Friday, September 30

Bill Call

It's been a different week....a thought full week. But today it is really real. Bills death was expected, but when you love them it doesn't matter when the time to move on comes it is hard and you miss them.......a lot. I will miss my weekly call, checking on what I am planning to book for movies that  week. The business advice, the reminder to plan for rain and to send the employees home if we don't need them. I will miss the long talks about all kind of, family, politics....... I will miss the humor and sarcasm. The eye roll and hugs. 

The two happiest events in Bills life were when the Theatre was swinging from the trees with a sell out house and when the family was gathered together. At family times he would tell family stories, bear his testimony and remind us of who we are and who we came from.... he was proud of his heritage.
I have two wonderful parents, but when you marry sometimes you are lucky enough to get two more parents...... parents are better than friends; you can have lots of friends but you only have 2 parents (and sometimes 4). I am lucky that I got two more great parents. Parents care, advise, pray for and love you even when you are a grown up. Years ago someone asked Bill why our family had the theatre? His first response was "So my daughters in law can be at home with my grand kids." That was very special for me. The theatre did and still does offer me the ability to be a stay at home mom and to work along side of my kids. I know that this made a difference in all of our lives...thanks Bill for loving us all that much. 

Bill wanted us to be happy and didn't want to interrupt our lives for waiting on him. About a month a go he told us to keep doing what we have planned, to support our kids and to keep our lives going. true to form of not wanting to interrupt; last Friday when we knew things were bad we wanted to go be with him and Mary, but we were told to go to Hayden's football game. We knew that he would want us there, but it was hard. During the game we waited for a phone call from Mary telling us to come and be with Bill before he passed, but it didn't come .....Hayden played the game of his life. I had moments of sadness knowing that Bill was missing it and would have loved it. I then looked at my cute grandson and my heart hurt knowing that he wouldn't get to know his grandpa Bill like we all knew him. The football game ended with a  big win and when it was over and Gary and I reached our car and when things were quiet the call came, not telling us to come before he passed, but that he had moved on peacefully from this life. It was just like Bill to wait until the game was over.
Interestingly enough we had been hoping that we could find a way to get Bill to the Bountiful vs. Clearfield football game on Friday Sept. 30....we thought that since it was closer to his home that maybe we could load him and his wheelchair up and let him see Hayden play....he loved football and loved talking about it with our boys. Anyway I know that he will be there tonight watching Hayden play.....and that he will be with us during all important family events.A friend said that one of the hardest part of loosing a parent is not being able to call them up and brag on your family......
When you lose someone special to you there are not enough words available to express you felling about just know that I loved Bill and I will miss him terrible.
 I love this picture of him.


 Howard William Call Jr.

1932 ~ 2011
Howard William Call Jr. owner of the Kaysville Theatre, passed away peacefully at home Friday, September 23, 2011 three months after being diagnosed with cancer.
He was born April 5, 1932 in Brigham City, UT to Howard Sr. and Phyllis Jenson Call.
Married his high school sweetheart Mary Call April 14, 1952 in the Logan Temple.
He served in the Navy as an electricians mate. Later he built a sail boat from a picture in a magazine and taught himself to sail. His was the first sailboat on Bear Lake.
Professionally Bill was involved in the development and manufacturing of numerous components for various aerospace programs, both military and commercial as related to printed circuit boards. He worked in Utah, California and Belgium. Like Bill Gates he found a college degree unnecessary. He was a self-taught, self-made man.
An active member of the LDS Church, he served in four Bishoprics as Counselor and Clerk. Bill was also called to the Young Men's and Sunday School organizations. He was a master teacher and enjoyed both the preparation and classroom experience. In 1999 he embarked on an 18-month mission to Cambodia with his wife specifically focused on establishing the Seminary and Institute program there. He was an ordinance worker in the Bountiful Temple.
Bill and his family renovated the Roy and Kaysville Movie Theatres and brought discount movies to Davis County. One of his greatest joys was a sell out night at the Kaysville Theatre. The theatre business was his hobby. He also enjoyed traveling the world with his wife.
He was preceded in death by his parents, son Chad and daughter Rebecca. Survived by his wife Mary and sons Gary (Marcie), and Jeff (Lisa), grandchildren Jordan (Laurie), Tyler, Megan, Chad, Nelson, Zackary, Hayden, and great-grandson Ryan.
Funeral Services will be held on Saturday, October 1, 2011 at 12:30 p.m. at the Kaysville 17th Ward, 875 East 200 North, Kaysville, UT. Friends may call Friday evening from 6 - 8 p.m. at Russon Brothers Mortuary, 1941 North Main, Farmington, UT or at the Church one hour before the Funeral. Interment Brigham City Cemetery.
We would like to thank Thatcher Brook Care Center and Vista Hospice for their loving care.
Donations may be made to Huntsman Cancer Foundation, 500 Huntsman Way, SLC, UT 84108.
Online guest book and condolences at


Monday, September 26

BHS Homecoming 2011

We won the football game. It has been called the upset of the week. Bountiful was not supposed to win against Highland. We haven't beat them in football in 6 years.  Hayden is a great play
maker. He blocked and opened things up for 3 of BHS's Touchdowns. They usually don't name the O-line players, but they were being so awesome the announcer named them all and the paper while not naming them gave them a great mention on how well they played.
70, first through the poster.

Number 70 is my boy!


Friday, September 23

Our Week

Over all it has been a busy and good week at the Call's.

Nelson's birthday was Monday and he turned 22...yikes! He is fun to have around. He loves school and works hard at the Theatre for us.

Oklahoma at the High School is coming along. Hayden is fantastic as Curly. I love this character. He is optimistic and is passionate about his dreams.  Megan's work with the dream ballet is remarkable. Everyone usually says cut the dream ballet, but after seeing her version I would keep it.

Football keeps us busy every weekend.....tonight is the home coming game against Highland. It will be a tough game. Hayden plays right guard and has been doing a fantastic job....his position is unsung but with out him last week they wouldn't have made 2  TD.

On the health front we are well but Grandpa Bill isn't. His days are numbered, which is very sad.  We love him and pray for him and Mary through this hard part of life.

Here is how we are looking:
 Birthday Boy
 Curly minus the curls...they are coming Sunday
 Captain Awesome ...showing his crazy teeth.


Thursday, September 15

Check....and done

Paint projects to decorate....or find the cash to purchase furniture, blinds etc.....

Football Big Guy dinner done. We served Lasagna, homemade bread-sticks, garlic bread, salad and Fat Boy ice cream sandwiches....... it was all consumed with in 20 minutes, I mean gone nothing left. I made enough food for 48 average servings knowing that I was going to have 20 to 25 boys show up. I said after that we should of had more food. Nelson told me that it wouldn't matter if I had made more they still would have eaten it all.  Oh, and yes,  yes it was funny that we served Fat Boys at the Big Guy dinner.  The humor wasn't lost on the least they weren't Skinny Cows.

House clean......for today. I am pretty sure it won't last, but hey it is clean for the moment.

My list is never ending. It is now time to go pull the weeds in the yard...argh.......


Tuesday, September 6

September Goals

Yes, it is the 6th and I am just setting my monthly goals.  But I never feel like September begins until after Labor Day...and speaking of Labor Day, I hate it when we have to labor.....back to goals.
I mentioned the two big paint projects, actually there was one huge one and a tiny one and the tiny one is done as for the big one I am not so down with "Venezuelan Sea" now I have lived with it in a large patch for a week. I like it but it doesn't make me happy like the other colors of paint I have painted through out my house. It will be a great accent color for something....$45.00 mistake, It could have been worse. I am now leaning toward a great bright green color...surprise, not.....called Agave, you know like the cactus. It is much more me and makes me happy. I had a patch of it on the walls for a while and really liked it just not where I was testing it out. 
1. Finish the big paint project. Which leads to several smaller projects: A-Reorganize & store the beauty supplies. B-Clean out the Mud Room. C-Get rid of the extra furniture in the downstairs family room. D-DI run.
2. Keep working on the diet or should I say health and fitness thing and loose 25 more pounds....I know not all of it in this month but maybe 5 to 10 permanent loss pounds by the end of the month. Meg and I walk 3 miles 5 days a week. I am slow walker but I keep doing it, yeah for me.   As for the Diet- I weigh a whole lot less than it says on my drivers license, yeah! I think the last time I weighed this much was between the birth of Meg and Nelson, that would be 22 to 26 years ago....much too long. The interesting thing with weight loss is that you may weigh less but your proportions change, or the remaining fat rearranges itself. I have two clothing Items that I have kept around as goal clothing, lets just say the items fit weird and I don't think that even with the last 25 pounds I want to loose that they will fit any better....just interesting. This is something we are trying to remind skinny minnie Laurie about, she is frustrated by her clothing size; she weighs a lot less that she ever has, but she is still wearing her former skinny size and not a size or two smaller.
3. Find a new life path...I know I have been talking about this for several months now, but I really need to get going on it. Any suggestions will be considered.
4. Get ready for the Holidays...yes, this thought is a dirty word, but I would really like to be one of those people who is done by the first week of December with the decorating, shopping, wrapping, baking, cards, etc....

Fall is a favorite so maybe that alone will be enough to spur me on.

Friday, September 2

Football Friday Night!
This week we are in Logan. Hayden tells us that it is all good. We should make a great showing........we had better win!

Thursday, September 1

Life is Good....

Life is good even though I have been painting like a crazy person. The Laundry room and downstairs hall (all six doors included) are painted, now for the downstairs family room......but first I have to get rid of all the junk that I moved into the family room so that I could do the laundry room and hall. The Venezuelan Sea - deep turquoise blue is wonderful!....well to me it is wonderful, Gary thinks it makes downstairs look like a cave, but any dark color he says looks like a cave. And since he doesn't have any other suggestions it is my choice this time.
Here is what everyone who reads this is waiting for, more pictures of Captain Awesome!  
....and others.