Tuesday, April 15

Call Family Fun

Since I am sitting around not doing much I have been fixing photos, sorting things etc... and came across some wonderful photos from last month that I wanted to share.....

 Some of my favorite people! They are awesome and I love spending time with them.
The Show and food was fine, but the company was exceptional.

 Little CK- Superman - he is so lovable!

There is a sweet story that goes with the next three pics...
Gary and I took the boys out to the Salt Lake temple for their aunt Kim's wedding. Captain Awesome- RyGuy, was so excited to go to the Temple. When we arrived he was practically running to get there and then was so disappointed that he couldn't go inside the temple. He was so angry and very vocal about not getting to go inside the temple. We kept telling him that it was something he had to wait to do, but he would have none of it. He made the wedding photos a painful time with his bad attitude.
We had a lady stop and tell us to record him and his wants and re-play it to him as a teenager.... anyway I told him that he was going to have to wait to go inside just like he was going to have to wait to go on a mission ( which is something he understands). I then asked him if he would like to touch the temple and he got excited. I love how you can feel his excitement and reverence for the temple. Someday he will get to go inside and I know that we will see that same wonderful expression on his face when that happens.

Elder Call and his Plattsburgh/Pottsdam Peeps..... These are the missionaries up in the ice and snow on the Canadian boarder.....I love the sisters snow boots in this picture.


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