Friday, March 15

Hiding Out

We had a fun afternoon making forts and hiding out....
Everyone ended up inside the "fort".
Nelson and Meg were both happy that I had sheets to use instead of blankets...the "to hot to stay inside the tent" memories were played out by them.
We had a fun time and no one wanted to be done. Mu Bet is it is going to be a long tent building summer.


Wednesday, March 13

Wednesday Weigh In

Wow it has been a very long time since I did the weigh in thingy. And this time it will be exactly about what it sounds and exercise
Over the past year I have been just living not particularly paying great attention to my diet and health and I can see how that is a problem...15 re-gained pounds this year later....yikes!
I wish I was more disciplined in this area....unfortunately I am not as good as my sister who I admire for doing her clean and healthy eating. That really takes a discipline I don't think I have, at least not now. But I do know I can do it and that it takes sometime to move those extra pounds away.
Once again I really need to figure out some healthy menus for dinner and ideas for snacks.  Breakfast and lunch parts of the day aren't a big deal for me it is the snacking and dinners that are my undoing...everyday. Why does healthy eating take so much preparation???  I also need to stop the quick and easy meals and eating out without thought......Why does being healthy require thought??? And it is time to get back to exercising regularly.....with the nice weather the walking will resume but I need to do more. For my birthday I think an elliptical trainer is in the cards and will be joining our household.... the low impact and the chance to move my whole body in my own home and on my own time should be a good thing.
so with spring beginning to spring I am now springing into a new attitude about health .....however not so happy with he springing ahead with the time, three days later and it is still kicking my butt....

Life is great!

Saturday, March 9

I'm Alive

Yes, I am a live, I just have had a hard time trying to decide what is worthy of writing about.....I need to get back in the 'this is a kind of a journal' frame of mind....anyway today while reading some of my favorite blogs I decided that the time has come to begin again... at least write something.

I think I have been in a life is changing depression. Not a deep depression but a mini one where in I can act and am not debilitated, but I am merely existing, I am just floating along getting by. Today I decided that I have been living in my books. Thinking on this I know I have read at least 3 books a week since the first of they year, yeah that is a lot of time and a lot of books....and by doing so I have been ignoring life around me, getting lost in others lives. I have time traveled back to the 9th century, gone to many a ball in the Regency era, traveled extensively around the world and through time, lived in the country and city, solved murders, kidnappings and other crazy crimes. I have learned a little about shoe making, movie making and fashion.....  I could go on but It is time to emerge from my self inflicted library and enjoy my life a little more.

This week will be better and I will enjoy my life a little more. Maybe it all has to do with the winter freeze we experienced this winter and the quick thaw that is happening....I must be thawing as well.