Tuesday, July 27

Where Has The Time Gone?

After Pioneer Day I always feel like the summer has come to and end. the School supplies and fall clothing appears in the stores. the Back to School ads are all over TV......another summer over (it's :( so sad.). Now looking at what I wanted to accomplish this summer is even sadder: I haven't even begun to make it off the top of my project list...but then that is hardly a new thing for me. My personal goals while in progress they aren't progressing as quick as i want them too.
Enough sad woe is me stuff.
Yes, the time has flown, but that just mean things are coming faster....like Elder Calls return. I know he comes home in November, but in his letter he said 4 1/2 months! Wow that seems even faster than saying November. I am so happy that he is serving a mission and loving it, but I also miss him and it will be nice to actually see him once in awhile. I don't know how people do it, not seeing their kids and close family. I think about the pioneers moving across the plains and around the world, never to see their families again and it makes my heart hurt.
I guess i need to make good this last week of July. There is still time to get the "summer" projects and goals completed. I just need to do more organizing and doing, and less sitting around lamenting...

Wednesday, July 21

Happy July

We have been having a wonderful summer! We returned from our annual Cole family retreat at Bear Lake and are trying to get back to normal. We had an awesome time at the lake with weather ranging from cold to very hot....We played in the water, sand and under the sun. We ate too much had, lots of time to read and play games. I even did some painting while on the beach. I think I can safely say that we all had a good time together....but we are also all a lot older.

We had Captain Awesome with us Friday and Saturday and he loves the beach and the water.

Captain A, trying to walk on the sand.

Here he is with Grandma Great- Sheri.
(I told her we needed to call her 'GiGi' for grandma great).
She was making his legs dance..side together, side touch....

Walking in the sand.....

It was all fun but now I have to lose the 5 lbs. I gained by not paying attention, eating junk and sitting around.....


Wednesday, July 7

4th of July Weekdend Fun

We had a fun filled Holiday Weekend. It started off on Saturday night at a small concert featuring brodway leading lady Kelli O'Hara. She was awesome. She was singing at the NATS convention (for Singing Teachers) and our voice teacher let us know about it and hooked us up with tickets. It was nice to hear a trained singer who's voice moved seamlessly up and down the scales. Two of our favorite numbers were "The Light In the Piaza" from the musical. She originated the role of Clara and it was so beautiful the other number was written for her by some friends "Opera Singing Country Star". It is a story song about a girl form the south who loves Opera and longs to sing it but is stuck down south and becomes a country singing star She makes her way to NYC to audition for the Met and has a series of miss steps. Finally she goes to see the opera. All dressed up for the Opera her water breaks and she gives birth while singing Operatic scales for her panting/breathing. The end of the song is the news making headline about the birth of the baby at the opera and that the country singer got a contract to sing at the Met following the delivery. It was a very fun night.
We also had a family party, fireworks on the 4th, and attended a swimming party on the 5th at the Morley's in Spanish Fork. We finished out the holiday on the 5th attending 110 in the Shade.
Grandma Marcie and the captain going swimming.

110 In the Shade
We were lucky enough to know about and get tickets to 110 In The Shade at Hale Theatre in Orem. Last fall we heard that 4 time Tony winner Audra McDonald and Tony nominee Will Swenson were coming in to do a 2 week fundraising run of this show. We knew we wanted tickets.....so for Christmas the tickets were given as an IOU to the family. A month later we ordered the tickets and on July 5th we actually saw the show. It was Awesome. The Theatre is a tiny; they perform in the round and it is only 7 rows deep so you are up close and personal with the actors. The local actors were excellent and stepped up to the professional caliber of their invited guest. We were so excited to hear Audra McDonald sing live. Her voice is incredible and so clear and strong. She is also an excellent actress which is abundantly clear when you are sitting so close to the actors. Will Swenson a Hale family member who is currently in Hair on B-way and who is in a few local movies......Sons of Provo a personal favorite..... was also very good. As was Tim Threfall who is another equity ( professional) actor. We had a great time as a family and were so impressed with the quality of the production.
After we stuck around to get autographs.....
Hayden and Will Swenson

Marcie, Audra McDonald and Megan