L once a month. More time with Sisters and Mom.
Spiritual - Read the Book of Mormon. Temple once a week.
Financial - Save an extra $100.00.

Saturday, June 5

Weight Watchers

I joined Weight Watchers Online today...I need the extra help and J and L are doing it. Maybe I can get everyone else doing it as well. I will stocking the house and doing daily menus from them so there you have it. Maybe this will get me going and finish the weight loss.
The cool thing about it is having the tracker on my iPod...Good App for me.
Summer weight loss goal is 20 lbs.
Good luck to me!

Thursday, June 3

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Summer

This morning I worked in the back yard and put out the beautiful new patio chairs that I purchased back in March. The chairs were a fantastic deal at Target so I took Gary in to see them because he always has an opinion. Anyway I wanted either the bright yellow or red chairs, but knew I was going to have to get the tan or olive green chairs. When Gary saw the chairs next to the bright yellow chairs he told me that we should get the yellow because they would look bright and cheery.........and they do look great along with my 75% off Pottery Barn umbrella. We now need to get a table and a new hook for the hammock stand and then the back yard will be ready for this summer.
The only thing better in the backyard would be a swimming pool......... AHHH DREAMS!

Turned on the sprinklers today.... good news only one broken head. I think this is the latest we have ever waited to turn them on. I guess that is what happens when the weather is so wet.

Wednesday, June 2

My Summer is Here...inspite of the weather

I declare it Summer......because school is out. That is how I have always looked at it. Crazy I know, but school will be done on Friday! Yeah I love having my kids free to spend time with me. I guess I should say kid...Hayden. My baby boy is the last one in public school, and we still have two more years. Just thinking of this kind of makes me sad..... Oh well, get it together Marcie.
This has been a crazy week so far. We did a Memorial Day program at our church....and by we I mean Gary, Megan, Hayden and myself. It went well if the accolades are to believed. I wrote a short presentation that Gary and I read. I had Hayden sing Tell My Father by Frank Wildhorn from Civil War and Megan sang Anthem from Chess by Tim Rice and the ABBA guys. They were fantastic if I do say so myself.
Tuesday was a double day because of the holiday. So I was very busy. But we got to tend Captain Awesome for a bit which was fun. Then I was frustrated because I told Megan we would do a 25th B-day party for her. The problem is that it is now June and her birthday is the 9th and I haven't even begun to we are now giving me 10 more days to work with...yeah!
Wednesday- Well being in a party mood we asked Hayden if he would like to do a brunch( he won't call it brunch) on Friday for friends since it's the last day of school. Luckily for me my resistant, not as social as you would think child said yes let's do it and then sent out a text to 20 friends.....good for him. So far he has been pleasantly surprised by the positive response he has received......he even said you could bring friends that I may have forgotten or don't have their number. Thank heavens he told them to let him know who they might be bringing.......he doesn't care so much but I am sure he knows that I would be crazy if I didn't have enough food.
Now to get everything ready for Friday least I will have a good start on getting ready for Meg's party!
I Love SUMMER! now bring out the SUN.