Friday, December 31

Happy New Year!!!!
2011 here we come.............

Call Christmas!

Christmas with the Call's

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Santa's little helper

Christmas Eve Breakfast withe the Cole Family

Waffle Cooks Angela & Guy, Izzy, Al & Melinda
Grandma Sheri making eggs
Austin & Allison (blurry Christine) Garret
Laurie, Grandpa Lyle, Jenna, Becca, Logan & Megan
Hayden, Captain A, Grandma Marcie, Grandpa Gary
Becca & Jenna
Guy & Preston
Jordan , Captain A & Laurie
Hayden with his treasure.

Bowling following Breakfast
Alison, Izzy, Monson & Winston
Hayden, Monson, Winston, Nelson, Jenna, Becca, & Anthony

Walgreen's at 10:00pm Christmas Eve...oops

It's one happening place

Christmas Morning!

Super Hayden

Awesome Nelson

Jordan, Grandma Marcie & Captain A




Presents for baby

Truffles from Grandpa

A long Winters Nap

Until Next Year!


Thursday, December 16

Christmas Shopping

So when should I start the shopping....8 days 'till Christmas, plenty of time to do my Christmas shopping. Nothing like peeking too soon. As you can tell I have had a ton on my plate, but with a week to go I guess I'd better get busy....but what to get for adult children???? Jordan is done thanks to info from his sweet wife, so is Captain A. It is the rest of the, hubby, parents, bros, siss, friends, etc... that has me scratching my head wondering what to do?
Nelson is the easiest, he needs everything.
It's time to charge......


Wednesday, December 15


I am not dead yet..... It has been a busy fun filled past 3 weeks. We have spent some wonderful time with Nelson. We went to Bear Lake with the Call Family. Christmas landed at the Call home, a few days late and a couple of decorations short but it is here none the less. We had a Whobilation of a Ward Christmas last event as Activities Chairman. Addison Welch's Wedding. And so much more. I haven't even begun my Christmas Shopping, but hey it will come around again next year. Costumes for Cinderella are due Saturday and prince Charming's costume is in a pile next to the sewing machine.
Here are some pics of our crazy life.

Welcome Home Elder Call

Silly Grandpa Gary and Decorations
Addison's Wedding. The Girls welcome the newest member.

My Christmas Tree

Bear Lake

BYU Football
Elder Call returns
Nelson gets to know Captain A
Call Family at Bear Lake
The Grinch minus the hair and fur.
The Family Christmas do you get an 11 month old to look at the camera.....we tried with Hokey Poky Elmo...he was in the the wrong place for this one.

Life is busy, but good.

Tuesday, November 23

Besides Short Sheeting???

I am so excited for Nelson to come home, making it impossible to even think straight.
I just looked at the clock and it tells me that he will leave Wellington in 5 and a half hours......
There is still a lot I would like to do but at the same time I don't need to do much. The mattress will be delivered this afternoon. Now to do something more than short sheet his bed.... he is on to that trick. He short sheet every split and new comp he had his whole mission. He also mentioned the short sheeting to us in his last letter. Anyway off to piddle and do for the weekend.

Monday, November 22

Fall or Winter?

When fall and Winter collide on my patio......because I don't have enough to do this week.

Thanksgiving Week Preperations

I miss getting the pies and goodies ready like I was last year at this time...but I am glad I am getting things ready for Nelsons return.

I wish I had a magic wand and would keep things looking company good all the time....then I would have more time to do all my messy projects. Oh well you can't have it all.

Friday, November 19

5 Days!!!!

Elder Nelson Call 11-15-10

5 Days!!!!!!!!!!!
The Bedroom looks great and everything is coming together!


Tuesday, November 16

Semi- Normal

Life is getting back to normal....almost. The Musical closed last night. It was very good. Hayden did an excellent job, so did Jenna. As for the Production staff I think this was one of the better shows. Angela did a bang up job as Director and Producer. The Dancing was great thanks to Mom- Sheri, Melinda, Megan and Aaron.....I guess that gene didn't find me. I had a tone of compliments about the costume I guess over all it was a great on to the next one.

The painting is done in Nelson's new room.....but it now needs to be furnished. Gary and I went out looking to buy this afternoon......and we were successful! Now for the put together part. We still need a mattress and a few other things done before next Tuesday, but it will happen. Yes I said Tuesday. I want it all ready by Tuesday so don't have to worry about it on Wednesday.....the excitement is getting crazy!!!

I am extremely busy for the rest of this week, but then what is new. I am glad to be busy on one hand, on the other I wish I had time to do a bit more.......oh, well, life is what it is.

Tuesday, November 9


Here is what Hayden (and the rest of the Family) has been up to while playing football....

Crazy For You at BHS. He plays Bobby Child...he sings, he dances and he kisses a whole lot!!