Tuesday, March 31

If I Had A Million Dollars?

Do You ever think about what you would do with a million dollars? I usually don't think about it until I want to go on a trip, get an expensive catalogue, find a killer outfit, work in my yard and want to make it an escape/staycation location, or pay my taxes.....yikes, TAXES!...I don;'t even want to think about this :(
Anyway, the Million dollar thought has been going through my brain as of late....Some people are really good and want to save starving villages in Africa. I don't usually think that big or generous, and I really don't need much my self.....so why my first or thirty first thought isn't to help the starving in a third world company is beyond me.
I usually want to get me and my family all out of debt first, then I think of the fantastic adventures I would take if I had the money.....
Now, my boys would want to invest it all and live on the interest....this is where men and women differ in my home. The men want to see the money grow and not spend it, and the women want shiny sparkly things.....someone once said that women and fish are alike, both are attracted to shiny objects.
I guess since I am in the list mode I will make a list of how I would spend my million...If I had a million dollars......I'd be rich?

Monday, March 30

Monday Mumblings....


In three hours Sunday we got 5 inches of snow! Yes, SNOW! All I know is I went into church and the snow started to fall lightly......when I came out, 3 hours later, my smart car was covered. And the snow storm was at the wined down point......This morning I woke up to 3 more inches of snow....it is crazy! The only good thing about this snow is that is is very wet, so it melts quickly....no shoveling today.

I want to grow old gracefully......I VT a cute lady who is so spiffy and active at 83 that you would think that she might be 70, maybe....She keeps her life busy with things to do and people to serve. I think that is how you do it....keep busy so you don't wither away.

I have a love hate relationship with technology....I love it when it is working in my favor, but I HATE it when i can't get it to do what I need it to do.....my printer today has had a mind of it's own. I tried everything to get it to print and still no success......then when I said , I didn't care.......things began to print. Why, I don't know why?

I can't believe that it is almost APRIL ..... when has my month of action gone? I apparently need a re-do on the action thing. I don't feel as though I accomplished or completed anything....let alone started something. I am in charge of me so I guess the re-do is up to me.

50 by 50---love the idea, but the list was a bit more difficult to make than I thought it would be. When you have a limited time to do things in it is harder to put things on the list. You can't put things on the list that you know can't possibly happen in that space of time. I helped myself out by making my list of things I want to accomplish/see/etc.... in this lifetime. It made making the other list a little less ...... final? My life list is looking amazing....boy if I could live that life...what an adventure. I did however put a few fantastic to do's on my 50 by 50 list....I limited myself to 5% amazing goals, 5% everyday goals, etc.... The best part is I can already cross one item off and several other items have a good beginning.

on to a better week!

Friday, March 27


Coconut Birthday Cake with 7 minute frosting....made by my sweet Megan...the baker.

I love coconut and my family knows it. I can't wait for Thanksgiving and my mom's coconut cream pie. So, a coconut cake for my birthday was a real treat....and it was a made from scratch....just like my mom used to make...a scratch cake with 7 minute frosting......what a flash back. Megan told me that she needed unsweetened coconut milk for the cake recipe and couldn't find any in the store....so she made it herself. She was so ingenious she went to the Internet and Alton Brown from Food Network told how to make coconut milk at home......it must have been right, the cake was delicious! She also said the making 7 minute frosting for the first time was a real experience....it made her nervous, but when I told her it was the frosting we would use for our graham cracker villages she was calmer, and knew that she was making it right.
YUMMMMM! Just thinking about it I want another piece!
I have set a goal of eating at new restaurants when we go out....not the same old boring. Last week we went to 'Em's' in SLC. It is behind the conference center....It was very good.
Tonight I am looking for something fun for the whole family to enjoy. We are still celebrating my Birthday......a year ago for my birthday was the first time Laurie went out with us as a family..... I am so glad that she is a part of us now.....any way where to eat tonight....we need fast and fun because they also want to go to a movie. I will have to check out the reviews to decide. I love discovering new to me.....I hope it turns out to be a yum!

Thursday, March 26

Happy Birthday To ME!

This is what my 48 years looks like....not bad, but I am working on the improvement.
I am a wife, a mother, a mother-in-law, a sister a daughter, a grand daughter, a cousin, a niece, an aunt, a friend. I book movies and manage a movie theatre. I don't know if this is defining but it is an influence of who I am. I have always laughed when people define themselves as their occupation...."I'm a Doctor." or "I'm a Teacher." is one better than the other does the occupation really define who you are? To define better who I am I would have to ask other people but here are a few words I hope they would use to define me.....kind, helpful, happy, inquisitive, nurturing, good cook, artistic, fun, optimistic, peaceful...............

To help better define who I am, I have decided to do '50 by 50'....I am making a list of 50 things I want to do by 50. 2 years will come and go, so I feel I have to do something worth while.
Gary has cautioned me not to dream to big for my 2 years.....I say if you don't dream you don't live......and if you don't write it down and plan on it, it won't ever happen.
I know that there are travel things I want to do, and education things....but what about the adventure, daring, risk taking? Am I up to including them on my list?

I have been reading Phil Keoghan's book NOW - No Opportunity Wasted 8 Ways to Create a List For The Life You Want. He says the reason we don't do things is because of the 10 great excuses: 1. I don't have the money. 2. I don't have the time. 3. My job is my life. 4. My family must always come first. 5. In my spare time I need to relax. 6. Not interested in dying right now. 7. My spouse would think I am crazy if I did that. 8. I am too old for this. 9. I am too out of shape and have a bum_____. 10. I just don't think I can do it. After he debunks your excuses he shares 8 themes to help you crate the life you want. 1. Face your fears
2. Get lost. 3. Test you limits. 4. Take a leap of faith. 5. Rediscover your childhood. 6. Shed your inhibitions/express yourself 7. Break new ground. 8. Aim for the heart. All of this is good stuff that I will use to help make my list of '50 by 50.'

On this day I would like to thank my Mom and Dad for my life. They are the best...they started me out right. It has been a great 48 years. I am glad that there have been so many wonderful people around to influence and guide me. I hope that these folks will help me and join with me in my '50 by 50'. Today I will begin again, another year of life, another year of growth, learning and adventure.
Happy Birthday To ME!

Wednesday, March 25

Wednesday Weigh In

So my goal of 5 more pound by my birthday will not be realized unless I stop eating today...which ain't gonna happen.

Anyway 1 more lb. and that is okay.
Yesterday I went shopping with Mom, Melinda, Liz and Christine. We had a fun afternoon. The best part for me was wearing a size 20 pant!!!! I thought I maybe could be in a 22, but a 20, and the 20 is not even tight....that is fabulous!

Last night my new visiting teachers came over...they are both younger and skinnier than me and that is okay......how ever they are both runners, something I have never even wanted to do. Why do people run? It makes me breath way too hard, and hurts my chest, it is torture for my knees, the pounding in my head is awful, and is not fun at all...where is the runners high I am always hearing about? I asked then whey they run and they both said because it is easy...they can do it whenever....I still won't be running....maybe a light jog now and then. Someone once asked me if i would run if being chased? I responded with "No, I would have to out smart them some other way to get away or just give up, they would catch me anyway, I am too slow."

I am still exercising however, even if it is not running. I miss it when I don't get out and do it.....that is a big change for me. I saw a report on Valerie Bertinelli on Today. They were discussing her weight loss and how she got in shape for her bikini cover for People magazine. She is 48 (the age I will be tomorrow) and looks great....she lost the weight but had to exercised to get into bikini shape.....It is all about the exercise!

I'll keep watching what I eat, and step up my exercise....maybe by my anniversary I will be 30 lbs smaller.....I hope so......that would be fabo!


Monday, March 23

Monday Mumblings....

This is my birthday week....I have great plans for the whole week, yeah!
I received a wonderful birthday greeting for Elder Call on Sunday...I of course got a bit teary.
I have already received some nice things from my family for my birthday.... Thanks to all, my list must have helped out.

Elder Call update....he found a suit for $50.00 that fits like it was made for him....of course Nelson got a great suit for very little cash. He is the bargain hunter. Now if he will get the sister missionaries to help measure him I can send some shirts etc....I have a package ready to go full of Reese's Eggs...a favorite, and other great Easter treats.

It is just the third day of spring and in Utah it is snowing.......!?!?!?!? That is Utah spring for you.

Our water heater went out...but was replaced this morning. I am so thankful for modern conveniences.

Cold is still lingering or now it is allergies or sinus ..... what ever it is it's 'snot' fun.


Friday, March 20

Suddenly it's Spring! Friday Thoughts & Things

So I am my dads daughter....yesterday I killed my self in the yard getting things ready for the garden etc......I was so achy when I went to bed I thought this morning would be hard....it wasn't so. I will have to work a little harder.

I had to stop working when I pulled a hip muscle...I know, I didn't know I could pull that muscle either.....I had to stop anyway because I had filled the yard waste can, and even packed it into the can, and I had made several more large piles of stuff that still needs to be disposed of. I still have tons to do! When Hayden saw what I was doing he just laughed then said "I'm sure glad I wasn't home to help." He did however have to help me clean my tools up.....and will have to help on Saturday....I think I will be extra hard on him because of his comment.
I am glad my family said that I am like my dad in the working hard area......My dad is and always has been a hard worker....doing the job the right way and not stopping until it is done. I hope that I have passed this same work ethic on to my children.

This is Megan as Mrs. Meers in Thoroughly Modern Millie at RMT. She is wonderful! Saturday is her closing night. Megan has a great talent for musical theatre. She is studying it at school and is teaching musical theatre classes at a local arts school. I love to hear her sing and hope that she will continue to perform when ever she gets a chance.

My baby is getting ready to take his driving permit test. I'm not worried that he will be driving. Hayden will probably be an excellent driver. He also got his High School registration packet in the mail today... :. ( I'm just sad that he is so grown up....where does the time go? I remember having 'little kids' running around not having a life, being so tired, wanting naps and bedtime to come quicker and thinking I can't wait until they are grown up...well they are all grown up. I love them as adults, it is fun to hang out with them and here their grown up thoughts and ideas and watch them take the lead in their lives, but I sure miss the 'little kid' stage.........okay I guess I only miss the good parts, you can keep the crappy parts, and by crappy I mean the the crap.

My sweet Granny B had a fall a split her head last night. It is tough getting old. She is such a good fun person. I want to be like her when I grow up too. I feel it a great honor when I have someone tell me that I remind them of her.

Off on a fab weekend!

Thursday, March 19

Keep it Positive....and green

"It's not the strongest that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." - unknown
To survive we need to change. We don't need to change our values and beliefs, but we need to be adaptable to the current conditions, and grow stronger because of the change......different isn't always better, but better is always different.....enough said

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending." - Maria Robinson
Love this thought...goal setting and course corrections is what it is all about.

I begin my garden today...probably a little late, but I am doing it.
The sky is blue, the weather is crisp, but spring like. The yard and dirt are beckoning me to them....just like the Secret Garden ...."come to my garden." I hope I will find relief and joy in my efforts. My first job will be cleaning up and preparation for the compost mix that will arrive Saturday. I probably won't plant until Tuesday with the weather forecast we have been given.....good moist soil for seeds should be perfect.
My first plantings will be peas and broccoli....I have never even seen broccoli growing but have been told that it loves the cool weather and is easy to grow from nursery starts.......J&L Garden center watch out here I come.

The birds are fighting for space. Their symphony is calling me to come outside...so I am off.

Wednesday, March 18

Wednesday Weigh-In

So I weighed in yesterday...no weight loss :(
Today I am still going to weigh in but not about my weight.......wait for it........wait for it.....

How stupid does AIG think we are? Probably really stupid. First of all our elected officials/us, gave them billions of dollars to help out their ailing company....billions of our hard earned tax dollars.....then AIG who was so poor and down and out sent it's big wigs on a all expenses paid retreat. Now AIG is giving out huge bonuses to the same big wigs ( The company CEO said he wants then to give the bonuses back....but the bird has been freed from it's cage. Fat chance)......This is a company who boo hooed to the Govt./Us, for tons of money because they were in dire need. Their failure was going to wipe out the American economy.....Obviously AIG knows how stupid we/our elected officials are......Please stop the insanity.

and to continue my rant.....

What happened to natural selection, survival of the fittest? If you fail you fail and the strong will survive, the cream will rise to the top. The problem with our present culture is that we save everyone and everything. As a society we are quick with the handout and making an exception. We are keeping the stupid alive.....from the big ailing companies to the individual. We give welfare (giving fish not teaching how to fish), have seat belt and helmet laws, child proof caps, chapter 11 and 13 for bankruptcy, etc.......we allow and give all this because we think it makes us appear more human and christian......Pressure and abrasion makes us all stronger......We need to let people and business fight a little for what they need....we need to stop with the quick hand outs and legislating common sense. If you can't make it on your own and use your God given ingenuity to keep your head above water, or you need a law to tell you not to do something stupid then you deserve to fail.

We were discussing and laughing about this present situation with Hayden the other day. He too sees the irony that we save everyone from their own stupidity......Gary was going on about it all and Hayden responded "but kids ate paint chips when you your a kid dad." Gary quickly replied back "and those stupid kids who did so are no longer with us."

The hit TV show Survivor isn't about true survivors....as in the physically strong will survive, but it is about the manipulators, cheaters and liars, the mentally strong. The ones who win because they played it safe and rode on the coat tails of the physically strong. The winners are the ones who figured out how to "play the game" .....Unfortunately this TV program is a true reflection of our present society. We have made survival a game with our hand outs and legislation.....We have no balance...we need both types of strong, the mental and physical. For our society to thrive and survive we need physically strong, sound, growing enterprises, communities, families and individuals, and theses entities need to be run/ruled by those who are also mentally strong.....smart, not manipulators. We need to figure out how to make it on our own with out a handout, without being the exception, without crying it's not fair. If you can't make it doing what you are doing then you need to make a change from with in. An out side fix is only cosmetic and does nothing to support the foundation or build up the structure.
We need to get a clue. ......let natural selection take place. Let's quit being stupid and bailing out the stupid.....Survival should be of the physical and mental fittest.
So there is my rant.....my weigh in.


Tuesday, March 17


Irish luck isn't really good luck at all if you look at the Irish historically.....but it is their optimistic attitude, that is what makes them lucky...so for today I am Irish!
On my desk calendar today is reads "If you didn't work hard you'd never get lucky." interesting thought....luck comes from hard work....I guess I won't be getting much luck if it takes hard work.....but all that doesn't matter because today I am feeling Lucky....I'm in the green, but not sick, or rich.....but being rich would be nice and lucky.

I feel lucky because I just got home from the doctors and was given a good bill of health for a few more months. I have been working on my weight /health because I am pre -diabetic.....now that is not a lucky disease....but things are looking better for me. I am managing my weight better and exercising.(This is starting to sound like Wednesday weigh-in).

If you have your health you are lucky.....especially the older you get.

The Irish is starting to bubble out 'o me....hearts, stars and rainbows....
Think lucky thoughts!


Friday, March 13

Friday- Thoughts on my week

Yeah, it is here! Gary has been gone for a whole week and returns today. After 3 months of his being home more often than not, the week long gone was a new/old thing....hope it doesn't start up again. I miss having him around.

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time with my Grandma Butters twice this week....it was the best of times and the worst of times, getting old sucks. One day she was very frail and blue, she needed her oxygen. She also seemed very sad. I wasn't sure if she was going to make it through the day. The second day she was my old fun loving grandma. We reminisced and had a great time. She was dressed for the day, unusual because as of late she just stays in her robe. She also was very sharp with a come back and even thought she needs to have her oxygen she seemed fine without it. One of the funny things she said this week--when asked what she was doing she responded with "I'm going to take a sponge bath or die." I didn't know that death and sponge baths were on the opposite sides, but hey who knew. I was so glad that Megan was with me on her good day. Megan commented on how much better she got to know grandma from our visit. ....here is a funny thing she said to Megan; we were talking about her being Queen of the May at Morgan High School. She told us that the queen was the most popular girl in the school. She then said "It's because I reek with personality, well at least I reek." She is so witty.

I have been stewing about Elder Call and his need for some new clothing....He tells me that it is no big deal , but to me it is. You see the old Nelson was very particular about his clothing. He would select it for comfort, and style. He didn't like things too tight or too loose. He took great care of his clothing also. No one could do his laundry for him,we would do it wrong. He wouldn't use the drier for most of his clothing because it would shrink, or change the feel, or color, etc...He was the Dry Cleaners number one customer....a habit that I cautioned would be hard to use in the mission field. When we purchased his mission clothing he wanted shirts that felt best against his body, the shirts he selected weren't the standard missionary issue, no they were a bit pricey, but looked really nice. His pants had to be just so, not tight, not loose, and never to short. He took a collection of ties that would make him look like one of the best dressed...... I can't imagine the old Nelson being okay with Elder Call's ill fitting shirts, and pants......I guess that he is now understanding that clothing really doesn't matter as much as he thought it should.
But I am still stewing until he/we get him some better fitting clothing.

We all have too much stuff....new week, same OLD thought. However I just can't seem to rid myself of my stuff. I want to get rid of it or store it creatively, but I am having difficulty doing either......I will conquer the stuff someday.

Birthday's--- I had to make a birthday list this week. I decided not only to tell what I wanted but to show as well and made a list that included photos of several things I wanted.....This caused a lot of stir, but hey a pictures is worth a thousand words. To Gary all it said was "I can't stop working."
Besides my list I am excited for my birthday this year. I don't know why, I'm getting older which I have already said 'sucks'. I think I am excited because I love it being all about me.....it's the Love language thing coming into play again i think. Anyway, I was discussing my birthday with Gary and decided that I wanted to create a list of 50 things I wanted to do before I was 50. Gary cautioned me about making my wishes too grand but hey if you stop dreaming your dreams, you stop living your life.

The rattle between my ears is currently on over load. I will have to do something to slow down the chatter......time for a good book.


Thursday, March 12

Weighing in...okay so I am a day late!

I know it is not Wednesday...but I am still weighing in....no loss this week. But that is okay. I am still on track to loose 5 pounds by my birthday.

Her are some interesting weight loss facts I discovered this week:
We are told to drink more. Get more liquid into our diets, that we are dehydrated....well that means WATER, not juice, chocolate milk, soda pop, etc....
Did you know that most beverages contain at least 100 calories per cup...and no one I know just drinks a cup.
If you drink a 12 oz. non diet juice for breakfast, 32 oz. of regular soda for lunch and 8 oz of chocolate milk for dinner you have added more than 700 calories to your day! That can add up to 1 or more pounds a week....Don't drink your daily caloric in take.....drink WATER with every meal.....and have an occasional sugar free beverage.

You burn more calories standing than sitting....and if you have good posture you will burn even more calories. Even when sitting.....Stand up straight!
My Dad was a real stickler for standing straight and tall ...he would say S&T, meaning straight and tall. I know he would say this to me because I was a world class sloucher, but I guess besides making me look better he was helping me burn more calories...thanks, Dad.

Why does the "good" for you food taste not so good? I read a great theory in "A Tip A Day Guide for Healthy Living" by Melanie Douglas.
She said - It is Satan's Deception. Our food supply in the 21st century has been infiltrated with with empty calories, fat, sodium, chemicals and sugars. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains did taste superior at one time---before we were introduced and marketed the processed food of the 21st century. 'Satan has succeeded at creating a relentless pressure to eat; he wants you to eat a bunch of junk that provides temporal satisfaction only. He is jealous of your physical body and wants to degrade yours.' We are stronger and better than he is so have willpower and determination to make healthier choices.
Great thought!

Off to clean more carpets----

Monday, March 9

Rainy/Snowy Days & Monday

I'm not really down...but the weather today is a gloomy rain soon to be snow mix. They are predicting up to 8 inches at my house...


The thing that brightens my day is Elder Call sent us a photo...He looks so happy, and skinny. Look at his collar....I will have to send him some new clothes, but I need his new measurements.His smile just makes my heart happy!

This month is supposed to be my month of Action.....it is now the 9th and I don't even feel any motion...so I will have to recommitted to the action thing.

We had our Stake Conference this past weekend...It was wonderful! Why am I always amazed when the promptings of the Spirit I have had are confirmed?.....I have really been prompted to plant our garden again.....around December...... In January our ward began encouraging us to plant a garden or allow others in our ward to use our garden spots. In conference the Stake Pres told us all to plant gardens..... I guess I was told to plant a garden....So I am really going to plant our garden, not just think about planting it.
Dad says it is time to get it ready to plant my peas.....after the snow melts....He will be my go to guy for this project. He has always grown a garden of some type,,,,,when we were kids we had a very large garden, and fruit trees. We had to tend the garden and help with the harvesting and preserving of the produce.....great memories. Dad now mostly plants tomatoes, but it is because of our garden that I love radish sandwiches, and new potatoes and peas in a white sauce. So last night I asked him about when to start, that is why I have the info on peas......He then asked what else do you want to grow? I looked at him like an idiot. This is something that I will now have to figure out. Megan suggested the salsa vegetables, good idea. Hayden asked why don't you just buy it made form the store? He is such a city kid.
Our garden isn't really big but it would provide enough for us this summer.
When I told Elder Call about the garden thing he responded in true missionary fashion....Remember the parable of the sower....good soil, good, seed, good care equals good fruits.....Got to love him! Gary says Nelson advice comes from being happy that he will not have to worry about the garden and the work that comes with it....it should be fun!
I have been studying Square Foot Gardening. I will defiantly use the methods and ideas that are suggested and go to Farmer Cole for the hands on advice. Who knows I may like gardening after all......

Back to work...it's showtime!

Thursday, March 5

Too Big!

Well ,the weight is coming off.. 2 lbs. this week!
Not much new in that department....I am just jealous of Elder Call he is down 50 lbs....yes, his clothes are falling off of his body, we are working on a temporary solution until his weight levels out......my clothes are also starting to fall off. The biggest thing I wear is my wedding ring...I took it off this morning because it keeps sliding off. Yesterday I about lost it three times.....I replaced it with my original wedding bands. I have been wearing my original bands on my right hand...I couldn't get them off, I have a perma ring mark on my right ring finger....they now come off, but not as easily as my wedding ring, that is good....I will have to be on the look out for a new ring because my current, too big ring is hard to size smaller. It would take a big redesign.
The best part about my last 5 lbs. is that people are now noticing my weight loss. Sunday was a continual complement and the question of are you loosing weight? I loved it!~

As for Thursday....the maid and cook come today....They need to come more often. The cook needs more help with menu planning but hey, that is what recipe books are for.

Life is good...spring is on the way!...=even if there is 4 inches of new snow on the ground.

Monday, March 2

Monday Mumblings

My desk calendar today read;"The secret of getting ahead is getting started." -Sally Berger
New month so it is time to start a new.....
This is also the "I will be a person of Action" month for my Living the Seven Decisions of Success.
Is my life telling me something?

It's just not fair...Nelson/Elder Call informed us that his weight is down to around 230 lbs. He left at 280 lbs. All of his clothing is way to big now. He is being transferred to Christchurch, New Zealand, Opawa area this week. Being in a big city will give him more options for new clothes. I said it's not fair, but it is nice for him....I bet he looks awesome. He is still promising photos...we haven't seen any!
Looking at this amazing weight loss I got to thinking about the 3 questions to help balance your life and loose weight, and how they figure into his weight loss. As a missionary your have a life centered on one thing....you aren't deprived of things because this is what you signed up for and was call to do. You aren't really out of balance because once again you have so few things to balance. As a missionary you hunger for the opportunity to share the gospel.
I know when I am focused, passionate and involved I too forget about food...it must be true, figure out what your life is deprived of, where you are out of balance and what you hunger for and you will shed the pounds.

Creativity...that is the theme this month on KSL 's Studio 5....something I have been thinking on, being more creative. I will have to check out their suggestions etc....
and get started, take action....
This should be a great month!
.......it is my birthday month so I guess great month is a given.