Wednesday, February 25

Wednesday Weigh-In

3 lbs. down...yeah! That is a whole lot better than last weeks mini loss.
I looked back at my weight loss journey this past year and have found that I have lost 30 lbs. and have kept it off...yeah for me!

I am loosing wight to become more healthy and happy...and yes, along with the health comes other great benefits....clothes that are fashionable, the ability to exercise without the pain, ability to keep up with the kids, etc... However, I do have a new reason to loose the weight. I just got notification of my 30 year High School Reunion...yikes!
30 years, it can't have been that long ago.....I went to our 5 year reunion, it was still High School. I haven't been to any of the other reunions, I had conflicts, and the last one was extremely expensive. Besides I still see several people I went to school with regularly.
But, I really want to go to my reunion this year. Not only to re-connect with other friends, but yes, to see how everyone is turning out....are they fat (like me) and or bald, did they age well, did anyone have the 90210 treatment, did my Friends and acquaintances accomplish their dreams, are they married with children, where do they live, are the popular as cool as they thought they would be, who is rich, who is poor, is there anyone who is semi-famous? Isn't this why we all go to our check things out and to see if you measure up or are better than what they thought you would be or that you are better than the others?

I told my kids to go to their reunions. Jordan and Megan both attended their 5 year and had the same response as I is still high school.
Gary hasn't attended his reunions, but lately has connected with several of his friends from high school on Facebook. He has had wonderful conversations with people he went to school with who now live around the world. The most interesting thing he is discovering is the impact/influence he had on them over 35 years ago.
Jordan, Megan & Nelson have kept up with their high school friends on Facebook. I am so happy that they have this communication tool at their finger tips. It makes keeping connected so much easier. I have tried to find some of my old friends on Facebook...they are not there as far as I can tell, but I will keep trying to find them.

For a week now I have been thinking about the three questions posed on Good Morning America that will help you gain some control of your life so that you can loose the weight....

What is my life deprived of?
Where is my life out of balance?
What am I really hungry for (not food)?

I have not come up with a good answer to any of them....but I do know that I am out of balance on so many levels, I feel deprived in many areas of my life, and as for hunger....I know what I am motivated by, recognition, words of affirmation. Is that what I hunger for, recognition? If that is the case then I had better figure out how to always get the recognition or words of affirmation I need to feed me, while living a fulfilled, balanced life....that is a tall order, but a good thing to work on.

Well I am off to the gym to get my self in shape, for health and yes for my reunion... I want to look GOOD! ......and to get the recognition and affirmation to feed me.

Monday, February 23

Monday Mumblings

The Oscars are over...I loved the show. Hugh did a fabulous job...(reminded me of his TONY gigs and his performance in "The Boy From Oz"...One of my favorite shows of all time....probably because of Hugh). I really liked how they had 5 previous winners present the 5 nominees in the acting categories. It made it very personal and a real honor to be nominated.
I haven't seen all of the Best Movie nominees...but I am willing to see (have seen) 4 out of the five.

Elder Nelson....he needs new suits! This is great because he has lost so much weight. Not so great because that means his new clothing needs replacing. On Saturday he will have been gone 100 days.....I told him to make the days count.
He tells us that everything is awesome in NZ (he is into the missionary terminology). However he said he had a rough week....oh no, not my boy....I will pray for him to buck up....rough makes you stronger.

"Millie" at Rodgers....Great show! Megan, Melinda and Landon did a terrific performance.
I wish that the whole show was up to their level. They understand that you need to be fully invested in your part to make it work...even if you are only in the chorus. Melinda sang beautifully as Muzzy and saved her party scene. Megan as Mrs. Meers was so fun. To bad that they didn't have more singing for Meers to do in the show. I felt cheated as did the audience that her one solo song isn't very long....Megan makes the most of being the villain.

Why don't people return phone calls? I have called and left messages all day long and have had no return calls.....arrgh. It makes doing your job a chore.

Mumble, Mumble, Mumble....

Friday, February 20

Friday Favorites

Yeah for Friday... We all know my feelings for this day.

Here are some of my favorite Friday things/thinks:


Family...yes we are that weird!


Sutton Foster's CD "Wish"...very good, and listenable.
The Watercolor book I got for Valentine's day from my sweetie...oh,to paint again.

Facebook statuses...they are funny!?!?!?

My Hair color....just re-done. Gary is THE color guy.
new TV show "Lie to Me"-- late Wednesday we always watch with much interest....

Academy Awards...Oscar is so fun to watch the world unite around the movies, good, bad or indifferent, everyone has an opinion about them. I know where I will be Sunday night.

Besides, Hugh Jackman is the host!!! You can't lose with him.
Birthdays.....mine is one month away......I guess I should start my list. random but so me!
That is how my brain functions....?

Thursday, February 19

Oh What a Beautiful Morning and other thoughts

Spring is on its way!!!
This morning the sky no longer looked like winter.....yes, I can see the difference. I know that there will still be snow and cold for a few more weeks, but the promise of spring was in the sky.
The Sun was different, the color of the sky was different, the clouds looked different. We have about a foot of snow still on the ground, but I can already see those crocuses trying to push out of the ground! Then there will be Daffodils and Tulips.....

Back to Wednesday Weigh-in......I heard an interesting thing this morning on Good Morning America's Fit Club. They had special speaker/motivator Cheryl Richardson, talk to them about getting control of their lives. She told the group to answer three question about their lives...
1. What is my life deprived of?
2. Where is my life out of balance?
3. What am I really hungry for (not food)?
The answers to theses questions will help you gain control. She told the group that you can gain control of your life when you make things routine....Routine gives you consistency, builds up hormones you need to be happier, gives you balance and most important gives you control.
The group decided for the most part that they stray from their diet goals when they have no control of situations in their lives.....get Routine and Gain Control....then stop eating.
What a great step in our battle for fitness.

Off to School.....I am almost done with Jr. High School!!!! I have SEOP conference with Hayden's counselor this morning....oh joy!?!?!
I'm wasn't bad. We discussed High School, planning for College, grades....which keep improving, and the results of a standardize test he took earlier this year. Hayden is brilliant.....I didn't need a test to validate that, I could have told you he is brilliant, but then again I am his mother and all mothers think that their children are brilliant until they prove otherwise. All of my children are still their own way. Anyway Hayden benefits from being the youngest, I get it to do school, what to stress about, what to expect from a teenage boy etc.... It is always interesting to speak to school counselors...they have been over trained in how to 'talk' to theses kids....for the most part the kids look at them like they have no clue what their real world is like. Counselors speak from a script and not to the real needs and concerns these kids have....all to preserve the child's self esteem, to make them feel like winners! Kids, especially those who are in the middle know that they don't really care, that it is all just talk. They know that all the counselor is concerned with is getting their pay check---to do this they share the general info to every one, figure out how to deal with the "bad" kids and how to receive accolades for the number of kids who are the over achievers....most of the kids, the middle ones know this and just accept it.
........I could go on and on about the public school system......I am glad I survived it!

But is digress...again......
Spring, YEAH, it is on it's way and it makes me so happy. Maybe this will be my motivator to get my projects in order.......I have so much I want to out doors this spring and summer.

...oh, what a beautiful day!

Wednesday, February 18

Wednesday Weigh- In

The weight loss for the week was negligible.....However I am still exercising, and surprise I am starting to really enjoy it.

My biggest problem with the weight right now comes from not knowing what to make for dinner.

Everyday I tell myself that today is the day to figure out healthy dinner menus for the family...but it never happens. Then dinner time rolls around and I have no idea what to make, nothing even sounds good to me. You would think that if nothing sounds good to eat that I wouldn't have a weight problem...but I will eat anything just to figure out what I am hungry for.

Oh, woe is me.

Monday, February 16

Ahhh the Presidents Day People

I am BEAT! We worked this afternoon at the theatre....we were very,very, busy....did I mention we were very busy?

People were swinging from the trees.....we packed them in as tight as we could into each auditorium, for every movie. It was the best of times it was the worst of times......our best day ever.....leaky roofs and least the power didn't go out!

In my 29 years at the Movie theatre I have learned that people are........well, interesting to say the least. About half of the people in this world (or those who go to the Kaysville Theatre) think that they are 'special', the exception, the one who the rules don't apply to. Those who hear only what they want to hear and those that can do everything better than anyone else.

Today we had several people young and old, who wanted to be the exception and break not only our theatre rules but the Fire Code rules as well. There were about 80 people who didn't listen when told that there were only single seats left in the theatre....then came back and told us"I can't find seats together, there are only singles." We had the instructors...telling us the best way to run several areas of our business. There were the whiners, the criers, the desperate, the talkers, the screamers, the annoying, etc....all crazy over a "life and death" matter called a Movie.....I don't get it. If you can't get in, come back another time or plan further ahead than the end of your nose.
Ah the joys of dealing with the public....I hope that this experience will make me a less 'interesting' person...
Be wise, Be Kind , Be True

Thursday, February 12


Happy Valentine's Day!

I just finished with my one of my few tradition......For Valentine's Day I make hand dipped cookies, and then I lick my self sick doing the clean up.....(I always tell myself that I will not lick the spoons and bowls while I am cleaning up, but....the chocolate is so good, and I have no will power...I am on a sugar high....I feel sick!).

I have been making chocolate dipped cookies as a Valentine treat for years...yes, years, at least 15 years...probably more, I can't remember....brain is getting feeble. I make around 100 cookies each year to share with family and friends. They are the Call family vs. cards, you tell me what is most appreciated.....

Valentine's season is usually the only time I make them, however, there are two exceptions I can think of.....both are what was I thinking experiences?
In November I made the cookies as a special request for Jordan. We used them as a favor at Jordan and Laurie's pre-wedding dinner....good idea, but to much work for the mother of the groom before a wedding. When I was Relief Society President I had this crazy idea to go with our theme for the year.....cut out a cookie in a leaf shape and dip it. We used it as a birthday treat for every sister in the ward...too much work to make a few (less than 20) at a time....they are best fresh.

I am often told that the dip cookies are a big fav of the nieces and nephews....if I am late with my delivery on Valentine's Day, as in the cookies are not there for their pre-dinner snack it is not good. At J&L's wedding dinner, the nieces and nephews picked up and took home the extra cookies that were left on the tables, telling me that they couldn't believe that some people left them...

Nelson is sad this year that he won't get in on the cookie action...I told him he was too far away and that by the time he got them (10 days minimum, even by express mail) they would be crumbles....He will just have to dream about them....besides he had them in November. He cried "Not fair!".....I sent them to Jordan and the other family missionaries in the USA....all I can say to that is, there are benefits for staying close to home.

Love to all, XOXOXO!!!

Lunch Bunch

Yesterday I went to lunch with my friends. We try to do this once a month. The lunch usually takes place at a local place, where we will take up the biggest table and proceed to eat, laugh and talk for at least 2 is so much fun! This lunch is like a mini therapy session. We discover what is going on with every ones family and health....we must be getting older. We hear each others complaints, accolades and accomplishments. We share ideas and tips for church lessons and callings, parenting and marriage.
Our friend Lisa is the leader of the group and the one who makes sure we all get together. She is the best...I know I think about calling everyone to get together...but I don't and she does so she is defiantly one of the best! Lisa is also the one who peps us up with a chocolate kiss or two and seasonal, fun, socks...yes, doesn't matter if you gain or loose weight they will fit. Yesterday she gave us Valentines socks....aren't mine cute?

Our children seem to think that the lunch bunch is out to ruin them....According to Nelson the lunch bunch caused the end of he and his friends seminary fun.....He claims that I, and the other Moms, are always telling things during our lunches that would get them in is the seminary tale that has caused some contention.
The Demise of McDonald's Mondays
I knew that Nelson and the boys were skipping seminary and going to McDonalds for breakfast when seminary was on Monday mornings. This would happen about every two weeks. Nelson figured the system out and knew that according to his seminary class absence policy that he could miss on McDonald's Monday but that he couldn't miss again until the next McDonald's Monday, thus making up his absence.....the other boys weren't so clever, they were not making up their absences and so their seminary grades and credit was jeopardized.........because I said something to the moms at lunch about McDonald's Mondays, the boys got into trouble...all but Nelson who's mom-me, already knew the deal.....
(The other boys told Nelson that they got into trouble and had to quit the fun because I told, not because they had to do seminary make up.....)
Here is notice to all of the lunch bunch children----As long as Lisa continues to herd us along we will get together every month. We will continue to eat, laugh and discuss all of you...even if you are bugged by it....don't do dumb stuff and you won't be bothered by what is discussed.
Thanks Lisa and the lunch bunch for keeping me sane and for making me laugh!


Wednesday, February 11

Wednesday Weigh-in

It's Wednesday so it must be weigh in day...down a pound!
I have lost around 20 pounds since the first of November.....not as fab as I would like but hey, I am loosing!
I have made a great discovery...If I don't exercise to early in the morning I actually kind of like exercising. I don't do a real heavy work out, but I am working out for 30 to 40 minutes, getting my heart rate up, moving.....who would have thought?
Megan agrees-- that not doing our work out to early has really made a difference in our ability to exercise consistently.
I am working on my "Just do it and do it better" mantra for the week...It is actually kind of working...I am thinking about what I do and trying to do it better.
One of my favorite thoughts is 'Different isn't always better but better is always different!"
I will do things differently until I find a better way of doing them ....eating, exercising, etc....
Off to do things 'BETTER!'

Tuesday, February 10

Call Family Word Cloud

Wordle: BW Call

I Love this! Check out our family word cloud...I created it at
You can create one for you too.

Old/Best Movies--Citizen Kane

We have been watching a lot of old movies lately...I mean black and white classics (a few color pics).....with Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable, Kathrine Hepburn, etc.....Casablanca, It Happened One Night, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, Bringing Up Baby, etc....
Last night we--Gary, Marcie & Hayden, watched 'Citizen Kane' and the 1995 Documentary about the making of the movie. Both were fascinating. I don't think that I had ever really watch this film.....I have seen numerous clips and know the story, but I had never sat down with the intent purpose of watching this movie.
Citizen Kane was written by, produced,directed and stared Orson Wells....he was 24 years a good way. The Documentary won the Academy Award for Best Documentary in 1995 and is defiantly worth helps you figure out why it is a great film.

Citizen Kane has been voted the number one greatest movie of all time by the American Film Institute. This honor was given to the film in 1997, when they first compiled their list and again in 2007 when the list was updated. I was really interested in "why" this movie would be selected as the greatest.... According the AFI 100 Greatest Movies list the films are selected by its members based on historical significance, critical recognition and awards, popularity at the box-office, syndication and video sales/rental.

The story of this movie is loosely based on the life of William Randolph Hurst...and some say it is partially autobiographical about Orson Wells himself. It was not a popular success when it was released due to Hurst's all out war to stop the film from being released. Critical recognition didn't come to this film until much later, and as for awards; it was nominated for 9 Academy Awards and won 1 for screen writing....given to Wells and Herman Mankiewicz - a Hollywood insider. At the 1941 Academy Awards the Film was 'Booed' several times during the awards ceremony.
The Historical significance of this film is why it is one of the best...Wells used techniques in cinematography which had never been tried in movie making. The Camera angels and focus of the scenes is amazing even by today's standards. His use of sound was very unique to motion pictures as well, this was probably because he was a radio man and understood the impact and importance of the spoken word. The story itself has much historical significance as it tells the tale of an American icon. But I think that the events, and people surrounding the making of the film is what gives it, its greatness....lets just say that both Wells and Hurst made more of this film than it probably was worth. I am not knocking Wells genius...he was a creative, inventive, thinking film maker, and actor....the scene when he rips up his second wives bedroom when she leaves him, is full of real emotion and power. Wells was also a creative live theater director prior to his arrival in Hollywood so his genius in film making to me is a given, too bad he was so malined during and after the making of this film that he would never have opportunity to become an even better film maker....I think Wells had it in him to do even more but he was never allowed the free rein and opportunity he had with Citizen Kane.

After watching this movie Hayden and I discussed the themes and why it would be considered 'The Greatest.' It is a story of power, control and loneliness. Money can't by love, and you can't run other peoples lives were the themes that we thought were at the heart of this movie. As for an artistic is beautiful, and interestingly shot, especially considering the limited resources available to film makers in CGI like we are so accustomed to today.

Is this movie 'The Greatest'? Possibly... story so, so, cinematography and editing, some of the best.....however there are many movies that I like just as much if not more.....but then I am not a ligit, trained film critic or if the critics really are ligit.
After our viewing, Hayden and I decided that we wanted to know what other films mad the AFI list...after looking the list over we discovered that Hayden had seen 6 of the top 10 movies, Gary and I had seen 8 of the 10 and not all of the same 8...but between all of us we have seen all the top 10 greatest....The Top 10, and even the top 100, doesn't list some of mine and Hayden's most favorites....but hey, it is still a good list and one that we will work on seeing.....
As for what have we seen on the whole 100 list; Gary has seen 82 of the films, Hayden 27, and I have seen 70...unfortunately I couldn't tell you much about this 70, they weren't that impactfull....or my mind is getting feeble.

Hayden has declared that the next 'old' movie he wants to watch is Lawrence of Arabia....good choice. I remember first seeing an liking this movie when I was a teenager...he will probably like it too....after all he is now a fan of the classics.

To see the AFI 100 Greatest List go to

Monday, February 9

Monday's Mumblings

Good weekend....very relaxing and selfish...doing what I wanted to do.
Monday is here and with it SNOW! It is still winter here so I guess that it is okay.
Elder N. Call asked for some snow photos to be sent his way... he didn't say why, but it is summer in the land of the Kiwi's. Elder N. Call is on to his second Aussie companion....They don't know snow, maybe the photos are for his 'snow free' companions. This whole no snow thing got me to thinking again about snow, I love it, and I love all the varieties of weather we experience right here in good old Utah. I understand from Megan that here in Bountiful we didn't even get any snow Layton and Ogden, they got some pretty heavy duty should have been canceled according to her.
I was telling Elder N. Call that our lives are pretty much the same from week to week... I don't want to become boring and get into any dull ruts...I am going to have to work on changing things up a little more.
This weekend we ate at a completely random restaurant...we were driving and spotted "The Blue Plate Diner" in SLC...Hayden remembered that it was featured on Diners Drive Ins and Dives on the Food network, so we stopped there for was decent....their specialty is breakfast and Mexican food...the traditional "blue Plate" fare wasn't bad however. After dinner we were driving north on 15th East in SLC and spotted a few more restaurants that we will have to try out. Change, change,chhaange....
What is with the economy? What happened to just plugging along and doing your best? Living within your means wasn't in most folks vocabulary and now they are asking for a government bail out.....biggest problem with this, is that the governments money, is my money and quite frankly I am not happy with who they are presently giving hand outs to....the wealthy big wigs....I don't mind helping out those who truly are in need, but if you have a mansion and a private jet you need to sell a few of your pricey assets and join the ranks of those living in the real world. Speaking of the bail out/stimulus money....why don't I get a break for paying my mortgage, and other bills and living within my means? Why is it that only the idiots (Richie Rich and Orval Overspend) are getting government help? I will have to cast my Vote differently next election and get try to get someone elected who has a clue on how to wisely spend the peoples money.
I think my mumblings are going to start to be murmurings so I had better quit while I'm a head.
New week, new plans, new resolve....just do it & do it better than before!

Friday, February 6


This week zipped by...I can't believe it is already Friday February 6th.....on the other hand I am so glad it is Friday I want to shout "Thank You, the weekend has arrived!"
I love weekends. For the most part I disconnect myself from my regular life and step into my fun weekend life. On the weekends I cook less, I don't think about work, I work on my pet projects, I go out to movies, I dress how I want, I let me be me and do what I want to do...even if it is just sitting around reading a good book. On the weekend I can let my house fall apart around me and it is okay!
No plans for this weekend and we will get the theatre responsibility out of the way on Friday night so Saturday is mine, all mine. Maybe I will do some window shopping...or surfing, whatevs....
Melinda on her blog ( was talking about never being satisfied with what she orders when she eats out. I understand her....I haven't had a satisfying , delicious meal when eating out for a very, very long time. I can name only a handful or favorite eating of mind, as always,was a salmon macadamia nut dish I had at Tavern on the Green in NYC, it was so good I wanted to lick the plate. I had some wonderful Asparagus Risotto in a little place outside of Parma Italy. I use to like to eat at Christophers when it was in Bountiful. I will also choose Macaroni Grill because I can usually find something there that tastes good to me. But most places I eat out at don't really hit the spot....probably because I don't let myself go and order what I really think sounds delicious. I will usually get what is supposed to be good for my current diet.........Maybe this will be the weekend when I order what I really want off the menu and not what I think I should have....I will let myself go and enjoy!

YEAH for Friday! I love it!


Thursday, February 5


I need some motivation to get my projects done. They all seem so big and there a light at the end of the tunnel? I spent today doing things that were necessary but not necessary. To use one of my favorite words, I SQUANDERED away my time with, with....oh my, I can't even remember what I did today, it was that unimportant. I can tell you though that I didn't work on one of my many projects. I do remember telling Megan that I had so much that I needed to do........I need motivation!

MOTIVATION...what am I motivated by? Is it money, fame, satisfaction, security, fun? Some say the end result is the best motivation. As to that, the end result, I know I will love the end results but that is not enough to motivate me to start, continue, or finish the job.

In examining myself I know that embarrassment motivates me, but the projects at hand are personal, there is no reason that the non completion of my current projects would cause me embarrassment. Another of my motivators is words of know, great job, you were fabulous, you look great, etc... My current projects will not garner much appreciation or cause others to marvel and compliment me on my achievements.

So where to begin and why..... AHHH!-- WHY is the answer. Why am I doing theses projects? I need to find a big enough 'why' for each project so that I feel motivated to start and complete them and a 'why' that is big enough that I feel sufficiently rewarded by the big 'why' when the project is done.

Great now I have a new project...discovering the why. I sound like a kid, "Why.....?" "Why.....?" "Why.....?".


Wednesday, February 4

Wednesday Weigh In

New week, new weight....1&1/2 pounds down....but who is counting? I AM!
At least it is still going down. I have been exercising harder/better, and really trying to eat less...Last night was not the best example of this....We were tending Laila overnight, so I wanted to let her to have what ever she wanted for dinner...she doesn't eat much, but wanted Little Ceasers Cheese Pizza...not a fan but that is what she wanted. While getting the pizza we also got some crazy bread...a bag of cooked, salted and sliced pizza crust bread sticks with marinara sauce for dipping....big mistake. One order turned into two and I ate almost a whole crazy bread order...I am not kidding. As for Laila, she ate at the most half a big slice of pizza and a bite of a crazy bread stick. We had 7 slices of pizza and an order of crazy bread left over for Hayden. Oh why, oh why, did I eat that bread? It wasn't even that good, but to punish myself for eating it I didn't eat any Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream....Laila ate her serving and wanted another one when Gary had some I say she ate my serving too which made up for the lack of pizza she ate earlier....
Then there is breakfast; I thought Laila would wake up hungry but, no, she told me she wasn't hungry. I gave her a choice of several kid favored cold cereals and waffles...She choose the latter and She barely ate one Eggo Waffle --- I had to beg her to finish that...Oh to have her appetite!
Anyway-- a new day a new eating attitude. No ice cream, no pizza, no bread of any kind period...I am on a yeast high.

As for Exercise: The best thing you can get is an exercise buddy. Someone who goes to the gym and wants you to go too. Someone who "you think" you will be letting down or disappoint if you don't go.
My exercise buddy is Megan. Megan goes to the gym even when I tell her "I am not going because I....."
She is the best! She doesn't slam me for not going, she doesn't say anything about it....thus causing me to create my own guilt to stew in. Megan keeps reminding me that 30 to 40 minutes of cardio every other day is enough and she doesn't check up on me on my non cardio days.... (I have been doing rubber band resistant, upper body weight training).

Monday, February 2

A New Month

February and Monday---A new month and a new week begin. (I love new beginnings...even if it is the new minute, I will use it as an excuse to start over).
Today is Ground Hogs Day...please spare me from the Bill Murray movie...there will be 6 more weeks of winter or 6 weeks 'till spring, it's all the same, don't kid yourself.
Our day dawned sunny and cold....and smoggy. Inversion has begun again. February is usually a good month, with Valentines Day and Presidents Day. Parties, and a weekday off! The weather is still winter like and the snow is usually white, not ugly and dirty like March.
I like Valentines Day... It is a day I can redeem myself to the loved ones for the Christmas giving mistakes I made. I make chocolate dipped cookies and give them along with usually does the trick. FOOD IS THE BEST... ESPECIALLY CHOCOLATE!
For FHE tonight I am going to have every come up with a list of "LOVES" what do you love? The list can be as long or short as you want it to be, but you need to love something or one.
It should be interesting to discover what Hayden loves...he still baffles me.

Nelson Report:
He is doing well, but wants a cookbook. He is sick of Pasta everyday. He also wants me to send him some Wingers Sauce...I hope that it will go through customs.