Tuesday, December 27

Christmas 2011

Oh what fun we had...we ate to much, didn't sleep enough, and we were all were spoiled.......


Thursday, December 22

Happy Christmas Adam

My fun brother Adam always reminds us that December 23 is Christmas Adam......why you ask? Well, Adam came before Eve so Christmas Adam must be the day before Christmas Eve.......

Remember back in September and one of my goals was to have all my Christmas shopping done by the first of December? I am only 22 days off. I'd say that I almost made it, and it is not only finished it is wrapped...a big first for me.

So What has been happening?
- We did Zoo lights with the fam....it was fun but very cold. With the Zoo sitting in the canyon the breeze keeps things chilly. It will be on our to do again list.
- Shopping, and shopping and shopping and to keep things interesting I also have done some returning........already.
- Letting projects go that won't happen and were causing stress....like Christmas cards, when I decided that I was going to do New Years cards things got better.  I also am not stressing about getting everything on the Christmas list.....as Gary says if you really feel you missed out and need it we can go get it on the 26th.
- Baking...Meg and I did cookies today. We asked what the guys were wanting and only made those kind of cookies. I have also been doing my neighbor gifts....rosemary bread.....so baking, baking and more baking.

Life is good. Christmas is near. With two days to go it means it must be Christmas Adam!


Tuesday, December 20

4 days!

Four Days 'till Christmas.....yikes, yes there is still plenty of time do our thing.....maybe.

Thursday, December 15

Grandma's House

The fun never ends at Grandma's house......yes, we dress in costume......who doesn't?

Tuesday, December 13

Paper Snow Flakes

Two of my favorite scenes in the movie Elf are when he decorates the Store for Santa's arrival and when he decorates the apartment.
I think next year I am going to do the white paper snowflakes and paper chains in my house....change is good...and it may only be down stairs.......for now.

 Aren't theses fantastic?  I love, love, love this photo.

This is probably how my house will look to start.   Paper snowflakes, chains and lights......so until next year, when I don't have another project taking up my time.

Tuesday, December 6

I'm Singing....

'The Best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing out loud for all to hear!'
Love, love, love this from the movie ELF.......and it helps that Christmas music is the best to sing along with.
Christmas songs are for the most part......except for a few previously mentioned songs..........joyous, happy, cheerful. Do you ever wonder why there is Christmas caroling, why choirs sing so often during the season, why every group who sings or plays music is booked or doing some kind of program at Christmas or why there are so many season specific CD's? It is because the music is so wonderful!   And so fun to sing.
I  love singing and don't understand those who don't. Saturday morning we had our ward family Christmas brunch. Part of the activities was singing Christmas songs. I was disappointed in those who wouldn't sing along...come on people you have heard most of theses songs your whole life, I know you know them. Don't tell me you were embarrassed. Why be embarrassed, no on cares that you are singing the songs, no one is listening to you or looking at you and judging..... Sing to fill your soul with happiness!
I love musical theater because singing is the extension of the greater emotion.....happy or sad. Years ago a friend said he hated musicals because when do groups of people break out in song and dance.......okay so theater is fictitious, but hey we would all be better off if we would break out in song and dance down the street more often.

I'm singing..........Spread some cheer and sing out loud for all to hear!


Wind and Obediance Lessons

Yesterday we were asked to forgo our Sunday meetings and participate in a day of service, cleaning up our community from the mess of Thursday's wind storm.  Gary came home from a Stake Priesthood Leadership Meeting just before 8 am and told me what we had been asked to do. Our Stake President, through instruction from the area authority, and from an Apostle had deemed the the cleanup of the debris from Thursdays storm necessary since the forecast was for more high winds and snow...... without the clean up the possibility of more damage and danger loomed. The task was massive. But we had been asked by our priesthood leaders to get to work and prepare, so we got to work and prepared.......I thought of Pres. Hinckley's story about preparing so that he could sleep when the winds blew.....

Yes, many had cleaned up their fallen trees, but there was so much more to do.  We were told by the city that we could place the cut up debris on the curb for pick up this week, and there were piles of stuff everywhere...... So, now we had another problem, if the winds materialized as forecast, the danger would be from the flying branches, not just the falling trees.....just think how fun that would be in 100 mph winds?

Anyway the day of service was long and hard and wonderful. Everyone working together, the old and the young, men and women. There were the organizers, the lifters, drivers, choppers, sweepers, cooks and more. Family and friends working together.  There was a little five year old with us who was helping as best he could and then he discovered a bunch of pine cones and began his collection.....  We had to remind the older guys that they were older..... And some of the younger guys we had to tell them to stop when the debris removal turned in to basic yard work..... The women came through with food.  The Mormons in action were truly a sight to behold....think ant hill or beehive and you can see the busyness of the day......During the clean up there were several times that we waited in line because of the number of people helping just to fill a truck with tree branches.....the scene of waiting in line was also evident at the landfill and other debris drop off locations.... Hayden said at 9:30am at the landfill there were around 50 trucks and trailers entering the dump and at his second go, about an hour later he stopped counting at over 350 vehicles waiting. The line up was out of the landfill, along the frontage road and backed up 500 south.
It is true many hands make light work.
By 5:00pm we were all tired and sore.  The City had called all day and the final call was to tell us to wrap things up and be done by 6:00pm. Gary, our ward organizer did a sweep through the ward to make sure we had cleaned everything up... check, it all looked good.  The last dump loads were on the way to the landfill for the last time....yes, Hayden was there again for the who knows how many times.... While at the dump Hayden and the Calder boys noticed our Bishop in an other area, he looked like he was looking for something, he was. He realized that he didn't have his phone. The last time he remembered having it was early in the day at the dump. He was looking in the area he remembered dumping his load in. The boys jumped in to help, carefully moving tree debris and calling his phone and listening for it.  They were ready to call it a loss when they decided to try calling one more time....
They dialed and were quite but couldn't hear anything; however Hayden could feel a vibration beneath his foot, he gingerly stepped away and there it was the Bishops phone, in working order.
By 6:00pm we were all tired and sore and the fore casted storm had been down graded a whole lot......The thought came to me what if the storm doesn't happen, why did we work so hard and forgo our Sunday meetings? How many people are going to be complaining about the necessity of the effort? However I knew that it didn't matter if the storm happened or not, the important thing was that we were obedient to our priesthood leaders. That we took the time to prepare when we were asked to prepare....great lessons to be taught and learned.....

In the end the storm came through, later than foretasted. It was a wimpy thing, but when you have recently experienced 100 mph winds, 30 to 50 mph winds pale in comparison. No trains circling my home last night and we all slept well; not only because of the lack of howling, but because we knew we had been faithful and obedient.  We had prepared, so we could sleep when the winds blew.

p.s. for those who care or read my blog and also my sisters blog..... I guess we must be related and think a lot of the same thoughts.
And just so as not to be confused....I began writing my thoughts early this morning, but didn't finish.  When I remembered I hadn't finished or posted it was nearly midnight. So the event discribed took place on Sunday December 4, 2011.

Friday, December 2

Big Wind

I am talking real wind, hurricane or tornado force winds.......we experienced major winds here in Bountiful. I woke up very early Thursday morning to what sounded like a freight train going round and round our house. At 5:40 I got up and looked at the damage to our house.....minimal to none...we were very blessed. By 6:15 the power was out and didn't come back on until just after midnight...we were the blessed ones once again.  With the major winds and power out we weren't sure what to about school, driving to school etc.... Nelson went to school, but took a bigger car. He had a presentation to do. According to the news I-15 north bound was closed.....making it impossible for her to make it to school in a timely manner. I then text Angela and asked her about school since when we are without power the high school usually is as well......she told us if you don't have a test 1st period to stay home. By 9 am they had canceled school, no power.  Gary and I were going to a screening and figured that since we had no power, internet etc... and we were going south that we should just go. We returned around noon to explore the neighborhood.  When we went out to asses the damage we discovered lots of Pine trees down....lots and lots of pine trees...lesson learned don't plant pine trees in windy areas....besides they are garbage trees. Trees everywhere...on houses and cars, across the sidewalks and streets.....it was amazing to look at......like I said we were blessed. Our only casualties at home were a missing recycle can, and a lid to the hot tube supply storage box.  Our yard has never looked so clean.
The casualties at the Movie Theater were also minimal....no letters lost from the marquee, a loose marquee panel that was easy to fix, and upon closer inspection two missing old Air Conditioners.....where they went we do not know....but I ma sure it was a surprise to where ever they landed....Gary says they probably disappeared in pieces.  Today we still had no Internet which means no credit cards at the theater...not a big problem, just inconvenient.
When we were home we kept warm by the fire, and still our house was a cool 57 degrees when we bundled up for bed.
We were very blessed, other family and friends not so much.....around the corner 10 huge pine trees came down. Adam had a tree downed into power lines. Jeff and Lisa lost their fence, all the trees in their back yard and their outdoor Christmas display was mangled.....for most people that would be a minimal loss, for them it was a huge loss, their Christmas decorations are always classy but over the top for a residence. We still have neighbors without power and it is 36 hours since it went off initially.
Weather experiences humble you and remind you that you are not in charge.