Saturday, May 30

No Luck

So the yard got tons of attention and is looking great........the office/loft not so much. We bought a new printer for the office and shopped for bookcases instead. We have till Wednesday.........then Gary is off (I think he planed it this way). The task will then be taken over by Hayden, Megan and myself........nothing will be sacred.

Crossing My Fingers

Yard work for two hours this morning,then.......wait for it...........Gary said "let's work on the office/loft."
I am so excited....not for the back breaking work, but because I might finally get things moving forward again!
Keeping my fingers crossed.....which makes doing most things difficult.

Friday, May 29


DYK- that cut peony's lose there color as they age? My beautiful pink peony's are now an off white.

I am so glad the 'maid' showed up yesterday, and not a moment too soon. So, today is play day....not really, but kind of.

I am off the the garden center. I need more can never have too many.The Daisy moving project is going nicely.
Who would have ever guessed that I would enjoy being in the yard working?
The Veggie garden is also coming along nicely.....except where the dog trampled through right after I planted....the sections look hit and miss with plants.....oh,well.

Perfect weather day so I am out of here!

Wednesday, May 27

don't they just scream the end of May!


Wednesday Weigh In

Nothing lost, nothing gained.....which is good considering it was a holiday weekend.

My quest right now is figuring out how to burn more calories without really increasing my exercise output. I read about swing my arms more effectively when walking, but this morning Megan gave me a bad time about doing it.
Ankle weights are another option I might try.
The wonderful problem of clothing that is too big continues. I am glad that it is closing in on summer. My summer clothes are much easier to take in, and it is so much fun to wear a fitted shirt and show off my thinner waist.
Another day in the weight loss battle. I wish this wasn't my lot in life.....but then considering the other trial options you could have this one is pretty easy to deal with.
I read this in a blog the other day. The writer mentioned that she was with friends when one of them asked "If you could take a pill that would help you have the perfect body,with the side effect that you would be a bit dumber. Would you take the pill?" I most certainly would be willing to lose a few IQ points to obtain a great body. I reason that I could teach myself and increase my knowledge easier than it is to exercise and eat for a perfect for thought.
Speaking of food.....Off to shop for food......whole grains,veggies and fruit.......I have to keep telling myself that the whole time I am shopping.

Tuesday, May 26

Monday Madness......and it's Tuesday

Mondays at best are my busiest day of the week, but when Monday is a holiday my week turns into mayhem.
This wild week is a "Monty" week for me. (Monday +Tuesday=Monty) Monty weeks have me always pushing a few daily jobs forward in hopes of catching up on everything by Friday....usually I am still behind and by Saturday say "So,What."
The madness of this Monday that is now Tuesday, is that I have not only the movie theatre to schedule, advertise for and catch up with the books, but I have to catch up on two weeks of grocery shopping, house cleaning, laundry, yard work, etc......not because of the holiday but HSM.......note to self --learn to say "no" more often.
There are 9 more school days and summer fun is fast approaching....yikes! I will have to ramp up my activities today.....then maybe I will only be a couple of months behind.

Monday - done!
Tuesday- doggy paddling*!?@*!&^?!

Sunday, May 24

All in the Family

What a crazy week/weekend. They say if you higher one of us you get us all. That was true with Creative Arts Academy production of High School Musical.
Creative Arts has hired my mom Sheri and daughter Megan to run their Musical Theatre Dept. They in turn hired my niece Rachel to help them with their large classes. They all do a fabulous job. Probably because they are passionate about musical theatre, and want their students to to learn to love it as well.
This year they produced, directed and choreographed two full musicals. The Jungle Book, with 20 kids ages 6 to 9, and High School Musical with 48 kids. The average age being 11 years old.
As I said, you hire one you get all. In the Call family we have decided that we will attend and help with each others projects, period. So, the production of High School Musical had the whole family helping out Megan, Mom, Rachel, Hayden and Jenna another niece (all but Nelson who is in NZ, but he would have and has been right in there in the past.); performing, costumes, set up, tear down, programs, lighting, moral, critique, moral support, etc..... And this kind of family support and help doesn't just stop with the Call family, there was support and help from my brother and his family, my sisters and my dad. All jumping to help out when and where they could.
What a great family I come from and have! It is nice to know that you can ask, and sometimes don't even have to ask for help and your family will be there to back you, good times and bad.

Today at the Call home we are in a worn out stupor. We gave it our all to help out Megan and the show. Tomorrow we will look towards our next family project. From theatre to football, yard work to doctor runs, the Call family does it together.

Friday, May 22

Hayden in High School Musical

This is my baby boy Hayden as Ryan Evans in High School Musical.
I think He is awesome! In life and in the play.
Hayden is kind of nervous about being the last one home and still in school. He thinks he is living under a microscope, Gary and my attention is now solely on him. He figures he now really has to be on his game.
Hayden missed his recognition night for Junior High School this past week because he was at a final dress rehearsal for HSM. He did however receive numerous awards including "Outstanding IOW Score". He got this award because his testing scores were in the top 99% of the nation....who knew we could create a smart one? I have always known that he was a brilliant kid. In elementary school he was the student everyone wanted to sit by in math and science because he got it. He was reading before the rest of his class and still reads at an advance level....I have always told my kids if you can read you can do anything.
Hayden is our bonus and I couldn't imagine life without him.
Oh, I almost forgot... This production of High School Musical is directed etc... by Megan....and she is doing a wonderful job....maybe this should be her profession....

Thursday, May 21

American Idol and TV Other Nonsense

Stop the world American Idol has come to an least the 8th season has finished, and it didn't finish the way I thought it would.....but after 100 million votes Kris the cool, laid back, soft spoken southerner and underdog beat out the over the top, front runner, rocker Adam from So. Cal.
In the long run I think the way it turned out was really for the best of each contestant.
But from the runner up point of view it may not have felt like a good finish. If you look at things historically Adam the runner up is really a big winner...(especially because he doesn't have to sing that horrible "No Boundaries"song...gag). In the past, 3 runners up/top 5 finishers have gone on to be be bigger and better than the winner of their season.....Look at Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daltry and (this is unbelievable) Kelly Pickler. The runner ups are free to pursue the music career they want to have, not the one thrust upon them by the Idol producers. Also historically in the 8 seasons of Idol it has been won 6 times by a southerner......odds for someone from the North now seems mighty slim.
This week we saw the end of several "reality" based shows. Wow, what will we watch now to escape our dreary little lives?
Two of my favs that just finished were Survivor and The Amazing Race. Survivor is kind of fake, but hey looking at Jeff Probst dimples is great. However, Amazing Race is my all time fav reality show. This year I liked most of the teams and I didn't really care who won of the final three team, which by the way was Victor and Tami a brother and sister who had the language advantage in China. I like the competition aspect of the show. There are things the contestants are asked to do that would put me over the edge, but racing the around the world with the climate changes, language personality conflicts and food challenges is an adventure from my couch.
AHHHHH....Enough of all of this reality TV nonsense........oh,not so fast....."So You Think You Can Dance" begins this week. YEAH! What way to spend hot summer nights.

I know that there is nothing really real about "reality" TV, but hey a girl can dream......

Wednesday, May 20

Wednesday Weigh In

Another week another pound.......yeah!

The only problem with loosing weight is not having clothes to wear! But hey what a clothes!!!!!

I must be doing something right because every time I turn around someone else is commenting on how I look and how much weight I have lost, then they ask me what I am doing to loose it? is simple, I am eating less. The Lords plan, Word of Wisdom, works the best.....moderation in all things, but more fruits, veggies and whole grains added to my diet than I ever ate before.
The most amazing thing is that it really isn't that hard to get in 5 to 7 servings of veggies and fruits. Most folks get there veggies in eating salads, but I don't particularly like lettuce salads and I am still eating a ton of veggies. And all of the veggies are making me feel full.
The other food bit that I do everyday is have a handful of raw almonds.....My Grandma Butters always had nuts around to eat and she is 93. According to most ethnic diet plans a handful of raw almonds is supposed to do wonders for your beauty and almonds it is.
Exercise is also important...just keep your hear pumping and your lungs breathing deep.....I walk for 40 minutes at least 4 times a week. I also do weights for my arms and shoulders....mainly so they aren't flabby.

What ever I am doing is working. It is so exciting to be consistently loosing the weight.

Tuesday, May 19

Can I Really Be That Old?

Last night Gary and I were told that we will be Grandparents this coming winter. While the news is very exciting, it also causes me to ponder......can I really be that old? I'm not saying that in years I'm not old enough to be a grandparent, after all I have friends my age who have been grandparents for several years now. But am I mature and wise enough to be a grandma............
My grandma Butters is now 93 years old and she has been my grandma for almost half of her life. She has been a wonderful example of what a grandma should be like..........spiffy, fun, crazy,.....get the picture, no sitting still and knitting baby booties for her and definitely not for me.
I am glad that I too will have several months to figure this whole thing out.

Congratulations Jordan and Laurie! This will be a fun adventure.

Sew, Sew, Sew

Just because I know how to sew doesn't mean I want to sew....I especially don't want to mend and fix and alter....not fun, not fun at all.
I am fixing Cheerleader Uniforms for HSM....why? We all know that cheerleader uniforms are small and tight, but these are ridiculous, where they are too small is not around the waist or bust, but the Arms Eye. It is too small and tight....these poor girls are having their circulation cut off at the pit. They are so tight that they are very difficult to even get off. Cutting a new arms eye is not a possibility because we need it done now! So, for now so I am letting them out by releasing about an inch from the side seems, in the under arm...not a perfect fix but a fix none the less....I bet we still hear complaints from the whiners.....who knew you could sing "fat man in a little coat" to cheerleader types?
I am also altering my own clothes...I don't want to complain because it is really great, but I have to take in all of my clothing. The big problem is I don't feel comfortable taking in some of the clothing because of the design, or fabric....what if I ruin it? Yikes....but why should that matter, if it is ruined or too big either way I still can't wear it....Taking in darts and tucks are one thing but when an item needs re-cutting I should just stop...... I will just have to figure this one out. Now if I were sewing something for ME, from scratch, that would be different. I love to create and to make from the flat fabric a movable creation that looks fab.....I'm dreaming of a yellow summer, flowy, dress.................

Monday, May 18


Well, I didn't exactly get all my weekend projects done, but I did have a nice productive weekend.

This is a crazy week. We have High School Musical playing this weekend May 22 & 23. If we were just attending or just a single performance that would be one thing, but we are the Call family is totally involved in this project. Hayden is playing the part of Ryan. He does a great job. Megan is the head director choreographer, property mistress, costume designer, set and lighting person, etc.... Which means that the whole family is helping out. When you get one Call you usually get us all.
As I said, this is a crazy week. We have rehearsals every night and we also have to figure out how to fit in Book Club, Scripture Group, Institute and working at the theatre......ah life!?!?!?!

Went to the Doctors today. Just to check up on things. He can't believe how well I am doing with the diet and exercise...Yeah for me. Everything looks good health wise. He did however caution me to drink a lot more water. I have a tendency to dehydrate extremal fast.....

Besides the regular stuff and the musical this week I also have to write a script for the Girls Camp Skit. It is to be based on Happy Birthday To You by Dr. Seuss.....not every Dr. Seuss book is good. I have to get a flyer made for the Memorial Day flag ceremony and presentation at our Church, and I have to get the plans finalized for our ward Family Picnic that is 3 weeks can you have 100 or so people all participate in a baseball game? If anyone has any ideas, I am open to your suggestions.

Life in the fast lane.

Friday, May 15

Fun Friday

At least I think it is fun?

My to do list is overwhelming...and my energy and ability to complete it are underwhelming......can you ever be just whelmed?

Hayden is have a bunch of kids over tonight. He has never asked to do this before. I told him great, have them over, but don't count on me to entertain you....I will be dead from cleaning the house to get ready for it to just be messed up by teenagers.

I didn't get my grocery shopping done yesterday so now I have to brave the larger crowds and find good wholesome food for my not shopping yesterday on my way home from the theater I had to make a midnight stop at a convenience store to get milk for Hayden's that was a creepy experience.

The sky is blue, the temp is perfect and the flowers are in bloom. I just might play hooky from it all...............................................what a nice idea, but it ain't gonna happen today.

Fun things I'm planning for this weekend:

Yard Work
I need to move the daisies

Book reading
always a book on hand

Cole Family

Gourmet Sunday
find something new to try

Getting the hammock set up
I wish this was my hammock setting


Thursday, May 14

The Noticer by Andy Andrews

Andy Andrews is one of my favorite writers/speakers.
I first became acquainted with him when we were doing the Amway thing.
I since have become one of his biggest fans. He has a great gift as a motivational speaker, and writer.

Andy has written several books, but 3, no, now make it 4 , are some of the best ever if you need some guidance and motivation. The Travelers Gift, Mastering the Seven Decisions, The Choice, and now
The Noticer.
All are great motivational books. Gary and I have had our children read them, and they have liked them. I have recommended them as reading for my book club and the ladies also enjoyed the books from the story telling to the ideas generated. Gary has used the seven decisions from the The Travelers Gift in his business meetings and often recommends it to his associates.
I have used Andy's ideas and methods in my personal and business life. The ideas from the books really seem to guide me in the right directions. He also writes some great stories.

If you go to Andy's web site you can find all kinds of information about him, his books, a look at his blog, and some free downloads...the first chapter of "The Noticer" is there for you to take a peek at as well.


Wednesday, May 13

Wednesday Weigh In

Lost another pound....I hope it never comes looking for me again.
Losing one pound a week is real slow weight loss, but it is a loss.
As a family we have all commented on how we are feeling better eating more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, and eating less meat and dairy.

In my reading lately I have come upon a similar suggestion two times.....Wake up with the sun.
In one book this early wake up was to help you expand your mind, free from the everyday pressures of the world. To get you brain in gear and write down ideas that may make you happy and possibly wealthy. In the other book you wake up early so to help with the weight loss and energy. In the latter book it discusses the need for you body to start up slowly and stress free, and rising early will give you more time. It also suggest that you turn on a lot of lights, and stretch your body slowly. All this to set your metabolism on the right course for the day.
"Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise."
There must be some truth to this old adage when you consider that my information from the first book was to help me become wealthy, and wise, and the second books information was to help me be healthy.
This morning I was up at 6:30am....I don't have to be up until 7:20am, so almost an hour early. It was nice. I seemed more alert and I got my day started off a little bit better.
I guess tomorrow I will have to incorporate the ideas from the books and see if I can make myself, healthy, wealthy and wise.

Tuesday, May 12

Spring Cleaning

Spring is full upon us. It is my second favorite season. I like it because of the smells and the friendly weather, or to put it like the girl in the movie "Miss Congeniality" when asked "What is your favorite date?" Her reply: "April 16, it's not too hot or cold you can wear a light jacket."

So it is light jacket weather, at least in the mornings and evenings. I don't like spring becasue it is time to clean, clean, clean.......i know, I have to clean now because come summer it is too hot and I get too distracted.

I supposedly have been cleaning for months now....I have but I haven't finished ...I am too distracted, and now I only have 3 more weeks to finish my projects, and then Hayden will be out of school....the start of summer......I will want to play not work....I hate being a grown up, especially in the summer.

The Spring cleaning projects left on my list aren't many...just BIG.

1. Complete cleaning the loft and re-paint and decorate it.

2. Yard: Front flower beds, and make back yard nice and livable.

I know the loft has been on going since February.... I am ready to trash it all, but as soon as I do that, Gary will want something that is long gone......I really need to give him a deadline with this clean out project and stick to it. I am going to paint the loft with one dark brown wall and light tan for the other walls. Hayden also has a plan for the arraignment of the loft....a new game room for the pool table, gaming consoles, a TV and couch, craft/sewing room space for Mom, and the family office....does anyone need a large used desk?

As for the comes around every year.....The front yard flower beds need some reorganization/transplanting, and a lawn barrier/border. All of this will take some muscle and time. The Backyard....I would love it to look like a magazine spread about back yard living....nice furniture, cool umbrellas or canopies, new grill, maybe a rug, and great area lighting. I would also like the flower beds in the back to look fab. The ultimate dream would be to have a swimming pool and all that includes......but out of the neighbors sight, out of my mind so it always falls to the bottom of the list. Wow, a pool would be so nice....I'll keep dreaming.


Monday, May 11

Hello New Zealand

Yesterday was wonderful...
Elder Call sounded fabulous! I wanted to talk to him forever but he only had 1 hour.....ah, until Christmas.
He doesn't have an accent, but he has picked up some slang and some words have an accent/different pronunciation to them.
Slang-- she'll be right= okay, fine
heaps = lots
sweet as = nice
Words that sounded different- Tomato =Tamato, Trainer =Tranah, Transfer = Transfah. He is softening his "R's".
He also uses what we would call "English slang/terms"- cheeky, tea, post, flat, mum (which I like him calling me).
We asked about food, what he has found, can't find and likes....He loves the Ice Cream. He claims that they have the best in the world even if they don't make Mint Chocolate Chip which is his favorite. Flavors that he likes Hokey Poky, this is like Butter Finger bar insides but taste more butterscotch, Carmello, that is like the Carmello candy we can get here, and Chocolate Eclair. He told us that most missionaries get fat on the Ice Cream so he won't have it in his flat.
Milk and meat are expensive. Butter and Margarine are sold only in tubs. No good peanut butter unless you like ground nuts with no sweetener.
He has found a cookie he loves called "Tim Tams." Hugh Jackman brought them from Australia to Oprah when he last visited so we at least knew what he was talking about.
All the talk of food added up to a request list...especially since I had sent him some Skippy Chunky PB and individual instant chocolate pudding mixes.
The sky is amazing...the clouds move through quickly and he especially loves the sunsets and the Purple Sky.
Winter is on it's way there so he is now looking for gloves and scarves...his coat has been great.
Photos are on there way!
He told us that he has lost the 80 lbs., but the missionaries usually gain up to 80 lbs. while there so he is unusual.

I Love all the kids, but like Grandma Butters always says "you worry most about those not present."


Friday, May 8

Mother's Day Eve, Eve

I am so excited for Mother's Day....why you ask? Well, I get to talk to my baby boy in New Zealand......I will finally get to hear if he has developed an accent.....everyone keeps asking me if he has and I laugh at them because for some reason I can only read/see his letters, I haven't developed the skill of 'hearing' a letter....

Mother's Day
I usually think Mother's Day is a big bunch of, not when it's about my Mom and the moms in my life, but when it is about me. Don't get me wrong, I love the presents and adoration, but I hate the feeling of failure, and underachievement when I think of myself in the glowing terms that are tossed out in abundance about me this one day....
I think most mothers feel this way. a mother you are supposed to love your family, you are supposed to encourage and support them, you are supposed to nurture them, you are supposed to put your family before you, you are supposed to you are supposed to cook dinner, clean the house, have the laundry done, be the chauffeur, the gardener, the best friend and the whipping post, the centerfold of the June Clever Monthly, etc.....
On Mother's Day we feel a sense of underachievement when we compare ourselves to the glowing icons most children make their mothers out to be........I wasn't home everyday after school with a home baked treat. I didn't make them play the piano. I didn't keep them home form school just for fun. My child didn't get into an Ivy League school. Etc...,etc...etc....
So why all the guilt, and the hate of Mother's day in regards to our selves?
I think that this comes because we all know that there are times when we don't particularly act in ideal mom like ways. We think we must be superhuman, we have this need to be perfect in always and at all times. We look at ourselves as failures to our children because we didn't have the socks matched or bake them cookies?......It is crazy!
We don't expect this mom like perfection out of anyone else, so why do we expect it out of ourselves? Why do we get hung up on the things we don't do, the things we haven't become perfect at, 'ideals' that are out of our control?
If we really looked at the Mom things we do in life, we would realize that we do the right mom things more often than not. We can only be our self. We can't be and shouldn't try to fit into the mold of another mom....We all have our own abilities, gifts and strengths. We are powerful wonderful women.
So this year for for Mom's day I think I will cut myself some slack and enjoy the adoration. I will I will enjoy the day. I will be a happy mother and not dwell on the negative...if one of your children acted moody and had these feeling you would give them a pep talk and tell them not to dwell on the negative. You would remind them of how truly great they really are..... Because it is Mother's Day I will be happy with the messes made in my honor. My heart will be touched with the macaroni card, odd gifts, and flowery words that I receive. I will act like a mom is supposed to act everyday even if I have to do things I don't want to do and hear things that may make me uncomfortable. I am the best mom I know how to be and that is good enough! My Family loves me for me.

...and to My wonderful Mother and all my surrogate mothers out there...Thank you, for being your most wonderful selves. You are all remarkable. You have the power!
My gift to you this year ..... I will try to be more grateful for the everyday things you do for me, everyday. I will try to be more vocal to you about the gratitude I feel for you, maybe that way Mother's Day won't bee such a shock to your system. You are all such great examples of motherhood to me., you all cut yourselves some slack and enjoy the day. Find happiness in the doing the mom things. Take a little comfort knowing that someday, somewhere there will be a child extolling your virtues and making some other mother wish she were more.....You are the best, you are a mother and you have a great power.

Thursday, May 7

The Garden

It is almost completely is the garden. I am still waiting to put my tomatoes in and a few other warm weather veggies....but hey it is in and growing... I will have to post a photo. biggest problem with the garden is my dog...he doesn't dig it up, but he likes to lie in the dirt, on top of my new little sprouts.
I guess that this means I will have to fence it for the time being.
It is kind of exciting to know that you are growing good food for your family to munch on this summer/fall. I know it is not much, but I feel like I am doing my part. After all seed only run about $2.00 a package and the labor isn't much so the return can be phenomenal.

Wednesday, May 6

Wednesday Weigh In

I am down 3 pounds. I am weighing less than I have in years. FANTASTIC!
I know I must now look like I have been loosing weight because I have had several people in the past week comment on my weigh loss. And if that were not enough, getting dressed on Sunday became quite a chore. Most of my Sunday/Dressier wardrobe is 2 sizes too big. I have a couple of dresses and skirts that fit okay, but I like variety. After changing my top 3 times I finally landed on the blouse that looked least baggy....what I problem, why am I complaining.
I'm not really complaining or trying to say ha ha look at me...I guess I am just frustrated. I have all theses really nice clothes that I can no longer wear and I feel real guilty getting rid of them. Gary suggested that I talk to one of my neighbors who understands tailoring and ask her if any of the garments are salvageable. Great plan, now how to fit it into my life.

On the diet front.....Following the Word of Wisdom as a a diet plan has me eating more whole plant based foods and less animal based foods. This past week has been a real eye opener. I feel full all the time, almost too full, I have a lot of energy, and I lost some weight. The mind change that I Incorporated this past week was, when making a choice on what to eat choose a vegetable or fruit first, followed by whole grains. Animal based foods should be the last choice, and make up 10% or less of your diet. I am really trying to avoid all processed foods...which is a challenge in this crazy world.
The biggest challenge so far with this eating style is to find menus that my family is happy eating....If mom does this every one has to participate. I think they would be happy with almost anything for dinner, but I am still very uncertain how to cook this way. We had organic brown rice with stir fry (no oil) vegetables for dinner the other night. It was great, and tasted delicious, but I don't feel like I can do this for dinner everyday.....Gary asks why not, Asian families eat that way....he has a point. I will figure this thing out. Eating this way will have long term health benefits for me and my family so it is worth it.
Interesting fact I recently read...eating a plant based diet can actually repair some of the damage done to our bodies from eating an animal food, refined diet....damage to our heart, veins, pancreas, liver etc....
I guess following the manufactures guidelines on fueling my body is the best wouldn't give your car the wrong fuel so why do we do it to our bodies?

Tuesday, May 5

Celebrate...It's today!

So yesterday was Star Wars Day---May the 4th be with you. I guess you could call it geek day. My boys loved it and all said to me when I told them May the 4th be with you - "Mom you are such a geek". Today is Cinco de Mayo---a Mexican holiday celebrating Mexico's defeat of the French around 1860. So let's pull out the sombrero and nacho it up.
I look at it this way, any day should be a celebration, or we should have reason to celebrate.
May is a particularly good month to have celebration days for us...between, the regular noteworthy holidays and family birthdays, May is usually one big party!
But you don't have to wait for someone to declare it a holiday.
In the musical Mame, there is a song called "It's Today" This song invites us to make the most of everyday because after all It's Today!
It's Today
Light the candles,
Get the ice out,
Roll the rug up,
It's today.
Though it may not be anyone's birthday,
And though it's far from the first of the year,
I know that this very minute has history in it, we're here!
It's a time for making merry,
And so I'm for making hay.
Tune the grand up,
Dance your shoes off,
Strike the band up,It's today!
And we're living
In the world game,
So this whole game's
What we make.
Call the cops out,
Raise the rockets,
Pull the stops out,
Pull out the stops,
It's today!
Light the candles,
Fill the punch bowl,
Throw confetti,
It's today.
Life can also be lived on a weekday,
So don't depend on a holiday date,
If you need New Year's to bubble,
Then order a double and wait.
There's a "thank you" you can give life,
If you live life all the way.
Pull the stops out,
Hold the roof down,
Fellows watch out,It's today!
It's a time for making merry,
And so I'm for making hay.
Tune the grand up,
Call the cops out,
Strike the band up,
Pull the stops out,
Hallelujah! It's today!
...and if that is not enough.....

I have a couple of books that give a reason to celebrate almost everyday or tell you what "month" it is.
Here is the May list:
May is- American Bike Month, BBQ Month, Better Speech and Hearing Month,Flower Month, Hamburger Month, Physical Fitness and Sports Month, Salad Month, Strawberry Month, Older Americans Month, and Transportation Month just to name a for the days,
We all know about May Day, Mother's Day and Memorial Day, but we can also celebrate--May1, Hawaiian Lei Day & Mother Goose Day. May 4, Weather Observers Day. May 5, Cinco de Mayo. May 8, No Socks Day. May 9, National Teacher Day. May 10, Human Kindness Day. May 12, Kite Day & Ocean Day. May 13, Tulip Day. May 14, Help Clean Your Street Day. May 15, Restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood & Chocolate Chip Day. May 16, Wear Purple for Peace Day. May 17, Pack Rat Day. May 18, International Museum Day. May 19, Neighbor Day. May 28, National Hamburger Day.

There, if you don't have or want a reason to celebrate you can find it....and I didn't even google this on the Internet. I am sure if I had I would have found even more.

Everyday is a miracle! We should make it a celebration.

Friday, May 1

Tra-la it's May!

It's May, it's May, that lusty month of May.

I love the looks of May day flower baskets, and May poles. My Grandma Butters tells us that she was Queen of the May when she was in High School. She has never really told me much about the event except that the honor went to the most popular girl in school.....the 1920's, those were the days!

One year Gary and I were in Baltimore Maryland for May Day and the flower baskets on almost every door were a sight to behold.

There is something cute about a May Pole dance in photos. It is usually little girls in wonderful dresses with flowers in their hair, looking very enchanted, however if you have to watch elementary school kids dance the May pole dance it is not so gets long and very boring for the participants and the audience.
.....I know, I know, May Day is International Labor Day, that it is celebrated in Europe, and that it comes from pagan traditions, but hey, any reason to celebrate.....I guess the May Day celebrations that seem so wonderful to hear about and to look at photos of is a thing of the past.
Maybe I'll start my own new/old May Day traditions!

Friday is a lime

Yeah for today!

This week I have been obsessing about the right diet.....So I am now trying to eat more whole fruits, vegetables, grains, and animal based foods sparingly....It all comes with a a great promise!

Here are some of my favorites of the week:

Laurie's Jayne Call my sweet daughter-in-law. Today is her her birthday. You know when you think about spouses for you children...well I could have only dreamed that Jordan would end up with someone as wonderful as Laurie. She keeps him in line, takes all his blustering crap, and she loves him! She is also a perfect fit in our family. Laurie will hate this photo , but hey it is what it is!

Blossoms on the trees...I love spring with the blossoms out everywhere. One of my favorite sites...and I still don't have a great photo of it, is Bountiful's Main Street when the blossoms are out in full. It only last a week if we are lucky.

Good book- When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin. This is our book club selection for May. It is a good read. I will reread it for its colorful also is a good story.

Another book I recently finished is The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer. I know I am late on this band wagon...but I loved the book. The characters seemed like friends. I also learned a lot about other WWII happenings.

another favorite is grape....